Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Perfect Gift

I think the greatest gift of all is one that comes from someone you don't expect. INXS did the most wonderful thing and gave some needy person a gift this Christmas that she could really use! Let me start by telling you all about this woman. Her name is Jenny Piemontese, she has fostered children, as well as worked with Australia's Lifeline, which I believe is a suicide hotline, and she also gives her time to helping people who are housebound, and also the elderly. This woman has done so much to help those in need, and INXS wanted to recognize her efforts. For Piemontese, preparing dinner at her house takes 4 hours of her day, and she has to always clean the dishes by hand. Well, INXS just made her job a lot easier by giving her a brand-spanking new dishwasher. I think it was so sweet of the guys to offer this to someone who gives so much of herself to other people! So much for them being "narcissistic wankers"!! INXS did this solely out of their own good will! Out of the kindness of their hearts. Not to sell albums and stuff! According to Piemontese. I believe her too! I've met INXS on several occasions, and I know them to be good people. Even Kirk. That's one of the reasons I love INXS so much! They've always been very giving people. And they do it because they want to, because they are very kind, sweet and generous men! Not to make themselves look better than they really are, or to become a hero. So anyone who shit-talks INXS in any way, should think about what these guys have done for others. And I can put my finger on several similar stories like this that the guys have done. Some of which I've heard first hand.

Anyone interested in reading the article, go here!

Speaking of perfect gifts, I got to give my new GPS a spin the other day. We went to Oregon and saw things we've never seen before. Things that we would never have found were it not for this GPS we got. I love it!! We named her Samantha! hehe! Well, actually it came with that name. Those who may never have had a GPS device, these voices have actual names. Yep, ours talks to us! It is great! When I got it I couldn't wait to try it, and now that I have I love it! This has actually got to be the smartest device people have ever thought of. It beats asking for directions because sometimes you'll get someone who just doesn't know where the place you're trying to find is. I've encountered that several times. But this device knows all. I also got my little Dremmel rotary tool. I had a little fun with it last night. It RULES!!! Now I am ready and waiting to begin building my bird and reptile cages!! hehe! Well, this is just one thing I need to begin building. I sure do hope I can pick up on building these cages as easily as I picked up on using this drill. But I think I can! I'm pretty sure I can! So far, I've been pretty much able to do anything I set my mind to. I'll post pics of the cages as I build them. I won't be starting though until next summer. I'll need a lot more hardware, I have a list of what I'll be needing. I'm just going to have to get a little at a time. But the Dremmel allows me to start off small. Well, so far I've found I'm not as afraid of using these tools as I thought I would be! They do command respect! But I thought I was going to be deathly afraid of them, but I'm not. I actually had a lot of fun that one time I went to the local Home Depot and played with some they had on display. My father also has some power tools he told me he would bring up and allow me to learn a little more about how to use them. Now, every time he calls, I'm going to be reminding him of that. hehe! I need to find something that cuts through anything, even acrylic, because the sides of my cages are going to be acrylic.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Vegas As Competition??

I'm sure everyone has seen the Pablo and Ramsey videos on YouTube by now. The owner refers to them as an odd couple. I personally would never have had the guts to mix dobermans and chihuahuas in the same household! But the videos are oh so CUTE!!! But then I am biased because I am a chihuahua lover. But there is one problem. I keep trying to comment on the videos to tell him how cute I think Pablo is, and I noticed that the owner, Chad Dressen, has blocked me from responding! For a long time, I could not figure out why. I mean, I don't know this guy, never did anything offensive to him, that I know of, and I was extremely polite when I invited him. But then a flashback came to me. If memory serves me correctly, I did comment on a video of his no more than a year ago, and I invited him to view my video of Vegas chasing bubbles. I personally thought it was just a mutual exchange of views from one chihuahua lover to another, but apparently, he saw it as something more ominous. I think he stopped me from commenting because he knew anyone who clicked on my name could go to my channel and see my Vegas was so cute (maybe he thought even cuter than his Pablo?) and he knew Vegas would take attention away from his dog and his videos.

Well, tonight YouTube referred me to a video of his that he posted his blogger address on and it also has a link to his Facebook. I noticed someone else referred to his work as attention-seeking. After noticing how I was blocked from his YouTube channel, and perhaps why, I had to say I agree! Sorry as I was to have said that. But no matter what, I too still enjoy viewing his videos. But just so everyone knows, I did not post Vegas on YouTube to get attention!! I did it because I thought his little habit of chasing bubbles was adorable, and I wanted to share it with the World. Vegas does not get as many views as this dude's videos, but I am absolutely fine with that! Like I said, ratings are not that important to me. Some day, I've got to get a video of Vegas getting his toys on command, each one as I refer to them! Few dogs I know of can do that without hand-gestures! Especially chihuahuas! Chihuahuas are known for being stubborn! One person told me chihuahuas are the stupidest dogs on the planet! Well, he doesn't know my Vegas!! He's as smart as any labrador! I've never seen a lab that can do anything without hand-signals or anything. But I tell Vegas to get his doll and he does! He'll go right to where it is and fetch it to me. If he doesn't see it right away, he'll search the house for it! One of these days I'm going to catch him doing that on film and post it on my channel!!

Well, anyway, as a fellow chihuahua owner, even though this guy may dislike me for whatever reason, and see my dog as competition for ratings and attention, I still congratulated him on his appearance in Dogs 101 on Animal Planet and OopsTV in the UK. I fully expect my message to be deleted, judging upon a lot of his reactions so far, but I just wanted everyone to know I have no animosity to this dude, just because I've been blocked. How's that for licking the roasting behavior?

Friday, December 25, 2009

I Knew He Was a Loser!!!

So Tiger Woods has lost his woman, his family, and now is losing his career as a golfer. The only reason he still appears in Golf Digest is because he is still under contract. But his column is apparently being taken off, though he is still getting paid for that column. Life has dealt this guy a bad hand lately. I knew he was a loser, since I first heard his name back in 1995! Anyone with the name "Tiger" has got to be a loser!!! That's why I refuse to call Michael's daughter by that word. Even though I know she prefers to be called that, I still say "Sorry. I'm not going to call her that." Because she is the only seed left by Michael Hutchence. I want her to be a winner! That name is cursed!! I remember Dian Fossey named one of her gorilla buddies Tiger, and she did so because she felt he was definitely going to live up to it! Well, in terms of speaking, he did! He never was able to form his own group or mate with a female. As gorillas go, he was a loser. While I know Tiger Woods was able to have a child, how long did it last? His wife's done left him now. But I knew this dude was going to be a loser! I'm surprised it took him so long to show his true colors!! If you're named after a loser of an animal, you're bound to be a loser! And as much as tiger-lovers refuse to admit it, yes they are losers! Tigers are becoming extinct, and it appears to be a natural extinction, brought on by natural causes, not by humans. They have all the protection they could ever ask for, yet their numbers in the wild are falling, not increasing. And don't think nothing about the tigers being raised in South Africa, they are HYBRIDS!! Not a real species! They are a cross between a siberian and a bengal tiger. These mutts don't even deserve a place in the text books!

Well, I made it out alive!! I was cooking all week long! And today I made the biggest meal of my career for 3 families!! It was tough, but I made it through. Everyone is gone home now, and I had a bit of a nap. My feet are sore though, but that's to be expected. I made it out! I almost didn't think I would. My hardest night was Tuesday night, when I had to bake 3 different kinds of goodies, and clean house all at the same time! LOL! I thought I'd die that night, but thankfully I managed. hehe! For Christmas I received a pair of gloves, a cool ski hat, a lot of money, and an awesome GPS system!! What I've always wanted! I love it! I cannot wait to use it! Now I never have to ask for directions again for anything. Just use the GPS to get me where I am going. I cannot wait to start using this device! When I told my pa I got this thing, he told me he always wanted to get one of those but he never had the money. Then I told him he should have got it when Black Friday came around, they had them on sale for $80! If I'd had that kind of money then I would have gotten it then! It was a TomTom too! I wanted that brand so badly! Well, this one isn't a TomTom, but it's just as good. I want to go out tonight and give it a whirl!

Of all the things I wanted this past year, besides power tools, I think a GPS was the thing both Anna and I wanted the most, so that was a very much appreciated gift. But for me, the thought it usually what counts. The only thing I hate getting for Christmas is socks! Mostly because I almost never wear socks. I do occasionally, but if I get a pair of socks, I tend to wear them only once and then I may wash them, and put them away and never see them again for years! Power tools are next! I'm going to start off small, perhaps a dremmel with all the attachments! That's what I'm saving my money for. Next maybe a cordless drill. And so on and so forth. I'm really serious about making these bird and reptile cages next summer while Anna's planning to go to Bozeman.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Reason For The Season

Well, Christmas is near, and we will all be celebrating! I just cannot wait till it's over. Well, I sent out my Christmas cards, the last of them goes out tomorrow. I just got a card from someone I haven't heard from in several months. So I had to send her a card in exchange now. Well, all is cool! I also made a big mistake and had to rewrite and resend another card! When I made out the card for my pa, I realized I forgot to address my stepmom. Well!!! I don't see her that much! In fact since we moved here, I think I've only seen her once. But when my father told me that I didn't address her, I felt terrible!!!! So I told him to discard that card and I would send them a new one. I am also making up individual goodie platters for nearby friends and family. I am still baking holiday goodies. So far I've made my fudge-topped brownies, Special K bars, Iced sugar cookies, peppermint meltaways, and macadamia nut white chocolate cookies. The white chocolate/macadamia nut cookies are Katrina's favorite. She said she's going to drop by on Christmas Eve. That's cool! I haven't had her over in several months! She's always so busy.

