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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Who Do You Prefer?

Well, I know we cannot bring Michael back to INXS. Such a crying shame too, because he was out of this world. No pun intended. When I first saw an INXS video, Michael was what caught my attention first and foremost. I've never seen a band like INXS. Almost all the guys are good-looking. Compared to other bands where only one or 2 members are good looking. Usually the front men. But back then, I even thought Kirk was cute. That's not to say all bands are like that. I've seen some bands, like Guns n Roses, where all the band members are ugly. But never have I seen another band where all the band members had equal sexual charisma like INXS does. I'm not normally a celebrity hound, but I always felt a little bit starstruck when I was around INXS. I always wanted to meet these guys. It was a shame I never had a formal meeting with Michael. Just an informal kiss on the face. But when I was growing up, my ma always told me that when celebs meet the fans, they always forget the meeting the next day, or they will act nice to the fan's faces, and turn around behind their back and talk shit about them. I never even thought about meeting INXS when I saw Michael in concert because at 17, I would have been heartbroken if I even dreamed any of these handsome men were like that. Now, I wouldn't care, but as a teenager, you kindof expect your idol to love you as much as you love them. No matter how I was raised.

Well, I thought INXS was dead after Michael died. It was a shame I only got to see them once, I had wished I got to see them more often with Michael leading. But that's what happens when you grow up and have boyfriends of your own. I lost interest in INXS. Between the times of 1991 and 1997 (when Michael died), I had 3 boyfriends. One I almost married, one was an on-and-off kind of relationship. And the last I did marry, and eventually divorced. I'm just not the marrying type. I liked to travel and he couldn't because he would always have to work. Marriage was too confining to me, so I divorced. Simple as that. Well anyway, I had no interest in seeing INXS again after Michael died. Just didn't seem the same to me. I was living in Toutle at the time (near Mount St. Helens), and it was hard enough really getting to the one concert I did manage to make it to. Looking at the listings on inxs.com, I realized I didn't remember if I went to the concert in Seattle or in Portland. It could have been either-or. So I put that I went to both of them! LOL! I don't remember because that was long ago and I didn't do the driving. In fact, I was asleep most of the way back home. It could have been the one in Seattle. I think the one in Portland was cancelled. Not sure.

Well, after Michael was gone, INXS hired this ugly goon named Jon Stevens to do the singing. He has absolutely NONE of the sexual appeal that Michael (or even JD Fortune for that matter) had. On one of the pictures of the guys with him on the site, I wrote "To the ugly SOB on the bottom center (Jon Stevens) Get the F*** out of my way!! You're blocking my view of the Timster!" I absolutely do not like him at all. And it's not because he was taking Michael's place. I just don't like Jon Stevens. Though going back it appears that my comment was deleted. Oh well! They can delete my comments there, but not here. And they cannot stop me from thinking that! I've seen people who think Jon Stevens was better looking than JD and I'm always like "You've got to be kidding me!" Maybe it's just me. I fall in love better with guys who have dark hair. In fact, when Jon F. turned his hair blond back in 1997, it tarnished my image of him for life. LOL! I love Jon F. but that was a big mistake he made. I'm not saying blond people are ugly! I'm just saying I have a tendency to be more attracted to dark-haired men. Sort of ironic the man I married was blond himself! LOL! My sisters think I must have been doped up on meds when I married him. I was taking a sleeping aid at the time, but that was not true!! But it did happen we were only married a couple of years. But his hair color had nothing to do with that.

Well, I didn't like Jon Stevens. I didn't think he was that good of a singer, and he had none of the sexual charisma. I never saw him perform live, but I have seen videos of him. Now, JD was different. But I am not even a huge fan of JD's. But to be realistic, he did have the closest vocals and sexual charisma that Michael had. I mean let's face it. If JD had let his hair grow, he could have almost been Michael. Though I know that's not what he wanted to go for. I like JD. Don't love him like the rest of the band, but I like him. Simply because he was the best match. His vocals matched Michael's IMO. Some don't feel that, but I do. Those that resent JD seem to always be those who say he is trying to become Michael, and I don't believe that is true. Though I always say people have a right to believe what they want. I don't want to take that away from anyone. But I believe it was JD who said he didn't want to become Michael, he just wanted to move foreward with INXS. I also notice people who say they have met and loved Jon Stevens have said that Tim was always drunk when they met him. One person even said he was a complete douche. I was like "wow!" Tim was never like that with me. But everybody's experiences with each of the band members have been different. Kirk was the one I had problems with, but everyone else raves about how he was always so into the fans. I never saw that though.

Now, I've heard the stories about Timmy being drunk at the concerts with Jon Stevens. I don't think that was anything to worry about. I think at that time, he was still trying to come to terms with losing Michael, and maybe drinking was his way of "getting away" from the grief. I was the same way when I lost Groucho. Though I didn't take to drinking. But different people handle grief differently. But I can tell you, I can still be a complete douche myself sometimes. Though I usually like to remain civil and graceful. I mean, why be mean and nasty when you don't have to? So I don't. It helps a lot that I never go into forums. Unless someone has guts enough to say what they have to say on my blog, anything they say about me in the forums just falls on deaf ears :) I have nothing at all to do with the forums, and I don't pay any attention to anyone (except friends) on inxs.com. They have where they show on the homepage members activity, and unless I see something from someone I like, I don't even click on their activity. What those people do is none of my business. I go there to talk INXS with friends, and to support the guys. I don't care about anything or anybody else!
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