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Sunday, February 14, 2016

I Am An Introvert

I think I knew this all along. Well, I always thought I was a recluse, but I guess "introvert" is a better word for what I am. I am who I am. I am an introvert. So, what is an introvert? What makes a person an introvert? Well, they are many different things. Some people looking at them from the outside may say they are stuck-up, mute, or even idiotic or retarded because we have our own way of thinking that is outside the normal realm. Some people may even think we are "other-worldly". Introverts do not talk much. Usually we only speak when spoken to. We do not shake hands with people, or become "instant buddies" with people. I have tried to become instant-chummy with people before, always with disastrous results. I guess that is part of being an introvert. Few people looking at us from the outside would understand us. We are somewhat secretive people, who usually prefer to stay in our homes. We question EVERYTHING!!!!! We don't have a lot of friends at any given time. In fact, we may have only one good friend throughout our lives. Our friends are usually among the most loyal and dedicated people anyone could ever meet. I know it takes a very special kind of person to say they are my friends. The kind of people that is rare in today's world. Introverts may even go so far as to avoid people, even to the point of only going outside at night.

I know I am more uncomfortable around people. Like I said, I've tried being instant-chummy with people, and it's never lasted. I've had people who have said hello to me, I greet them, shake hands, smile, try to hold up a conversation with them, and within hours, they are looking at me as if to say to me "GOD! You're an idiot!" Or "My goodness! You're a moron!" Who knows why? But I think that may be commonplace with introverts. We don't talk much. We don't make friends very easily. A person would have to work hard to keep the conversation going with us. At the same time, any person who wants to get to know an introvert, I would say would have to have the patience of a saint! It takes a lot to spark my interest. I'm a different kind of introvert. I am completely uncomfortable around people. I don't even understand people who say they are more comfortable around kids than they are around adults. I can't understand that at all. I'm much more uncomfortable around kids than I actually am around adults. Kids are cute, at a distance. But I am more uncomfortable around them than I am around someone who is over 25. Especially the little kids who cannot even talk and you cannot understand them.

Well, being an introvert is not such a huge crime. Many of us, because we are big thinkers, go on to create some of the greatest paintings, books, most mind-boggling scientific discoveries in the world. That is why I often compare myself with Da Vinci. He too was an introvert. But look at all the things he's predicted over his lifetime. My mind is also always on overdrive, so I do a lot of thinking too. I remember I was the first to bring up using buffalo urine as an energy source, because I once read that it was flammable. I remember I brought that up in a forum full of kids with scientific minds and they laughed. Well, now they wouldn't laugh so much today because scientists have actually been working on a way to turn animal urine into a source of energy. So, all I can say to those people who saw what I wrote before and laughed is "IN YOUR FACE!!!!" Before long, using urine as an energy source will be a normal procedure. It's cheaper and environmentally cleaner than fossil fuels we use today. So that is why people now are looking to begin using it instead of oil. Here's some predictions I have for our future that I've been thinking about...

We will never have cars that will fly like miniature airplanes, but we may, in about 50 years, have cars that hover.

We will begin to keep foxes as pets instead of dogs (they are cleaner and require less care than a dog).

We will have computer screens, and possibly even TVs, as thin and flexible as a sheet of paper.

We will be able to access our bank account anywhere using a single fingerprint. That includes paying for items at the store.

In about 100 years, we will be building houses on the ocean and people will live there full time.

We will have cell phones no bigger and no thicker than a credit card.

Now, do I know for sure these things will come true? No I don't. But there are many clues being given off today that makes each of these things extremely feasible in the future. Cell phones for one thing, they keep getting smaller and smaller, and people these days love things that are small and portable. I say in the future, we will have cell phones that are the same size as a credit card, being run by a single, tiny chip. I don't think that flying cars will ever happen, though we do have electrical cars. But I think that hovercars will be the thing of the future. Kindof like hoverboats, and hoverboards, though I would hope that hovercars would be safer than hoverboards. But hovercars would completely eliminate the need for tires, no skidding on icy roads, no getting stuck when driving on beach sand (which has happened to me more than once) or on mud. Accidents will have fewer fatalities, IF any at all. And I would totally love to have a fox for a pet!!! They have all the instincts to protect that a dog has, with the independence of a cat.

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