Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Friday, April 30, 2010

100 Facebook Friends!

Wow, I never thought I would reach this point. I now have 100 Facebook friends! It's a milestone so I wanted to write about it. I don't even know some of them. But one of my friends has been actively referring me to other people, and if they seem OK, I invite them to become my friend. I figure what the hell. Maybe they'll turn out to be a good friend. I've had some that I started out not knowing at all turn out to be wonderful friends. I like to give everyone a chance, so I ask. That's just me.

Well, as part of my nightly rant, I've gotta say some people I get suggestions about that I wouldn't give the time of day to. Normally, I can take people or leave them. I don't care. I stopped caring about that a long time ago! I'm too busy nowadays anyway to worry about what others are saying or thinking about me behind my back. Besides, observe the golden rule: What others think of me is none of my business! :) That makes life happier. I've actually been practicing that, and it feels good. Just take everything in stride.

I was watching some videos last night about that site called beautifulpeople.com, and I remember back when this blog was still new, I wrote about my feelings about this website. I heard that you have to submit a picture of yourself every month to this site, and the members there decide if you are still pretty enough to stay on that site. I heard last Christmas season, they chucked about 5000 members, simply because those members put on a few pounds over the holidays and the people on the site thought they were "too fat". Those 5000 people should have known better than to join a site like that!! I went back to that site last night to see if they are still functioning. I hadn't been there since I first read that article about them on another person's blogger. Sure enough they are still there! But now, you cannot view any of the members unless you become a member yourself. And you have to be voted in to become a member. Apparently, the members are allowed to make mixed comments about you. Some will say you are ugly and some may not. I would probably be voted out unanimously!! LOL! But all my ego mumbo-jumbo aside, in reality, I ask again, who defines what beauty is? Beauty is really in the eye of the beholder. But I heard in an interview, the owner of that site actually said things like "people in the US and UK are usually too ugly to allow in the site" and "Russian people are not allowed" and then also called all overweight people "fatties" and said "fatties are not allowed". Honestly, screw him! Just the fact that he says things like that (and get this, he's from the UK himself), I wouldn't waste my time even trying to apply to become a member of his site! I think anyone moronic enough to try deserves the pelting they're going to get from the "voting comittee". Because what is beautiful to some may be ugly to others. This is the rule I live by, beauty is only in the eye of the beholder. Just because a person is fat doesn't always mean they are ugly. Look at Queen Latifah. She's overweight, but I think she is a beautiful person. Look at Marilyn Monroe, by today's standards, she would have been considered fat. But she was one of the most beautiful women that ever lived. In contrast, just because a person is thin does not mean they are attractive. I've seen plenty (and I mean PLENTY) of women with good figures, but with a face that would scare Frankenstein! One good example was Tracy, the woman I worked for when I worked at the Puyallup Fair, the rides and concession division. Bodywise she looked fairly OK, though she had no breasts. But then you get to her face, which by any standards was so ugly, it'd make a rattlesnake cringe!

Real beauty comes from within. Now I know there are people out there that are reading that last sentence and thinking "You only say that because you're ugly!" Well, no. I'm not saying that just because I am ugly. I'm saying that because through personal experience, I've seen people who only look at what a person looks like on the outside, and I've gotten to know the overall attitudes of people like that very well. Let me tell you, they are crappy people! They are people I would never want as a friend anyway, so I don't care what they think! A person should only be judged by what is on the inside. I may be ugly by anyone's standards, but it doesn't mean I am a bad person. I can be a person's very best friend if I like them a lot. I'm the kind of friend that would do anything I can for someone. I know reading my blogs makes it hard to believe, but I tend to stand by people I like unconditionally. I can never give anyone much more than friendship. Some people are more demanding in a friendship, like you have to agree with everything they say, or they only like you because you give them things. I'm not like that! The only thing I can promise anyone is that I will give them unconditional friendship. As long as they don't kill puppies, or rape children, or shit talk me or my family, I'll always be loyal. There's a fine-line in the phrase "shit-talk". It depends on if a person is being brutally honest or just being an asshole. Like that guy calling fat people "fatties". While I would agree I am fat, maybe even a "fattie", and I don't care what someone says about me, the fact is that the word "fattie" it's self is rather immature, vulgar, and is a word catering only to people of the lowest intelligence and no moral character. Call me fat all you want, heck! Even call me a "fatty"! I don't care! But if you refer to all fat people in general by the word "fatty", I feel sorry for you! Because you need to grow up!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Scary Thoughts

I just had a scary thought. I don't know if it's true or not, but it is scary. I have been hearing that INXS will not be releasing their new album in the US. If this is true, I wonder if that also means they won't be coming here on the tour? I kinda think so. And if I am right, that could suck!! I'm not sure if I am right, but I have a feeling I am. Speaking of things I am correct about, I don't think that web designer is going to respond to my calls for help that the UMG website is still down, somewhat. It shows up on the screen, but all the data is gone! When you click on the links, it takes you to a screen where nothing shows up. No info, no "buy now" button, no TOS, no nothing! I contacted them twice, and asked them to fix this problem, and no response of any kind and the site is still down. My supervisor and me are getting pissed off. Well, she is getting pissed off at me, and I'm pissed off at my web designer! I don't know what else to do. I paid him a small fortune to give us a web site that we can work with and I get nothing. I'm mad!! I should never have hired him. This pisses me off! But I don't know who I am more angry with, him or myself. Myself because I knew I shouldn't have hired him, he was slow to take action on everything, and he never would get rid of those banners on the side that I kept asking him to get rid of, and he wouldn't even put my logo at the top of the page. At first he kept saying "This is a mockup, when you hire us we will create the site to your satisfaction." Well, I hired him, and he never did do it!!!

I think I scared myself last night watching this program on NatGeo. It was a show about a very rare genetic defect that turns people into zombies basically. They get to a point where they can no longer fall asleep.  They get so tired, they literally konk out from exhaustion. Sounds like a very painful and frustrating way to go. At the beginning, you see this man who is afflicted with the disease rapidly deteriorate. They said with him it started out simply enough, he began to have trouble taking naps, which was something he did daily. And it progressed to not being able to sleep throughout the night. Eventually he was unable to sleep at all. This is a genetic defect that causes some wiring in the brain to malfunction. It's scary, but fortunately it's rare. But 6 months after he stopped sleeping altogether, he lapsed into a coma and died. They showed videos of him when he lapsed into a coma and even then, his body would not let him relax at all. He was still acting like he was awake and just thrashing about like a mad man. I felt very bad for him. I also hoped it wouldn't happen to me. But if our family doesn't have a history of it already, it won't.

In a sense of genetics, I'm essentially a lucky person! I don't even have a history of cancer in my family's background! The worst thing we have in our background is diabetes. While that is bad, it's not as bad as some of the other genetic flaws out there. But that guy, I'm going to have nightmares about him for the rest of my life!! It takes a lot to get me scared by anything on TV or the internet, and I do mean a LOT!!! I'm the only person I know that can even watch The Exorcist and never even flinch! People online have stalked, harassed and phished me, and even threatened to file suit against me, none of that even fazes me! But what I saw last night really scared me! Just to know that there is something out there, even though it's rare, that turns you into a zombie and fixes it to where you can never sleep again, and you cannot do a darn thing about it, it's scary! I almost wish I hadn't watched that program now! LOL! I'm going to have nightmares about it I'm afraid. The show was talking about how prisoners of war are tortured by never being able to sleep, and how painful and exhausting that is, and I think about how that guy at the beginning of the show suffered because he couldn't fall asleep. It's something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy! It was sad, and it's scary! It's a disease called Fatal Familial Insomnia (FFI) and it is nothing like regular insomnia where you may go for days, even weeks without sleeping, and a few doses of prescription sleeping pills takes care of that. People with FFI go on for months, even as long as a year, without sleeping, until they finally die of exhaustion. Sleeping meds would be useless for them. Yep! That was scary just to know that!

