Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Phony Holiday

Well, it's another "Juneteenth" day. The day the blacks wanted to commemorate their freedom. Bully for them! Or should I just say Bullshit for them! This is nothing but a bullshit holiday that some dumb old fogey forced on this country because another phony organization demanded it. And Blow-boy is too much of a coward to resist them. I don't know about Trump, but seeing what I have seen on this day for the past 4 years, I would totally delete this so-called "holiday" from the calendar if I were president!

Have you seen Google's doodle for today? It looks like this...

That's a picture of some black kids jumping rope. They seem to be happily playing together. Well, that is misleading. This has not been how these thugs have celebrated this day over the past 4 years. Today's doodle should look more like this...

That is more accurate. All the black thugs have done since they got this stupid holiday is fight, kill each other and destroy private property everywhere! And they do that every day anyway! Remember last year when some thug shot up a whole neighborhood, and killed a couple of black kids? That all happened last year on this "Juneteenth" day. I said that kind of stuff out loud the other day in front of a business that said it would be closed today in honor of Juneteenth. I called it a phony holiday. Because all black people have done to celebrate it is kill each other. I don't call that celebrating. I got some pretty hard stares from an old woman who was standing near me. I just thought to myself "You can give me all the dirty looks you want to! But it's true!" This "holiday" needs to be eradicated!

Black people, most especially the black leftists, are not ready to have their own holiday. This whole slavery thing was revived because of Obama's big, fat, disgusting mouth!!! Racism in this country was almost dead until Obama and his tranny wife kept bringing it up over and over again! Now, people who have said they've never been racist before, have suddenly turned racist. All because now that they've been reminded of days LONG past, and ancient fires have been stoked again, black leftists just cannot let it all go. And I whole-heartedly blame Obama for that. He's the one that hammered it into peoples' minds that they still need to be angry about slavery. Even though Obama was not alive for those days, and barely was old enough to remember the days of Jim Crow.

I'll tell you, I'd be more capable of taking black people seriously with their grievances if they weren't so short-sighted today. I'll tell you, the same people who demand equity and inclusion and more representation, are willing to completely erase Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben from the boxes of products made by them. It doesn't make any sense to me. And what's to complain about? Both Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben look like happy people who made wonderful products. Their pictures should be put on the box covers. But no, black people cry the images are too stereotypical. Well, I say maybe they are stereotypical. But if I were black, I'd much rather be renowned for making good food than the modern stereotypes people have of black people today. You notice they never cry and whine about being perceived as criminal thugs. As long as they don't have to go to prison.

Another thing the black leftists whine and cry about, is black conservatives. They say they're "not really black". No wonder they didn't go into a tizzy when Joe-Blow said "If you can't decide whether to vote for me over Trump, then you ain't black!" Only the conservative blacks knew what that really meant. But it seemed to flow right over the heads of black leftists. That's because conservatives, black or white, are generally not stupid! Our beliefs are based on facts. Unlike the leftists who only know personal feelings. I'm not saying feelings are a bad thing. There are times when feelings should be taken into consideration. But not for everything in this world. And I personally feel that black leftists are not ready for a Juneteenth celebration. It's obvious they cannot handle that kind of notability.

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Felony Pride

Can you imagine this? Pride flag images are being painted on the roadways of America, to honor "pride month". They don't paint them on the sides of buildings, they don't paint them on canvases, they paint them right on the roadways, where cars run and people walk. Well, now a couple of towns are getting bent out of shape because people are using the roadways these pride flags are painted on the way they should be used; as roadways! There are a couple of incidents of skid marks on the pride flag paintings, one in St. Petersburg and the other in Spokane. The gay leftists are calling this "acts of hate and bigotry". The governors of each state has now decided to make it a felony to "deface" the pride flag. I say "Get over it!" These dumb leftists think way to highly of themselves. No one cares if there's skid marks on a stupid road with a stupid flag painted on it! The only ones who care are the gay leftists and their sympathizers, which is actually a dwindling breed now.

I told you all this would happen! You give people like the gays special privileges, it only builds resentment among those in society. That's true if you give any one group of people special privileges! So now, the governor of WA state wants to make it a felony to drive over the pride flag painting on the road. I say he's dumb as dirt! If something is on the roadway, it's going to eventually get skid marks. You know why? Because tires run on the roadways and sometimes they tend to leave skid marks!!! Here's a public service announcement for Gov. Imslee; if you don't want skid marks on your pride flag paintings, then DON'T PAINT THEM ON THE ROAD YOU DUMB BASTARD!!!!!!! Any moron with an IQ higher than that of a cat should know that!!! Why is it hard for a twit-brain like Imslee to understand that cars are going to run over anything painted on the road. And yes, tire tracks will accumulate! So what happens if a person is carrying something and accidentally drops it on the pride flag painting? Are they going to be arrested too? Or what if a bird overhead takes a dump on the pride flag painting? Are you going to have the bird arrested for a "hate crime" too? Well, in Spokane, the mayor wants to have the teenage boys who were riding on scooters over the painting arrested for a "hate crime". They were just kids doing kid things! But the gay community in Spokane are whining and griping about the tire tracks from the kids' scooters all over their "precious" pride flag painting.

The mayor wants them jailed for 5 years, for running over a stupid painting that should not be on the road in the first place! The judge set their bail for $15,000, because he said that's what repairing that painting will cost. Bullshit!!!! They were more realistic in St. Petersburg when they said painting over the skid marks would only cost $1100! How can it cost $1100 in Florida, and $15,000 in Washington?! Sounds to me like the mayor wants to make a profit off this arrest. Fuck him! When I get there, I'm voting him OUT!!!! Him and Imslee!!!! I don't know who the mayor of Spokane is, but I hate him already. Probably some repugnant gay leftist himself!

Leftists need to start learning from conservatives. I've never met a gay conservative who was stupid. I think following any group of leftists turns a person's brain into powder, and their bodies into zombies! A sad way to live! I thank GOD I got out of the left! I haven't looked back either!

In other news, apparently Trump is not going to do any jail time. I don't want to say whether it's really true or not, as I don't know myself. But everybody knows Alvin Bragg is corrupt. All these so-called "felonies" he has against Trump, as I have said before, are nothing really but misdemeanors. And when you look at all 34 charges he's being accused of, it's mostly the same charge repeated 34 times. So basically, he's being jailed for NOTHING. But somewhere I heard he's not going to have to go to jail. I hope not! We need him. But in an interview, Biden was asked how he feels about Trump's conviction, and this was his response:

He just gave the reporters an evil grin. Look at that! I've never seen a more evil grin than that! You know what this could mean? That Biden is behind all these charges against Trump. At the same time, I heard Hunter Biden is now standing in court for his drug-related felonies. Joe Biden claims if he goes to jail, that he won't bail him out or pardon him. I'll believe that when I don't see it! I believe the only reason they're now finally charging Hunter Biden with a crime is because they want to "prove" to America that they are not running a 2-tiered justice system. That's what they want to make it look like. Once Biden is voted out, he'll pardon Hunter Biden. Mark my words on that! Come back here in November and see if I'm not right!

Sunday, June 2, 2024

Trump Convicted!

 I saw some coverage of the trial on Dr. Phil's Primetime show. Everyone with a brain larger than a molecule knew this was going to be a rigged trial because Alvin Bragg was the one behind this trial. And he demanded the judge and jurors all be hardcore leftists who hate Trump. Those kinds of leftists are never fair and impartial. I know! I dealt with those kinds before. That's why now I don't talk to leftists. But now, they should be happy, because Trump is going to prison. At least, that's what they say. Granted, this was a totally unfair trial. I understand Trump did not even get to have his lawyer with him, and he wasn't allowed to speak up in his defense. So how did the jury come up with a guilty verdict on all 31 accounts? Simple! They judged him based on their own feelings. Since they were all leftists, they all wanted to see Trump go to prison. So this was their one chance to get him there.

See! I told you all, I knew the democraps were going to try something underhanded like that! I never would have put it past them! I've seen how leftists work. Remember how I told you all the one thing they haven't tried with Trump is assassination? Well, I was wrong about that. Did you all hear about the whistleblower who recently came out and said when the FBI invaded Mar a Lago, Biden gave them orders to use deadly force on Trump and his family if necessary? Knowing how Biden and the leftists work "if necessary" would have most likely meant if Trump woke up and walked out of his bedroom to see what the fuss was about. The one thing that saved Trump and his family from being killed by the FBI that day was the fact that they were not at Mar a Lago when the raid happened. Thank GOD for that!

