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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


AGH!! One thing that I have noticed in my writing my book now, my writing is too simplistic!! I hear that a lot from everyone! Kenny said it to me, so has a lot of other wise-guys, right down to Devil Doll in the INXS forum!! And you know who I blame for my having become such a simplistic writer? That darned old AcmePet forum that used to exist!! It's all their faults!! Not the forum it's self, but a lot of the people who used to get on it. Up until I used to get in there, my writings were very elaborate and even at times, complex. Maybe too complex for the simpletons that used to get on the AcmePet forums!! Well! That's show breeders for you! And yes, many of them were show breeders, or were the types of people who believed you should not breed dogs unless you've already shown them to their championships. While I cannot say I disagree whole-heartedly with that, anyone who is so strict in their beliefs of that IMO is nothing but narrow-minded! And those people were like that. But I think the lack of interest in using big words and phrases in forums and stuff was totally brainwashed out of me due to the people on that site. I bring this on now because I am working on my book of mammals of the world, and I noticed my writing is indeed too simplistic, compared to the books and scientific writings that I have been using as my sources of information!! Watch for this book BTW, coming to UMG Productions! I've got my supervisor's OK on this one. It may hit the site either next year or the year after. I may have to hire an editor because I don't want this book to look like it's been written by a 12-year old!!

Well, AcmePet was the first, and thus far the ONLY, forum to complain about my using such big words. It was through there that I discovered people actually HATE it when you use big words! I remember a lot of people on there, many of them accomplished show breeders, a lot of the words I used seemed to go WAY over their heads!!! Finally, there was this one woman who wasn't a show breeder or any kind of breeder, but she had the mind of one, she called herself PatB, she owned a papillon. She was a nice person for the most part, but one time the forum was having a discussion, I don't remember now what it was about, but I do remember that I wrote what almost seemed like an essay, and it was very complex, with a lot of use of college-level words, which is how I always used to write back then. Anyway, PatB read my message and she was like "what did you say?" I responded "You didn't understand that??" So I had to simplify it for her. A woman in her 50s and I had to simplify what I wrote for her. I was nice about it, but I was almost embarrassed for her! But she responded as a lot of people over the months I spent on there responded to a lot of my posts. She said "Next time you want to join a discussion, keep your responses simple like that. Please leave out the big words." So I said "Screw that then! I will leave out the big words if it annoys these people so much!" But I used to get that all the time! People would always say "Let me get out my dictionary so I can understand your post" or "Smaller words please Bambi!" (Bambi, BTW, was my nickname on that forum), and other comments like those. I remember Sharon, the woman who started the battle with me on the chihuahua forum, said that I used too many big words, like I was a young person trying to sound older. When that was not the case at all. I was used to using big words. I'm a writer, I could not help using big words. But since my time in the AcmePet forums, I've been brainwashed out of using any big words. So now, instead of hearing people bitch about me using too many big words in my sentences, I hear people bitch about my sentences being too simplistic! UGH!!! This is why I just stopped listening to critics. You can never satisfy them. Well, show breeders are always going to bitch about something!!! They aren't happy if they aren't complaining or griping! But I would have at least expected a little bit better attitude from pet owning (non-breeding or showing) people!!

Sometimes, I've got to confess, I feel a bit bad talking about show breeders this way. Because I actually have met some I liked a lot. I don't like clumping them into the same category of other show breeders I've met who's attitudes have been unsavory, at best. So to say something positive for a change about show breeders, I will list the show breeders I've met, either online or in real life, that I do like. Keep in mind, this is not a very long list at all! And I am going to name names that I know them by!

I remember on the AcmePet site, there was one woman named SandyB, who bred and showed miniature schnauzers. I remember I HATED her when I first met her because she started attacking me and my dogs. But after I got to know her, and knew how she truly felt about dogs and breeding, and learning that she was just telling it like it was, I actually got to like her a lot!

On the Pluba forums, there was Tanya who breeds and shows chihuahuas. I still like her a lot. But like SandyB, I didn't when I first met her. But she tells it like it is under no uncertain terms, and I like that. Though sometimes she falters a bit. She said Odessa wasn't a very good specimen of a chihuahua, and I asked her what made her say that and she never answered. I didn't mind her honesty, but I wish she'd have told me the truth about why she didn't see Odessa as a good specimen.

Also on the Pluba forum, there is Kandee, who I also like. I remember I didn't like her (again) when I first met her. I know!! I need to stop judging people before I get to know them!!! I'm training myself to do that now. But after I got to know her, I discovered she's really one of the sweetest show breeders I've ever met! Online or off.

Also on the Pluba forum was Horneybull. She was one of the few show breeders I always liked. She's always been really nice, and she's so well educated. She's always had something educational to say as well. I always found her posts to be very precise and informative.