Well, I haven't been blogging because I've been busy. Last night, I noticed that on my Facebook page, I lost 4 friends. I was able to figure out who one of them is, and I felt sad! It was someone I really like. He was such a lovely guy!! I think he deleted his Facebook because I remembered he really had some problems with hackers and spyware because of the apps. Which is why I never participate in FarmVille and all those other apps that all my friends have. But I cannot figure out who the other 3 missing are. Which probably means they were people I had nothing, or very little, to do with. So to those 3 people, So long!! :) But to the one I really will miss, I hope you come back! And please stay away from those Facebook apps! I do and I haven't been hacked since. I got hacked once, and that was more than enough for me!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bret Michaels

Who the Hell is he? I don't know the dude. Never heard of him in my life. But he's been in the hospital since yesterday with a brain aneurysm. Seems to have a lot of my buddies buzzing about his stable, yet still critical, condition. It's even got a couple of my buddies fighting. Someone said some jokes about Michael hanging himself and I admit that was in bad taste. I think it was said in the heat of battle. Another one said she cares about this Bret Michaels jerk and is dissing Michael Hutchence. Personally, I'm staying out of it. One side, she never did anything to me, the other side I like her a lot. She wants all Hutch fans to delete the other from their friends. I'm just staying out of it. Frankly, I'm no angel either. I like Michael Hutchence a lot, but I have said some things in the past too. Though nothing as bad as making jokes about his death, I'd never do that! I used to get pissed off when I saw others making fun of a thing like that! But a few years ago, when I was into it with another devoted Hutch fan, I admit I may have said some things that were just as distasteful just to piss her off. It was again, the heat of battle. I've since cooled down (a LONG time ago) I don't stay angry for long. Besides, I realized I wasn't angry at her. I was angry at myself. She was just being who she always was (and I knew that all along, that's why I was mad at myself). I simply let my guard down. I've done that too often in my life. That's why then I decided to stop. Somehow though, curiosity always gets in the way! LOL!

Well, I have no idea who this guy is. But really, no one should have to go through an aneurysm. They're painful as wholly hell! I never had one, but I know someone who has, and they're lucky to be alive. In this friend, the vessel in the brain exploded and almost killed this person. Some motor skills were lost forever, but this friend has recovered considerably. I don't want to reveal the person's name or whether they are a man or woman. But fortunately this person has a spouse who helps out a lot. This friend lost a lot of ability to dress themself and a bit more. But all in all, they do OK. I don't know if Bret Michaels will end up that way. I don't know the dude, I really couldn't care less. But as one human being to another, I do hope he gets recovered completely.

Well, I've been trying to get the UMG Productions site back up, I've been constantly trying to contact the original web designer. At first, going through elance, it was hard. Apparently he said they've cooled off their business at elance. As if they were always there to begin with! Trying to contact this guy when I need him is more difficult than trying to pull the teeth from an angry elephant!! I had to go directly to the company's website and contact them there! And he doesn't even respond unless I practically threaten to turn the law on them!! Now, he's saying he wants me to contact the host provider and get them to remove something from a folder. I said "they ain't a-gonna do it!!" They don't feel that's their job. I contacted someone from the host provider last night, and there was an underlying problem they said would be fixed within 45 minutes. I made sure I understood that clearly, and I did. So I relayed it to my web designer. So far, I haven't seen any improvement! So what will happen next? I don't know. I will contact the host provider again and see if they will remove the stuff from this folder. But I don't think so! So will I have to threaten these people with kicking their butt again? I hope not!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Free Speech Lost?

For those who bitch about this blog, and my practicing my rights of free speech, perhaps this story will interest them. I heard last night's episode of South Park was censored for the first time ever. Because it talked about the Muslim religion and made jokes about their leader, Mohammed. So some covenant in NYC that harbors muslims got a hair up their asses and sent death threats to Comedy Central if they didn't bleep out the things SP said about Mohammed. Well, CC took their threats very seriously and did just what they wanted them to do. Now, I cannot blame them for taking the threats seriously as they did, you almost have to in today's world because you have no idea anymore if the threats being made are just words to intimidate or if the person saying them really plans to carry those threats out. Back in the 70s, you could pass those off as just words. But nowadays with more people saying things like that and actually doing them, you're foolish if you don't heed those words carefully. Especially if they are being said by someone you don't know. Instead of bleeping South Park, what CC should have done is phone the FBI. That's what I would have done. A regular police department isn't going to have an internet task force, it's better to report threats like that to the FBI, because they can track down the person who sent those threats right down to their home address.

I'll tell you, if the time ever comes that we lose our rights to free speech, I'm going to be in trouble. Because no one I know personally exercises those rights as much as I do! I've made a few people pissed at me, and even lost some admirers along the way, but this is who I am! I'm not going to change, as I don't think I should have to. Of course I don't go as far as South Park and make fun of people anymore, I've stopped that for the most part. At least I've been trying to. I only say what I believe is true, based on my own personal experiences with that person. Some people change, some don't. Some people don't mind what I say, others do. I can always tell when they do, even though they try to hide it by saying "I don't care what you say!" I don't even mock people anymore because it is so obvious! Well! I do still mock the haters because they are the most fun to mock!! But I do believe myself in the rights of free speech. And I have a tendency to mock myself on many occasions! Which is why I don't think people should take my rantings personally. Think of me as being my own version of South Park. I have my limits, first of all, I have NEVER threatened anyone with death! That's something I won't do. I would never kill anyone. I know it's very wrong. I never say something I wouldn't do. That includes threatening with death or bodily harm. I could just never hurt anyone physically. I'd feel bad for the rest of my life! The worst thing I threaten anyone with is karma, and that's something that just happens, I'm not like some people and just try to make it happen to someone who offends me, by sending an army of friends out to hassle someone who has offended me. I don't believe that's real karma.

To get on that subject, I can tell you what real karma is! When my ma was a younger woman, she worked in a temporary position at a factory that was owned and operated by a very successful business man. Well, while my ma was working there, he worked her very hard! So hard, she began feeling a sharp pain in her abdominal area. She begged the owner to lighten her load by allowing a few other workers to help her out. Well, he just laughed at her and told her to get back to her job. My ma was worked so hard, she finally collapsed, and the owner was still telling her to get back to work, and laughing at her being in pain. Well, needless to say, ma didn't return there to work. That owner was successful, but within a few years after he did that to ma, he lost his factory, his wife, his house, and he wound up on welfare. That was an excellent example of karma! Ma didn't plan that attack on his life, in fact she had nothing to do with it! This was info she got from another person who worked for that guy. It was karma! He got what he deserved for doing that to my ma! Like I said before, karma can be a bitch! That guy went from having millions of dollars to his name, to having absolutely NOTHING!!!

That is an example of real karma. I've seen people, like this one person on the Pluba forums (she knows who she is), make her own karma by sending her friends to hassle people who don't like her. I think people who do that, and call it "karma", are just doing it for their own egotistical purposes because they cannot stand being slammed. But that's not real karma. That's self-made karma. Of course this is just my opinion, to others, karma is karma whether it is "real" or self-made. To them it's the same. But to me, when real karma hits me, I know I will have done something wrong. Which is why I've tried to not do wrong. I recently heard of a man, who was a regular on YouTube, he died about a couple of months ago of a heart attack. He was a great man! But he was younger than me!! I always think it's sad when someone that young dies, especially of a heart attack! I haven't even felt the early signs of a heart attack yet!! It won't happen any time soon! But he was also a good man. I wonder what he did to deserve a fate like that so early in his life. Must have been some kind of punishment for something he did earlier in his life. Though looking at how he was just before he died, any sins he might have created earlier would be hard to believe. He looked like a happy, fun-loving person!

