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Friday, April 2, 2010

OK, I'm Over It Now

I was angry with INXS last night because the website was not yet launched. But I think I am over it now. I don't feel so angry anymore. One of my Facebook buddies reminded me of a morbid, but valid point. Timmy's wife has cancer. So the last thing on their minds is the website now. Timmy at least, now has greater worries. The health of his wife should preceed ALL else! When she mentioned that, I thought about it and I was like "she has a very good point there", so I saw no need to feel all that anger toward the band anymore. I have some wonderful Facebook friends!! Some of the best! I couldn't believe I didn't even think about that at a time like this. So, my apologies to Tim and his wife if I seemed insensitive in any way. Most of my last video was meant to be funny, rather than just a solid rant. People think I'm funny when I'm pissed off, so I capitalize on it. What can I say? Anything for a laugh.

There was a little bit of miscommunication with my web designer and I didn't even know it until this morning. I told him when I started this project that I'd been using Yahoo's own SiteBuilder to supply my Metazoic site with pages, and that was how it's done. That's how I was doing it. Well, this morning I started to discuss the other pages on my site, and he gave me this quite surprised "What??" I told him I have over 100 pages on my Metazoic site and still growing. Well, then he basically asked me why I didn't bring that up before and I told him I did. I wanted to know if Yahoo's SiteBuilder would clash with the work he's done so far and he said it would. So I told him I want to be able to add pages as I need to. I'd better not bother him with anything else. He was afraid his boss would fire him. I told him to send his boss to me and I'd be happy to explain this situation. He said he couldn't. So, he had to deal with him himself. He told me his boss was going to take away his 10% for the job and give it to the actual workers for overtime. I told him *Maybe* I can compensate him for that 10%. It was partially my fault. I should probably have made myself more clear when I said the site will be growing and adding more pages. I thought he knew what that meant!!

I have another problem with telling a friend something I think she should know. But how to tell her?? I have no idea! I don't like to pry, but I also don't want to see this friend hurt. I truly care what my friends think. But I hate to see them hurt by someone, and I'm afraid that's exactly what will happen to this one.
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