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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The New INXS.com

Well, I stopped into the new INXS website, and it seems to be OK. However, it apparently would not accept my old e-mail address. UGH!! So I had to use my Yahoo e-mail. I mostly reserve that e-mail for Facebook notices. Well, I signed up and I never received the verification e-mail. So I wrote to the manager of the site. Strangely enough, I can still view member-only content. I even left a message on Timmy's page, just to see if I could. I did! I don't understand it. I know I said I wasn't going to comment much, but my comment was directed to Tim, not the fans. I said I wasn't going to have much contact with the fans (outside of those that are on my Facebook or MySpace page) and I won't. There are no blogs or forums. I guess they decided they weren't going to put up with that this time. I had a look at some of the fans on the site, and I noticed even the guys have their own profile. Amazingly enough, JD is even on there. Don't know yet if he is still counted as a member of the band. Though it looks like he may be. We'll see! Maybe they just excluded him from this tour, who knows?

Well, at least the new site is up and running and looking pretty good. Can't really expect anything to work on the first day. It's pretty cool that they allow us to comment on the bands' individual pages. I just left one message to Tim, telling him I'm showing him some lovin'!!

Ya know, I had a dream about Andrew last night! LOL! I dreamed that he came to my home, and we had dinner. I made him my famous home made pizza and he loved it. Then next thing I knew he and I were sitting in the living room and we were watching television together and making comments about what was coming on. We were just like 2 friends conversing. I loved Andrew, but I remember feeling in the dream that I wish it was Tim there instead of him. But I still liked Andrew. hehe! That's a weird dream though!

While inxs.com was working on their site, I've been adding a few entries to my Metazoic site. I've got 3 working right now. It's good for a start.
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