Well, I don't know the man, I don't think I ever spoke with him, I've spoken to so many people in the last year on YouTube! I don't keep track of who they all are! Maybe I have spoken to him, and maybe I haven't I don't know. Some people I have had good experiences with and some have been bad experiences. I remember there was someone who called himself TomPussy. A real dickhead!! The one and only run-in I had with that guy was not at all pleasant! I was responding to a video that had nothing at all to do with him, and he started in on me and calling me names. I informed him that what I said was basically tongue-in-cheek with the person who posted the video and what I said had NOTHING at all to do with him, and I told him to drop dead. I think he did!! LOL! No one has heard from him in about a year. It's been a bit more than a year since I wrote that to him. I was in a bad mood that night anyway. I was just home from a long trip, and after those long trips, I am always in a rotten mood. Now, I warn people via my bulletins, when I am going on a long trip, and I advise them not to get on my bad side! LOL! I snap hard after a long trip! That's because I am tired, and I'm a bear when I am tired. But I usually return to my old self after I've slept for the night. I don't want to say "normal" because nothing on me is normal, and I like it that way :P

Well back to the original subject, this world would be pretty darn bleek if our rights of free speech was taken away. That's about all I have to lean back on anymore. Shoot! I even let others have their way with me, sometimes it's fun to hear people who do not know me, tell others what they think I believe. Most of the time they are wrong, and I know it. I'm too complex for the average person to figure out. Take the people on Pluba for example. Particularly the show breeders. I was told that they laugh at me and make fun of me in PMs because I am so easily misled. Well, what they didn't figure was that I am only easy to mislead on the internet. Because, unless I know better, I always choose to believe what is told to me because I don't know the person. And unlike show breeders online, I choose not to judge and say "I know you're lying!" unless I know for sure they are. But I always said if those people only knew me personally, they would know their assumptions about me being "so easily misled" are wrong. In life, I am actually very jaded. You'd be hard pressed to find someone more suspicious than I am! I have the ability to read facial expressions and voice tones, and I have an innate sense of danger. Though a lot of times, curiosity leads me away from these senses. Well, since discovering this interesting fact about online show breeders, I've decided to use the same instincts online that I've always used in life. For example, back in December, there was someone on YouTube who tried to pull a fast one on me, by saying my friends were non-existant BS. The funny fact was his profile said he was from Iran. But you know what, I found that difficult to believe. I've met people from Iran online, and let me tell you, his english was too perfect to be an Iranian native!! So I told him I didn't believe he was from Iran. To be honest, some of the clues he gave during our little 2-day battle, told me he is connected with the DDM! He sounded just like them!! LOL! So I believe, even to this day, that was who he was! He had to be one of the DDM!!! LOL! People always give those little clues without even knowing it! I don't want to reveal what those clues were, because they are going to help me out should someone else like that decide to hit again! But that goes to show how I pick up on little details like that. So, anyone who has ever thought I am "so easily misled" is fooling themselves. I just chose not to judge a person, or a situation, that I was unsure of or knew nothing about. Perhaps show breeders themselves would benefit from this practice as well. :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tree Frog!

No one will believe this. A couple of weeks ago, I ordered some more books from Amazon.com about the care and maintenance of frogs. Since I want to raise tree frogs and dart frogs, I thought it would be good to purchase some books about them and study them. So I got some on order from Amazon.com, which is where I've been getting all my books lately. I don't even go to book stores anymore! I found I can get a better deal at Amazon. So I found these books specifically about dart frogs and tree frogs. I always wait for my response from Amazon to come saying my payment was received, then I wait in anticipation for my books to come. Sometimes it only takes a few days to arrive, sometimes it can take as long as a week. Sometimes longer.

Well, Monday I got one of my books in the mail. It came in a big, white, padded envelope. It was oddly square, about 2 inches thick, and I thought to myself "I don't think I ordered any books that thick!" But then I thought maybe it was packed in a larger box in the envelope or something. But it was awful small! But then my day gecko book was smaller than I expected too. Didn't make it any less enjoyable! So I rushed into the house so I could open up my package and see the goodies I got. I always gather the dogs for such an occasion, they're family, they have a right to rejoice as well! LOL! As I started to tear open the envelope, I noticed there was what looked like an old book inside. At the first instant, I thought "Well that's an unusual looking box!" But then, to my shock and horror, when I pulled this "box" out of the envelope, I realized it wasn't an odd box, but the book it's self. At first I couldn't believe they sent the wrong book!! I double checked in the envelope, thinking maybe it was a bonus book or something and the real book I ordered would be inside. But no. The book I ordered was nowhere in sight! I hoped for a book about the care and maintenance of tree frogs. The green kind, that hop around in trees and go "reebit!" Instead, I got a classic, condensed Reader's Digest book that has a story about a killer named Tree Frog! I've seen these books before. Most used book stores cannot give them away! And people who do have them usually use them for nothing more than to prop up a crooked bed or sofa!

Well, needless to say I was pretty honked off! I thought it was the dealer's idea of a sick joke. So I got even. I left them bad feedback. Of course that was before I had a chance to cool down and think that maybe I need to write to this dealer and tell them in a nice way that I am not satisfied. So that is what I did. It took 3 days, but they finally responded to me and told me they will be sending me a complete refund. I was grateful and wrote them a thank you note. I was so glad I got all my money back, including the shipping. Now I can order the book I want from a dealer who will send it to me.

When I look for a good dealer, I try to check the feedback. This person's feedback was almost impeccable! Almost, but not quite. But then, not many dealers actually have 100% positive feedback! So I look for the number closest to 100% and above a 95%. One has to allow for some imperfections! This dealer has 98% positive feedback. So I thought they would be safe to deal with. I never even imagined they would send me the wrong book! It's never happened to me before. They told me I can keep the book, but I have no use for this kind of a book! They said if I cannot use it to donate it to charity. But like I said before, most places cannot even give these kind of books away. I'd hate to clutter the Salvation Army with a book that will sit on their shelves for many years, only to wind up in the trash or recycling bin anyway. So guess what I did. I cut out the middleman! I put that book in the trash can myself right after I got their message. It's where it belongs now. I got my refund and I am happy!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Shaved Ape

This is a video I made in response to some jerk who calls himself MobbDeepProduction. I watched his video from beginning to end, and it was a video of him and his dipshit friends making fun of a random fat woman in a restaurant, eating an ice cream cone. The woman didn't even know she was being filmed. She may have known she was being degraded, I don't know. But I strongly doubt she knew she was being filmed. I wrote on his channel and I told him that I hope that woman finds him and sues his ass because he would deserve it. To film someone without their permission and not tell them is wrong. It's a criminal act known as video voyuerism. Besides that the slanderous things they said about that woman. I only put a couple of things in my video, but some of the things they said were cruel. So I gave him a taste of his own medicine, and told him he looks like a shaved ape. Which is really an insult to apes everywhere, and I admit it was cruel of me to say that, but it was cruel of him to poke fun at a woman he knows nothing about! He has no idea why she was fat. And his "skinny" girlfriend was eating a lot more than the fat woman, and with more gusto, and drinking a large soda besides. Yet no one was making fun of her. Why? Most likely because she's not fat. People like him think that just because a woman is fat and eating an ice cream cone and enjoying it, that she must not do anything but eat all day, and that may not be true. But unless you know, for absolute certain, what a person's situation is--not just basing your views on what you've seen in TV shows, or what you think you know--you should not judge them so harshly! People like that should just GTH. Anyway, here is my video:

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A New Experience

Well, last night, as you may already be able to see, I changed the background of this blog. I wanted something a little more exciting. Though I noticed that it does take forever to load!! I don't know how to fix that except maybe over time, like when this new Blogger template deal gets out of the BETA stage, it might become faster. I don't know. I didn't think I'd ever know how to call up that template maker. But I figured it out, and decided to change the whole look and feel of this blog. To those who are new to this thing as much as I am, please be patient! I think it looks good myself!