The scary thing is, there was no point in my life where I didn't think the leftists would try such a thing. Never! I knew they would try to kill Trump. I've only known this much about leftists since 2016, and I never doubted they would try to kill Trump. Biden won't tell anyone he did try to have Trump killed. But this whistleblower did. Now, I have no doubt that Epstein didn't kill himself. I also have no doubt that Obama's home chef did not accidently drown on his property. I believe wholeheartedly that the Clinton's had Epstein killed. And I also fully believe Obama had his chef killed too. If he didn't do it himself. Just hearing that Biden tried to have Trump killed brings a whole new light to this case. Or maybe a not-so-new light. Not to me, anyway. I always told you all, I am a good judge of character. Even over the internet. I've had people try to tell me my guesses are "way off" about them. Perhaps in a few cases they might have been. I don't claim to be clairvoyant, I am only human. But I've been studying animal behavior for years (including that of humans). I know a lot about what human nature is like. I judge people based on that. Because even though people try to deny it, human nature is the same in everyone.

Well, I don't care what the democraps say or do. I'm still standing with Trump. I'll vote for him this next election, prison or not. If he has to run the country from a prison cell, well, then I guess he just does! He can still do it. He can run the country from a dungeon and still be a better candidate for this country than Biden or any of his cohorts ever would be! I hope he keeps a lot of security around him so he can get out safely. I don't want anything to happen to Trump. I really even don't want him to go to prison! But if that's the way it has to be then I guess I gotta just accept it. But I wonder, did Trump actually admit that he did those things with malicious intent? I don't believe he did. I think that's just how the jury took it with their little leftist feelings. Besides remember, Trump was not allowed to speak up in his own defense. He couldn't have admitted he had malicious intent. Which means he is being put in prison for no reason at all. Which again, I wouldn't put it past the leftists to do! It wouldn't matter to me anyways, I'm still voting for Trump!

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Smile! You're On Camera!

Well, let's start at the beginning. This is a sort of continuation of last night's post. I got a message from the manager yesterday evening. It was about that confrontation my sis and I had with this woman who kept complaining that Mya wasn't on a leash. One thing I did not mention was how my sis started shouting at that woman, and got a bit threatening. I didn't mention it in the last post because well, that was kindof embarrassing to me. I didn't approve of my sis making threats toward that woman. Ever since my sis and I separated and moved to Montana, she's been very threatening to other people. Before then, she used to threaten people back in the 90s when she was in her 30s, and I had talked to her about it then. And she did stop for many years after she was almost arrested for making threats to someone. Until we moved to Bozeman, and she started threatening people again. I didn't like that. But I didn't say anything because I didn't have to worry. She was living on her own then and no longer my problem. But I think she's taken living in Montana too much to heart. She's back to threatening people again. And the whole argument between my sis and that woman was being filmed. More on that in a moment.

I talked to my sis last night when she got back from dashing. I told her how the manager did not like it that she made threats to that woman, and that I didn't approve of that either. I don't want my sis to threaten anyone. Not only is it embarrassing, it is also crazy, and it can go on her record. Here we are trying to move, and my sis might ruin it by making threats to everyone. No one wants a troublemaker to move into their complex. So we have to go along with life here.

I told my sis the manager mentioned they have video evidence of her making those threats, I also told her who I believe turned in the videos to the manager. It had to have been that wacky woman. I don't know how I knew that, but I did. My manager did not tell me that. Then my sis told me about the camera that wacky woman has in her front window. Then I knew for sure I was correct. I don't know that wacky woman, but I do know her type very well. I've dealt with people like her before. People like her are the main reason why I hate people. Well, by the time my sis told me about that camera, it was dark out. But this morning when it got lighter, I had to see for myself what my sis was talking about. So, I took a video of myself going out there to see. Sure enough, I found the camera. It was pointing right out onto the road. Well, I stood there and filmed that camera. I was actually kinda hoping I could get a glimpse of that wacky woman on film to show everyone the kind of person I've had to put up with. She did open her back sliding glass door to ask me if I wanted something and I said "nope!" She then said "Then what the fuck are you doing here? Fucking stupid!!" I got everything she said on film. Unfortunately, I think I forgot to focus the actual picture on her. I even got pictures of her car, and license plate. Which I plan to use at a later time. I'm gonna give her a chance to back off now. If she doesn't, you'll see what I am saving that for.

Well, in response to her comment about me, and lowering myself to her standard of morality, I have only to say "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but cuss words will never hurt me!" LOL! A little later on, I heard someone get in their car and storm off. I had a feeling it was that wacky woman. Apparently, she loves to be called an asshole, but hates it when she is treated like one. Which I find not only hysterical, but interesting too. It kinda tells me she really doesn't want to be an asshole. That this is all some kind of facade she's putting on. I don't know where she stormed off to and really I couldn't care less. I don't mind her even filming people from her window. That's her right and prerogative, and perfectly legal to film. I'm not going to say anything against that. I even believe in her right to cuss and call me stupid if she wants. It's just her opinion. And the cussing doesn't hurt me. It just shows what a no-class twat she is. But I am a believer in free speech, so I say go ahead and cuss all you want! Knock yourself out! But keep in mind, two people can play the filming game! I have cameras too. I can film her and her car as much as I want to. She can't say anything because she has a camera up on her window. Turn-about is fair play! She's already filmed me and my sis and turned it in to the manager. So yeah. I can film her shit if I want to, too.

And the other woman thought I was "following" her at the fairgrounds and told that to the manager. I'm gonna go in on Monday and I'm gonna tell her I was not following her. I was walking my dogs. I will admit, when I saw her come in to the fairgrounds towards me, I did think at first she was coming over to start something. Then I saw she turned another way, and I figured she was not coming to me to start some more trouble. Then, I just continued to walk my dogs down that path. She just thought I was following her. If I'm going to follow anyone, it's going to be someone I like a lot better than her. I have better things to do with my time than follow a dumbass I don't know, don't want to know, and couldn't care less what happens to her. And what if I was following her? That took place at the fairgrounds. Not within the complex. That's not the manager's place to tell me I cannot follow someone if I wanted to. If she felt so threatened by me walking my dogs, why didn't she call the police? I'll tell you why. It's because she's a leftist, and leftists hate the police. She also told the manager that my dogs dump everywhere and I don't pick up after them. I'm going to tell the manager to tell that woman to go to the person whose dogs are actually shitting everywhere and the owner who isn't picking up after them. There's a woman who lives at the end of this building who has 2 huge pit bull type dogs. I see them running around a lot offleash. They also shit everywhere, and no one ever picks up after them. Their piles are bigger than Mya is! And one morning I went out and there were 2 huge shit piles in the lawn right next to the stairs. One of those piles is still there. Ele would be the only one with droppings that are big, and her's are nowhere near as big as these dogs' piles. I feed all my dogs nothing but quality food. So their droppings are never that big. Besides, when I am taking my dogs around here to go potty, I always pick up after them.

Friday, May 17, 2024

Worse Than Wacky

LOL! I still haven't seen that woman since we got back from Spokane last week. I spent 4 days in Spokane, and it really changed me. While I was there, everyone had American flags up on the side of their homes. It inspired me. I have a little flag that I decided to put up in my window, partly for Memorial Day, coming up, and partly because I want to. I've been so fascinated by flags lately. I also put up my Trump flag, because I just want him to win, and I want to show my support. But in Spokane, I found more people there are patriots than they are here. Here, you see more pride flags or BLM flags than anything else. Not so in Spokane. So, my little visit there changed me. Even though I was looking more at the flags, we went mostly to look for an apartment. We found a couple good ones we want to move into. One of which has a funny name; The Whimsical Pig. At first, I didn't think that was a real apartment complex. It sounds more like a barbeque type restaurant than an apartment complex. But that whole area used to be a pig farm, and the farmer who sold the land to them wanted the complex to maintain a pig theme. So, that's why the complex is called The Whimsical Pig.

I liked Spokane, and almost all apartments there have air conditioning. Plus, I also love Idaho. The people there are so friendly. It's rare to go to Idaho and see hateful, nasty people. Nothing like here. We went to the Cracker Barrel restaurant there in Idaho, and got the cutest waiter!!! His name was Cody, and he was a doll! If I were 30 years younger and 100 pounds thinner, I'd have fallen in love with him. LOL! But I have to remember I'm old enough to be his mother! He looked like he was in his late 20s or early 30s. But he sure was cute! He also had a good personality. I wish I could have got a good pic of him. He looked like a young, handsome Michael Hutchence! Or at least like Kit Harington. Either way. They both look like they could have been his twin brothers. Or triplet brothers. Ya know I heard Rhett doesn't like it when someone talks about how Michael looked like someone else. But it is true. I don't say things like that to hurt his feelings. But that's what it does to him apparently. I just say it because it's true. When I see someone who looks remarkably like Michael, I gotta share it with the world! I am truly sorry if it hurts Rhett's feelings.

Anyway, here's the worse than wacky part. When we got home, I hadn't seen that wacky woman in days. Not that I miss her!!! I don't. Just seems a little quiet now without her out there cussing me out and calling me a bitch, and me calling her that wacky woman in return. Though I am truly not trying to start a war with her, and I wouldn't even give her a second thought if she didn't start anything with me first. My sis wanted to take care of her, and I said "No. Don't do anything. Besides, I don't give a shit what that wacky woman thinks!" She's not my problem. We were never friends, and I don't care to be either. I just want to go back home soon and get my curio cabinet, and get out of here. I found the one store that still sells good-sized curio cabinets and I've been wanting one for years now! So I finally put one on lay-away.

