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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Just A Quick Update

I am typing this at the local library computer because all I have now is my tablet. I've tried typing entries on here before on that darn tablet and well, it screwed up the whole post! So I said I would never do that again. So until I can get a laptop, I am going to have to come here to type new posts to this blog.

Well, I completed an entire mini-series of my move to this place and how I came about winding up here. I had to break the first 2 episodes down into 2 parts because they were so long. Even edited, they came out longer than I expected. But I had so much to say. They are up on my channel now. This is the first of the series, where I talk about my move from Montana. I also talk about Andy and how he stinks so bad. My sis said she was standing close to him when she went to pick up her mail a couple weeks ago, and she said he still stinks!! HAHA! I find that funny! I may be fat and I may be ugly to him, but at least I don't smell like him! That would be much worse than being fat and ugly! LOL! Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that's a known fact. But stinky is in the nose of everyone.

Well, I am beginning to enjoy where I am at. I just need a new mattress. The one I am sleeping on now is comfortable, but it slips. My floor was flooded for a while and I didn't understand why. But then the maintenance man came and took a look at it and found I left my water pump on, and when I sat on the sofa, which is over the water pump, it released the water that was in the storage tank onto the floor, so I finally got that mess cleared up. Thank GOD!! I am still scared to death it may have caused some permanent damage. Some things I can take care of myself, like last night, I wanted to take a shower. But my showerhead broke. So I went to Walmart to pick up a new one. I love it! It's got 4 different settings, and it just massages you, and feels so good! With that showerhead I may never want to get out of the shower! That would be a thing I would look forward to every night! Slowly but surely I am adjusting to life in an RV. I just have to refrain from buying any furniture or anything like that. I don't need it. Well, let's face it, I do need a new pull-out sofa. The one I have is a little run down. Kinda uncomfortable.

Right now, my primary focus is going to be in getting myself a laptop. I went to Aaron's today and found one I really like. It's got everything I need. I just need a little help from my sis in paying for it every month. I need to speak to her about that. But all-in-all, I am loving where I am living, and that is the important thing. I still have battles with the internet there, but my RV I am beginning to see as home, and that is what I need. At least the dogs and I are together.

Well, tomorrow marks the 15th anniversary of Michael's passing. I still miss him. But now, I understand INXS are retiring. I was so sad to hear that, but it had to happen sooner or later. I know they retired from touring the world, I don't know if they are not going to be making music anymore. I do know Ciaran mentioned on his Facebook that he is writing some new songs now. Not sure if they are just for himself or if they too are for INXS. I've been to INXS's website and a lot of it does not work anymore. You cannot even contact them now. But their Facebook page is still up. I never really got their permission to use their names in my story where they go to Mount St. Helens. Poor guys. But I think I need to get together with the guy I collaborated with on that story and tweak it a little more. It needs some touching up to make it a little more interesting. Maybe have them spending more time at the mountain. And add more images too.