Well, on YouTube, many of you might know this guy who calls himself CopperCab. He's become quite famous for his hot-blooded rants about gingers having souls, and yadda-yadda-yadda. I actually kinda like the boy. He and I have a lot in common. He stands up for what he believes in and is obviously very passionate about it. I tend to be too, but I try now not to let angry passions get in the way. But he needs to fix a few things. He keeps saying how he doesn't care what people say about him. But it is perfectly obvious that the opposite is the truth. If he didn't care, he would not get so pissed off and make videos that constantly tell the haters to f*** off. Most of his videos is about this.

Well, he saw this video of a South Park episode where Cartman is mocking him. It's supposed to appear in the new season, and probably already has. Personally, if it were me, and I was appearing in any way, shape or form on a program that I like (which he did admit he still likes South Park) I would be flattered. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I told him in a situation like that, he has one of 2 choices, he can either sue South Park creators, or he can be flattered that they love him enough to copy him. Personally, I would be flattered. Life is so much easier to live if you can just laugh at yourself and move on! So that's what I do! It beats getting angry at every little thing out there. I found that if you let little things get you angry, you get to be pretty miserable in the end. Like the other day, when this commenter came in here and started blasting me because I don't like Jon Stevens. Do you think for one second I'm going to let a random, anonymous stranger bother me just because I was saying what I felt? If you do, you don't know me at all. I said I only care what my friends and family thinks. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to slam someone because they have a different opinion than mine. But I just want to point out that I will not let the haters get to me. In fact, I was laughing at her post. And I still hate Jon Stevens. :) She's not going to change that no matter how hard she tries or how hard she slams. No one is. This is who I am and how I feel. I don't have to explain anything to anyone. I usually just choose to do so :)

I always accept all comments anyway, no matter how hard they slam me. Just because that's what I feel the comment feature is for. Everyone has a right to say what is on their mind. So many people have come in here saying things to the effect of "You are a joke!" and I just laugh at them! Really, I do! Because they're silly. And that's what makes life so enjoyable. The ability to laugh in the face of things like that. Someone made a video of me once calling it "The Tale of a Stalking Whale". They thought they were going to piss me off. They didn't! In fact, I was flattered. I love whales. On the contrary, their video is what has turned me into this highly confident person that I am now! Whales are beautiful and graceful animals that are highly intelligent. I sure don't take it as an insult when someone calls me a whale. I love it! I'm so confident now thanks to their video, some people think I am being narcissistic. Well, maybe I am to a degree. But it's better than what I was before they made that video about me. :) I was a wreck! Because I had just lost my Groucho and I was really down in the dumps because I missed her so much.

Well, writing has always helped me come to terms with things, and I wrote a couple of stories about Groucho. It helped a lot. Anyway, I know this kid is troubled. Someone I subscribe to has actually spoken with him, and says he has some problems in his life. Though this same person said that slamming him is illegal. I don't know about that, but I do feel it's wrong when adults slam on minors. Just as I feel it's wrong for minors to slam on adults. But when the minor starts it, as they usually do in my experience, they are fair game! I always say they're lucky I'm not their mamma! I'd slap them if I caught them slamming on adults like they do! Boy my sis Eva does on her kids!! She doesn't give a shit that laws have been passed to prevent parents from spanking their kids now! She does it anyway. I've seen her do it. And you won't find any kids today that are better behaved than her's are. Eva's attitude is "I'm the one who carried these kids for 9 months, went through 48 hours of hard labor (and I do mean HARD), and was lying on that table screaming my eyeballs out to bring them into this world, and I'll be damned if the laws are going to tell me how to raise my kids!" LOLOL!! That's what she says all the time!! Gotta love Eva! She means it too. She doesn't spank them all the time though. Only when they need it, and she only gives them one or two swats. I've never even seen her swat them 3 times come to think of it. So, I wouldn't call that abuse like some people do! And Eva is pregnant yet again! Her latest baby is due in July. Ya know I think she was serious about having 20 kids??!! She's got 8 now, and now another one on the way! When is she going to stop is what I want to know. Well, at least she doesn't have to claim this one in this year's census.

How about that census thing? We had to fill one out this year too. I hate that! But I remember working for the 2000 census. It was good money! But the job it's self SUCKED!!! I always ran into some pretty crappy people! One woman was so scary, she made me want to carry my can of pepper spray to work every day! If I had it when she charged at me, I would have sprayed her ass!! Believe me! I felt threatened. She came barreling out of her house screaming and fussing, and waving her arms and then got right up in my face. She was damn lucky I didn't have my spray with me!! So was I because I probably would have got fired then! LOL!! All that just because she didn't want to fill out the long form. I didn't blame her! I mean that long form asked a bunch of dumb questions I couldn't even ask my closest friends! Let alone a stranger! But I would definitely NOT have handled it the way she did! hehe!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Worst People on YouTube

One thing I've noticed that besides the usual trolls that just happen to pop up everywhere, the rudest people on YouTube are the self-proclaimed computer geeks whose videos show nothing but their video game playing skills. There was a girl who commented rudely on a video of mine a couple of weeks ago, and she was a self-proclaimed expert at Star Craft, or something like that, I dunno. I don't know the video games these days. She didn't have a single video about anything else except to show off her game playing skills with this video game. Ya know I never saw the point in posting videos of yourself playing video games? Aren't there other websites for that kind of BS? I mean I think posting yourself playing a video game on YouTube is pointless and stupid.

Perhaps this proves I was right about why today's kids are much more rude and obnoxious than I ever remember them being before. I blame it on video games and anime cartoons. We had those when I was a kid, and yes we did have our share of rude children. But they seem to be much worse today than they were back then. I couldn't be rude to anyone because if my ma ever caught me saying the kind of things I've seen today's children say to adults on the internet, she would have slapped me shitless!! Even if it was on the internet!! Parents really need to watch their kids, even on the net! And beat the tar out of them when they do something they shouldn't. But now you cannot discipline your kids today because of Bill Clinton. It was all his idea to make it illegal to touch your own kids! Pretty soon, a parent won't be able to hug their own children without the threat of being thrown in jail! I know nowadays a teacher cannot hug a child, even if it is to comfort them. And that's a shame! I can remember an incident where I was running and playing and I slipped and fell, scraped myself really bad. My teacher put her arm around me, gave me some soothing words and it made me feel better. Then she took me inside and bandaged me up and I was right as rain. This was before my transformation. By the time I got into my high school years, I didn't trust anyone and I hated to be touched. I think I should point out though that that was the fault of the other kids, not the teachers. But still. I think this helps point out why kids today are worse than they've ever been before. But I would be willing to bet that the same kids who were really bad back then, were also kids whose lives at home centered around playing video games.

Well, this was just an observation. I'm kinda having second thoughts about putting video games in Metazoica. But there is one I think would be really good and I've been thinking of it since I first got this idea back in 1998.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Who Do You Prefer?

Well, I know we cannot bring Michael back to INXS. Such a crying shame too, because he was out of this world. No pun intended. When I first saw an INXS video, Michael was what caught my attention first and foremost. I've never seen a band like INXS. Almost all the guys are good-looking. Compared to other bands where only one or 2 members are good looking. Usually the front men. But back then, I even thought Kirk was cute. That's not to say all bands are like that. I've seen some bands, like Guns n Roses, where all the band members are ugly. But never have I seen another band where all the band members had equal sexual charisma like INXS does. I'm not normally a celebrity hound, but I always felt a little bit starstruck when I was around INXS. I always wanted to meet these guys. It was a shame I never had a formal meeting with Michael. Just an informal kiss on the face. But when I was growing up, my ma always told me that when celebs meet the fans, they always forget the meeting the next day, or they will act nice to the fan's faces, and turn around behind their back and talk shit about them. I never even thought about meeting INXS when I saw Michael in concert because at 17, I would have been heartbroken if I even dreamed any of these handsome men were like that. Now, I wouldn't care, but as a teenager, you kindof expect your idol to love you as much as you love them. No matter how I was raised.