Shortly after we returned, I had another run-in with someone else from the B building. Another young woman, and she has 2 kids. I've had minor run-ins with her before, and they were always about the same thing. She always catches Mya without a leash on. Mostly because I'm just putting her in the car. But the first time she saw Mya without a leash on, she had just slipped her head out of the leash, and that woman was driving up. I stood there calling Mya, because she usually comes. But I think she got nervous when she saw that big SUV that woman drives in her way. So, I had to go and get her. When I got her to the other side of the driveway, that woman shouted out her window "It'd be better if she had a leash on!" I shouted back "I know it, but she slipped out!" I don't think she heard me though, because she kept driving to her parking spot. Well, I thought nothing of it then, but then she kept on harassing me because Mya didn't have a leash on. But I just see no point to have her on a leash if I am just walking to put her into the car. It's only 25 feet away! And Mya's usually good about staying beside me. But that same woman harassed me about 4 more times before I finally had it with her. She was never diplomatic. Just sarcastic and angry. Well, this time she harassed me one too many times, and my sis heard it. So, she stepped up and told that woman basically to shut up and leave us alone.

Ya know, there are LOTS of people here who let their dogs run around offleash. I'm not saying it's OK, or making excuses for them. But I never hear that woman harass any of the other people here whose dogs all walk around with no leash on. I was beginning to wonder why that woman never complains to them. The only reason I could think of is that she saw me as easy prey, maybe because I am old or new here. But I had to teach her a lesson that I am not the easy prey she thought I was! I'm not going to hurt her, for the sake of her kids. I'm not that kind of a person! It's just if the only tune she has for her player piano is "your dog's not on a leash!" then I don't care to hear it from her. I hear it enough from the manager of this complex! I don't need her on my back too! Just like that wacky woman, I wouldn't have ever given this woman a second thought if she didn't start harassing me first. I'm a very peaceful, spiritual person. I mean that. I don't want a war with anyone. I just want to live my life my way. Anyone who doesn't like it can go eat shit for all I care.

Well, after my sis was done with her, I took my dogs to the fairgrounds, as I always do, and I walk on this path with them. Next thing I know, I saw that same woman who was just arguing with my sis heading towards me and the dogs. I thought she was coming over to start something again with me. She had her dog with her too, a gray pit bull. When I started walking towards her, showing her I was not going to be a pushover, she turned left and walked that way, down the same path as I always walk with my dogs. She thought I was following her. I told her "I always walk this path, every day! Whether you are here or not!" I still don't think she heard me. She kept on saying "You're harassing me now! Go the other way!" I told her "I was here first. So you're harassing me!" It's true. I walk that little path every day I am there. Several times a day too. I do it because I enjoy it. Not to harass her. I think she thinks too highly of herself. I got better things to do than follow her. Sometimes that's the only way now to get Mya to take a dump. She's old and constipated now. Poor baby! So, I walk with her and Ele down that path. It works like a champ too! And as for Ele, she also benefits from that walk. It gives her a chance to stretch her legs. As an australian shepherd, she needs to run. And she couldn't do it the whole time we were in Spokane. She either had to be on a leash, or locked up somewhere. So, I am sure those runs down that path felt good to her.

There is also another woman in the B building who just sits in her apartment all day long and yells at people. For NO reason whatsoever! She's in a wheelchair. I feel sorry for her. I think she must be angry with the world and so she takes it out on other people. My sister included. And Rosebud. Rosebud is such a sweet little dog who loves everyone! But that woman, for some reason, does not like Rosebud. I'm thinking it may be just because she probably does not like little dogs. I was out with both my dogs, Mya and Ele. Both were on leashes. Then this mexican woman comes out and she has a little boy on a tricycle, I think that was her grandson. She also had her 2 little dogs out with her, not on leashes. They kept approaching Ele and Mya. Ele especially reacts when she sees another dog. She's not violent with other dogs, she usually just wants to greet them. But she does pull violently on her leash. I'm pretty strong though. I heard the woman shout from inside her apartment to the mexican woman "Keep your dogs away you dumb bitch!" At first, I thought she was talking to me, and I angrily shouted back "Say what now?!" then I realized she must be talking to the mexican woman, and I told her that woman called her a dumb bitch. I told that woman, I know you're not talking to me! My dogs are on leashes! I didn't hear anything from her after that.

I still don't know what's wrong with the people in the B building here! Not since I lived in Lakewood have I ever seen so many people from different households and different families with such a similar attitude. In Lakewood, we lived on a triangular street. And the people at the bottom of that triangle all had nasty, hostile attitudes. But I think they at least had an excuse for it. At one end of their street was an old cemetary. So, I think evil spirits were at work in that neighborhood. That was also the neighborhood that one bad cop lived on. The one who stopped me once because I was too close to his car, and he had an attitude like a viper! He lived on that street too. But here, I don't know what it is about that B building. Whether it's evil spirits, toxic fumes, or that's just where the complex puts all the drunken Portlanders. But something is going on in that B building that makes the people who live there so hateful. If it was just one person, or one family there, I would say it was just that one person. But it's several separate families there. None of which I believe are related to each other. I know it's not me, because I didn't speak to anyone there before they started shit with me. I knew I wasn't going to be here more than a couple months.

Sunday, April 28, 2024

"Wacky Woman"

Well, I had another run-in with her yesterday. This one was a bit closer and more personal. I was coming home from the fairgrounds with my dogs, and I saw her walking up the road towards the complex. I said "Oh no, it's that wacky woman!" She saw me looking at her as I turned the corner to enter the complex too. I was getting out of the car with  my dogs just as she was coming toward me. She had this big, evil smile on her face and she very sweetly said "Hello!" So, I returned the evil smile with one of my own and said in my friendliest voice "Hello!" I was standing with the back door open calling Mya to come out. I said to Mya "Don't go near that wacky woman!" She just smiled again, saying "Its so nice you can talk shit about me to my face!" I responded with "Oh yeah! I'd gladly say it to your face!" I noticed she had a friend with her, some tall, thin, Mexican woman. I didn't pay much attention to her though. Just took a glance at her to see who she was so I would know not to associate with her. LOL!

Then that wacky woman says as she gets closer to me "Yep! I'll sure be glad when you go back where you came from!" I looked her straight in her face and replied "Tell you the truth, so will I!" LMAO!! I thought it was funny she'd actually say that. I felt the same way when I was ready to move away from Montana. I knew I was pretty much hated by the people of that state. I didn't care though. But my sentiments were the same as they are here. Nobody wants me out of here more than I want myself out! It's just that wacky woman was the only person to actually say that. I've gotta give her props for that. At least she was brazen enough to tell the truth to me. I still call her that wacky woman. For one reason is because I don't know her name, and she seems like the type that if I asked her name she'd say "I'm not going to tell you my name!" So why even bother asking? Second, when I called her that to her face, she actually laughed. Of course I think it sounded like a fake laugh, but I don't know that for sure. So, I'm going to assume she likes being called "that wacky woman", just like she liked being called an asshole.

I'm actually kinda glad she found someone who will give her gumption to speak up when we are around. I don't understand her when she just mumbles to herself. I think I might know who her companion is. She owns a little dog that looks like a mixed yorkshire and brussels griffon. It's a cute dog, but that lady and her family don't seem to be very friendly people. So, I just admire their dog and stay away from them. I've been seeing them walking their dog here for a few years. She never talks to anyone. Just gives funny looks. She and that wacky woman are 2 peas in a pod! LOL! Oh well. It really doesn't make any difference to me. I don't like strangers either. I think though, from now on, we're not going to see that wacky woman without her sidekick. I think I upset her. So, maybe she feels she needs help when outside in case I "talk shit" about her again. OK then.

The truth is, and I really don't want to say this to that wacky woman's face, I don't want to start a war with her. I just want her to leave me and my dogs alone. That's all. You like being an asshole, that's OK for you. But leave me out of it. Or else I'm gonna treat you like the asshole you enjoy being. Then, you'll have nobody to blame but yourself. I can already tell she doesn't like how I talk about her, just by the fact she has to have a companion with her when she's out, and she said I was "talking shit" about her to her face, and that she'll be glad to see me go home. Those are some clear-cut clues that somehow, I struck a nerve with her. But again, she has only herself to blame. She should have left me and my babies alone. And don't act like an asshole unless you're prepared to be treated like one. I know that all too well! I act like an asshole all the time, and I get treated lousy. But I'm an older woman. I'm more used to it. And not a people-person anyway. I can cope with it a lot better than she can at this point.

Friday, April 26, 2024

Trump Vs. New York

 I will be watching this tonight on Dr. Phil. But before I did I want to give my take on what I've heard about it so far. I've got to tell you, these people are beyond evil, and are too proud of that! The judge for this case is already hinting to the world that he has no intention of making this a fair trial! Trump is not allowed to have his lawyer there, and his lawyer is a very intelligent person. But the stupid judge, Juan Merchan, said Trump is not allowed to have a lawyer present. That's something I heard the other day that the mainstream media will not tell you. Plus, Trump has a gag-order on him. He's more likely not even going to be allowed to speak up in his own defense.

