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Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Colors Page

Well, last night, I got a message on my guestbook stating that another chihuahua breeder in Texas has taken my words from my site's color page, and put them on her own website. So I wrote to the guilty party. I simply told her I'm glad that she enjoyed my color page so much. I don't mind her using my words, but I at least want a little credit for having done all the research. I asked her to remedy this problem ASAP. Not sure if she did, not sure if she will even. I did flip through her site, and all of her dogs look like the Taco Bell dog!! But that's not my business anymore. I don't have to care about that anymore. That's the beauty of not trying to breed show dogs myself anymore. I don't have to care about that stuff. Back before I lost my Groucho I would have said something. But today, that's not my problem anymore. All I can do is educate. Some people will take it, others won't. Those that do, I'm glad for them. Those that don't, I can only hope they get the message someday that what they are doing is wrong. If not from me, there's plenty of reputable chihuahua breeders out there who will hammer the message into them.

I really do not mind this person taking my words off my site. I just want some credit, either a link or a mention of my site or my name, or something. But either way, I am happy that my words are still being used to educate, whether it is from my site or not. Anyway, here is the offending site. Well. Not too offending!!!

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