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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm Through!!

I'm so through responding to all the dumbasses on YouTube! Though I will continue to go there and do my research, I'm not going to be responding to anymore people I know to be dumbasses! Like the other day, I got a message in my inbox from a guy who calls himself "juggernaut", I didn't even open it. The idiot has been trying to convince me for weeks of something I know is not true!! To be honest, I think he's actually booobooo2010! No doubt in another alter-ego! Either that or he knows booobooo2010 and he's rushing to his aid. But it won't work with me! I think it's kinda funny actually because one time booobooo2010 asked me in a hostile manner if I was insane. He said "Are you fucking insane dumbass!!" I should have answered, "You bet I am, Shitface!!!" But since booobooo2010 is using 2 different names on YouTube to make his point, looks like he is even more insane than me!! At least I come by it honestly, and I only have one account on YouTube! I don't use pseudonyms to make my point and I don't need anyone else's help. I can very well stand on my own 2 feet! But you know how these cowards like booobooo2010 are!!

I dunno! There's a lot of things in this life I know I should do but I don't! I don't call anyone names, even when they do it to me. But I do have a breaking point, like everyone else. Though I'm trying to learn to give myself a wider berth as that goes, if I am pushed to that point, I cannot help but snap. So, that is why I've stopped answering people I know to be dumbasses. And in some cases I don't even look at their messages. It won't happen anymore! I won't even go to those threads at all anymore, no matter what. I've just simply had it with the rude dip-shits on YouTube!! Like I said in an earlier post, I don't know why I've bothered with some of them in the first place! Most of them are too stupid to live!!

I think Matt on Operation Repo last night, put it beautifully. That's how cowards are, they typically get mouthy when they have friends, or any people, backing them up (or in the case of the internet, when they can create more than one username). Not that I mind my friends if they want to back me up, as long as they don't do it too much!!! But I don't need them! I don't rely on them because I really don't mind if I stand alone. I've done it before, remember PETA-Sucks? LOL! I stood on my own there, everyone else was for Mr. Cutthroat. I didn't mind it though. I just knew that group wasn't for me when I found out the majority of the people on there were racists! The kind of people I hate the most! It was so good last night to see 2 new episodes of Operation Repo! And I am so glad that Luis is back in the game. I hope he cools down and doesn't get to that level of irrationality again!

Well, today I have surgery, so I'm probably going to be down for a while. I don't know when I'll be back. I don't really want to discuss all the details here, and I hope Anna doesn't go blabbing it to everyone on Facebook again like she always does!! I mean really! Some things should stay behind closed doors!! If I wanted to really discuss these things, I would tell them myself!! But Anna needs to learn the difference between what can be stated publicly, and what should stay anonymous! Either that, or I delete her from my Facebook friends!!! I will if she ever does that again! She's done it twice already!!!

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