Today I heard the court wants to hold Trump in contempt of court due to him apparently "attacking" witnesses. Oh GAWD!! I don't believe for one second Trump ever "attacked" any witnesses. But the leftists believe he did, with all their heart. But then again, my experience with leftists are they don't have 2 brain cells to rub together! But whether you love Trump or hate him, how is putting a gag-order on him, and not even letting his lawyer into court to defend him fair??? Tell me that! I thought all judges are supposed to be fair. I thought this country was built on the concept of liberty and justice for all. So where is justice for Trump? The judge's mind is already made up, he doesn't like Trump at all. So everyone knows he's not going to be fair to him in this trial.

Oh, but it gets worse. Trump cannot miss a single day of his hearing, and is not even allowed to go to his son Barron's graduation from high school. And I just know they want to do that just so the leftists can say "He doesn't care enough about his own child to attend his graduation!" I know how leftists are. It's the same reason the leftists took all his provisions that were supposed to go to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria and put them in a big storage shed! They wanted Americans to believe Trump didn't send anything because he "hates Hispanic people". Which I know is a damn lie! But then what is a leftist if not a liar?! But just wait and see if I am not right about the leftists now going to say Trump "doesn't care about his own child". I'll bet anyone $200 the leftists start using that against Trump within 2 months of Barron's graduation. Maybe won't even need that long. Maybe within 1 month.

Well, we all know why all these trials are going on. The democraps have already admitted, they have to get Trump in prison before November. Nobody likes Joe Biden anymore. And no one is going to fall for this "there's a pandemic going on" shit again. And we're sure as Hell not going to believe Joe Biden is going to win again this year by another 80M votes!!! Not even a 40M vote will make me believe. Even if the leftists say Biden got ahead of Trump by 900M votes, by 90M votes or by 9 votes, I'm not going to believe them. You look at a Biden rally, there's only a couple dozen people there. And chances are, they were paid to be there. But go to a Trump rally, and you'll see so many people in there, some have to sit up in the rafters!! There aren't enough seats in any arena to support the number of people who go to Trump rallies!! I didn't even believe for one second that Biden got 80M votes in 2020. And my sis saw the whole thing on TV, and she said after Trump started getting more votes than Biden, they stopped counting Trump votes. That's how Biden supposedly got 80M votes. And now hearing bags of Trump vote ballots were found on the bank of a river. Shit no! I'm not going to believe it if Biden wins.

The leftists also want to have Trump jailed for denying the election. If Trump is going to be jailed for that, then I want to see Hillary Clinton jailed for the same thing! She totally denied the 2016 elections, and even spread lies about Trump, saying his win was due to some kind of collusion with Russia. Funny how the leftists will believe that, but not believe big sacks of Trump vote ballots were found dumped in fields. Well, like I said, leftists are dumb. They don't have the sense GOD gave an artichoke!

Well, I found out I am not the only conservative in the world that was converted by republicans. It took me longer than average, because I wanted to believe there's good in all people. Not so with leftists. Most other conservatives also say they switched from being a leftist to being a conservative because of other leftists. I don't blame them! Leftists are crazy asf! And they LIE!! That's the biggest thing I learned about them is they LIE!!! They do it in real life, they do it in the mainstream media, they do it on social media, it's part of their nature. When I found out the media tells mostly lies about Trump, it just made me think back to when the INXS fans lied to others about me. And how most of them believed them. That was what converted me to a conservative. I even remember Katrina made a comment on this blog about me not going to Australia. She was upset. Then one of the leftist INXS fans came in and tried to convince Katrina that I am not a good person. Katrina wasn't going for the bait. LOL!! She knew me longer than any INXS fans have known me. She wasn't going to fall for their lies.

Well, Katrina's been kinda angry with me lately, so I haven't seen or heard from her in a few months. Personal reasons I won't get into here. But we always gravitate again towards each other. But I thank her for that every single day I wake up. Just when you think the world is against you, there's always really good people out there who know your true heart and soul and don't listen to the negativity.

That's how I feel about Trump. I feel like the mainstream media and all leftists have done him a grave injustice. So, I don't go for their bait. I know how it feels to have leftists spread lies about you, and never have all the facts when they do so. Then they sit back with sinister smiles on their big, dumb faces as the rest of the world turns on you. On nothing more than their say-so. No thanks! I want nothing to do with leftists.

I miss my apartment. I want to go back! This part of the complex I got stuck in now has the meanest, rudest, most short-tempered and obnoxious people I've ever seen in my life! They all seem to be confined to the B building here. And I don't give a blue-ass fuck if Hobofart forwards this to the members of this complex, like he did back in Bozeman. I don't give a shit! I HATE the people of building B. With a red, burning passion! I came home today after taking my dogs to the fairgrounds to go potty, and my sis was upset. She told me some dumbass in a wheelchair yelled at Rosebud for no reason! I don't like that. I asked my sis if she told that woman to shut up. She said yes. But then my sis mentioned the woman had a pit bull. I thought "Well maybe that's why she yelled at Rosebud. Maybe she didn't want her to get to close to her dog because, being a pit bull, he might be aggressive". I don't know, I'd have to probably talk to this woman myself. But my sis said she was standing outside with Rosebud, talking to another woman, minding her own business when this woman in a wheelchair came up behind them and started yelling. And said she was yelling in a very angry, hateful manner.

My sis saw her go home, and said she lives in the B building. Ya know, that's also where that wacky woman lives, who yelled at Mya the other day. I mentioned that in my last post. But she yelled because Mya was offleash. Mya came running back to me that time. But when I said she's an asshole, she said "Yes I actually am, thank you very much for saying that!" I just laughed at her then. So now, whenever I see her, I always be sure to call her an asshole, and a wacky-woman because she talks to herself. She came to the fairgrounds the other day, I was walking my dogs both offleash. She went up to the outer fence with her old dog, and let him offleash to go potty. I saw her and I shouted "Oh GOD! It's that wacky woman!" I saw her and heard her shout something back at me. But I didn't hear what she said. I just turned to my dogs and said "Come on, babies! Let's get away from that wacky woman!" LOL! Then I heard her shouting something and I turned and looked and said to my dogs "I see she still talks to herself!" LOL!

I dunno, there must be some evil spirits taking over in building B here, but there's some whacked-out-ass people there! I'm kinda glad I wasn't moved in to the apartment on the bottom far right. Then I would have had to live underneath that wacky woman! And perhaps the evil spirits would have got to me too! LOL! I tried to get into that apartment because I really cannot take stairs. It's empty now. It's been empty since I was relocated here. I thought it was vacant. But the managers said it's not. Someone actually lives there. Here it is though, I've been here for over a month and no one has moved into that unit yet! When are they going to get there? Well, it doesn't matter anyways, I don't want to live under that wacky woman! And I don't want the evil spirits to get to me either! Go figure!

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Most People Are Good?

This morning, I had an encounter with one of the neighbors in this community. She lives right across from us. I don't know her name, but she is kindof a fat, hateful chick with reddish-blond hair that she always has up on top of her head. She also has an old hound type dog that she walks around with. Well, I was out at the same time with my dogs, I had just gotten back from taking them to the fairgrounds to do their business. When I got back, that woman came out with her dog on a leash. Yes, I know! We're supposed to have our dogs on leashes! But normally, Mya follows me directly to the house. I don't know why, but Mya insisted on trying to meet this woman's dog. I didn't want her to. That's the one time she won't listen to me is when she is distracted by another dog, or something that smells interesting.

So that woman yells at me "Do something about your fucking dog!" I start calling Mya, which is all I can do. She came running to me. I don't know if Mya sensed that the dog could attack her and flatten her if it wanted to, or if Mya did not like the vibes coming from that woman. But she came running back to me like her life depended on it. Either way, I was grateful she came to me. But then the woman kept going and going. Honestly, I think that woman is a bit psycho. Most of the talking she did was more like mumbling to herself. But I heard her say "My dog can eat your dog and you won't have her anymore". I said to her "You leave my dogs alone. They ain't harming you!" Then she muttered something else, that at first I didn't hear. I asked her to repeat what she said and she said "And shut your dogs the fuck up while you're at it! Fuck you!" I said to her "Yah, yah, yah, fuck you too, bitch!" Then I realized what I said, and I turned and said to her "No wait! Bitch is too good. You're an asshole!"

Well, apparently this woman is a habitual asshole and is proud of it. She said to me "Yes I am! I thank you for that!" I looked at her and I said "Yeah, and you look like one too." I chuckled a bit and took my dogs upstairs, all that time, that woman was talking and cussing to herself, just barely loud enough that I heard her as I was going up the stairs. I said to her "And stop talking to yourself! You look like a spaz!" I understand people sometimes talk to themselves. But this woman was talking and cussing at herself. I wanted to slash her tires. But I am not that kind of a person. My sis wanted to curb-stomp her face. But I don't want her to do that either. We're not going to be here long. Just a couple months. But I am telling you all now, these are going to be the LONGEST couple months of my life! Especially with that asswipe in the next building. And would you believe? She has children. I couldn't help wondering if she kisses her kids with that filthy mouth. She is the very definition of white trash.