Well, the real reason we celebrate Christmas is because it is Jesus's birthday. For those of us who study Christianity. Even though I study evolution, I also am a Christian myself. I was watching the Christmas classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas, the cartoon version. Frankly I didn't like the movie version. I like Jim Carrey and the little girl was cute, but I didn't like the meaning behind it. I can really relate to the Grinch! LOL! As strange as it may sound. I hate what Christmas has become. It's all so commercial now! Which is the difference between the old cartoon about the Grinch and the new movie about the Grinch. If you recall the original, the whos celebrated even though they didn't have any gifts or trees or anything. But in the movie, when they all found out their gifts had been stolen, they felt sad and were like Christmas wasn't going to come because of it. Took them a while to figure out Christmas is not supposed to be all about gifts. Now, I am not saying gifts aren't cool! Even I enjoy getting gifts and cards from family and friends. But that's not all that Christmas is all about. We should remember that.

Here's an interesting fact! Did you know that this is possibly what Jesus really looked like:

Though this is not exactly the person we think of when we think of Jesus. This is the image we often think of:

This image though cannot be right. I mean, look at the natives of Israel. Particularly from 2000 years ago before whites invaded all lands. None of them would have been pale in complextion and have long, flowing, European-style hair. So really when you think about it, this picture makes no sense! This image of Jesus was most likely created by Europeans who viewed a shroud with an image depicted on it. Though now the shroud has been proven to be a fake.

Anyway, Happy Holidays to all reading this blog!!! I'm going to be somewhat busy this coming week, and probably won't have much time to blog.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Year in Perspective

Well, it has been quite a year! I decided to put the whole thing in perspective. I thought I could outline what all I have accomplished this year. I haven't bad-mouthed people, much! At least it hasn't been the same people, except those from the SE forum. But when they have bashed me, I noticed one thing, something wonderful happens. Remember when I posted that they trolled my guestbook on my Metazoic site? Only a week after I discovered they did that, I found out INXS will be touring the World again!!! And that's just one sample! I don't know what I have going for me! Maybe it's karma? Fate? Blessings? Or maybe just plain old dumb luck!! I don't know why every time the people on the SE forum have bashed me that soon after something miraculous has happened to me! But I told them to keep doing it!!! I'm loving it! Maybe with their bashings, and the LORD's blessings, I'll get to meet up with Tim Farriss again this tour!! Maybe! I told them do me that favor!! LOL!!!

But anyway, I made a resolution to stop bashing people so much, and it has lessened!! But I also noticed that I don't have as many readers as I used to! But hey! I feel better about myself now that I've learned to leave everything in the past. I kinda wonder what happened to FreckleFace???? She's probably disappointed in me. Well!! Forgiving is hard! Especially when the other person hasn't repented. Doesn't feel too comfortable when you have forgiven and the other person hasn't asked for it. But then again, imagine Jesus on the cross. He forgave his attackers even though they were still torturing Him. That's so hard to do though. Jesus could do it because He was near perfect. I don't like to say this, but I am not near perfect. LOL, OK I'm joking there, but still I know I'm not perfect. But at least I can say I tried. Even in this past month I noticed my attacks even on the do-dos on YouTube have lessened. And believe me there has been some on there that I haven't mentioned here!! I've been refraining myself from talking about them on here as part of my 'rehabilitation' you might say. I have also been keeping off the forums. Except for a few Facebook forums related to INXS. But with those I trust the forum keeper. It's not like the Switchboard or Rockband Lounge where I don't trust those forum keepers around the corner!!

But anyway, I am trying to keep my promise and lessen the attacks, little by little. I admit it's taking a while, and I'm trying to get myself to a point where I stop bashing others altogether. It's not easy!!! There was a sense of comfort to people thinking I was psychologically insane!! Kinda like a dangerous animal, you want to leave a person like that alone and not go near them. LOL! At least it would have kept those people from bothering me at the next set of INXS concerts. But that is not me! I cannot hurt anyone! No matter how much they deserve it. Most of the time I am all mouth, and that's all I have. hehe!

Well, that was one accomplishment for this year. My bashings have lessened. I didn't think they would stop completely, not this year! But they have lessened. There has been several times I have actually stopped myself in my own tracks from bashing others. Sometimes as I am writing these posts, something slips out, and I think about it and read it and go back and delete it. So, I've gotten better!!! Last year I wasn't even doing that, just typing and then posting. I have even lessened my attacks on Catsredrum and her friends. And I'm not even sure they have continued to attack me. But I feel I've made my point. At least I hope so!!! So as long as they leave me alone, I will do the same with them. If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. That's been my motto this year, at least I am working on it!! It's been easier to calm down on YouTube as well, since I've informed the tree-huggers that they will be blocked if they bother me there. I haven't heard from any since then. Funny thing! You go your whole life without meeting any tree-huggers, all of a sudden, there they all are on YouTube!!!! What is this world coming to?

Well, Obama is an asshole! Just as I knew he was going to be!! A friend of mine is on Social Security and is furious because she isn't getting her annual raise!! Every year, for the past 20 years she's been on it, she's gotten a raise. This year, Obama isn't going to give those on Social Security a raise at all!! Instead he's going to spend the money on himself and his family. This is what happens when you give someone a lot of money who hasn't had money all his life. They spend it like crazy on things that they want. Not what they should be spending it on! I knew he was using this country's money like it's his own personal piggy bank!! I knew it was going to happen!!! So now he takes the money from the people who need it the most!!!! Thanks a lot Obama!!! But the people wanted him, so they got him! They cannot complain! But I can because I didn't vote for him!! But people loved the novelty of having a black person for president! Shoot! I'd have been happier with Bill Cosby or MC Hammer as the president!!! At least they are RESPECTABLE black people!!!! If that's all this country wanted was a black president!! BUT NOT OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get rid of that turkey!!!! Now he wants this country to ally with Iraq and I said he's out of his !@#$ mind!!!! We can't ally with Iraq! Among other things, their culture is very different from ours!! For them, to kill someone is an honor worthy of high praise. For us, to kill someone is a crime worthy of prison time! How can we successfully merge with Iraq??? Answer me that.

Well, every time we get a democrat for president they mess things up!! Yet every time we get a republican president, we go to war. Either way, we're sunk!! But that's what this country is all about!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

12 Days of Christmas

I thought this was interesting enough to post here. I didn't know about any of this. But I always wondered why the Christmas anthem about the 12 days of Christmas talked about a partridge, laying geese, swans swimming and all that gibble-gabble. Didn't seem to me to make much sense. That is until I found out all this! They make sense when you really think about them!

From 1558 until 1829, Roman Catholics in England were not permitted to practice their faith openly. Someone during that era wrote this carol as a catechism song for young Catholics. It has two levels of meaning: the surface meaning plus a hidden meaning known only to members of their church. Each element in the carol has a code word for a religious reality which the children could remember.

-The partridge in a pear tree was Jesus Christ.

-Two turtle doves were the Old and New Testaments.

-Three French hens stood for faith, hope and love.

-The four calling birds were the four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke & John.

-The five golden rings recalled the Torah or Law, the first five books of the Old Testament.

-The six geese a-laying stood for the six days of creation.

-Seven swans a-swimming represented the sevenfold gifts of the Holy Spirit--Prophesy, Serving, Teaching, Exhortation, Contribution, Leadership, and Mercy.

-The eight maids a-milking were the eight beatitudes.

-Nine ladies dancing were the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit--Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self Control.

-The ten lords a-leaping were the ten commandments.

-The eleven pipers piping stood for the eleven faithful disciples.

-The twelve drummers drumming symbolized the twelve points of belief in the Apostles' Creed.

So there is your history for today. This knowledge was shared with me and I found it interesting and enlightening and now I know how that strange song became a Christmas Carol...so pass it on if you wish.'

Merry (Twelve Days of) Christmas everyone!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Never Been Better News!!!

We all know INXS will be touring the World again, and guess what! JD Fortune will be joining them again!! YES!!!!!!!!! According to Pantera Promotions (What???!!!!) INXS will be touring again with JD Fortune. I was so happy when I heard the news, my eyes started to well up again. I knew everything would be OK. I was so happy I never once lost faith in these guys. Not even for a second!! Not even for a split second!!!! I did question on here why they let JD go in the first place, but I never once lost any faith in them. I said I will still be at as many concerts as I can to cheer these guys on and show them my support!! I knew they could not get along without their lead singer. I remember after I had my surgery, the only thing I wanted to see was my copy of the Rockstar: INXS series, even though it is incomplete, I still watch it because I love to see my favorite men. But I also remember actually crying, not only because I was in immense pain, but also because JD went to all that trouble only to be let go. But even then, I never lost faith in INXS. You could say I put everything in GOD's hands that things would be OK.

While I didn't scoff at the idea of INXS using different lead singers, I just felt bad that JD worked so hard during the series to impress INXS and they let him go in the end. It might have been interesting to see INXS touring with different lead singers. That might still happen, and JD might be among them, I don't know right now. Or he might do a duet with each of them. That would be cool!!!! I think so. I'll just have to wait until the tour starts and hope and pray they come to this state!!! I'd be nice if INXS would perform in this town. We've got the convention center here and we've also got the Quinault casino. Both have areas quite capable of handling a good number of fans. And then I don't have to drive all that way to Seattle just to see my favorite men. Though I don't mind the drive, really. I just don't want to do it if I don't have to.

Well, as soon as the tour begins again, I will gladly ablige with my own reviews on here. Of course I will talk about things like how great they sounded, how I swoon over their singing, and Tim-Tim's beauty!! So if you don't like that stuff, don't read here then! Gee, I wonder somehow if I should carry my can of pepper spray? I wonder if it'd be allowed even? The thing about INXS coming here, it'd bring in a lot of undesirables, and this town is not used to that. But it'd be a lot better on me. I wouldn't have to stay at a hotel! hehehe!! And truly the hotels here are not doing very well. If INXS came to this town, it might help the economy here as well. Though I do not recommend staying at the Ramada. And especially don't go to their restaurant!!! They don't filter the water they use to make the food and drinks, and out here, you really have to filter the tap water before you drink it. The tap water out here has a lot of contaminants that can cause cancer. I'll tell you, the people at the Ramada here in Ocean Shores, they don't care. For them, it's cheaper to just serve up plain old tap water than filter it. Don't believe me about the tap water? Come here and run the hot water and smell it. It's got a very strong, unmistakable, sulfurous smell! That's why I never drink the tap water here. I never even put it in my mouth. I spend my whole time showering with my mouth completely closed. I clean my teeth with filtered water only. But enough about the water here!! LOL!! I just wanted to shout that I love INXS, I am so happy they are touring again, and I am so glad they chose once again to have JD join them!!!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Favorite Bands Again??

