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Friday, November 20, 2009

Fat People

I've been thumbing through YouTube's collection of fat women videos. Just for the Hell of it. I cannot believe the amount of people who say such things as "fat people are disgusting" and "fat people smell like shit", and my all-time favorite one of all: "Fat people have no feelings because they aren't real people." HAHAHA!!! I didn't ever know there were people who are that stupid!! Oh yeah I think that one is a toss-up with another personal favorite: "I'm fat, but I'm a guy so who cares!" As if it's any different if a man is fat as opposed to a woman being fat!! Depending on how you look at it, fat men are every bit as disgusting as fat women.

Now, I admit this one video I saw of a woman who is super fat, and she has a talent she just had to put on YouTube. She claps without using her hands. Instead she opens and closes her knees and they make that clapping sound. She should NOT have put that video up!! But this is YouTube, and you're going to come across all kinds!! People on that thread were saying how disgusting that was, and calling this woman all kinds of names. I admit she shouldn't have posted that video, but these people acted like this woman committed the crime of the century. I'm like Geez!!! Lighten up!! People think that just because a person is fat that they should go crawl in some hole so no one else has to look at them. Hello!! I'm not on this planet to impress anyone!! I live for myself!! If you don't like how I look or don't like me because I'm fat, that's your problem!! I'm happy with who I am.

I told everyone on this thread about my daily walks, and I told them I may be a fat person, but at least I am a healthy fat person. One person came in and said "LMAO a 'healthy fat person' is an oxymoron. That's like saying unicorns and lepricauns exist." While I admit that being fat normally does not equal being healthy, I'm not like "normal" people. Never have been, never will be. In fact, in my recent trip to the doctor's, he was absolutely amazed at how healthy I was. I was taking antibiotics for a recent, very minor infection I had, and he said "35 years old and the only medical problem you have is this minor infection?" But hey! My cholestorol is fine, my blood pressure is fine and heart rate is superb!!! So yeah, at my size and my age, that's not bad at all!! I don't ever eat McDonald's, I have BK maybe once every 6-12 months, I drink more water than anything else. Yes, I do splurge once in a while at BK, but I NEVER order full meals!! No fries, if I do get a drink it's usually a small one. Then I wash it all out when I get home with 2 heaping (32-ounce) glasses of PURE water. And yet, I still managed to lose 35 pounds!!!! I go on 3-mile walks daily, and I just do it for the fun of it! I walk to the beach when I can. I could go every day if I want to, but sometimes I don't feel like dealing with the sand.

Anyway, I said to this smart-ass "I guess you're the kind of person that believes lepricauns and unicorns exist because these are the words of a healthy fat person!" I'm sure he's going to retort. Ya know, I cannot blame him. Society has people like him trained that fat people are lazy, disgusting low-lifes that eat themselves to this state and they deserve to be poked at and teased. But not everyone is fat because they are lazy or eat a lot. I'm as active and mobile as any thin person you could ever meet, the only reason I am fat is because of that surgery I had, and a hormonal imbalance. But I don't let that define who I am. It happened, that's the end of it. It's my cross to bear, let me deal with it. I don't let it stop me or cripple me in any way. I don't go to anyone begging for acceptance or sympathy. I'd rather people like me for who I am rather than what I could give them or for some other type of physical trait. That's not to say though that I wouldn't give my friends the World if I can. :) I'm very well-known for being a giving person. I'm not exactly what someone would call a "fat-ass low-life". But if that's all this person sees when he meets a fat person, not much I can do to change his mind. Just educate people like that and hope someday they get the message. If not from me, perhaps they'll learn from someone else that we're just average people, who just happen to have more pounds on us. But we can be just as good, or as bad, as anyone else.

I always try to be good. I can be brutally honest, but that doesn't make me bad or uncaring. In fact, most of the time I am brutally honest is because I care. I sometimes think I care about others more than I should. If I like someone, I tend to put their worries and desires before my own. I know I shouldn't but I do! It's just my nature. I know it sounds weird!!

Well, yesterday I found a Home Depot in Aberdeen, I had no idea whatsoever they had one there!!! That is exciting to me! It means I can begin this project and I won't have to go all the way to Olympia just to find a damn Home Depot!!! I went there and looked around and priced some items I'm going to need to begin this project. I've made up my mind, I'm going to build my own bird and reptile enclosures! I am so excited about this project!!!! I've got my own plans made up and everything. I'm hoping that with all this planning I've been doing, that these enclosures turn out nicely. I even got to play with some of their power tools! I'm not really used to handling power tools, but I have a knack for picking up on things very quickly and after a while, I even found it to be quite fun! There was even an automatic hammer!! It hammers nails in automatically! I've GOT to get me one of those!!! I'm always smashing my fingers with the hammer. I never hurt myself, but still!!! It's a big annoyance!!! Anyway, I can predict, at the least this will be FUN!!! At best, I'll have some highly-attractive acrylic enclosures for my birds, snakes and lizards. The plans I have will even make them better than those made by Cages By Design! hehehe! I'm going to choose acrylic sides as opposed to glass or mesh. I will have little windows above for screens to allow fresh air into the cage. But acrylic holds warm air in better than glass does. And thus the birds and other animals won't be as exposed to drafts as they would with all-mesh sides. And out here, it gets VERY drafty!! I would never be able to own birds if not for these kinds of cages. I don't use our heater very often. But I LOVE birds and I want them again. I'm going to raise ornamental, exotic finches and softbills and day geckos. Not in the same cages though!! I'll have a separate enclosure for the geckos, and a separate enclosure for the birds. Birds will have plenty of room for flight, geckos don't need a lot of room, but their cages will be taller since they are arboreal lizards. Each will have a place to plug in a heater and a full-spectrum lighting system. Yep, it's going to be fun!! I can hardly wait to get started.

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