The thing I am trying to say is I've noticed the people in this part of the complex are meaner! Much more so than they were in our regular neighborhood. It's like this complex is two different worlds. One where everyone is nice and friendly, and this one, where people hate and are hostile to each other. The funny thing about seeing this woman this morning is I was reading a post on Quora just yesterday, and it made me think of why people are so grouchy these days.

This guy on Quora spoke of seeing a woman carrying bags of groceries in her arms to her car. The man approached her and offered to carry one of the bags to her car, and she said to him in a very rude manner, "I don't need your help!" So, the guy put the bag of groceries on the ground and got in his car. As he was driving out, he saw that same woman at her car and one of her grocery bags tore, and all her groceries were all over the ground. The guy just looked, smiled and waved at that woman and drove away. He did not offer to help her again, and I don't blame him! Shame on that woman! If someone were to offer me any assistance, I thank them as kindly as I can. I'd never turn down any help I can get. But then I was raised to be appreciative. Though I've got to tell you, these days it can go any way. Sometimes when you've spent your entire life being nice, people still tend to want to kick you in the butt. And I have also seen when people are mean to each other, other people find them fascinating for some reason. Since I've stopped being such a nice person, I've noticed people find me more interesting now. Go figure!

But this neighbor of mine, she wasn't even trying to be nice. Just hateful all the way. They say dogs can sense when a person is bad. I truly believe that's why Mya came running to me. She didn't want anything to do with that woman. I don't know what this woman's problem is. Maybe she's like me, she hates strangers. Or maybe bitching at people gives her some kind of sexual thrill. Or maybe she's not really a dog lover. Who knows? But the next 2 months are going to feel like an eternity if I have to put up with her every day like this.

Ya know, right after my sis moved here, she told me some woman in a black hummer got behind her at the intersection by the main office, and was practically yelling at her to move her car faster. You can only go so fast down these roads. There are too many speed bumps. Plus there are kids everywhere and no one wants to run them down. But my sis told me she saw this woman behind her, yelling and pulling on her hair, trying to get my sis to drive faster. When my sis described her to me, I thought it was someone else at first. But then I thought no. That person is not that bad. She has kids. I would have normally thought someone with kids would be more conscientious about why the speed bumps are out there. But now, thinking back on it and the description my sis gave me, and knowing this woman revels in being an asshole, I think it was her.

I'd seen that woman before, many times, around here. Mostly at the school bus stop is where I remember seeing her most. I never talked to her. I never had a reason to. I still don't. Maybe I had a sense too that she's not a good person. I told my sis that I had a bit of a falling out with that woman, and she said to me "I'm sorry you had to deal with her". I said "Ah! It's nothing. Doesn't bother me at all". But what does bother me is how she is not the only person I've seen around here like that. It's almost no wonder people here want to move out. I know my sis and I do. But I really do not want to move to Spokane, or Bozeman. My sis loves heat. I don't. In Bozeman and Spokane, a 70-degree day feels like 100 degrees! And a 90-degree day feels like 120!! What I love about the coast is we rarely get days that warm here. But I don't want to stay in OR. I want to go back to WA. I miss it there. That's my home.

I have a good mind to send my sis back to Bozeman or wherever, and move myself back to WA. Either Long Beach or Copalis Beach. Not Ocean Shores again. Because I want to have a lot of dogs! And OS has a limit to how many a household can have.

Right after I moved here, my very best friend, Katrina, who is much more of a people-person than I'll ever be, told me that most people are good inside. I mean, I agree. I don't know many people who will watch a person fall into a hole and not offer to help them out. At least, that's how I was raised. But in this day and age I don't know! Seems to me that if one person spots another falling into a hole, they'd be more likely to film it to share to TikTok than help the person in need. I think social media is to blame. Although I've seen some horrible people even before social media. One day my sis and I were at the beach in Westport with our little chihuahuas, and there was this big, fat Mexican-type boy walking his dogs. He had 2 cattle dog puppies on leashes. The boy looked to be no older than about 12 years old, and fat like the side of a barn! Our little dogs wanted to greet his dogs. I didn't want them to, because I had no idea how his dogs would have responded. And I didn't like the vibes I got from that boy! He just looked genuinely evil and hateful.

Anyways, I like cattle dogs, so I was smiling looking at his dogs. One looked just like Hutchess! My sis was watching as Odessa walked behind that boy and his pups. She told me that boy actually flipped Odessa off! LOL! I was laughing and thinking "What a dumb kid! How's a dog going to know what flipping the middle finger means?!" We called Odessa back over and she started to come. Well, I always say kids who look evil generally are evil. I heard that boy say out loud to his dogs as he left the beach "Come on guys! Let's get away from those RATS!" He said it in a very harsh and angry tone of voice too. I knew then, I was right about him. Then I heard his parents calling him, saying "We've been looking for you!" And that boy said to his own parents "So kill me!!" also in an angry and evil tone of voice. I turned to my sister and said to her "He doesn't need to be killed! He needs to be SLAPPED!" Parents today are so afraid of their own kids that they let them walk all over them! I could not believe it!

I've seen how rebellious teenagers talk to their parents, and I never heard anyone sound like how that kid talks to his parents! If he was my kid, he'd have been smacked the first time he tried to disrespect me like that! I blame these democrat laws that say a parent cannot spank their child. I remember when Bill Clinton mentioned passing that bill. I thought it was a bad idea then, and I've not changed my mind 30 years later! I've now seen the result of parents who refuse to punish their children. I see it all the time in leftists. As well as modern-day feminists, the neighbor lady we have here, that boy at the beach, Antifa, etc. I would only hope we go back to the days of corporal punishment. Kids need to have that fear put in them. Otherwise they will never learn accountability. And they'll grow up to be like the evil people I always see around today!

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Commie Management

As I have said before, this apartment complex is undergoing some big changes. We even have new managers. Since I moved here back in 2016, right after my pa died, we've been through about half a dozen different managers. Some have been nice and understanding. A few have been total ogres. I realize apartment managers are not really supposed to be friends with the tenants. But we've had some really mean shits managing these apartments. For the most part though, most of the people who have managed this complex have been decent and fair. That is until this one took over. Now, I won't say she's a bad person. Sometimes she can be kinda nice. It may not even be her behaving on these actions. It could be the company she works for. She is probably doing nothing more than following orders. But if you ask me, the orders are silly!!

Recently, I have been reprimanded because I don't clean my patio. Well, I hardly ever use that patio. And this place used to have someone come in once or twice a year with a power washer and clean the patios and walk ways. But apparently this new management got rid of that luxury. I'm an old woman on a budget. I can't afford to get a damn power washer! And what would I do with it if I did get one? Besides once a year clean the damn patio! My sis and I have been doing our spring cleaning here this past week. Our old apartment is still being renovated. I kinda cannot wait to see how it turns out. But I don't exactly know if we're going to stay long enough to enjoy it. That is, if something doesn't change about this manager.

The new managers are expecting more from us than most people here are able to afford. I remember last month, when I moved into this temporary apartment, I asked the manager if she could get the maintenance guy over here to help me adjust the kitchen shelves. I tried to do it and I just couldn't. I tried everything! Even pulling the pins out with pilers. No soap! So, I asked the manager to ask the maintenance guy to come and help me. She put in a work order but said that because it's not an emergency, it's low on the priorities list. I said OK, but I still wanted someone to come over. Well, guess what. She never put in no work order, and I am still waiting for the maintenance guy to show up! But he won't. I think the manager gave up on that job. Without even telling me or getting me help.

The worst thing now about this management is they are trying to make this a pet-free complex. Meaning they aren't going to let anyone have any pets unless they are service animals. And here we've got 3 dogs, and several birds. OK, so I got the doctor to get our dogs in as ESAs. Mya and Rosebud are anyway, for me and my sis. But I also had to get Ele in as an ESA. I didn't really get Ele with the intention that she was going to be an ESA, but now, that is the only way I can keep her. And I really don't want to let her go. She's my baby! But now there's the birds. And this is where I think the management is being really silly!

As you all know, I have several small cage birds. I've had them since 2021. Back in those days, I was told it was OK to have small cage pets, and they didn't have to be ESAs nor cost any kind of deposit. So, I thought it was a good chance to get the birds. I hadn't had birds since 1992, and I missed them! But now this new manager has moved in, and her company wants me to say these are emotional support birds! They want to know how each individual bird helps me emotionally. I told the manager "I don't know how they help me emotionally! I just got them because I like them!" I even had to write to the company and explain the whole thing. Well, I didn't know what to tell the company. I told them I just don't know how to describe a "service bird". These are finches. They aren't pets. They cannot even be taken out of their cages. To take a finch out of the cage and handle it too much is extremely stressful. These are very delicate birds. They'll die if they get too stressed out. So to me, they aren't pets. They're just beings I keep because I like them. I like to watch them. I like to listen to their little calls. And I was told it was OK to keep them back in 2021. And they cannot make me get rid of them now. I swear to GOD, I will move out first!

