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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Speculation and Michael

I hear this all the time, people who were close to Michael do not like people speculating about his life and stuff. Even the guys of INXS avoid it. I know it's not right, as I did not know Michael that well, and only spent like one second with him. But what can I say? I was born to speculate. We all want to seek some kind of pattern in something, even in what happened to Michael. When Michael got in with Paula though, so many things about him changed, and I am the kind of person who just wants to know why. What happened to Michael? Why did he become so immensely depressed? Why did he always look so sad in pics after he met Paula? In his early days he looked like the hard-rocker type. After he met Paula and got in deep with her, he always looked so sad, even "not all there", in pictures. It could be the change in his hairdo that gave that illusion. Or maybe he "toned down" the attitude because of the kids. But he doesn't appear to ever smile as much in pictures after he got in with Paula as he did before he got in with her. I loved Michael more than anything in this world! I wanted to marry him! And when I saw him, he was the last person I would have ever expected to even dream of killing himself. He had a smile that lit up the room! Naturally, I am going to look for some kind of pattern in what happened. I have nothing personal against those people who were close to Michael and don't like people speculating about him. It's just this is my natural response to what happened. I know it may be wrong, and Michael would be hurt by it, but its in our nature as humans to seek patterns in anything.

I grieved for Michael from the moment I heard the news. To this day, I still blame Paula and Bob for Michael's death. That may be wrong of me to say that, but I cannot help it. No amount of bullying, yelling, screaming or anything from the Yatesfags will change that. Believe me when say I want to truly believe that Paula was innocent, I want to say she was not like the wicked stepmom from Cinderella, but more like Mother Teresa. But I look at pics of the two of them from the tabloids, and how Paula looks and acts so indifferent, while Michael is completely losing it, and hear stories about how Paula tipped off the press to their whereabouts, and it makes me just hate Paula even more!! She knowingly did something to Michael! Exactly what, I cannot say, as I don't know. But I can tell you this; it was obviously something I never would have done!

I recently confronted another Yatesfag who said that Paula was smarter than Michael. Well, as much as I hate to say it, it is true. She was indeed smart enough to trap him in her sick world. He replied with "He was dumb enough to fall for it." I just stated "For a dumb guy, he sure knew how to sing! Something I don't think Paula could do at all." I think Michael was plenty smart. I think he just was desperate for a family. See, there I go speculating again. I cannot help it. My life centers around speculation. LOL! I never said though that Paula was stupid. That's one thing no one can ever honestly say that I have stated. Paula was smart, like a fox. A crafty fox. She was also a filthy whore with bad hair! I would say she had no fashion sense and wore the ugliest clothes I've ever seen! But let's face it, I don't exactly have the best-looking clothes either. LOL!! I remember some dumbass on Youtube told me that once, that DaPhil character. I said to him "My clothes may not be pretty, but they are very comfortable. To me, that's all that counts." LOL! That shut him up right away! I haven't seen him since. And I think he deleted his account. Even the blanket Paula kept Lily wrapped in was ugly, with those dumb leopard spots!! YUK!!!

Well, there are a lot of people who hate Paula. She committed a sin! She should have stayed with Bob Geldof, the two were made for each other! They're both filthy gutter rats! Or whatever the fuck you call them! Paula should have left Michael alone. I think it is safe to speculate about celebrities, as long as it doesn't go too far like that Mark Chapman did! And that is one thing I would never do! Whether I like someone or not, I'd never kill a person. But celebrities put themselves out in public, Paula was not special. She is not exempt from criticism. Well, what else should she have expected putting herself on TV doing celebrity interviews wearing nothing but her underwear?! Of course any decent person is going to look at her and think she's a filthy whore! Who is going to think otherwise? No one with any ounce of decency, that's for sure! Her show would be banned in the USA. If she had done the interviews in a night gown, or a robe, that'd be different. But she was in her underwear!! That presents the picture of a skanky whore.

I'll tell you, I go on YouTube wearing far more than Paula did in her programs, and I still get a lot of shit from viewers. Believe me I do! But I expected it when I began putting myself out in the public view. I knew there was going to be some people who like me and some who hate me. I accepted that. I mostly just laugh at the haters and say "fuck them!" and move on. Those who enjoy my videos, I appreciate them. And I let them know I appreciate them. I respond to them. I don't respond to the haters. Though I admit sometimes I am tempted. But when I feel I am tempted to, I usually just remove their comments so the temptation goes away. Although I truly hate removing comments! But it's better in the long run than responding to the haters. I don't want to encourage haters to keep watching me. I was saying to one viewer that I would rather have just one loyal viewer who enjoys my videos than 100 viewers who are just coming in to hate my videos. I'll take quality over quantity any day!

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