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Friday, April 23, 2010

Free Speech Lost?

For those who bitch about this blog, and my practicing my rights of free speech, perhaps this story will interest them. I heard last night's episode of South Park was censored for the first time ever. Because it talked about the Muslim religion and made jokes about their leader, Mohammed. So some covenant in NYC that harbors muslims got a hair up their asses and sent death threats to Comedy Central if they didn't bleep out the things SP said about Mohammed. Well, CC took their threats very seriously and did just what they wanted them to do. Now, I cannot blame them for taking the threats seriously as they did, you almost have to in today's world because you have no idea anymore if the threats being made are just words to intimidate or if the person saying them really plans to carry those threats out. Back in the 70s, you could pass those off as just words. But nowadays with more people saying things like that and actually doing them, you're foolish if you don't heed those words carefully. Especially if they are being said by someone you don't know. Instead of bleeping South Park, what CC should have done is phone the FBI. That's what I would have done. A regular police department isn't going to have an internet task force, it's better to report threats like that to the FBI, because they can track down the person who sent those threats right down to their home address.

I'll tell you, if the time ever comes that we lose our rights to free speech, I'm going to be in trouble. Because no one I know personally exercises those rights as much as I do! I've made a few people pissed at me, and even lost some admirers along the way, but this is who I am! I'm not going to change, as I don't think I should have to. Of course I don't go as far as South Park and make fun of people anymore, I've stopped that for the most part. At least I've been trying to. I only say what I believe is true, based on my own personal experiences with that person. Some people change, some don't. Some people don't mind what I say, others do. I can always tell when they do, even though they try to hide it by saying "I don't care what you say!" I don't even mock people anymore because it is so obvious! Well! I do still mock the haters because they are the most fun to mock!! But I do believe myself in the rights of free speech. And I have a tendency to mock myself on many occasions! Which is why I don't think people should take my rantings personally. Think of me as being my own version of South Park. I have my limits, first of all, I have NEVER threatened anyone with death! That's something I won't do. I would never kill anyone. I know it's very wrong. I never say something I wouldn't do. That includes threatening with death or bodily harm. I could just never hurt anyone physically. I'd feel bad for the rest of my life! The worst thing I threaten anyone with is karma, and that's something that just happens, I'm not like some people and just try to make it happen to someone who offends me, by sending an army of friends out to hassle someone who has offended me. I don't believe that's real karma.

To get on that subject, I can tell you what real karma is! When my ma was a younger woman, she worked in a temporary position at a factory that was owned and operated by a very successful business man. Well, while my ma was working there, he worked her very hard! So hard, she began feeling a sharp pain in her abdominal area. She begged the owner to lighten her load by allowing a few other workers to help her out. Well, he just laughed at her and told her to get back to her job. My ma was worked so hard, she finally collapsed, and the owner was still telling her to get back to work, and laughing at her being in pain. Well, needless to say, ma didn't return there to work. That owner was successful, but within a few years after he did that to ma, he lost his factory, his wife, his house, and he wound up on welfare. That was an excellent example of karma! Ma didn't plan that attack on his life, in fact she had nothing to do with it! This was info she got from another person who worked for that guy. It was karma! He got what he deserved for doing that to my ma! Like I said before, karma can be a bitch! That guy went from having millions of dollars to his name, to having absolutely NOTHING!!!

That is an example of real karma. I've seen people, like this one person on the Pluba forums (she knows who she is), make her own karma by sending her friends to hassle people who don't like her. I think people who do that, and call it "karma", are just doing it for their own egotistical purposes because they cannot stand being slammed. But that's not real karma. That's self-made karma. Of course this is just my opinion, to others, karma is karma whether it is "real" or self-made. To them it's the same. But to me, when real karma hits me, I know I will have done something wrong. Which is why I've tried to not do wrong. I recently heard of a man, who was a regular on YouTube, he died about a couple of months ago of a heart attack. He was a great man! But he was younger than me!! I always think it's sad when someone that young dies, especially of a heart attack! I haven't even felt the early signs of a heart attack yet!! It won't happen any time soon! But he was also a good man. I wonder what he did to deserve a fate like that so early in his life. Must have been some kind of punishment for something he did earlier in his life. Though looking at how he was just before he died, any sins he might have created earlier would be hard to believe. He looked like a happy, fun-loving person!

Well, I don't know the man, I don't think I ever spoke with him, I've spoken to so many people in the last year on YouTube! I don't keep track of who they all are! Maybe I have spoken to him, and maybe I haven't I don't know. Some people I have had good experiences with and some have been bad experiences. I remember there was someone who called himself TomPussy. A real dickhead!! The one and only run-in I had with that guy was not at all pleasant! I was responding to a video that had nothing at all to do with him, and he started in on me and calling me names. I informed him that what I said was basically tongue-in-cheek with the person who posted the video and what I said had NOTHING at all to do with him, and I told him to drop dead. I think he did!! LOL! No one has heard from him in about a year. It's been a bit more than a year since I wrote that to him. I was in a bad mood that night anyway. I was just home from a long trip, and after those long trips, I am always in a rotten mood. Now, I warn people via my bulletins, when I am going on a long trip, and I advise them not to get on my bad side! LOL! I snap hard after a long trip! That's because I am tired, and I'm a bear when I am tired. But I usually return to my old self after I've slept for the night. I don't want to say "normal" because nothing on me is normal, and I like it that way :P

Well back to the original subject, this world would be pretty darn bleek if our rights of free speech was taken away. That's about all I have to lean back on anymore. Shoot! I even let others have their way with me, sometimes it's fun to hear people who do not know me, tell others what they think I believe. Most of the time they are wrong, and I know it. I'm too complex for the average person to figure out. Take the people on Pluba for example. Particularly the show breeders. I was told that they laugh at me and make fun of me in PMs because I am so easily misled. Well, what they didn't figure was that I am only easy to mislead on the internet. Because, unless I know better, I always choose to believe what is told to me because I don't know the person. And unlike show breeders online, I choose not to judge and say "I know you're lying!" unless I know for sure they are. But I always said if those people only knew me personally, they would know their assumptions about me being "so easily misled" are wrong. In life, I am actually very jaded. You'd be hard pressed to find someone more suspicious than I am! I have the ability to read facial expressions and voice tones, and I have an innate sense of danger. Though a lot of times, curiosity leads me away from these senses. Well, since discovering this interesting fact about online show breeders, I've decided to use the same instincts online that I've always used in life. For example, back in December, there was someone on YouTube who tried to pull a fast one on me, by saying my friends were non-existant BS. The funny fact was his profile said he was from Iran. But you know what, I found that difficult to believe. I've met people from Iran online, and let me tell you, his english was too perfect to be an Iranian native!! So I told him I didn't believe he was from Iran. To be honest, some of the clues he gave during our little 2-day battle, told me he is connected with the DDM! He sounded just like them!! LOL! So I believe, even to this day, that was who he was! He had to be one of the DDM!!! LOL! People always give those little clues without even knowing it! I don't want to reveal what those clues were, because they are going to help me out should someone else like that decide to hit again! But that goes to show how I pick up on little details like that. So, anyone who has ever thought I am "so easily misled" is fooling themselves. I just chose not to judge a person, or a situation, that I was unsure of or knew nothing about. Perhaps show breeders themselves would benefit from this practice as well. :)
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