My sis and I have actually been looking at places in Spokane Valley to move to. If this manager tries to make me get rid of my birds, I'm going to tell her no. They've been here longer than she has and I refuse to get rid of them! Several people have already moved out because of this new management. And several more are planning to move out. NO ONE likes this new management. They're way too strict. It's like living in a communist society. I understand adhering to the rules. I can live with that. But the rules are totally unreasonable. One person got on report because they were parked backwards. Although my ma told me that's because no one wants car exhaust coming through their window when that person starts up their car. But people here sometimes park backward. Usually to unload something. And NO ONE here is going to get rid of their precious pets! I'm OK with putting dogs on leashes. But I am not going to get rid of our dogs. Some people have pets because of their health benefits. It's not always something a doctor can describe. Animals just make some people happy. And there are many people in this complex who are confined to inside their home. Animals give them some much needed companionship.

Well, we will have to see what happens. But I am not letting go of any of my animals. If they go, I go. And I will leave here if they argue.

Monday, April 8, 2024

When Selling Online

I remember a couple years ago, I sold my car stereo on Facebook Marketplace. When I post an ad online, it's always first come, first served. That means I do not hold anything for anyone. Anyone can come and try to get the item, but if someone else shows up before them, and takes the item I am selling, then too bad for the other person. Even if they are on their way. Sometimes, when I am feeling generous, and someone tells me they are in their car, and on their way, I might put a Pending sign on the ad. But only for a couple hours. No longer! I will not hold something for someone until the next day.

This past weekend, my sis tried selling an item on the Facebook Marketplace. One woman, who lived in Newport, contacted her and seemed very interested in the item. But she said she had to wait to ask her husband. When my sis told me she said that, I was like "Oh. We'll never hear from her again!" But in the meantime, my sis had already marked the item she was selling under Pending. I told her she shouldn't have done that. I would not have done it on someone just simply saying "I'll ask so-n-so". Before I mark anything Pending, I would have to hear "I am in the car, on my way!" It's just simple etiquette. Well, this woman said her husband would be back around 3:30. So my sis waited, and never heard from this woman.

About 5, she texts the woman and asked if she's still interested in the item. The woman said her husband was running late, and would not be back until 6. So my sis waited until then. In the meantime, I told her to never put anything on Pending again until you're sure, beyond reasonable doubt, the person is coming to claim the item. That's what I do. But my sis kept the item on Pending anyway. The next morning she said she heard from that lady again, and this time the woman had made up an excuse saying "I'm pregnant and not feeling good." When my sis told me she said that, I told her "Take the item off Pending. And don't ever do that again unless the person is actually on their way!" I've come across people like that too many times when trying to sell something. That's why I always sell on a first-come-first-served basis.

That may drive some people crazy, or anger some people, but that's the way I operate. And this lady who led my sis on all weekend is the reason why I do. When I sold my car stereo, two people said they are coming. One was a woman and her boyfriend, and the other was a man in a pick-up truck. I told them both to come on over. The woman with her boyfriend showed up first, and I was expecting the other guy at the same time. I told him to come on over. I didn't say that to trick him into coming or anything. I said come on over because at the time he messaged me, the first couple still had not made up their mind if they wanted the stereo or not. By the time the man in the pickup showed up, the first couple had made up their mind and paid me for the stereo. The poor guy in the pickup was upset. Yes, I felt bad telling him to come on over, and by the time he got there the stereo was already sold. I felt very bad because of that. But I don't hold for anyone. Not anymore. And usually no longer than an hour or two if they are coming from out of town.

The guy in the pickup truck went home and gave me a bad review. But all I could say to him was "I'm sorry." I told him I just wasn't sure if the first couple were actually going to take the stereo. That's just how it happened. My sis had her item marked Pending overnight, and she probably lost out on some other customers because of this one woman. But I gave my sis a stark warning never to do a thing like that again. Never mark any item you're selling as "Pending" unless you know absolutely the potential buyer is on their way. Hopefully she never does that again. As of today, that woman still has not shown any sign of getting this item my sis is selling, and no one else seems to be interested.

Friday, April 5, 2024

Ashley Biden's Diary

 This is so funny! And it shows how right I was all along about Biden. Well, it's not funny as in I am laughing. It's funny in the sense that shows the hypocrisy of the leftists. Remember back in an interview Trump jokingly said if his daughter wasn't his own, he'd have sex with her. The leftists pitched a double F-I-T FIT!!!! They were accusing Donald Trump of incest. I couldn't say much about it myself. Though it may sound a bit creepy, I've sometimes said that if my father wasn't my father, I would have married him. In his younger days, he was very handsome. But there's a difference there. Neither I, nor do I believe Donald Trump, would have ever actually did it. It's just something we said in jest. But you know leftists! They take everything right-wingers say seriously. Way too seriously! They take it and run with it.

Well, recently Ashley Biden's diary was found in a hotel room. It revealed something very interesting about the criminal Biden family. Ashley wrote about how when she was 10 years old, Joe-blow used to get naked and get into the shower with her. Even back then, Ashley felt that was inappropriate, as it is! What kind of a father gets in the shower naked with his 10 year old daughter???? Ashley said it herself. I can honestly tell you that my father never did that to me! The funny thing is, the leftists who were so insistent that Trump was into incest, are quiet now, finding out that Biden really is into incest. Not only that, but it looks like the DOJ wants to prosecute the woman who found the diary and turned it into the police. I suppose because Ashley asked for the diary back, and the finder cannot give it back to her because it's being held for evidence.

It is so hilarious how the leftist media was so quick to point the finger at Trump for jokingly saying he would have sex with his daughter if she wasn't his daughter and call him an incest. But now nothing is being said about Joe Biden for taking inappropriate showers with his own daughter. And the DOJ even wants to prosecute the woman who found the diary! This is truly funny! Trump never actually had sex with his daughter. It's not really fair to call Trump an incest when he hasn't done anything. But Joe Biden can take a shower with his daughter completely nude and no leftists are calling him a predator. Well, maybe they won't, but I will! Joe-blow Biden is a damn predator! He's a child molester and a pedophile. And anyone who voted for him is the same thing! Turn-about is fair play! The leftists are always calling those of us who vote for Trump a "racist homophobic xenophobe". So, I'm going to say right here, right now, everyone who voted for Biden is a pedophile who is into incest. Most people who voted for Biden don't even know why they voted for him. They just didn't like Trump. Which is a dumb reason to vote for anyone!

Voting for Biden just because you don't want to vote for Trump is a lot like hiring someone due to DIE. You may think you're doing a good thing, but in the end I just know it's going to turn out to be a big disaster. And it did! Those people don't think about the rest of us. I never wanted Joe Blow as our president. I knew right away he was going to ruin this country! They only think about their own feelings. They only think about how it's going to affect them. And leftists don't know shit because they only listen to leftist media, which hides a lot of the evil going on because of Joe Biden. I'm gonna tell you though, you've got to be mostly deaf, dumb and blind to not see how, because of Biden's policies, we now have a migrant crisis in this country. Crime has skyrocketed. DIE is being practiced which means people are not getting hired on jobs due to credentials but only because they have a certain skin-color. People are dying due to fentanyl coming into this country. And lots more. I never wanted this, so I didn't ever vote for it. Yet we are all being affected. You couldn't pay me to get on an airplane now. And even thinking about riding a taxi cab makes me jitter! Because most cab drivers are muslims. GOD only knows if they are the calm, friendly type muslims, or the mean, hateful, radical islamists. I wouldn't want to take the chance.

And remember how Trump has been ordered only to pay $175M out of the 450 something million that Fani Willis wanted Trump to pay? LMAO!!! Well, the leftists are having swarms of tantrums because Trump will still be able to campaign. They are crying so loud, I can hear them from here! LOL! They were so sure they got Trump this time, and they wanted him to go bankrupt soooooo bad! But as always happens, none of what they accuse him of are criminal offenses! But their tears taste so sweet!!!!! LOL! I laughed so hard when I saw the TikTok videos of leftists getting pissed, I feel like I almost stitched my side!!!!! It was funny asf! Check this video out. This shows you exactly how crazy and unstable the leftists are!

When I saw this video on LibsofTikTok's Truth Social page, my first reaction was "He sounds butthurt because with all that security, he won't be able to carry out that assassination attempt on Donald Trump!" Remember Kevin Moxon from Quora? I remember he argued about this same thing! He bellyached because Trump always had security with him, even when he played golf. Well, knowing first-hand how crazy the leftists get, I cannot blame Trump for wanting security everywhere he goes!! It's a good thing the police are standing around Trump as he makes a speech. I say that because the one thing the leftists haven't tried in order to get rid of Trump, is assassination. And especially after hearing this guy getting this upset about police standing around and protecting Trump, I just wouldn't take that chance. The leftists are getting desperate enough, that's for sure. I hope Trump gets much more security around him. I don't think he has enough. The leftists are truly crazy, and this guy shows it. I'd fear for Trump's life too!