Well, I thought INXS was dead after Michael died. It was a shame I only got to see them once, I had wished I got to see them more often with Michael leading. But that's what happens when you grow up and have boyfriends of your own. I lost interest in INXS. Between the times of 1991 and 1997 (when Michael died), I had 3 boyfriends. One I almost married, one was an on-and-off kind of relationship. And the last I did marry, and eventually divorced. I'm just not the marrying type. I liked to travel and he couldn't because he would always have to work. Marriage was too confining to me, so I divorced. Simple as that. Well anyway, I had no interest in seeing INXS again after Michael died. Just didn't seem the same to me. I was living in Toutle at the time (near Mount St. Helens), and it was hard enough really getting to the one concert I did manage to make it to. Looking at the listings on inxs.com, I realized I didn't remember if I went to the concert in Seattle or in Portland. It could have been either-or. So I put that I went to both of them! LOL! I don't remember because that was long ago and I didn't do the driving. In fact, I was asleep most of the way back home. It could have been the one in Seattle. I think the one in Portland was cancelled. Not sure.

Well, after Michael was gone, INXS hired this ugly goon named Jon Stevens to do the singing. He has absolutely NONE of the sexual appeal that Michael (or even JD Fortune for that matter) had. On one of the pictures of the guys with him on the site, I wrote "To the ugly SOB on the bottom center (Jon Stevens) Get the F*** out of my way!! You're blocking my view of the Timster!" I absolutely do not like him at all. And it's not because he was taking Michael's place. I just don't like Jon Stevens. Though going back it appears that my comment was deleted. Oh well! They can delete my comments there, but not here. And they cannot stop me from thinking that! I've seen people who think Jon Stevens was better looking than JD and I'm always like "You've got to be kidding me!" Maybe it's just me. I fall in love better with guys who have dark hair. In fact, when Jon F. turned his hair blond back in 1997, it tarnished my image of him for life. LOL! I love Jon F. but that was a big mistake he made. I'm not saying blond people are ugly! I'm just saying I have a tendency to be more attracted to dark-haired men. Sort of ironic the man I married was blond himself! LOL! My sisters think I must have been doped up on meds when I married him. I was taking a sleeping aid at the time, but that was not true!! But it did happen we were only married a couple of years. But his hair color had nothing to do with that.

Well, I didn't like Jon Stevens. I didn't think he was that good of a singer, and he had none of the sexual charisma. I never saw him perform live, but I have seen videos of him. Now, JD was different. But I am not even a huge fan of JD's. But to be realistic, he did have the closest vocals and sexual charisma that Michael had. I mean let's face it. If JD had let his hair grow, he could have almost been Michael. Though I know that's not what he wanted to go for. I like JD. Don't love him like the rest of the band, but I like him. Simply because he was the best match. His vocals matched Michael's IMO. Some don't feel that, but I do. Those that resent JD seem to always be those who say he is trying to become Michael, and I don't believe that is true. Though I always say people have a right to believe what they want. I don't want to take that away from anyone. But I believe it was JD who said he didn't want to become Michael, he just wanted to move foreward with INXS. I also notice people who say they have met and loved Jon Stevens have said that Tim was always drunk when they met him. One person even said he was a complete douche. I was like "wow!" Tim was never like that with me. But everybody's experiences with each of the band members have been different. Kirk was the one I had problems with, but everyone else raves about how he was always so into the fans. I never saw that though.

Now, I've heard the stories about Timmy being drunk at the concerts with Jon Stevens. I don't think that was anything to worry about. I think at that time, he was still trying to come to terms with losing Michael, and maybe drinking was his way of "getting away" from the grief. I was the same way when I lost Groucho. Though I didn't take to drinking. But different people handle grief differently. But I can tell you, I can still be a complete douche myself sometimes. Though I usually like to remain civil and graceful. I mean, why be mean and nasty when you don't have to? So I don't. It helps a lot that I never go into forums. Unless someone has guts enough to say what they have to say on my blog, anything they say about me in the forums just falls on deaf ears :) I have nothing at all to do with the forums, and I don't pay any attention to anyone (except friends) on inxs.com. They have where they show on the homepage members activity, and unless I see something from someone I like, I don't even click on their activity. What those people do is none of my business. I go there to talk INXS with friends, and to support the guys. I don't care about anything or anybody else!

For Those Who Don't Know Yet

I posted this on my Metazoica blog, but I think I'd like to post this here too. Just in case people who read here do not read my Metazoic blog, and want to check out the Metazoica site. This video I created shows you how to view the site. So far, I've only worked on 2 categories (families), and I've just been a bit too busy to work on any more. Today especially was too nice to stay inside and work on the computer, so I used that time to finish my bird cage. Anyway, here is the video:

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Update On My Bird Cage

Well it is a sunny day outside, not a single cloud in the sky, and it was rather warm too. The perfect kind of day I figured I could finish putting the poles up on my cage. The cage has been sitting undone for quite a long time. I like to work on these outside, so I've been waiting for a day just like today. I took my unfinished cage outside to drill the frame in, and it looks pretty darn good so far! Took a lot of work to get the screws drilled in place. It's not as easy as it may look! But I've got all 4 poles in place now, all I have to do is order the acrylic sides, and a solid wooden back, make a hood, and I'll be finished. This cage still is not what one would call "professional quality", but it's good enough for me. Since I am the only one really going to be seeing these birds and stuff, the cages do not have to be professional just yet. Though when I get started on the gecko, tree frog and dart frog cages, I'm going to have to be a little more careful. Those cages are going to need constant misting, so I have to build it good enough for that. There can't be any gaps at all, everything has to be measured perfectly down to the last decimal. Partly because I don't need misting getting on the floor and also because these smaller animals are excellent escape-artists.

I also have an acrylic sealant that I used to seal up some of the cracks. This way the birds don't get hurt if they happen to get on the floor level of the cage and their toenail might slip into a crevice or something to that effect. So maybe next month I will be getting some varnish and some paint-on water sealer. Then maybe the month after that I will be ready to get the acrylic siding. We shall see!! I still need to make something in the way of a groove to put the acrylic in so it doesn't slip and the birds don't figure a way to get out.

In other news, my web designer finished the Meet The Mammals section of Metazoica. I invite anyone to check it out. So far, it looks great! Or I think it does. I still have to give the instructions given to me by the person who designed the template to my web designer, and see what he can do with it. He's been very good so far. I really like him. He said that I need to create a more eye-catching site and I totally agree with him! I need to start with the banner and work my way down. I've been thinking of a 3D-movie type banner, with some animals from the site racing across with the word "Metazoica" in the background. That would be very eye-catching!! People love 3D animation now. I don't like anime, but I can agree about the 3D animation. So I thought why not have a 3D animated banner for the site? There's no reason I could think of that that wouldn't work! But that's just one of the improvements I'd need. I'm trying to go by some of his boss's suggestions. He knows what he's doing, I'm sure. At first I was going to have a flash banner, but after I thought about it, I thought an animated banner would be better.

That's not the only change that Metazoica is going to be going through. I'm also going to have a members section where I will have movies about some of the animals. I've been thinking more along the lines of having them cartoony-style, like the animals on the movie Madagascar. Only less of the extreme features. Have them look somewhat real and somewhat cartoony. I've also been thinking of having some video games up. And a rating system for members to rate each animal on the site. That should be cool!

