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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Smile! You're On Camera!

Well, let's start at the beginning. This is a sort of continuation of last night's post. I got a message from the manager yesterday evening. It was about that confrontation my sis and I had with this woman who kept complaining that Mya wasn't on a leash. One thing I did not mention was how my sis started shouting at that woman, and got a bit threatening. I didn't mention it in the last post because well, that was kindof embarrassing to me. I didn't approve of my sis making threats toward that woman. Ever since my sis and I separated and moved to Montana, she's been very threatening to other people. Before then, she used to threaten people back in the 90s when she was in her 30s, and I had talked to her about it then. And she did stop for many years after she was almost arrested for making threats to someone. Until we moved to Bozeman, and she started threatening people again. I didn't like that. But I didn't say anything because I didn't have to worry. She was living on her own then and no longer my problem. But I think she's taken living in Montana too much to heart. She's back to threatening people again. And the whole argument between my sis and that woman was being filmed. More on that in a moment.

I talked to my sis last night when she got back from dashing. I told her how the manager did not like it that she made threats to that woman, and that I didn't approve of that either. I don't want my sis to threaten anyone. Not only is it embarrassing, it is also crazy, and it can go on her record. Here we are trying to move, and my sis might ruin it by making threats to everyone. No one wants a troublemaker to move into their complex. So we have to go along with life here.

I told my sis the manager mentioned they have video evidence of her making those threats, I also told her who I believe turned in the videos to the manager. It had to have been that wacky woman. I don't know how I knew that, but I did. My manager did not tell me that. Then my sis told me about the camera that wacky woman has in her front window. Then I knew for sure I was correct. I don't know that wacky woman, but I do know her type very well. I've dealt with people like her before. People like her are the main reason why I hate people. Well, by the time my sis told me about that camera, it was dark out. But this morning when it got lighter, I had to see for myself what my sis was talking about. So, I took a video of myself going out there to see. Sure enough, I found the camera. It was pointing right out onto the road. Well, I stood there and filmed that camera. I was actually kinda hoping I could get a glimpse of that wacky woman on film to show everyone the kind of person I've had to put up with. She did open her back sliding glass door to ask me if I wanted something and I said "nope!" She then said "Then what the fuck are you doing here? Fucking stupid!!" I got everything she said on film. Unfortunately, I think I forgot to focus the actual picture on her. I even got pictures of her car, and license plate. Which I plan to use at a later time. I'm gonna give her a chance to back off now. If she doesn't, you'll see what I am saving that for.

Well, in response to her comment about me, and lowering myself to her standard of morality, I have only to say "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but cuss words will never hurt me!" LOL! A little later on, I heard someone get in their car and storm off. I had a feeling it was that wacky woman. Apparently, she loves to be called an asshole, but hates it when she is treated like one. Which I find not only hysterical, but interesting too. It kinda tells me she really doesn't want to be an asshole. That this is all some kind of facade she's putting on. I don't know where she stormed off to and really I couldn't care less. I don't mind her even filming people from her window. That's her right and prerogative, and perfectly legal to film. I'm not going to say anything against that. I even believe in her right to cuss and call me stupid if she wants. It's just her opinion. And the cussing doesn't hurt me. It just shows what a no-class twat she is. But I am a believer in free speech, so I say go ahead and cuss all you want! Knock yourself out! But keep in mind, two people can play the filming game! I have cameras too. I can film her and her car as much as I want to. She can't say anything because she has a camera up on her window. Turn-about is fair play! She's already filmed me and my sis and turned it in to the manager. So yeah. I can film her shit if I want to, too.

And the other woman thought I was "following" her at the fairgrounds and told that to the manager. I'm gonna go in on Monday and I'm gonna tell her I was not following her. I was walking my dogs. I will admit, when I saw her come in to the fairgrounds towards me, I did think at first she was coming over to start something. Then I saw she turned another way, and I figured she was not coming to me to start some more trouble. Then, I just continued to walk my dogs down that path. She just thought I was following her. If I'm going to follow anyone, it's going to be someone I like a lot better than her. I have better things to do with my time than follow a dumbass I don't know, don't want to know, and couldn't care less what happens to her. And what if I was following her? That took place at the fairgrounds. Not within the complex. That's not the manager's place to tell me I cannot follow someone if I wanted to. If she felt so threatened by me walking my dogs, why didn't she call the police? I'll tell you why. It's because she's a leftist, and leftists hate the police. She also told the manager that my dogs dump everywhere and I don't pick up after them. I'm going to tell the manager to tell that woman to go to the person whose dogs are actually shitting everywhere and the owner who isn't picking up after them. There's a woman who lives at the end of this building who has 2 huge pit bull type dogs. I see them running around a lot offleash. They also shit everywhere, and no one ever picks up after them. Their piles are bigger than Mya is! And one morning I went out and there were 2 huge shit piles in the lawn right next to the stairs. One of those piles is still there. Ele would be the only one with droppings that are big, and her's are nowhere near as big as these dogs' piles. I feed all my dogs nothing but quality food. So their droppings are never that big. Besides, when I am taking my dogs around here to go potty, I always pick up after them.

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