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Criminal Minds

 I came across this video earlier today. It says something very interesting about the cases against Trump, and the two people who are commanding them. Fani Willis and Letitia James.

I love it! I love it when criminals cannot keep their mouths shut. Well, Letitia James was elected on the promise that she can "get Donald Trump". Now, she thought she had him, and she and Fani Willis could not stop bragging about it. I knew Fani Willis looked too happy. Especially when she was saying Trump is going to also owe interest and she spent all day every day calculating the interest she intended to dig out of Trump. She just wanted to take all his money from him. But instead of making him poorer, she made him more popular. Now, we all want to help Trump. We're sick of Biden's regime. I want Trump back in office. So do anyone with some sense. Slowly, but surely, conservatives are beginning to fight back, and I am glad to see it.

We should have started fighting back long ago! But that's why I identify better with conservatives. I tried liberalism, and it just wasn't me. I failed at it, miserably. I don't fight unless I absolutely have to. Even then, I tend to hesitate. But everyone has a limit. When I am pushed to that limit, I can fight like a wolverine! And the leftists nearly had me at that limit. Though I hadn't attacked yet because for the most part, they leave me alone. Which is good. I've even met some leftists who were genuinely nice. But they are very rare. I avoid confrontations when I can. I'm very shy and reserved. I remember feeling like I wanted to punch Fani Willis in her little smug face when I saw that evil smile when she thought she had Trump.

Anyway, according to this video, Fani is not going to get the 450M dollars she thought she was going to get. In fact, the appeals court gave Trump a settlement of about 175M dollars. I still feel Trump shouldn't have to pay anyone anything. They say he lied about his assets, that his real estate was not worth as much as he said it was. Well, real estate brokers do that all the time. They give properties appraisals that are usually more than the net worth is. Then an actual real estate appraiser comes along and gives them the actual amount the property is worth. That's what Trump did. So, he didn't lie. He just made too high of a guess. But in real estate, there is nothing wrong with that. But leftists do not understand this because they know nothing about appraising real estate. If Trump is getting sued for this, then so should every real estate broker out there who've all done this same sort of thing.

Then there is Letitia James, who wants to convict Trump of raping Jean Carroll back in the late 80s, or early 90s. I still ask why is this being prosecuted now? That was 35 years ago! This case would never sit well in Judge Judy's court. This much time later, she'd be telling them to get over it. I don't even believe Trump did anything really wrong to Jean Carroll. Otherwise she would have reported it when it happened, which she did not. That tells me it was all consensual. This is only happening now because these two prosecutors want to keep Trump from getting elected.

Now, there's Stormy Daniels who is saying she's going to sue Trump over hush-money. Well, there's a two-way road in that case. If Trump gets in trouble for giving her hush-money, then Stormy Daniels should also get punished for taking it. She didn't have to take it, but she did anyway, which makes her side not look any better. I wonder how the judge is going to see that case. LOL!

I'm telling you, the leftists are getting scared now, resorting to prosecuting Trump on 40-year old charges that never mattered until now. Framing him for little things like giving someone hush money, which she willingly took. Trying to arrest him for an insurrection which wasn't an insurrection. Trying to get him arrested for fake fraud charges that EVERY real estate broker has done characteristically and never received any trouble for at all. This shows how scared and pathetic the democrats really are. They know they cannot win the election on merit. So, they are trying to eliminate their greatest competition. All they are doing is making Trump more popular in the process. This guarantees they will lose. But knowing them, they'll just go back to cheating their way up the polls. Like back in 2020.

That's another thing, they want to arrest Trump for denying the 2020 election results. Well again, if he gets arrested for denying 2020 election results, then Hillary Clinton should get arrested for denying 2016 election results. Not only that, but falsely accusing Trump of colluding with Russia, and I even once saw where Clinton tried to take over the White House while Trump was in office. She never got over losing the 2016 election. So, I say if Trump gets arrested for denying the 2020 results, then Hillary Clinton should get arrested as well for denying the 2016 election results. It's only fair. Here's the thing too, leftists deny it whole-heartedly, but there have been dump-off spots around the country where unprocessed ballots have been found. All of which were ballots voting for Trump. And I saw the whole election in 2020. The counting stopped for Trump's side when he began getting too many votes. From then on, they only counted Biden votes. There is proof of that out there. But Clinton had absolutely NO evidence that Trump colluded with Russia, nor any of the other accusations she made against him in 2016. They cannot face the fact people just love Trump!

I know I love Trump now. I didn't used to. But back then, I was still something of a leftist. Even though I'd had nothing but problems with leftists all through 2016. But I look back on myself in those days and I cringe at the things I used to think. I hated Trump because the media made him out to be worse than he is. But then so did other leftists do the same thing to me. That's just the nature of the beasts. I learned to love Trump when I stopped listening to other leftists and began getting to know Trump for myself. The one thing that I fell in love with is how he kept his promises. Maybe not all, but he kept most of his promises. I also used to like Whoopi Goldberg back then. But now I think she's so dumb she cannot even say Trump's name on The View. There was a lot of shit I thought when I was a leftist that I sure don't think now.

By the way, I am now on Truth Social, which is Trump's own social network. I like it. It's just as good as Facebook. If not better because there is no jail. Free speech is allowed. Even if someone is speaking out against Trump. If you're not a leftist, and on Truth Social, come follow me! @INXSgrl. Yes, there are leftists there, but they are not welcome on my page. I think I say enough to keep them at bay anyway.

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Holding Accountability

It's not hard to hold accountability for anything wrong you may have done. Or for what you create and bring into this world. When I start breeding puppies again, I intend to hold accountability for each and every one of those lives born under my roof. My sis takes care of me and holds accountable for what happens to me. But let's talk about liberals demanding we all hold accountability for what happens. Let's take Letitia James for example.

Trump tried to make an appeal on the case Letitia James is holding against him on behalf of E. Jean Carroll. Carroll is the one who accused Trump of rape and sexual harassment. An incident that supposedly happened nearly 40 years ago. But it is just being sent to trial today in 2024. I'm using the word "happened" loosely. Partly because I don't believe a word E. Jean Carroll is saying! Not in the least. This is nothing but a witch-hunt. Why did the "incident" happen in 1989 or 1990, but it was never put on trial until 2024? Isn't there such a thing as a statute of limitations? That is a sure sign that this whole thing is nothing but a witch-hunt. But ya know, Letitia James is not innocent herself. I recently heard she was in cahoots with a man who also wanted to get even with Trump. Plus, it was believed that Letitia James paid off the judge in this case. In other words, it is believed she paid the judge to decide against Trump. The whole thing smells fishy. And I don't trust Letitia James anyway. Her entire campaign was all about how she was going to get rid of Trump. So, that pretty much says this was her diabolical plan from the beginning. She's just an evil, mean-spirited leftist, and she loves that about herself.

Well, GOD has ways of doling out punishments to evil people. Letitia James will get her's for sure. She may not believe in GOD, but you don't have to believe to face HIS judgement. I hope it comes soon. And I hope it's every bit as merciless as she has been to Donald Trump. And it's not even like E. Jean Carroll is anything to write home about! She's not attractive at all.

She looks like Paula Yates. Probably doesn't even have half the character. Unless Trump was really drunk, or in some way out of his mind, I don't think he'd touch Carroll with a 10-foot pole. But then again, sometimes ugly women do get the good looking men. Paula Yates managed to bag Michael, almost. But even as a young woman, Carroll was not that attractive!

She's still ugly as sin! Donald Trump would never touch this. That's another reason why I feel this is nothing more than a political witch-hunt! We all know it is! Only the leftists believe her. But then again, leftists believe everything said against Trump. Well anyway, Letitia James did not accept Trump's appeal. I knew she wouldn't! Just because I know she is evil and mean-spirited. I don't know her, but I know her type very well! She's a black, leftist woman. Nothing more needs to be said. She told the appeals judge that she wants to see that "Trump is held accountable". You know it's funny! Black leftists want conservatives to be held accountable for their actions, but I've never seen a black leftist woman take any accountability for their actions. For them, they have a scapegoat that "it's the white man's fault!" when we all know it's not. It's the black leftists' fault. They just don't want to hold themselves accountable. And black conservatives know all about that. They don't like it either.

I'm even disappointed in Morgan Freeman. He got all giddy talking with Joe Biden and Obama, but said if Trump is elected, he's going to leave the country. But then again, a LOT of celebrities say that same thing. And they never do it. Eddie Vedder said the same thing too. But he's still in this country. So did Lady Gaga. She's still here too. Ya know, she's gay? She even endorsed Dylan Mulvaney on International Women's Day. Mulvaney isn't even a woman!!!! He's a nut who is mocking womanhood.