I recently wrote to the creators of the new inxs.com site and suggested they put up a section where members can upload video onto the site. He wrote me back and said that sounded like a great idea. Then he hit me with a trick question. He asked me if I have any videos already up on YouTube. I was thinking he meant like INXS videos, which I do not have yet. I was not sure they were legal! Though I've seen other people post some. Since my skills as a still photographer suck tiger balls, I thought instead I could take videos of INXS when I go to the concerts, and post them up on inxs.com. Everyone raves about my videos. Though mostly because they are funny. I will also be adding comedy to these videos as well. It's not going to be all concert clips. I told him I have videos I have done on YouTube, but very little has to really do with INXS. But I told him he is more than welcome to check out the videos I do have, strickly to show him what I can do with videos. I looked back again at some of my other videos that do talk about INXS. I heard the video again that talked about the site being up. I was like "Oh my! I hope he doesn't take that the wrong way!" LOL! That video was supposed to be funny. I was making fun of myself in the video more than the site or INXS. So far, one other fan has seen it and taken it seriously. Oh well. I still kinda hope that the site manager considers my suggestion. If not, well, I will continue to share my videos here, on MySpace, Facebook and YouTube.

"I Hope You Never Get A Dog!"

This is a video I did for this person who trolls my guestbook on my Chihuahua website every year. She's done it for the past 2 years, and I am expecting her again soon. She always says something to the effect of "I hope you never get a dog!" I always find it kinda funny because I know who she is, and I know exactly why she believes I should never get a dog. So, I decided to make a mocking video about it, explaining the whole idea. At the end, I ask the experts about how I am with my dogs and if I should get another dog or not. I mention that only these experts are the ones whose opinions count to me. So far they have no complaints. So if they have no complaints, neither do I. But it makes for a funny video anyway. Enjoy everyone!

Monday, April 12, 2010

When Opportunity Knocks

Funny how I was thinking about this last night when I was watching a program about hording. They said that excessive hording always coincides with excessive shopping. I couldn't agree more! This one woman the show was portraying last night happened to mention that if she goes shopping and sees something she wants and doesn't get it right then, she does nothing but think about it until she does get it. That triggered a memory of something that I remember from my teen years. A big thing that taught me a lesson I will never forget! Well, it was big to me! To others, it may just sound like something insignificant. But being a teenager with her heart set on something, it was a big thing to me.

When I was a teenager, I loved penguins! In fact, I still love penguins. I'm a bird-lover, what can I say?! I also loved collecting plush animals from the World Wildlife Fund Endangered Species collection. They were my favorite because they were so real looking! One day I went to the mall, and there at Waldenbooks was a collection of WWF plush animals that they were selling. They had a whole bunch of them all displayed on a stand, but the one that caught my eye the most was this full-sized emperor penguin. But there was one problem, that penguin had a price tag of $40. And at the age of 14, $40 might as well have been $1000 to me! There was no way I could have saved that much. And I feared that by the time I could raise that much, the toys would be gone. Well, I had to leave it put, but if I didn't know any better, I would have shoplifted that penguin!! But I knew that was wrong so I didn't do it. I left that store empty-handed, and went home, but when I did go home, I thought of and talked about nothing but that some day I was going to get that plush emperor penguin.

Well, for the following 3 months, until summer, I continuously went back to that store just to see if that plush penguin was there. Sure enough it was! All that time, it was still there. Well, my grandma somehow heard of my dilemma, and she wanted to offer me $40 to paint and finish the drawers in her bedroom, so I said OK. It was now summer vacation, and I was going to stay there a couple of weeks and work on her drawers. The weekend before I left for grandma's, I went back to that mall to see if the penguin I wanted was still there. Sure enough it was. I figured it has been there for 3 whole months that maybe it will still be there when I get paid in 2 weeks. I managed to have it almost finished in a week. And then grandma went nuts one day. So I spent the rest of that day just working on her drawers so I could go home the next day. I didn't like staying at her place when she was going nuts. She'd start crying and get freaky sometimes and I didn't like it. Don't get me wrong, I loved my grandma! But I hated it when she would get all nutty.

The very next day I headed for home, and I got some extra money that I had been saving that I thought would be good enough to cover the tax on that plush penguin. Then I caught the bus back down to the mall, all the way singing to myself "I'm going to get my penguin!" I was high on anticipation! It was bright and early when I took off, I was going to quickly run down to the mall, purchase my penguin, run home and go back to sleep, caressing with my new plush pet! That bus could not get there fast enough for me. When it finally reached the parking lot, I ran out of that bus, all the way into the mall and back to Waldenbooks, all with the greatest excitement. I fully expected to see that shelf again, with all the plush animals sitting on it, including my penguin, just like I saw them only one week before, and every time I went there for the previous 3 months. But when I got there, all the plush animals, including my penguin, were all gone!! It was like an arrow had pierced me right through the heart! Just when I had finally got the money to purchase this item, it was gone!

The first words that came to my mind was of course "Where are they???" So I asked the clerk. He told me the plush animals were not selling very well, so they sent them back. I even went so far as to tell the clerk how I'd scrimped and saved for 3 months to get that penguin, and about the job I did for grandma. All he could give me was a half-assed apology, which was more like a brush-off. I asked him when they would ever have those again and he said "Maybe at Christmas." Well, you could imagine my disappointment. There I was with the money I had saved for months, and the last bit I worked so hard at. And nothing to show for it. I was really upset! That's probably the most upset I ever have been in my life. At least at that time. It taught me a lesson too! It taught me that from then on, when I see something I really want, I need to find a way to get it right then! Because it won't wait till I have the money. I had just seen that penguin only a week before, and up until then, had been there for 3 full months, so the thought of asking the store to hold it until I got paid didn't even cross my mind. I figured it would still be there then. But the clerk told me they had just sent the plush animals back only a couple of days before I got there to purchase it.

Just FTR, in case anybody was wondering, Waldenbooks never did get those plush toys back not even for Christmas. And today, you can't get those plush toys anywhere! I've looked! Even on ebay they don't have them. I looked on ebay, Amazon, even on the World Wildlife Fund's own website. They are nowhere now. Even stores that used to always have them don't have them anymore. So that was one opportunity that I completely missed out on, and would never get back again. Just goes to show you! When opportunity knocks, you'd better answer the door! To this day, I wondered what GOD's plan for me was there. Why was I not able to get that penguin, even though I wanted it more than anything? I guess I will never know for sure.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Still Learning The New Site

I've got so much on my plate, I just go into inxs.com when I can. I got people who want the Metazoic site finished NOW. It's just me working on it now! So I juggle it into my schedule when I can. But I also have to live a little thing called life. I don't want to disappoint my viewers, but I am a busy person. I work on Metazoica when I can. I'd like it to be faster myself, but since it's only me working on it, I can only do it at my pace. I barely have much time to get into inxs.com. Most of my time online is spent doing the Metazoic site, or with fans and other people I enjoy. I don't go into inxs.com with the intent of conversing with anyone. Particularly not strangers. So, my friends from Facebook, or MySpace, if I haven't responded to you, please accept my apologies. If they want to say anything to me, they know where to find me anyway. I think by now all my friends know about this blog, and they all can reach me in Facebook or MySpace.