There is this thread on one of my subscribed videos where the question of the week is what is your most and least favorite band. A not-so-suprising large number of the viewers said their least favorite bands were the Jonas Brothers and Hanna Montana. I cannot say much for the Jonas Brothers as I have never heard them, but I cannot stand Hanna Montana!!! My ma watches that crap! She annoyed me from day one. I admit she's a cute little girl, but her singing leaves much to be desired. Seems she and the Jonas Brothers have one thing in common, they both are bands/singers made popular by Disney Studios. I can actually remember a time when Disney singers had real talent. I think?

I remember when I was about 5 years old, I used to watch the Mickey Mouse Club on television. I didn't know they were re-runs from an older era. But they did some singing on that program and best I can recall, they sounded good. I have not seen that show since I was 5 years old, so now I could not remember if the singing was really them, or if it was lip-synched. But I do remember the voices sounded the same. But back then, the singing was good. I personally am uncomfortable with the fact that these are "plastic label" bands whose popularity was brought on by a Disney kiddie show. It seems they did not have to work that hard at getting to the point they are at. And my ma asks me why I don't watch Hanna Montana, yet she turns around and makes fun of me because I like watching cartoons. I don't watch today's ugly cartoons like Spongebob, but I do still like the old  Bugs Bunny cartoons, the ones that came out during the WW2 era. Not the episodes that came out in the 50s and 60s. Incidentally, those real old Bugs Bunny cartoons were not made with children in mind. Hanna Montana was made with children in mind. Yet my ma makes fun of me for watching cartoons. Sometimes I think she's got her values mixed up.

Ma thinks it cannot be for children because it has Billy Ray Cyrus in it. I'm like "Big Deal!!??" Miley is sponging off her father's talent. At least he worked to get where he is. He didn't need a kiddie-pop show to promote himself. The Disney Channel is really starting to SUCK these days!! I swear can't they play the old Disney stuff and keep these  sucky shows off except maybe on weekends or something? Really! It pisses me off that they don't even play the old Disney movies and cartoons anymore. Now they've gotta get into this new wave crap. UGH!! I always thought Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck were what made Disney Studios what it is today. Yet if you were to watch that channel, you'd never find them. We don't have the Disney Channel in our cable service out here yet, and believe me, I don't miss it!!

I sure do hope INXS does well on this tour. I am definitely going to be attending as many concerts as I possibly can. Won't be much I know, but at least the guys can rest assured that I will be there to cheer them on at at least some of their concerts. Now there is a real band!! I love INXS, always did always will. They have exceptional talent. It's a shame that their career was cut short by Michael's death. But I don't hold it against them. It's not their fault afterall. Now as for letting JD go, I don't know what to make of that. It may be that they just want to do this one last tour and then retire. Who really knows except INXS? I cannot explain why they are jumping from one singer to another. I wish I could. All there is now, until INXS speaks up, is speculation. I think they're trying to find another Michael. I hope, if INXS is reading this, that they don't take this the wrong way, but I think that's exactly what they are trying to do. It's like if I had gone out right after Groucho died, to try and find the perfect dog to replace her to fill that void. I didn't do it because I thought it would be a waste of time. I could never replace Groucho!! She was a one of a kind! So, I settled for the next best thing, Vegas. And I went with the flow. Though Minnie has helped me better in getting over Groucho. But little by little, I'm noticing a lot of Vegas's behavior parallels that of Groucho's. He is her nephew, afterall.

Just like my Groucho, Michael Hutchence was a one of a kind too. There will never be another Michael. The remaining band members have to come to terms with that. Honestly, I don't think they fully have come to those terms. They came awful close when they had JD with them. He sounded just like Michael!! I can only guess maybe they were not satisfied, and it could be because JD isn't Michael. Vegas isn't Groucho either, but I love him. Vegas is who he is, and that is why I love him so much. I hate to say this, especially to the band I love so much that suffered such an immense loss, but INXS needs to get over Michael!! They need to move on! They need to find a singer if they want to keep going, that they are all satisfied with, if they have to, adopt a new sound or something, and keep that singer. Say "THIS is INXS now! Not then! NOW!" They need to put the past behind them. Don't forget Michael, but remember him and move foreward. I really admire INXS for wanting to keep going in the music world. I know it's their passion. But for once please settle on a good lead singer, and let that be it. If they can't find someone they are all completely satisfied with, then IMO, maybe they just shouldn't make anymore music. Of course I realize that would SUCK and I'd probably never see them again. I mean, I love their tours. But there comes a time when someone has to look at themselves and say "Is this really what I should be doing?" Like me and show breeding chihuahuas. I really questioned that after I lost Groucho, and I did try. The old saying goes if you fall off a horse, you're supposed to climb right back on again. I even did have Vegas learning to stack. But I lost track!! The UMG website came up and we're still working on that. Besides I discovered I just HATE show breeders!!! For a vast number of reasons. I came to realize that breeding dogs for show maybe just wasn't my thing. And I haven't bred any dog since. But the remaining guys of INXS needs to hear their calling. Maybe there is something else out there for them? We all have a reason to be here. INXS fulfilled one mission, to make fine music that makes others happy. There has got to be another something they can do that they are good at.

Other Bands @ Olympics

Anyone else want to see a complete list of other bands that might be playing at the concert to kick off the Olympics next year, you can see them at this link. It's a big list, and I don't know if they will all be playing on the same day, the only one I care about is INXS, which amazingly is not listed there. But that could be because they just decided to perform. Maybe?

An interesting thought was brought up by one of my Facebook buddies. It got me thinking. Because INXS let go of JD, there could be some negativity toward them from the Canadians at the concert. I must admit that didn't even cross my mind!! I hope the band will be careful there!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hope This Isn't True!

Rumors are a part of our lives. We all hear them at some point. Some turn out to be true, others turn out to be false. This is one of those rumors I damn-well hope turns out to be false!! I heard there is a rumor that INXS is going to be touring with Guns N' fricken Roses!! I saw that in a comment this morning made by someone else whom I don't know on Facebook. I saw that and I was like NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Please don't let that be true! I HATE Guns N' Roses!!! I can't stand them! I never could!!! If ever there was a band unfit to be a band it is Guns N' Roses!! I never liked them at all. Not even a little bit. I can't think of a single song they wrote that is even worthy of being called a song. Believe me, I tried to find good in their music. But it is impossible to find any good where there is none.

Shoot! If these rumors turn out to be true, now I know for damn sure I won't be meeting up with INXS. I don't wanna meet Guns N' Roses!!! I can just imagine what their character is like. On second thought, I don't want to imagine it. I know I wouldn't like them. I don't even wanna go backstage and run the risk of bumping into those guys!! Hey! A hint to INXS, you wanna keep me from going to your concerts? Put Guns N' Roses in the same concert. I'll leave for sure, but I'd also demand my money back! Either I'll leave, or I'll bring my own music, crank it up so I don't have to listen to the bullshit coming from G N R, until it's time for INXS to come on. I refuse, I absolutely REFUSE to listen to Guns N Roses. You can't make me either :P

I already heard some songs of their's back in the early 90s, and throughout when Beavis and Butthead aired on MTV, and nothing they did ever impressed me, even the slightest. I would rather someone stripped my clothes off, painted me hippie-colors, and stuck me in a room at -20 degrees with no blankets, and no furniture with nothing but reruns of 30 something airing on big screen television sets for 30 days than make me sit through a damn Guns N Roses concert. I hate them THAT much!!!

INXS is my favorite band of all time, the only bands that come even remotely close are Roxette, U2 (sometimes, though I don't find Peter Bono particularly "beautiful"), and lately, the Lovehammers. I just have to get used to the Lovehammers. But Marty captured my heart the way he sang "Wish You Were Here", especially after my Groucho died.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

INXS Tour Again!!!

I think I read that INXS will be touring again. Awesome!!! They're going to be starting in Vancouver. I'd love to try going to that concert, but I doubt I'll make it. Anna wants to take me to the concert in style. hehehe! Gotta love these guys. And of course Anna! Looks like the band is going to recruit guest vocalists. I cannot wait to see whom! But I saw the announcement today that they are planning another World tour starting at the Vancouver Olympics on Feb. 24 at Vancouver BC's Place. According to this article, there's going to be tickets on sale. They are going to range in price from $22 to $50, and INXS is going to be one of several bands that are going to perform a concert to kick off the Olympics. I need to call and find out when exactly INXS will be performing. I don't care about any other concert! I sat through one opening act in Michigan. They were not too bad, but they had instrumental portions that went on into the night!! That was boring as HECK!! But I stayed because I thought their bassist was CUTE!!!! It was that group "Four-Fingered Five".

Oh GOD!! I never realized how much I miss Timmy until I heard they will be touring again. Well, I knew I missed him a lot, I just didn't realize it was this much!! I've been looking at some pics of him, there's some pics of him at the Australian Aria Awards, and I gotta tell you, he is looking MORE handsome than EVER!!!! I cannot wait to see him in person again. I doubt I will have any meetings with any of the guys (I don't think they want to see me again!) But if I could just see them one more time, it'll make me so happy!!!

Anyway, here is the article.

