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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Slamming Deceased Luminaries

Oh boy! I commented on a friend's thread where she posted pictures of Paula feeding Lily as a baby, and she always had her breast out in public. Now, I do believe there is nothing wrong with breastfeeding in public, even here in the USA it is allowed. Most decent women prefer doing that in a private setting. But they are not arrested or anything if they do it out in the open. It's perfectly natural. I wish my ma had breastfed me and my sis when we were babies. She didn't believe in breastfeeding though. My mom never believed in anything natural. Paula's got huge boobs, about 99% of which are nothing but plastic and silicon. If I feel sorry for anyone, it's Lily. She was born and grew up with the taste of silicon being forced into her mouth every day! LOL! But hey, that's Paula's problem. Not mine. Though I still think Paula was a disgusting whore.

Well, I responded to one comment another friend made on that thread. Now, mind you I have nothing against this person. But he too was saying how disrespectful it was to be saying such hateful things about Paula, and reminding everyone how she was Lily's mother. I told him I don't care. Paula put herself out there in the public view (don't pretend you don't believe Paula did not tip off the press to Michael's and her whereabouts). She made herself fair game for hatred and criticism. It's going to happen. Anyone who puts themselves out there in the spotlight is opening themselves up for criticism. There are some people who are going to like Paula and some people who are not. Those who do not have just as much right to express themselves as those who do. That's free speech and that is what I stand for. I put myself on YouTube, I expected people to watch my videos and not like them and even not like me. It happens. Yes I am still here to defend myself, but I usually don't because I feel even haters have their rights to their opinions. I just don't listen to the haters. But it's like the old saying that goes "if you can't take the heat, don't go in the kitchen!" I feel if Paula didn't want to be hated and scorned, she would have stayed out of the limelight, in her home, and left Michael alone. Michael was already with Helena, and Paula was married to Bob. She should have stayed with Bob. Marriage is a sacred promise. If Paula was expecting Lily while she was still with Bob, then she's a slut who deserves nothing but scorn. In the days of the Bible, she would have been stoned to death. She was lucky western society is not like that anymore.

I feel there is no standard when it comes to celebrities. Even I expect to get slammed after I die, because I will still have videos out there. If I have kids before I pass on, I will prepare them. If they hear of people hating on me, I will tell them "Mommy set that up herself, by creating videos. Hatred is to be expected just as much as admiration." Lots of people still say bad things about famous people who have passed on. Look at Hitler. A lot of people still say bad things about him, and rightfully so! The man was responsible for the deaths of literally hundreds of innocent people. But the fact of the matter is he is dead now, and there are people still saying bad things about him. No one says "you shouldn't say bad things about Adolph Hitler. He's dead and cannot defend himself, and he has kids and grandkids now." But Hitler did put himself out there, and on top of it did some rotten things. There is not much difference between him and Paula Yates. The only difference I see is Hitler was a man and Paula was a woman. Hitler killed hundreds of innocent people, Paula killed one innocent man. Hitler started World War 2, Paula started the war between Michael and Bob Geldof, which snowballed into Michael warring with the paparazzis, his family and the band too. In the end, Hitler killed himself, so did Paula. The Yatesfags deny Paula had anything to do with Michael's death, I'm sure there are a lot of people who oppose the fact that Hitler caused a mass genocide as well. Hitler was sly, so was Paula. Hitler promised the Jewish people a "better life", Paula apparently promised Michael a better life as well. Hitler ran concentration camps, while Paula lured Michael into her home with her kids. See where I'm going? But nobody says anything to the effect of "talking about Hitler being a bad guy is disrespectful. He's dead he cannot defend himself". But Hitler put himself out there. He did horrible things. So he opened himself up for criticism and hatred. There are some people who like him and some who don't. I hate him! And I hate Paula Yates too! Nothing will change that. Even Michael himself couldn't make me change my mind if I don't want to.


The man I had that conversation with, named Matt Burney, has decided he couldn't handle me having my own opinion about Paula, so he and I are no longer friends. Hmm, what a shame. I still have the magazine he gave me too. LOL! Well, I will continue to keep it. Thank GOD no money exchanged hands, and he will NOT be getting it back! So, if he is reading this, don't even try to go there dude. You gave it to me fair and square.

Don't worry, I am not bothered by it. I've lost so-called "friends" before because of my opinions. Not going to change who I am. Just continue to weed out the weak "friends" and keep the stronger and sturdier friends close.
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