Yeah, I know. I might as well be known as a cyber-hermit. You all know by now how I got this way. Or you should. Now, anyone who isn't on my Facebook or MySpace, I have NO interest in conversing with. :) Anyway, I was thinking about the new INXS site. They have where fans can upload pics. But since I am such a lousy photographer, they should have where the fans can upload videos. When I go to concerts, I'm going to be taking videos, not still pics. I only have one camera, and it is so old, and eats up batteries like nobody's business!! If I thought I was any good at photography, I would get myself one of those $1500 cameras and equipment. But my skills as a photographer SUCKS!!!! I'm much better at making movies. Of course I will be condensing these films so I can post them up to YouTube. I will also be in the films, adding a bit of comedy and narrative relief. But don't expect me to film the lead singers, whomever they may be. My primary focus will be Tim!! He is the only one I really go there to see. I still don't give 2 shits about Brandon Flowers!!! All I want to see is my favorite men of INXS. I may capture some JD if he is there for my JD loving buddies. I will also be posting these videos up on Facebook for my friends to see. Those videos will be longer. YouTube only allows 10 minutes, so I will only be posting 10 minutes of the video there. But Facebook allows up to 20 minutes. I can much easier fit 2 hours of concert into 20 minutes. We'll see what happens. :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

INXS Website's New Vibe

Looks like there isn't going to be any forums or anything of that nature. But they have got where we are allowed to post on pics and other bits on the site. Pretty cool!!! I had a look at the mods of the site. Doesn't look like DonnaG is one of the mods, but it is full of her supporters. This is the list of mods I got today:


I only know Drumbaby and Aussierocks1. They're pretty cool. The rest I don't know, or don't like at all. Duran2inxs, she's one of those fans who thinks her shit doesn't stink. I don't like her at all! She can seem nice at first, but she's only nice to you as long as you agree with everything she says, or you give her something, or you're one of those other fans who is very popular, or has had drinks with the band. Libby, I only spoke with her once, and that was enough! I don't like her either. I didn't like how she approached me. She approached me like a rabid gorilla when she thought I was talking about her on here, which I wasn't at the time! But she approached me like a madman anyway. She'll probably read this again, and approach me the same way, but if anyone wants any proof of how evil she can be, I still have the e-mails she sent when she *thought* I was talking about her. I'll post them up if I have to. Dees I have no idea who she is, but I know she's a DonnaG supporter. So I think I'll stay away from her too. Gosh, I hope they cannot see my ISP #. Those last 3 I'm sure will share my info with Donna! Scary. If DonnaG finds out where I live at, I'm surely going to report their asses. You can bet on that!
Well, now. Everyone knows I live in Ocean Shores, but only my friends know exactly where. And these friends I trust. I know they wouldn't divulge where. I have made a few posts, on some pics mostly. I hope my inquiries didn't go to these people!! Then I know I'll never get any assistance. I signed on to create a new account, but for some reason, I couldn't get it to send me the confirmation e-mail. So I wrote to the people behind the site. My friends told me they're probably getting thousands of messages, and not to expect them to respond. Some of my friends said that they were able to sign in using their old login info. I didn't think that was possible with me because before the old inxs.com site shut down, I deleted my account there. I'm so glad I did too! I wouldn't have wanted to pay for another year only to find out the site would shut down in the middle of that year! Everything happens for a reason. Perhaps I felt deep down inside that would happen so my interest in INXS waned off a little. Maybe. Who really knows?
Well anyway, I tried it, and sure enough, I was able to sign in with my old info. But I didn't want to be known as "TKGsChihuahuas". That was my old screen name, and I had it when I was breeding chihuahuas. Now, I only have 2 chihuahuas, both are spayed/neutered, and one papillon, also spayed. I'm not a kennel anymore. So I changed the name. I still show up under the fan info as "TKGsChihuahuas", even though I changed it to Timmyfan1. That kinda sucks!! I had to use "Timmyfan1" because "Timmyfan" was already taken, by me in the other account I could not get verified! It's silly! But oh well!! As long as those last 3 people on the admin list cannot access my info, I don't care what happens!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The New INXS.com

Well, I stopped into the new INXS website, and it seems to be OK. However, it apparently would not accept my old e-mail address. UGH!! So I had to use my Yahoo e-mail. I mostly reserve that e-mail for Facebook notices. Well, I signed up and I never received the verification e-mail. So I wrote to the manager of the site. Strangely enough, I can still view member-only content. I even left a message on Timmy's page, just to see if I could. I did! I don't understand it. I know I said I wasn't going to comment much, but my comment was directed to Tim, not the fans. I said I wasn't going to have much contact with the fans (outside of those that are on my Facebook or MySpace page) and I won't. There are no blogs or forums. I guess they decided they weren't going to put up with that this time. I had a look at some of the fans on the site, and I noticed even the guys have their own profile. Amazingly enough, JD is even on there. Don't know yet if he is still counted as a member of the band. Though it looks like he may be. We'll see! Maybe they just excluded him from this tour, who knows?

Well, at least the new site is up and running and looking pretty good. Can't really expect anything to work on the first day. It's pretty cool that they allow us to comment on the bands' individual pages. I just left one message to Tim, telling him I'm showing him some lovin'!!

Ya know, I had a dream about Andrew last night! LOL! I dreamed that he came to my home, and we had dinner. I made him my famous home made pizza and he loved it. Then next thing I knew he and I were sitting in the living room and we were watching television together and making comments about what was coming on. We were just like 2 friends conversing. I loved Andrew, but I remember feeling in the dream that I wish it was Tim there instead of him. But I still liked Andrew. hehe! That's a weird dream though!

While inxs.com was working on their site, I've been adding a few entries to my Metazoic site. I've got 3 working right now. It's good for a start.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Culling Friends

Very theraputic. Everyone should try it. Well, I normally don't do it. I don't like to. But for me, it all started this morning when I got a friend request from someone named Rachella Browna. I always accept every friend request because I like to give everyone a chance. There have been times when I've accepted requests even from people I knew all along would not work out. I do it anyways because that's my nature. Anyway, this Rachella she was just starting out, when I accepted her request, she had only 5 friends. I didn't know her, but then I have a lot of people as Facebook friends that I didn't know at first. And many of them turned out to be OK people! So I just came right out and asked this girl if she is an INXS fan. I didn't expect an answer right away. So I carried on about my regular day. Well, by this afternoon, I still hadn't heard from her and I was getting rather curious. So I went back to her page, and I noticed now she has over 100 friends!! Wow!! What a fast worker!! I tried to look for the message I left on her page, just to see if she'd responded to it and I just didn't know it. I went all the way back to the beginning, and the message I sent her had been deleted. Not only that, but one of the people she requested an add from had written her another message asking "Who are you?" That it's self told me a lot about this person! She's just whoring friends! Young people typically do that! They will go around to hundreds of random people and send them friend requests, just so they can go to school, college or where ever, and point out to others 'Hey! Look at my Facebook (and/or MySpace) page! I have a lot of friends! I rule!!' It's a status symbol for them.

Well, I always look for the mutual friends box, and I looked for hers and noticed she didn't have one. Which told me she and I had no mutual friends. That, coupled with this message from one of her "friends" and the fact that she had deleted my post, all told me this person is just looking for people for the numbers, not to really be friends with them. So, I wrote one last message to her saying "OK, bye!" and I deleted her from my friends. I updated my status on Facebook saying "I ain't that fricken desperate for friends on here!" So I went back and culled a few more people, most of them were people who probably only had me in their friends for the same reason. To me, friends are friends, not numbers to be displayed as a status symbol! I'll NEVER be that desperate for friends!!! I like to build lasting friendships with everyone on my list, I treat them all as equals. I usually do not send requests to anyone, for the simple fact that I feel like I'm forcing myself on them. Don't ask me why I feel that way! I just do!! I've been that way since I was a kid. I don't send requests, but I always accept them. But today, I did some culling, which is something I don't normally do. I do it like once in a blue moon. Today was one of those days where I said I'm going to do this. So I did. There was one person I've had since the beginning, and I deleted her because we've NEVER communicated in any way and we had nothing in common. I've been meaning to get rid of her, but I just never got around to it.

So today, I went from having 94 friends on Facebook, to only having 89. :) But I'm not unhappy.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The INXS Curse

I'd better not bad mouth INXS again, I think they voodooed me! Last night I had to go out because my looney sister didn't put her school money in the bank! So I had to go and do it myself so her book purchases wouldn't bounce! She never listens! I told her to put that money in the bank, she could have done it after she got out at school. Unfortunately at our bank here in town, you cannot make after-hour deposits. So, I had to hurry on over to the branch in Aberdeen to prevent the account bouncing and us having to pay an extra $28 for each bounced item. I asked Anna why she didn't deposit the money herself and her only answer was she was hungry and wanted to get home and eat. Also yesterday, I noticed INXS.com had a ticker on their page counting down the next 2 days. I kept saying "I hope this leads to something and it had better be good!"