I'm feeling sooooo good!! You know what? Nothing can bring me down. My favorite men are making a comeback. NOTHING else matters to me now. Even this idiot on YouTube could not get to me. He claims he lost 30 pounds, and is calling me a fat ass and saying that I don't eat less than any skinny person. I think he thinks that every person processes fat the same way. It's a shame. Personally, I don't believe him at all. He may have lost 30 pounds once before, but he's probably still a fat-ass himself. Otherwise he wouldn't feel the need to call me a fat-ass and all kinds of fat names. But you know, I truly don't give a shit. With this new INXS news, nothing can bring me down. :)

Fan Fiction

What is it?? I've been hearing the term for some years now, and a couple of author sites that I am a member of do not allow fan fiction, and I always wondered what it was. So, tonight, I finally looked it up. It seems the term "fan fiction" has a lot of meanings, and despite the fact that these author sites do not allow this type of writing, it seems to be VERY popular!!! The most common meaning I've seen for this type of writing seems to be a writer who takes another author's characters and applies them to their own stories and happenings. I saw that and I said "That almost sounds like what Cathy and I did with our Batman stories!" that was back in my 1992/93 writing season. That's what I call it. The only difference is we didn't use Batman's characters per se. At least, not in the form you would see them if you bought a Batman comic book, opened it up and looked inside. Though in some ways, they do resemble the original characters, we used common UMG Productions characters instead. Or we used animals that matched the character of each villain. For example, Uncle Martin himself portrays the Mad Hatter. And Bucky himself portrayed Batman in the beginning. But the character who portrayed, say the Joker, was not a typical UMG character, but just a screwy squirrel that was created solely for the purpose of the story.

We did like 5 or 6 stories like that. The latest portrayed a character who was the daughter of the Riddler, who in my stories was portrayed by a "fanatical fox" with no set name. That was a story I created originally in 1992, but never finished then. Then I rewrote the story in 2002 and this time I completed it. I just titled it "Batman Battles the Daughter of the Riddler". There was also another story where Batman (this time portrayed by Cairo) battles the Mad Hatter (portrayed again by Uncle Martin) that I made in 2001, and it turned out as funny as HELL!!!! At least I thought so, so did a lot of my friends who read it. I titled it "The Hatter's Mad Caper". It was the best title I could think of at that time. I go back sometimes and read my stories, just for the trip down memory lane. I always find they are funniest when I haven't seen them in a long time. But I look back and I think about what happened to those days? Why can't I create like that anymore? I don't know why. I haven't had a fresh, epic story idea like those since 2007, when I actually wrote a story about impeaching Martin from the gang's leadership. Now that was a great story!!! It was kinda based on an incident that happened in a forum I was once a member of and it came out GREAT!!! I will be putting that story on the UMG site soon.

Typically when I write stories, I tend to write them in "collections", that is, I usually have a big sketchbook with blank pages, that you can usually find in any art supplies, or book store, that I fill with several stories. When I can, I try to only fill them with new ideas. Though over the years, I have occasionally done "re-makes" of classic stories from our old collections. Some of my most recent re-creations have been some of Katie's stories. She passed away in 1986.

But anyway, I always thought that "fan fiction" was taking actual people, like the men of INXS, and applying them to a story of my own. Like for example, the story I have of INXS going to Mount St. Helens. But I see those kinds of things going on all the time. Even the Simpsons do it on TV. Now, I'm not saying I like the Simpsons at all, but it is true they often depict celebrities on that show, and the voices are mostly done by impersonators. It gives an idea of how popular that kind of writing really is! I've had a lot of public figures portrayed in my stories, from INXS to Roxette to Osama Bin Ladin!! Cathy and I are even working on a story that depicts Obama. Though that will be sometime down the line. In just the past few months, I've had to throw some story ideas away, just because I could not think of an ending to them (I am notoriously BAD at endings!!!!!) Sometimes I need help finishing a story because I am so bad at it. That's often where the team-power comes in handy. But yes, I have several stories that depict celebs. Some good, some bad. Some are depicted in a fanatical way, some are just people that the characters bump into by accident. In the case of INXS, I had them come to my state to see our biggest tourist attraction, Mount St. Helens. At the time I started that story, I was still living in the vicinity of the mountain, but I didn't finish the story until 6 years later. Yes it is a story based on fantasy, but I carefully mention that in the beginning, that the story is not meant to be taken seriously. Anyone who reads that and does take it seriously has not read the disclaimer. I didn't even use their real personalities in the story. I kinda poked fun at them in fact. Specifically Jon, being the youngest in the group at the time I started that story, I kinda portrayed him as sort of a goofball, and even a bit of a brat, like younger brothers usually are. But it was only made to poke a little fun at him, in a loving way, of course. It's called "good-natured ribbing". I like Jon a lot! I'd never have portrayed him like that if I thought it was insulting. I made Tim the solid, rugged guy, who I couldn't stop making sheeps-eyes at in the story (almost like in real-life, only more-so). But again, it is only good-natured ribbing.

BTW, when the Batman series was originally completed in 1993, it was shown that the whole series was nothing more than Bucky having a dream. In the last half of the last story, he wakes up and goes into the living room where 2 of his friends are sitting, and he tells them about the dream he had, of him as Batman. I kinda think of these stories as something of a parody. But I am not sure. Parodies are apparently protected under the right of free speech. Though I understand Obama is going to try and take away that right. Not sure if that's a rumor or not.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tea Anyone?

Yesterday and the day before, I got into it again with this guy who called himself "The Teabag" on YouTube. But this turned out rather funny. Though I cannot stand tree-huggers! I hate tree-huggers almost as much as I hate show breeders!! Tree-huggers, show breeders, PETARDS, they're all the same! They just won't admit it! They all think they are the voices of the animals. Anyway, if you remember, "The Teabag" was the one who responded to a post I made on a video thread about a frog killing a bird. He was apparently the very first one to come in and imply that the camera person should have saved the bird from the frog's attack after I said that no one should argue with nature. Either way, nature's going to have her way!! No amount of whining from tree-huggers is going to change that!

Well, about 2 days ago, I was called back to that thread, after not being there for a while, and feeling somewhat huffed because I didn't say anything more than "Where have you been? You're late!" to the Teabag. I feared people thought I agreed with him! Anyway, someone posted this comment:

"by using your logic teabag another bird should have saved the bird!"

At first I thought he meant that comment for me because it showed up on my alerts when I signed in, it didn't register at first that this poster meant it for the Teabag. But this is exactly what I feared. So I had to respond. This was my comment:

That was "The Teabag"'s argument. Not mine. LOL!! I guess he thinks birds should think like we do. But that's not how nature is. In nature, it's every animal for it's self. Except in a few rare cases I've seen. I notice the bird's buddy flew away when it's comrade was attacked. It didn't stop to attack the frog and save it's friend. And most likely the next time it landed, forgot the whole incident ever happened. But you know how these stupid tree-huggers are! LOL!!

And then I also added this, as a note to The Teabag and others reading that post:

" I'd expect a human to save You from a bearattack in the forest "

To everyone else, maybe this is a personal thing, but for me, I'd rather someone saved me from a madman with a gun rather than save me from a bear-attack in the forest. The bear is only doing what comes natural. The madman is just killing for his own personal pleasure.
Well, yesterday when I got up and checked around the internet, did my usual rounds, I noticed that the Teabag had responded to my post. This was his sorded response:
You're fast to call people stupid while You have troubles reading.

My point obviously wasn't that animals should behave like humans.
My point was that humans should behave like humans. How hard is that?

(Besides, killing for fun happens among animals too. )

...and If you don't want to be saved from bear attack, the better for Youtube :)
Sounded like a threat to me! LOL! A silly threat, one I had to laugh at. Well, I tried to type out a response, but for some unknown reason, YouTube would not let me respond. I didn't know why, I thought The Teabag obviously blocked me, so I sent him a personal message. I hate sinking that low as to send a PM to an idiot like the Teabag!!!! I never PM people I don't know or don't like. Having found out a couple years ago that people can hack into your computer by just sending you a PM, I don't take that chance anymore!! Or I don't like to, but I thought The Teabag should know how I really felt. Unfortunately, I didn't save the PM, but it went something like this:
"You're fast to call people stupid while You have troubles reading."
Trying to back-pedal are you? I think I understood perfectly what you were trying to say. You were thinking that the camera person should have saved the bird, and I said I thought you were stupid, which I still believe is true! :)
"Besides, killing for fun happens among animals too."
I know, but definitely not frogs! A frog isn't going to waste it's energy killing something it has no intention of eating.
"and If you don't want to be saved from bear attack, the better for Youtube :) "
As a person who spent most of her younger years hiking in bear-country, I know how to handle bears when they attack. So I am more likely than anyone to survive an attacking bear. The madman with a gun can have you though. Now THAT would be better for YouTube! hehehe! :)
I've always been lucky that I never stumbled upon a bear while hiking. But if I did, I'd at least know how to ward them off. I did stumble upon a cougar once, but I beat it. A very well-placed hit with a very large and hefty stick stopped that attack! LOL! But I felt so disgusted sending a PM to the Teabag and I really did not want people coming on the thread for the first time thinking that I left his comments unresponded, so I told everyone on there that I had to send a PM to that yo-yo!! And I mentioned that I hate tree-huggers!! Well, this was the Teabag's last statement on that thread:
I received Your sick private messages and I have no wish to click these links. Why should I be interested in things You stuff into your rectum. Please stop harrassing me or I'll report You. End of discussion :)
LOL! He can report me if he wants to! I don't give a shit!! Others viewing this thread must have sent him messages too, because the Teabag said "messages", and I know he wasn't referring to the ONE message I sent him. I would never have sent him more than one. Let's make that perfectly clear!! One was all I could muster, and only then, followed by a good, long, hot shower! That was how disgusted I felt, PMing a damn tree-hugger!!! Anyway, my last comments to him were:
Believe me, I did not want to PM you!! But I was responding to your impudent comments on here and it wouldn't post. Besides, I was using your logic exactly. I will no longer send you any messages (don't worry about that!) But next time you start harassment on someone else, don't expect them not to get pissed off at you.
I had no intention of sending him anymore messages, I didn't care if he had reported me or not. I didn't even want to send that one PM I sent him! But I had no choice. YouTube made the choice for me. But I put an extra notice up on my channel saying that from now on, all tree-huggers will be blocked, because they are all wackos!!! Too crazy for me. Usually I like my friends a little bit nutty, but not to the extent of tree-huggers!! Geez! This one tree-hugger on Viergacht's forum, I'm glad I don't know her!! She said she's even a sociopath! LOL!! But anyone who would compare animals with humans, I dunno. It's just too nutty! I love animals a lot, always did! But you cannot compare animal life-styles to ours, considering the societies we have created and the technology we have. If a frog attacks a bird, well that's good for the frog! At least he gets to eat. It's easy for someone to sit and compare our lives with those of other animals that either goes to the supermarket to shop for food, or is able to grow food in his own backyard. But wild animals cannot do that, so the only way they can get fresh meat if they're hungry is to kill it. It beats starving to death. Wild animals have not figured out how to cultivate their own food. And you cannot blame that on people!! And some animals are not made to feed on grasses, roots and bark! Frogs only eat things that move, and those are mostly meat items. But try and tell that to tree-huggers!! They'll flop it around until it doesn't make sense anymore.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Last Fan Standing