Ya know, I think I have a theory about Mulvaney that just might be true. I think he once had a girlfriend. And I think this girlfriend hurt him really badly. So, his way of coping is to make fun of women. I dunno, he said he was gay before. But I think even that feeling of being gay probably popped up only because his girlfriend rejected him. If that's the case then he must have been hurt REALLY bad due to that break-up. What a shame!

Monday, March 18, 2024

Say Her Name: Laken Riley


Look at her face, and say her name. Her name is Laken Riley. She was a student in medical school. Sadly, her life was ended by a person who should not have been in this country. I refuse to say his name, but here is his picture...

That is a truly hideous face. The face of evil. Why he killed Laken Riley, I don't know. He came here through Biden's open borders from Colombia. Laken was a lovely girl, with truly a lot going for her. And it's sad that she was taken at the tender age of 22. Very sad! At the last Biden rally, Margarie Taylor Greene told Biden to say Riley's name. Oh, he said a name. I don't know whose name he said though. Dumb ol' Biden got on stage and when Greene told him once more to say Laken's name, he called her "Lincoln Riley". Now, who the Hell is Lincoln Riley??? One of Biden's imaginary friends? Then, he said she was killed by an illegal. Those were his exact words. Well, apparently he caught hell from that. But either Laken's parents didn't say anything about Biden mispronouncing her name, or Biden only listened to the leftists. He apologized. But he apologized to the wrong person! He apologized to the stupid illegal immigrant who killed her!

Apparently, people like AOC, Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris told Biden that calling the murderer an "illegal" was wrong. Funny they would mention that to Biden, but not say anything about calling Laken Riley by a man's name! Democrats are so stupid! They seem to have the mentality of teenagers.

Well, you all know Reddit is a very leftist website. That's why I stopped going on there. There is a group of republicans against Trump. Nothing but a bunch of whiny RINOs. Well, I went on there because a picture of Donald Trump holding a picture of Laken Riley attracted my attention. This was the picture that was posted...

People were asking each other there "Why is he smiling?" Well, my guess is because Trump, being a people-person, was happy and proud to be in the presence of Laken's family. This is the actual picture...

You notice Laken's mother is smiling too, and I guess her father is too. You know how men are. Especially redneck men. That is considered a smile. Laken's brother and sister are also in the original picture, and they too were smiling. That's not such a horrible thing. When you remember someone you love, you smile. That's how I remember my father. He was always smiling. At least he used to before he met Kathy. Then they were griping because Trump misspelled the name Laken. Well, to be fair, it's not a common name. It'd be easy to misspell. But one person who saw this pic said that what Trump wrote was actually an E. Not an A. So, he did spell her name correctly. I said to these people there is a BIG difference between spelling her name wrong, and saying it wrong. Those dimwits wanted to say MTG called her Lincoln first. But that is not true. I saw the rally, and MTG said her name perfectly. She said the name right in front of big, dumb Biden's face and he STILL said it wrong!!!

Another thing these goons complained about is why Trump said "I love you Laken". Well, her parents were right there. I'm sure if they thought it was inappropriate they would have said something. They look like sensible people. But since they are smiling in the picture, they said it was OK. And they probably asked Trump to write that somehow. At least he got her name right. And he's a people-person like I said. He also has a sense of humor. People seem to forget that he was a comedian before he was a politician. They were all possibly setting down to a nice, long chat with Trump. I don't see anything wrong with that. His chat probably helped them feel good. So, that is why they are smiling, and Trump was sending his love to the entire family. But did you also know that Biden has told people like Dylan Mulvaney "I love you!" Now that is indeed creepy! I creep out just hearing Dylan Mulvaney and Jeffrey Marsh say "I love you!" at the end of their videos! That's why I've only seen 2 or 3 of their videos. Coming from their mouths, those words make my skin crawl.

Remember, this is all just speculation. But as I have always said, there are 2 sides to every story. But seeing how leftists in my past have acted, they don't believe in hearing both sides of a story. They just take one person's word (especially if that person is another leftist) and run with it. That's why leftists are more likely to believe in false media like MSNBC and The View. They base their ideas strictly on who's feelings are more hurt, as long as it's another leftist they like. That's why I only trust conservative media. Conservatives thrive on facts and truth. Not on emotions of others.

Well, all I can say is RIP Laken Riley. It's a shame this happened to you. But I hope it helps the sane people of this country see the light, and the mess Biden is making of this country now.

I heard a song this evening by a group called Trump Latinos. It's a song dedicated to Laken Riley. It's a nice song too. I know it won't be long before BLM and other leftists start calling the song "racist" and "white supremacist". But who cares? It's a good song. It's called "The America I Know". I hope this song haunts Biden's dreams! This is the video I saw...

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Another Conservative Victory!

 YES!! This country is now actively banning "gender affirming care" for minors. I never agreed with that bullshit! So, this makes me so happy to hear. Gender affirming care is a misnomer. Because it isn't really "care", like they want you to believe. It's nothing but child abuse. The democratic representative in Montana was practically crying when he started talking about them banning giving kids hormone blockers. He said "When you bow your head to pray for these families, I hope you see the blood on your hands." I laughed at that statement. I also looked down at my hands and I sure did not see any bleeding! LOL! Because there is no "blood on my hands". I have nothing to feel guilty about. I helped save kids. I supported the banning of "gender affirming care" for minors. So, I saved kids' lives. If I had supported this "gender affirming care" then, and only then, I would have indeed had blood on my hands.

Giving kids hormone blockers is now proven to do more harm to children than good. It is NOT reversible, no matter what the leftists tell you. It causes cancer, as well as orthopedic problems in kids. You're messing with nature. That's something that humans should never do. We cannot even control the weather, or when a volcano erupts. We have no business stopping kids from going through puberty. Any time you try to fuck with nature, it never ends well for anyone involved. Democraps also want to argue that a 4 year old knows who and what he/she is. Are you kidding??? That's also something I never agreed with! Kids wouldn't even clean their own rooms without their parents telling them to. They cannot pick out their own clothes, or what they are going to have for dinner. What makes these dumb democrats think a child can pick a whole gender?

I don't believe any parent who has ever said "My child knew he was trans when he was 4 years old!" Don't give me that shit! Any 4 year old who thinks he's trans is definitely not making that decision themselves. Look what happened to Jazz. I feel so sorry for him. His mama says he knew he was a little girl when he was 2 years old. I say she's fucking lying! She's the one who probably kept telling him he's a girl. Now, he feels like shit because he can never have children. And the constant surgeries and worrying if his faux vagina will close up. He now has to live with this the rest of his life. His mom even said how upset she would be if Jazz did allow that gap between his legs to heal up. Poor Jazz. He's the one who is going to probably wind up killing himself. He's being forced into this lifestyle by his mom, and it also looks like his big brother is party to it too. This so-called "gender fairy" gave him a curse.

It would be a bad enough curse to have a parent like that. I'm so glad my mom wasn't like that. There were times I wanted to be a boy. I was a bit of a tomboy when I was a kid. I thank GOD that my parents didn't keep telling me I am a boy. In fact, I once joked about being more boy than girl and my mom almost had a coronary! I also constantly pray that I do not become the child of democrats in my next life. I was lucky in this life. I had Christian parents; I was born before this LGBTQ era got spread as it has now. It also helped that my parents were from the south. They had traditional southern beliefs that men are men and women are women. And men are supposed to take care of women. So, in that sense, I had a pretty good life. I'm still living today. I also am quite knowledgeable about the world around me. I also refuse to partake in it. I also encourage anyone not to get caught-up in the mess the world is in now. I don't give a shit if I am labeled a "transphobe" or a "bigot". I'll wear those titles with pride!

Speaking of pride, there will no longer be any pride parades in Florida. Ron DiSantis has announced that children will no longer be allowed to attend any event that displays lude acts. That goes for taking kids to gay bars, drag shows, and any other sexualized events. I also never agreed children should be exposed to that kind of crap. Well, the gays did not need to cancel their pride parade, they just decided if kids were not allowed to attend, then just give up the parade altogether. They could have gone on with their little pride parades without having children there. But they don't want to. This tells me that indeed, these pride parades were definitely targeting children specifically. Ron DiSantis did not say they could not have their little gay parades. He just said children will no longer be allowed at events like that. So, because they won't be exposing their bodies to children in public, they just decided to scrap the parades in Florida.

I don't agree that kids should be exposed to that kind of BS. I don't agree with it from gays, nor from straight people. But you notice, you NEVER see straight people holding parades where they are nude in public and playing out whatever fetishes they have in front of kids. That's because straight people are smarter than gays. Especially the gay leftists. Straight people know it's wrong to subject kids to sexual acts. But gay people seem to have forgotten what humility is. They don't feel shame like they should.

Well, I'll be absent for a while from here. Time to move to another apartment while this one is being renovated. I don't know when I'll be back. It depends on how quickly I can get the internet back in that next apartment. It's only a temporary move anyways. I'll be back in this apartment in June. So they say.