Well, as I was walking out the door to go to the car, I was trying to keep the dogs from following me out. I tried closing the door really quickly, so quickly that my left hand was caught in the door way and I didn't even know it!! I wound up slugging my 2 middle fingers between the door and the frame, and it hit pretty damn HARD!!!! My fingernails immediately turned black! It hurt so damn much it induced me to laugh! Believe it or not, I have this whiny laugh when I am in pain. I couldn't do anything about it then because I had to hurry into Aberdeen, but the pain and lack of mobility in those fingers made driving extremely difficult!! How I made it, I don't know!! Even now, trying to type this blog is torture! It's taking a lot longer than it normally does for me. I was thinking INXS had cursed me because I said that about their countdown page. I blame that and I also blame Anna for making me go out there as well!! Instead of her depositing the money herself while she was in Aberdeen like I told her to yesterday before she left for school!!! The only good thing about this is that I am grateful that it wasn't my writing hand that was hurt.

Today, it still hurts like Hell! There's no swelling, but it still hurts bad!! I just want to stay home today!! Stay home and look at my pics of Timmy and dream of the new website. I wonder what the site will have? I don't know what I want to see personally. But will there be any fan interaction like last time? I don't know why I care about that at all! LOL! If I did go back, I think I'd find that I'm the most hated fan on the planet. Like I said in my bullying video; mostly, if not entirely, because I don't follow these so-called "popular fans". I'm not into that. I like whom I like and that's it. I don't like someone just because they have interaction with the band! In fact, those kinds of fans I have found to be the worst! Because most of them think their shit doesn't stink. I don't think I'll be interacting with the fans at all. And most of my writing will probably be here on this blog. But they are more than welcome to read here if they want to! I don't mind at all.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Maybe This Is IT?

I keep going back to inxs.com and seeing the same thing I saw when the count down stopped. I'm starting to believe that this is it. This is the new website. Perhaps we were the wrong ones in thinking there was going to be something like what we had before. Maybe there isn't going to be a forum, no blogs, no band bios, no fan interaction, no videos, no pictures, no discography, no nothing! I'm thinking this is the whole bowl of wax; a free newsletter that you sign up for. And they send you alerts saying "this is when INXS will be going touring, and where they will appear", and yadda-yadda-yadda. I'm beginning to believe that! Because for days, it's said "It's Finally Here", and that means it's here at last. This was the final wait. Well, maybe it wasn't what we expected, but I guess this is going to be it. Maybe there is no more. hm. Rather dull if you ask me! But then again, who did ask me? LOL! Maybe INXS didn't want to deal with having a big, spectacular site that they would have to monitor or something. I don't know.

INXS has just announced on Facebook that the new site should take off in 48 hours TOPS. We'll see about that! I just want to alert all fans to keep their eyes open. Maybe something will change.

Metazoica Now Being Updated

Well, now that I have picked my web designer, he has been hard at work. I like this guy a lot! He is a very hard worker, and is doing everything he can to make this site work. I was so glad this time I let my instincts do the picking. If I had done that when I was picking someone to do the UMG Productions site, I would be 1000% more happy with the work than I was and right now, the site wouldn't be having a problem. My instincts are impeccable, what can I say? I never would have hired the guy that I did hire if I had used my instincts then. I used my eyes and ears then. Not good! He made himself sound like he was the answer to all my prayers, like he was my work angel sent from Heaven. There was another guy who I liked a lot better, and I should have hired him! But I felt this worker was good because so far, he has been very quick to respond to my requests without putting up too much of a battle. He does exactly what I want and when I want it. That other guy, I couldn't even get him to remove those banners I kept telling him I didn't want!

I took down my last post about Timmy blocking me. I found out what the problem was, and I mostly did that post to be funny. But I don't want anyone getting the wrong idea about how I feel about Tim, and I was afraid that's what that post would be doing. I still like the guy a lot. Besides, I found out it wasn't that he was blocking me. I tried donating to someone else on that site and I still found that I couldn't. So it wasn't Timmy blocking me at all! LOL! I was only kidding anyway when I said that!!! If I can't tease Tim Farriss, who can I tease? It was the site it's self that was blocking me, because what I have is not a real credit card. So I said what the hey! I cut my hair for leukemia awareness, that it's self was a huge sacrifice for me. I just wish I could have done a lot more.

Well, barring a few problems, the new Metazoic site should be up and running soon. That's why I like this guy, I have a knack for being able to tell who is good and who is not, when I rely on my instincts. And I knew this guy would be good. I even told him that later on, I might want to hire him again to do the UMG Productions site. But I better draw out a plan. A much better plan. I think I know exactly what I want for that site. This one though I have to discuss with my supervisor. Even she is upset that the site is now down. Fortunately we are also very good friends, so she hasn't fired me yet over this. LOL! I told her about this guy the other day, and she agreed I should hire him to redo the UMG site. Well, I wrote to the old web designer, and am giving him one last chance to respond. If he doesn't respond by the end of this week, he's going to be toast!

Friday, April 2, 2010

OK, I'm Over It Now

I was angry with INXS last night because the website was not yet launched. But I think I am over it now. I don't feel so angry anymore. One of my Facebook buddies reminded me of a morbid, but valid point. Timmy's wife has cancer. So the last thing on their minds is the website now. Timmy at least, now has greater worries. The health of his wife should preceed ALL else! When she mentioned that, I thought about it and I was like "she has a very good point there", so I saw no need to feel all that anger toward the band anymore. I have some wonderful Facebook friends!! Some of the best! I couldn't believe I didn't even think about that at a time like this. So, my apologies to Tim and his wife if I seemed insensitive in any way. Most of my last video was meant to be funny, rather than just a solid rant. People think I'm funny when I'm pissed off, so I capitalize on it. What can I say? Anything for a laugh.

There was a little bit of miscommunication with my web designer and I didn't even know it until this morning. I told him when I started this project that I'd been using Yahoo's own SiteBuilder to supply my Metazoic site with pages, and that was how it's done. That's how I was doing it. Well, this morning I started to discuss the other pages on my site, and he gave me this quite surprised "What??" I told him I have over 100 pages on my Metazoic site and still growing. Well, then he basically asked me why I didn't bring that up before and I told him I did. I wanted to know if Yahoo's SiteBuilder would clash with the work he's done so far and he said it would. So I told him I want to be able to add pages as I need to. I'd better not bother him with anything else. He was afraid his boss would fire him. I told him to send his boss to me and I'd be happy to explain this situation. He said he couldn't. So, he had to deal with him himself. He told me his boss was going to take away his 10% for the job and give it to the actual workers for overtime. I told him *Maybe* I can compensate him for that 10%. It was partially my fault. I should probably have made myself more clear when I said the site will be growing and adding more pages. I thought he knew what that meant!!

I have another problem with telling a friend something I think she should know. But how to tell her?? I have no idea! I don't like to pry, but I also don't want to see this friend hurt. I truly care what my friends think. But I hate to see them hurt by someone, and I'm afraid that's exactly what will happen to this one.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Timmyfan Discusses: What's The Deal INXS????

OK, nobody seemed to be interested in my April Fool's joke, so I took it down. I was shocked that inxs.com was supposed to be launched today, and it wasn't. I was upset and so were a lot of my friends. So this is a ranting and raging video. My sis said that I spoke so loud that she was trying to read and couldn't concentrate. Well!!! I was pissed!! I'm sick of waiting for INXS to do something and making promises and nothing happens. I was thinking it was a cruel April Fool's joke when the site did not appear once that ticker was done counting down. Ya know, one of my Facebook friends brought up, when the countdown started, that it was ironic that inxs.com was going to be launched on April Fool's Day. So I guess, ha-ha the joke's on me. But at the same time, I'm a little bit angry.