I think it is official, I am the last INXS fan in the World. Aside from a very few people. I cannot say much about this post, but I truly think I am the last fan standing. Well, I love INXS, always did, always will. I will never give up on them. I don't see why I should. They've always been very nice to me. Well, except one. But just one member isn't going to stop me from loving the band I love. Though they personally do not know it, but INXS has always made me feel better when I needed it. Though they personally do not know it, when I was feeling down, I always felt reassured knowing that all I have to do is just put my INXS video in my player and within minutes into the videos and concert footage, especially if Tim is portrayed anywhere near the beginning of the film, I'd be feeling better. For that, I will always be grateful. Grateful for Tim just being Tim!!

Honestly, the person I am thinking of, I like them a lot, and I understand how this person feels. Really I do. But I also have to look at it from INXS's side. As an artist myself, I can see why INXS is so hush-hush about this project and the relationship between themselves and JD. Maybe they are setting us up for a big surprise! Who knows? But if INXS does decide to go touring, I will still be there, purchasing tickets, as long as they come back to WA state!!!! They didn't come last time they toured and I waited and waited. I'd also love to be the one to do the first interview with them in this state. :)

Well, I got my printer today, and I love it!!!! Took forever to set up, and I always get flustered in those situations! But, I finally figured out the problem, and I got it running now! This baby is AWESOME!!!! It has duplexing, and wi-fi capabilities!!! I took it for quite a spin tonight. I've already printed about 1000 pages. Maybe more! LOL! I'm making up for all those stories that have been completed that I haven't been able to print. Believe me, there were LOTS!!!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

New Feature

I have a new feature on my Metazoic site. I placed a donations button on the home page. I also put a note up on my guestbook. I said that if they don't donate to the site, they have no right to complain. So from now on, if Viergacht and his friends want to troll my guestbook, they have to pay me. And no less than $10 per post. hehehe!! If someone has a legitimate complaint, they're OK, they don't have to donate for that. But if the trolls want to complain, they have to donate, otherwise I'll edit their entries and turn their own words against them. Or turn them around in my favor. And believe me, I'll know the difference. I told them that if they want to donate, they can be as big an asshole as they want. I can take it. Otherwise, unless they want to embarrass themselves, forget it.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Guestbook Fun!

As you all know, I've been working a little bit on my Metazoic site this weekend. Well, while I was on there, I thought I would thumb through my guestbook, as I haven't seen it in several months. Well, when I get on there, I notice that there are several entries where the posters were taking their shots at wisecracks about me and my site. I know who they are, it's Viergacht and his friends. I wondered why I hadn't heard anything from them lately. I also knew that when I had that interview with Dougal Dixon that Viergacht and his stupid friends would become very jealous!! LOL! It's almost too funny for words! I know it was them because first of all, the entries were all made on the same day, and they were posted shortly after my interview with Dougal Dixon. And a couple of other little details which I won't mention here. He's jealous of me. I won the film-making contest and he didn't think I would. My site won an award and he thought I was too stupid to attract such huge attention. My books are being published, while his are still in the visionary stage, and likely never will be published. And I could just see him pulling his own hair out by the roots when I had the interview with "the man" himself!! See, he's wrong about me, and he hates that. He wants so badly to make me feel bad, but he can't because he's a nobody to me. LOL!!! But people like him, I actually like having interrupt my life. Know why? Because they always give me the gumption to take that crucial next step. They tell me I can't do something, I'll say I can, and I'll do it!! If Viergacht keeps this up, I may become the next Oprah! LOL!

Well, I didn't know it when I signed up for the guestbook that I could actually edit entries!!! That's cool!! I just found that out today. So, I decided to have some fun. Like I am always known to do, I turned their own words against them. Well, one of Viergacht's friends at least had the foresight to call himself "stupid". At least that one acknowledges it, and came by it honestly. It was actually kinda fun doing that! I hope they give me more posts that I can use against them. hehehe!! Knowing Viergacht's type like I do, no doubt he will. Sooner or later. But hey! At least it gives my wise-cracking mind some practice. But for now, back to my life.

Thank goodness Thanksgiving is over! So now all I have to deal with is Christmas. Shoot!! I'm not too fond of Christmas! I used to be when I was younger, but not no more. And Black Friday always comes around at the most inopportune time!!! I hate that!! I'll just be so glad when the holiday season is over with. Forget parking at the malls. Though I know I could use the walk, and I will do it with no hesitation. But parking, the crowds, the stores, the long lines--which is what I genuinely HATE--it SUCKS!!!

Well, this year, aside from the few gifts I am giving to close friends and relatives, I'm only getting one gift for both me and Anna. She already knows what it is too. It's a laser printer for our computers. I wanted to get a monochrome printer that has the wi-fi feature and does duplexing. That is what we're getting. FINALLY!!!!! When I get this printer, and a cartridge to go with it, I'm going to print copies of my list, and some copies of the stories I haven't printed yet. I like to keep copies available in case someone asks to see them. I was going to sell some to this library here in town, but as I understand it, they are closing at the end of December. I wonder what they'll do with all those books? Well, there's always the libraries in Aberdeen and Hoquiam. They're connected with the libraries in Olympia and Lacey. They're not going anywhere. I hate that library in Aberdeen. The workers there are so snooty!! Not to mention that library is stingy!! They are so damn stingy, they wouldn't even let my sis Anna check out a book because we live in Ocean Shores. Well, one good thing, since this library here is being taken down, maybe the one in Aberdeen will let us check out some books now. Maybe. One of my friends told me that if they don't, now that we don't have a public library in this town, I can get a lawyer and sue them. Worth a shot. If nothing else, it might put a little of the fear of GOD in them!! I like the library in Hoquiam, I won't do it to them.

Anyway, now that my books are published and have ISBN numbers on them, I can sell them to bookstores and libraries. Maybe even get some reviews on them. Some actual reviews. Not just opinions based on sample copies, which are not meant to be too much like the full copies.

Friday, November 27, 2009

New Animals on Metazoica

I was working a little bit on my list today of mammals of the Metazoic. For those who are interested. I've been getting new buddies on myspace and facebook, and I like to name some of my species after friends so, I was busy doing that today. With me, that is the utmost form of flattery. That's my way of saying to someone that I hold them in the highest regards. I only do that with people I really like. There are a few species I have named after people I haven't seen or spoken to in a long time, but I still keep those species. A few I named after the people who created them, only one of which I still communicate with. But the other, it wouldn't be fair to erase just because I'm not speaking to that person anymore. There is only one person among my Facebook buddies that I have no animal on my list named after. But I'm not sertain he and I are really friends. He hasn't said anything against me, but he's never acted like a friend either. Sometimes I think he only asked me to be his friend because I am an INXS fan and nothing more. I'm not sure he wants to really be friends. But as long as I don't think he is slamming me behind my back, I'm OK with him. I'm just maintaining my distance. Which is why you won't find his name anywhere on my list. But I even have species named after almost all the men of INXS (except Kirk or Jon Stevens), and all the men of the Lovehammers too! I think I'll make the Lovehammers my next fave band, if I never hear from INXS again. I liked Marty Casey. He was OK. I think I have 2 animals actually named after Tim Farriss. I like him that much!!

Well, I will be putting the new list on my Metazoic site maybe this weekend. I know my pics on Metazoica are not really pretty but they are only meant to give the viewer a basic idea of what each animal is supposed to look like. I found someone on the net who liked my site, but said my pictures were not pretty. I just told him I was sorry he didn't like my pics, but that is my style. I know I *could* do better if I wanted to. I'm just lazy. I've gotten lazy in my old age! LOL! I also told him, as nicely as I could, that I found his drawings to be unattractive as well. But then he did anime style drawings, and I cannot stand anime at all!! So at least I was honest, I wasn't trying to get personal. I like the old-fashioned, Bugs Bunny style drawings, and that is where I set my standards.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Colors Page

Well, last night, I got a message on my guestbook stating that another chihuahua breeder in Texas has taken my words from my site's color page, and put them on her own website. So I wrote to the guilty party. I simply told her I'm glad that she enjoyed my color page so much. I don't mind her using my words, but I at least want a little credit for having done all the research. I asked her to remedy this problem ASAP. Not sure if she did, not sure if she will even. I did flip through her site, and all of her dogs look like the Taco Bell dog!! But that's not my business anymore. I don't have to care about that anymore. That's the beauty of not trying to breed show dogs myself anymore. I don't have to care about that stuff. Back before I lost my Groucho I would have said something. But today, that's not my problem anymore. All I can do is educate. Some people will take it, others won't. Those that do, I'm glad for them. Those that don't, I can only hope they get the message someday that what they are doing is wrong. If not from me, there's plenty of reputable chihuahua breeders out there who will hammer the message into them.

I really do not mind this person taking my words off my site. I just want some credit, either a link or a mention of my site or my name, or something. But either way, I am happy that my words are still being used to educate, whether it is from my site or not. Anyway, here is the offending site. Well. Not too offending!!!

Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving to all reading this blog!! I just wanted to list all the things I am thankful for this year.

1. My Family
2. My dogs, and welcoming Minnie to my family.
3. My friends on MySpace and Facebook, and I hope they all have a wonderful Thanksgiving too!
4. My friends on this blog and my Metazoica blog.
6. That at least half my family is now living here in Ocean Shores.
7. My ability to pick up easily on things.

I'm going to spend tomorrow at ma's upstairs. She's making the turkey and I'm making the rest. I fixed up most everything tonight, I made everything home made. I made homemade mashed potatos, home made rolls, butterflake style. Anna made some home made stuffing, I'm also going to make up a home made lemon mirangue pie. I always make everything home style on special occasions like this. I used to also make home churned butter, but that was when I was younger!!

Have a happy Thanksgiving to all reading this blog!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Favorite Animals

Mostly mammals. I had uploaded this to YouTube, but I could not upload the full version. So I will do it here, in hopes that this will load OK. I think on Blogger, you can have a longer file than 10 minutes. The version I uploaded to YouTube is just slightly longer than 10 minutes (by about 2 seconds), I won't be surprised if it gets deleted!! I've had videos that were one second longer than 10 minutes get deleted!!! I really fricken HATE YouTube as that goes!!! Well, I am hoping this uploads alright here. This one contains the last species and video credits. I feel bad not having the video credits on the YouTube version! I'm not trying to steal. And I am using this for educational and entertainment reasons.

The only difference with this version and the one you may encounter on the internet is that I did my own narraration. I wanted to tell each animal's stories in my own words. That was FUN!!!! That was probably the best fun I've ever had on the internet!! I collected videos from all over the internet. Arkive was a great help in this! They have some terrific videos of animals. I just hate their screen that takes over. I had to try and crop most of that out as much as possible. Otherwise those portions would have been mostly the Arkive screen, and you couldn't see the animals very well!!

Well, anyway this is my tour through my favorites in the animal world. Hope you all enjoy the show!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Remembering Michael Hutchence: 12 years later

Here I made a video commemorating Michael Hutchence. It's been 12 years since he's passed away, and I did want to take a few minutes to reflect on how I felt when I first heard the news. When I was younger, I loved that man. Today, I've cooled off on him considerably. I focus more on Tim now. I know I don't always act like I like Michael, I've even said sometimes that I don't like him (but it was said in the heat of battle with a particular dumb-ass Hutch fan---who called herself Bittertears---that I have nothing to do with anymore, thank GOD!!) But once I stopped associating with such dumbasses, and the air cleared, I remembered how I used to feel about Michael. That was when the old feelings and memories re-emerged. I still don't consider myself a Hutch fan. I like him, I still enjoy INXS's back catalogue. Nothing has changed that. But I just don't see him the way I used to when I was younger. Not since I "rediscovered" Timmy.

I know I should never have let someone else dictate who I should like or shouldn't like! That's NOT my nature!!!! Especially someone like Bittertears, who I never really liked. My instincts kicked in almost immediately with that one, and I knew there was something about her I wasn't going to like. I'm not angry at her, I was angry at myself for not listening to those instincts. Well, when she snapped, I said I was NEVER going to ignore those instincts ever again! And I haven't since. Saved me from a Hell of a lot of heartache in these past 2 or 3 years, lemme tell you!! I give everyone a chance to prove my instincts wrong, sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. But at least I haven't been disappointed. The saying "Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger" comes to mind!

Anyway, I made a video blog about how I felt the day I found out Michael died. I admit I didn't include everything (I even noticed I left out any mention of Michael's daughter, Lily) but I included a basic little bit of info about how I felt the day I heard Michael was no longer with us. I don't go into a lot of details, if I did it'd take a lot longer than 10 minutes and YouTube only allows 10-minute videos. Thank YouTube for being so damn stingy!!! Seriously, I HATE YouTube!! But it is the most popular video site there is. So I had to use it. I have a similar video I put up on MySpace, so those who want more detail can go to that one. It's back in this blog somewhere. But anyway, this one is more special because I put it up closer to the date of his death. That is a special day! When a person is alive, we celebrate their birth. But someone like Michael, who is no longer with us, I celebrate their whole life by celebrating the day they died. You know I read that's even what Jesus, Himself, preferred! A person has done more before they die than they do before they are born. And admittedly, Michael did more and brought more joy to more people before he died than he did before he was born. So that's why I feel this day is more special than say his birthday would have been.

Those are my views anyway. Enjoy the video!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Fat People

I've been thumbing through YouTube's collection of fat women videos. Just for the Hell of it. I cannot believe the amount of people who say such things as "fat people are disgusting" and "fat people smell like shit", and my all-time favorite one of all: "Fat people have no feelings because they aren't real people." HAHAHA!!! I didn't ever know there were people who are that stupid!! Oh yeah I think that one is a toss-up with another personal favorite: "I'm fat, but I'm a guy so who cares!" As if it's any different if a man is fat as opposed to a woman being fat!! Depending on how you look at it, fat men are every bit as disgusting as fat women.

Now, I admit this one video I saw of a woman who is super fat, and she has a talent she just had to put on YouTube. She claps without using her hands. Instead she opens and closes her knees and they make that clapping sound. She should NOT have put that video up!! But this is YouTube, and you're going to come across all kinds!! People on that thread were saying how disgusting that was, and calling this woman all kinds of names. I admit she shouldn't have posted that video, but these people acted like this woman committed the crime of the century. I'm like Geez!!! Lighten up!! People think that just because a person is fat that they should go crawl in some hole so no one else has to look at them. Hello!! I'm not on this planet to impress anyone!! I live for myself!! If you don't like how I look or don't like me because I'm fat, that's your problem!! I'm happy with who I am.

I told everyone on this thread about my daily walks, and I told them I may be a fat person, but at least I am a healthy fat person. One person came in and said "LMAO a 'healthy fat person' is an oxymoron. That's like saying unicorns and lepricauns exist." While I admit that being fat normally does not equal being healthy, I'm not like "normal" people. Never have been, never will be. In fact, in my recent trip to the doctor's, he was absolutely amazed at how healthy I was. I was taking antibiotics for a recent, very minor infection I had, and he said "35 years old and the only medical problem you have is this minor infection?" But hey! My cholestorol is fine, my blood pressure is fine and heart rate is superb!!! So yeah, at my size and my age, that's not bad at all!! I don't ever eat McDonald's, I have BK maybe once every 6-12 months, I drink more water than anything else. Yes, I do splurge once in a while at BK, but I NEVER order full meals!! No fries, if I do get a drink it's usually a small one. Then I wash it all out when I get home with 2 heaping (32-ounce) glasses of PURE water. And yet, I still managed to lose 35 pounds!!!! I go on 3-mile walks daily, and I just do it for the fun of it! I walk to the beach when I can. I could go every day if I want to, but sometimes I don't feel like dealing with the sand.

Anyway, I said to this smart-ass "I guess you're the kind of person that believes lepricauns and unicorns exist because these are the words of a healthy fat person!" I'm sure he's going to retort. Ya know, I cannot blame him. Society has people like him trained that fat people are lazy, disgusting low-lifes that eat themselves to this state and they deserve to be poked at and teased. But not everyone is fat because they are lazy or eat a lot. I'm as active and mobile as any thin person you could ever meet, the only reason I am fat is because of that surgery I had, and a hormonal imbalance. But I don't let that define who I am. It happened, that's the end of it. It's my cross to bear, let me deal with it. I don't let it stop me or cripple me in any way. I don't go to anyone begging for acceptance or sympathy. I'd rather people like me for who I am rather than what I could give them or for some other type of physical trait. That's not to say though that I wouldn't give my friends the World if I can. :) I'm very well-known for being a giving person. I'm not exactly what someone would call a "fat-ass low-life". But if that's all this person sees when he meets a fat person, not much I can do to change his mind. Just educate people like that and hope someday they get the message. If not from me, perhaps they'll learn from someone else that we're just average people, who just happen to have more pounds on us. But we can be just as good, or as bad, as anyone else.

I always try to be good. I can be brutally honest, but that doesn't make me bad or uncaring. In fact, most of the time I am brutally honest is because I care. I sometimes think I care about others more than I should. If I like someone, I tend to put their worries and desires before my own. I know I shouldn't but I do! It's just my nature. I know it sounds weird!!

Well, yesterday I found a Home Depot in Aberdeen, I had no idea whatsoever they had one there!!! That is exciting to me! It means I can begin this project and I won't have to go all the way to Olympia just to find a damn Home Depot!!! I went there and looked around and priced some items I'm going to need to begin this project. I've made up my mind, I'm going to build my own bird and reptile enclosures! I am so excited about this project!!!! I've got my own plans made up and everything. I'm hoping that with all this planning I've been doing, that these enclosures turn out nicely. I even got to play with some of their power tools! I'm not really used to handling power tools, but I have a knack for picking up on things very quickly and after a while, I even found it to be quite fun! There was even an automatic hammer!! It hammers nails in automatically! I've GOT to get me one of those!!! I'm always smashing my fingers with the hammer. I never hurt myself, but still!!! It's a big annoyance!!! Anyway, I can predict, at the least this will be FUN!!! At best, I'll have some highly-attractive acrylic enclosures for my birds, snakes and lizards. The plans I have will even make them better than those made by Cages By Design! hehehe! I'm going to choose acrylic sides as opposed to glass or mesh. I will have little windows above for screens to allow fresh air into the cage. But acrylic holds warm air in better than glass does. And thus the birds and other animals won't be as exposed to drafts as they would with all-mesh sides. And out here, it gets VERY drafty!! I would never be able to own birds if not for these kinds of cages. I don't use our heater very often. But I LOVE birds and I want them again. I'm going to raise ornamental, exotic finches and softbills and day geckos. Not in the same cages though!! I'll have a separate enclosure for the geckos, and a separate enclosure for the birds. Birds will have plenty of room for flight, geckos don't need a lot of room, but their cages will be taller since they are arboreal lizards. Each will have a place to plug in a heater and a full-spectrum lighting system. Yep, it's going to be fun!! I can hardly wait to get started.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Surgery SUCKS!!!!