Also on the Pluba forum was DJsDoxies. Now, I honestly don't know if we're still online friends or not, I haven't seen her in a long time, and I get a deep, dark feeling she wouldn't want to be friends with me anymore because of how I feel about show breeders. But until I absolutely, without question learn different, I still like her a lot, she's always been a very sweet person to me.

Another from the Pluba forum I really like is Tailwagging. I actually spoke to her on the phone, and she is just as nice over the phone as I've always known her to be on the forum. She breeds and shows chihuahuas and she has some lovely specimens! She's not only sweet, she's honest too, as the day is long!

Another from the Pluba forum I really liked was Carla. I haven't seen her in a long time though. She reminds me so much of SandyB from AcmePet! She tells it like it is when it comes to breeding dogs, and doesn't sugar-coat anything either! I like that quality in a breeder.

The show breeders I've actually met in person and really like are:

Helene, she breeds and shows chihuahuas too, her kennel name is Kandiland, and she has some lovely specimens. Though I am still disappointed in this one female she got from John C. Since he is her friend, I would have expected him to give her a better specimen, but that's him! And he is none of my concern, since he is NOT on my list of show breeders I like!! I'd NEVER like him! But anyway, I like Helene, because she is definitely one of the sweetest show breeders I've met personally. She lives here in this state. She was the one who wound up in the hospital here a while back. The only reason I didn't say anything to her was because I didn't want my address or phone # to get to another show breeder that I don't trust around the corner at all! (Sorry this entry got soured by the memories of a breeder I would never want anything to do with.)

Marie, of Stormin' Chihuahuas. In all honesty, I really shouldn't like her because I found out she is one of those kinds of people who will stop liking someone if everyone else around her doesn't like that someone. But when I met her, she was really nice. She even tried to help me get back in the ball with breeding after Groucho died. She tried, but I just couldn't bite I guess. Now, I know she doesn't like me anymore, but I still have good memories of her so I have really no hard feelings about her.

Marjorie of Amulet Chihuahuas. She was the one who sold me Groucho. I really like her. She was always so nice and very helpful. And regardless of what you might hear from some other breeders who show, YES, Margie DOES show her dogs!! She works with several different breeds, but she shows each and every breed she works with, and does exceptionally well!! She finished Groucho's sister in only 4 weeks! I call that GOOD!!!

Millie of Will O' Wisp Chihuahuas, even though she is not breeding or showing anymore, she was a very nice woman. She sold Anna Odessa and Anna loves her a lot!! We were so sorry to hear of the unfortunate events that has stopped her from breeding and showing.

Jackie of Burgundy Chihuahuas. I don't remember if that's her name, but she's deceased now. She died shortly after Groucho did, and it's terrible because I was going to get a pup from her one time. I always admired her dogs, she had some of the best in this whole state!! Plus, she was a very nice woman, and sometimes, showed us how to prep Odessa for showing. I actually cried, I felt the dog show world suffered an irreplaceable loss with her death. :(

Well, Pitter, from the Pluba forum, at least deserves an honorable mention here. She is one of the nicer breeders I've met. I'm not sure if she shows or not. Though we locked horns when we first met. I learned to like her once I learned to forgive her. And she was nice to say something about Groucho after I lost her.

Then there's RatLady. I like her too! I don't know if she's started showing yet though. People on Pluba try to push her into showing, I personally don't care if she does or not. I used to not like RatLady, sometimes she gets irrational like I used to. But I found out she and I are so much alike in a lot of ways. We both have our own minds, and the snobby show breeders always see us both as being "crazy" because of it. One would think we were related, we're so much alike. That was when I stopped disliking her and started learning to like her a lot again. The only thing that makes me uneasy about RatLady is how she totally rejects and laughs off the advice she gets from the other knowledgeable show breeders like Tanya. But she's not as bad as some others I've known. Believe me!! Among those that are MUCH worse than RatLady was Sara W. Known on the Pluba forums as Mcgillicutty.

Then there is also Hu-Dare on the Pluba forum. I don't know why I like her, but I do. In all realism, I probably shouldn't. She's never been very friendly to me, but I like how she is so upfront and honest! She doesn't go and talk BS about people in PMs that I know of, and she's honest without sounding like a bully, and I like that kind of person.

And of course, Tom, I know he used to have a kennel he called TLC and then TomCan's Chihuahuas. I like him too. Always did. Even though we have had some snaps at each other before, I still like him. I don't know if he is still breeding, I know he was trying to start showing, but I don't know if he has yet. The only thing about him I think could use some improvements is how irrational he gets about merle chihuahuas. He doesn't like them, OK. But don't let that dislike run your life and your mind.

Well that's all the show breeders I like. My thoughts may be outdated, but until I learn completely different from these people, this is who all I like in the show breeding game. I told you the list isn't that long! But this time instead of elaborating on about the show breeders I don't like, I thought I would list the nicer ones I've met.

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