I hate it, but I wanted it so I got it. But knowing that doesn't make me feel any better. I'm in bed and I cannot get out and it is driving me CRAZY!!! I mean, even crazier than I already was! LOL! But Anna has been a big help to me. I couldn't have made it this far without her. She's studying to be a nurse, she's going to make a good one let me tell you all!! She just needs to get used to the sight of bodily juices that I cannot talk about on here. LOL! Not that I have much anymore. In fact, I feel so drained, I don't think I have anymore left!! But I'm so sick of staying in bed! I hate it! I like to move around. But these pain killers I've been put on get me so drowsy, I feel like if I take a few steps, I'll just drop dead right in the middle of the room. By drop dead, I mean drop dead to sleep. LOL! It takes every bit of energy I've got left just to get myself up to use the restroom.

I'm bored out of my mind! There's only so much I can do in this book I'm working on. Thank GOD it's not a book I have to draw the pictures in. But nevertheless, it's still tough work! Getting the info I want to include and then putting it all down to where it makes some sense! That's a lot! But it's something to keep my mind going in between naps, and there's a LOT of naps!!!! I cannot wait to get off these pills! I'm actually trying to make them go faster if I can, but I cannot take them any sooner than 4 hours apart. So I've taken to taking them at night as well. hehe! Even as I am writing this, I'm still having trouble keeping my eyes open. My ma is afraid I'm going to become addicted to these pills, but no. No worries there, I don't allow myself to fall victim to drug addictions. The only thing in the World I'm addicted to is looking at Tim Farriss, and I don't care if I'm addicted to that! LOL! At least if I get overdosed on Timmy, it won't kill me.

Speaking of rock stars, the doctor who did my surgery looked just like Kurt Cobain!! Same hair, same eyes, even the shape of his nose was the same! But I know it wasn't him! Couldn't have been!! LOL! He looked like he was in his 20s. But as long as he knew what he was doing, I didn't care about his age! And like I said about Anna, she's going to make a fine nurse someday! I cannot wait to see how she does when she graduates from MSU!! She's a very caring person. I promised her I would reward her generously when I'm fully recovered. I am so glad I had the surgery now, as opposed to later, I want to be all better by Thanksgiving. At least enough to move around effectively and make my part of the Thanksgiving dinner. I made a deal with my ma, if she took care of the turkey and gravy, I would do the rest. I want to do it the old fashioned way, everything home made. Nothing store bought. That's why I want to at least be back on my feet again by then. That's going to require hours of standing on my feet!!

Well, the one thing I dreaded about this surgery was the ride home. In the last 2 surgeries I've had in my lifetime, I always got sick and puked afterwords! LOL! This time I didn't!! But yesterday I did have hiccups that would not go away!! Still got some today, but not as bad as yesterday's!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


AGH!! One thing that I have noticed in my writing my book now, my writing is too simplistic!! I hear that a lot from everyone! Kenny said it to me, so has a lot of other wise-guys, right down to Devil Doll in the INXS forum!! And you know who I blame for my having become such a simplistic writer? That darned old AcmePet forum that used to exist!! It's all their faults!! Not the forum it's self, but a lot of the people who used to get on it. Up until I used to get in there, my writings were very elaborate and even at times, complex. Maybe too complex for the simpletons that used to get on the AcmePet forums!! Well! That's show breeders for you! And yes, many of them were show breeders, or were the types of people who believed you should not breed dogs unless you've already shown them to their championships. While I cannot say I disagree whole-heartedly with that, anyone who is so strict in their beliefs of that IMO is nothing but narrow-minded! And those people were like that. But I think the lack of interest in using big words and phrases in forums and stuff was totally brainwashed out of me due to the people on that site. I bring this on now because I am working on my book of mammals of the world, and I noticed my writing is indeed too simplistic, compared to the books and scientific writings that I have been using as my sources of information!! Watch for this book BTW, coming to UMG Productions! I've got my supervisor's OK on this one. It may hit the site either next year or the year after. I may have to hire an editor because I don't want this book to look like it's been written by a 12-year old!!

Well, AcmePet was the first, and thus far the ONLY, forum to complain about my using such big words. It was through there that I discovered people actually HATE it when you use big words! I remember a lot of people on there, many of them accomplished show breeders, a lot of the words I used seemed to go WAY over their heads!!! Finally, there was this one woman who wasn't a show breeder or any kind of breeder, but she had the mind of one, she called herself PatB, she owned a papillon. She was a nice person for the most part, but one time the forum was having a discussion, I don't remember now what it was about, but I do remember that I wrote what almost seemed like an essay, and it was very complex, with a lot of use of college-level words, which is how I always used to write back then. Anyway, PatB read my message and she was like "what did you say?" I responded "You didn't understand that??" So I had to simplify it for her. A woman in her 50s and I had to simplify what I wrote for her. I was nice about it, but I was almost embarrassed for her! But she responded as a lot of people over the months I spent on there responded to a lot of my posts. She said "Next time you want to join a discussion, keep your responses simple like that. Please leave out the big words." So I said "Screw that then! I will leave out the big words if it annoys these people so much!" But I used to get that all the time! People would always say "Let me get out my dictionary so I can understand your post" or "Smaller words please Bambi!" (Bambi, BTW, was my nickname on that forum), and other comments like those. I remember Sharon, the woman who started the battle with me on the chihuahua forum, said that I used too many big words, like I was a young person trying to sound older. When that was not the case at all. I was used to using big words. I'm a writer, I could not help using big words. But since my time in the AcmePet forums, I've been brainwashed out of using any big words. So now, instead of hearing people bitch about me using too many big words in my sentences, I hear people bitch about my sentences being too simplistic! UGH!!! This is why I just stopped listening to critics. You can never satisfy them. Well, show breeders are always going to bitch about something!!! They aren't happy if they aren't complaining or griping! But I would have at least expected a little bit better attitude from pet owning (non-breeding or showing) people!!

Sometimes, I've got to confess, I feel a bit bad talking about show breeders this way. Because I actually have met some I liked a lot. I don't like clumping them into the same category of other show breeders I've met who's attitudes have been unsavory, at best. So to say something positive for a change about show breeders, I will list the show breeders I've met, either online or in real life, that I do like. Keep in mind, this is not a very long list at all! And I am going to name names that I know them by!

I remember on the AcmePet site, there was one woman named SandyB, who bred and showed miniature schnauzers. I remember I HATED her when I first met her because she started attacking me and my dogs. But after I got to know her, and knew how she truly felt about dogs and breeding, and learning that she was just telling it like it was, I actually got to like her a lot!

On the Pluba forums, there was Tanya who breeds and shows chihuahuas. I still like her a lot. But like SandyB, I didn't when I first met her. But she tells it like it is under no uncertain terms, and I like that. Though sometimes she falters a bit. She said Odessa wasn't a very good specimen of a chihuahua, and I asked her what made her say that and she never answered. I didn't mind her honesty, but I wish she'd have told me the truth about why she didn't see Odessa as a good specimen.

Also on the Pluba forum, there is Kandee, who I also like. I remember I didn't like her (again) when I first met her. I know!! I need to stop judging people before I get to know them!!! I'm training myself to do that now. But after I got to know her, I discovered she's really one of the sweetest show breeders I've ever met! Online or off.

Also on the Pluba forum was Horneybull. She was one of the few show breeders I always liked. She's always been really nice, and she's so well educated. She's always had something educational to say as well. I always found her posts to be very precise and informative.

Also on the Pluba forum was DJsDoxies. Now, I honestly don't know if we're still online friends or not, I haven't seen her in a long time, and I get a deep, dark feeling she wouldn't want to be friends with me anymore because of how I feel about show breeders. But until I absolutely, without question learn different, I still like her a lot, she's always been a very sweet person to me.

Another from the Pluba forum I really like is Tailwagging. I actually spoke to her on the phone, and she is just as nice over the phone as I've always known her to be on the forum. She breeds and shows chihuahuas and she has some lovely specimens! She's not only sweet, she's honest too, as the day is long!

Another from the Pluba forum I really liked was Carla. I haven't seen her in a long time though. She reminds me so much of SandyB from AcmePet! She tells it like it is when it comes to breeding dogs, and doesn't sugar-coat anything either! I like that quality in a breeder.

The show breeders I've actually met in person and really like are:

Helene, she breeds and shows chihuahuas too, her kennel name is Kandiland, and she has some lovely specimens. Though I am still disappointed in this one female she got from John C. Since he is her friend, I would have expected him to give her a better specimen, but that's him! And he is none of my concern, since he is NOT on my list of show breeders I like!! I'd NEVER like him! But anyway, I like Helene, because she is definitely one of the sweetest show breeders I've met personally. She lives here in this state. She was the one who wound up in the hospital here a while back. The only reason I didn't say anything to her was because I didn't want my address or phone # to get to another show breeder that I don't trust around the corner at all! (Sorry this entry got soured by the memories of a breeder I would never want anything to do with.)

Marie, of Stormin' Chihuahuas. In all honesty, I really shouldn't like her because I found out she is one of those kinds of people who will stop liking someone if everyone else around her doesn't like that someone. But when I met her, she was really nice. She even tried to help me get back in the ball with breeding after Groucho died. She tried, but I just couldn't bite I guess. Now, I know she doesn't like me anymore, but I still have good memories of her so I have really no hard feelings about her.

Marjorie of Amulet Chihuahuas. She was the one who sold me Groucho. I really like her. She was always so nice and very helpful. And regardless of what you might hear from some other breeders who show, YES, Margie DOES show her dogs!! She works with several different breeds, but she shows each and every breed she works with, and does exceptionally well!! She finished Groucho's sister in only 4 weeks! I call that GOOD!!!

Millie of Will O' Wisp Chihuahuas, even though she is not breeding or showing anymore, she was a very nice woman. She sold Anna Odessa and Anna loves her a lot!! We were so sorry to hear of the unfortunate events that has stopped her from breeding and showing.

Jackie of Burgundy Chihuahuas. I don't remember if that's her name, but she's deceased now. She died shortly after Groucho did, and it's terrible because I was going to get a pup from her one time. I always admired her dogs, she had some of the best in this whole state!! Plus, she was a very nice woman, and sometimes, showed us how to prep Odessa for showing. I actually cried, I felt the dog show world suffered an irreplaceable loss with her death. :(

Well, Pitter, from the Pluba forum, at least deserves an honorable mention here. She is one of the nicer breeders I've met. I'm not sure if she shows or not. Though we locked horns when we first met. I learned to like her once I learned to forgive her. And she was nice to say something about Groucho after I lost her.

Then there's RatLady. I like her too! I don't know if she's started showing yet though. People on Pluba try to push her into showing, I personally don't care if she does or not. I used to not like RatLady, sometimes she gets irrational like I used to. But I found out she and I are so much alike in a lot of ways. We both have our own minds, and the snobby show breeders always see us both as being "crazy" because of it. One would think we were related, we're so much alike. That was when I stopped disliking her and started learning to like her a lot again. The only thing that makes me uneasy about RatLady is how she totally rejects and laughs off the advice she gets from the other knowledgeable show breeders like Tanya. But she's not as bad as some others I've known. Believe me!! Among those that are MUCH worse than RatLady was Sara W. Known on the Pluba forums as Mcgillicutty.

Then there is also Hu-Dare on the Pluba forum. I don't know why I like her, but I do. In all realism, I probably shouldn't. She's never been very friendly to me, but I like how she is so upfront and honest! She doesn't go and talk BS about people in PMs that I know of, and she's honest without sounding like a bully, and I like that kind of person.

And of course, Tom, I know he used to have a kennel he called TLC and then TomCan's Chihuahuas. I like him too. Always did. Even though we have had some snaps at each other before, I still like him. I don't know if he is still breeding, I know he was trying to start showing, but I don't know if he has yet. The only thing about him I think could use some improvements is how irrational he gets about merle chihuahuas. He doesn't like them, OK. But don't let that dislike run your life and your mind.

Well that's all the show breeders I like. My thoughts may be outdated, but until I learn completely different from these people, this is who all I like in the show breeding game. I told you the list isn't that long! But this time instead of elaborating on about the show breeders I don't like, I thought I would list the nicer ones I've met.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm Through!!

I'm so through responding to all the dumbasses on YouTube! Though I will continue to go there and do my research, I'm not going to be responding to anymore people I know to be dumbasses! Like the other day, I got a message in my inbox from a guy who calls himself "juggernaut", I didn't even open it. The idiot has been trying to convince me for weeks of something I know is not true!! To be honest, I think he's actually booobooo2010! No doubt in another alter-ego! Either that or he knows booobooo2010 and he's rushing to his aid. But it won't work with me! I think it's kinda funny actually because one time booobooo2010 asked me in a hostile manner if I was insane. He said "Are you fucking insane dumbass!!" I should have answered, "You bet I am, Shitface!!!" But since booobooo2010 is using 2 different names on YouTube to make his point, looks like he is even more insane than me!! At least I come by it honestly, and I only have one account on YouTube! I don't use pseudonyms to make my point and I don't need anyone else's help. I can very well stand on my own 2 feet! But you know how these cowards like booobooo2010 are!!

I dunno! There's a lot of things in this life I know I should do but I don't! I don't call anyone names, even when they do it to me. But I do have a breaking point, like everyone else. Though I'm trying to learn to give myself a wider berth as that goes, if I am pushed to that point, I cannot help but snap. So, that is why I've stopped answering people I know to be dumbasses. And in some cases I don't even look at their messages. It won't happen anymore! I won't even go to those threads at all anymore, no matter what. I've just simply had it with the rude dip-shits on YouTube!! Like I said in an earlier post, I don't know why I've bothered with some of them in the first place! Most of them are too stupid to live!!

I think Matt on Operation Repo last night, put it beautifully. That's how cowards are, they typically get mouthy when they have friends, or any people, backing them up (or in the case of the internet, when they can create more than one username). Not that I mind my friends if they want to back me up, as long as they don't do it too much!!! But I don't need them! I don't rely on them because I really don't mind if I stand alone. I've done it before, remember PETA-Sucks? LOL! I stood on my own there, everyone else was for Mr. Cutthroat. I didn't mind it though. I just knew that group wasn't for me when I found out the majority of the people on there were racists! The kind of people I hate the most! It was so good last night to see 2 new episodes of Operation Repo! And I am so glad that Luis is back in the game. I hope he cools down and doesn't get to that level of irrationality again!

Well, today I have surgery, so I'm probably going to be down for a while. I don't know when I'll be back. I don't really want to discuss all the details here, and I hope Anna doesn't go blabbing it to everyone on Facebook again like she always does!! I mean really! Some things should stay behind closed doors!! If I wanted to really discuss these things, I would tell them myself!! But Anna needs to learn the difference between what can be stated publicly, and what should stay anonymous! Either that, or I delete her from my Facebook friends!!! I will if she ever does that again! She's done it twice already!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Weight Loss

One thing I found out yesterday when I went to the doctor's office was that I am losing weight! I'm not even trying to! But I've lost 30 pounds so far! I think it's cool!! If I can keep going I will. I had been noticing my belly is getting flatter, it doesn't bulge out the way it used to. I used to think it was just gravity finally taking over and my belly was just sagging! But no. I lost 30 pounds! That's pretty cool!

I know that it is too much to hope for that I go back to being the hot little mama I used to be. LOL! But at least I can get myself down to a more desirable weight again. A net loss of 30 pounds is not bad at all! It's a damn good start!

Why Bother??

Well, today was a long and busy day for me! Thank GOD I didn't have to do any of the driving!! And I get home and go to sleep after this long day out, and I wake up, turn on my computer and check my e-mails. After that I usually thumb through various websites and I head back to YouTube. For the past week, there's been this guy who calls himself chivasusachris1 and he wants to compare a chihuahua to a labrador! Not only are chihuahuas better looking than labs, they're smarter too!! At least mine are! I need to get a video of Vegas getting his doll and his rope on command and then actually putting them away when he's finished. I don't even have to give him any hand signals! I just tell him and he understands.

I am NOT a labrador fan! Not even slightly. I cannot stand ANY gun dogs! Except American cocker spaniels. The rest of them, they could all be bred out of existance and I wouldn't give a shit! I hate labradors! Labradors, golden retrievers, irish setters, pointers, I don't like any of them! This guy on YouTube thinks he can change my mind by showing me his ass-sniffing labrador doing tricks, like opening and closing a trash can lid. Big deal! He says his dog does a lot more than that. Well, I admit, it would be very tricky for Vegas, who only stands about 1 foot tall on his hind legs, to open and close a trash can lid, but Vegas has his own line of tricks. And they are tricks suitable for small dogs.

So now this guy says "tell me how many times has your dog been on tv?" Oh ho! As if that is supposed to impress me!! Dare I tell him about the request I got from Disney Studios to star my baby in Beverly Hills Chihuahuas? The only reason I said no was because I did not agree with the kind of chihuahua they wanted to use. It was a cream-colored Taco Bell lookalike. I never even saw the movie when it was in the theaters. Well, I didn't tell this guy anything about that, except that Vegas was requested for a major motion picture! But there is no way to prove it on YouTube! I'm not gonna show some dumbass who I don't know the e-mails, when he has no business looking at my e-mails anyways!! E-mails is one thing I will NOT cross-post! Not without express permission from the person who sent it. I do have some morals!!

Well, no doubt I will be inundated with comments from this asshole about how his ugly-fuck of a labrador is better than my baby!! Ya know, I don't know why I even bother with responding to these dip-shits in the first place!! I should just redirect him to this blog!! At least here I can write as much as I want and there is no limit! And I even allow people to respond anonymously if they want. I think you can tell today I am not in the best of moods!! Well, my response on here is a lot more hot-headed than it was on YouTube! But I'm just so tired of people being so hostile to one another on YouTube! Small wonder why now everyone is calling it "RudeTube"!! LOL! I've had run-ins with people who hate non-whites now, and people who hate Americans on the whole. I can say now I have seen it all!! But I keep going back to YouTube because it is one of the best ways I've found to learn about different herps and birds and seeing other peoples' set-ups and thinking, "THAT'S what I want!!!" It's exciting!! But really! Why do people feel the need to be so rude on YouTube!? I mean, I hate show breeders! But I'm not going to be rude to every one of them I meet, because actually I have met a very few who were genuinely nice!! I prefer to meet everyone as an individual, and judge each one based on the quality of that individual's character. Not based on the actions of all the bad ones I've met, even though there's been so many. But show breeders I would just greet with the utmost caution!! And NEVER, for one second, think of them as friends!! Unless they have proven they can be worthy of being called a "friend".

On the funny side, there's this video of a frog eating a bird. Someone calling himself RSixBoy made this comment:

so relieved theres no faggot "animal activists" bitching about how the person recording this video should have saved the fucking bird.

I responded to him in this manner:

No one should argue with nature. If you don't like how nature works, leave the planet! Because it's always going to happen.

Well, today I noticed someone who calls himself theTeabag responded to my comment. Looks like finally one of those "faggots" that RSixBoy was talking about finally decided to show up, after a long time of none coming to this thread. This was what theTeabag said in response to my post:

Yes but cameraman is a human, not animal. I'd expect a human to save You from a bearattack in the forest rather than say "No one should argue with nature" :)

Besides, You're 35. In natural conditions, which I guess is the pleistocene epoch, people don't live that long. You should have no teeth and prepare yourself to die soon.

My only response (without getting personal) was this:

Where have you been? You're late!

LOL!! I was actually wondering how long it would take for some tree-hugger to chime into this thread. This one must be slow! Either that, or this is one of my old nemesis who has come back to haunt me again. hehehe!