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Monday, November 2, 2009

A Good Sport

Well, after I cooled off about Kenny being disrespectful to my face about my favorite band, it didn't take long---as long as I remembered everyone has a right to their own opinion. Anyway, the posts really started getting crazy! LOL! I mean that in a humorous way. Eventually they began to turn sexual. This was the post that started all the sexual-talk:

Good try babe...



No one has called me "babe" online in quite a few years! It doesn't bother me though. I know it bothers some people. But I'm a very flexible person. This was my response to that post:

Ummm, "babe"? LOL!!! I thought only my boyfriend was supposed to call me that! hehehe!

Well, Kenny still wanted to convince me that I'm into beastiality, and said this about my latest boyfriend:

I thought your boyfriend said things like 'baa' or 'moo'.

But fuck an animal that can say BABE!

Now you've gotta post that on Youtube!

Actually, my boy is something of an animal, but only in the bedroom!! LOL! Outside, he's just an average man, dark hair, dark eyes, 6 feet tall, 180 pounds, 40 years old, Native-American (Quinault) descent. We're not even really going steady yet! We just met about 6 months ago. I didn't want to tell Kenny that though. That's info that should stay behind closed doors. I don't even talk about my escapades here! Well anyway, this was how I responded to him, without giving him any info:

Nope, never had a boyfriend who said "baa" or "moo". Sorry to disappoint you.

Well, this was Kenny's response, still going on about beastiality:

Im not dissapointed - animal cruelty is not something I relish.

So tell me what animal sounds does your 'boyfriend' make?


Well, actually he has made that sound before, only once. hehehe! But it was in one of our playful romps, and in fun. hehehe! But if I had told Kenny that, he would have used it as ammo to strengthen his beliefs about me. Like I said before, the less he knows, the better! This is what I said instead:

No animals sounds dude. Again, sorry to disappoint you. He's just an average man.

Back in the thread somewhere, Kenny said I was weird, and I told him I love being weird! It's what makes me who I am. As I've said often before, I don't like being like other people. Well, remembering that, Kenny said this:

Very average to be with you Id say...

To which my response was this:

He likes me for who I am. He told me every day with me is an adventure.

I admit I don't get to spend much time with him, but the time I do spend with him, we both cherish. But now it really gets crazy. LOL! But I admit from this point on, I began to really have fun with Kenny! Truly! It started with this post from Kenny:

"He told me every day with me is an adventure. "

Well I can imagine - the bloke deserves a medal, or even a heartbeat.

Tell me how long does it take to inflate 'him'?

I decided to twist the words a bit. I know what he really meant, BTW, but at this point since we were comparing lifestyles, I might as well really cut loose and have fun! This was my response:

"inflate him"? You mean "get him aroused" I assume. LOL! Really, that's none of your business!!! :P

Yep, I meant what it sounds like. I made Kenny believe "inflating" was meaning my boyfriend getting an erection! Back to this other post from before when he said I was weird. I had told him about Walker's Mammals of the World, which is my Bible. He says it's a coffee table book, with glossy pictures. He said his young nephew probably has a copy of it. I'm not sure how "young" his nephew is, but the books were created by Johns-Hopkins University. Unless his nephew is 20-years or older, he must be a bright kid!! Well, anyway, this is what he said:

I doubt you know anything much at all, but keep trying to impress - maybe your boyfriend might read this later and then you can both settle down to a little light animal erotica before he deflates to much further...

And this was my response:

"deflates"? LOL! I swear, I never heard the term put that way before!! LOL! But everyone has their own words for describing "it".

Again, I know what he meant. But if he was going to continue to go down this path, I figured I might as well have some fun. Well, at this point, I think he was getting tired of the sexual talk. This was his almost-closing argument:

Yech! - Spare me the details please.

Be careful with him though babe - latex tears easily.

And Im kind of bored with you now. It was fun at the start but lately I just feel like we've grown apart .

Time to move on...

Have a good life and good luck graduating from middle skool.


In this paragraph, I was referring to the "latex":

Oh there's no danger in his using condoms. Though I've never had one tear on me before. LOL!

A little too much info I think, but it was funny to end with. I continue on with this next paragraph:

"but lately I just feel like we've grown apart ."

Now that we're discussing a subject you're unfamiliar with. You should try getting a girlfriend and getting laid. It might make a better man out of you! LOL!

Well, this last statement of Kenny's told me a lot!!

Timmy Im gay actually and I get laid lots, not that it is either relevant or any of your business.

Like I said it was fun to begin with but youre just getting repetitive and silly.

Now the truth comes out! I know why he hates America so much! We were the last ones to accept gay rights. Some Americans still don't! I've accepted it, but to me, it's just a little bit unusual to see 2 men holding hands and kissing each other. But I stay out of their business. I always say if a person enjoys something, let them do it themselves. I have gay friends, and they are very nice people! But a lot of gays I noticed have the attitude that now that they have all the rights they want, they're going to become arrogant!! Well, this was my closing argument to Kenny:

Aw, no fun getting laid by same-sex partners. But you're right, that's none of my business! To each their own! I'm as straight as they come myself. Can't see myself doing anything else.

Shoot! I thought it was just getting good! You trying to arouse me. But you have a nice life too! I hope you make it out of kindergarten soon!

In my first and last sentences, I was just tugging his chain again! But this story has a surprise, and somewhat twisted, ending. I actually got a PM from Kenny, and he thanked me for being such a good sport through all of this. I've never been thanked before for being nice!! It was a surprise!! And it felt good! But he is NOT an INXS fan! I told him I'm sorry he feels that way about INXS because it was them that got me interested in Australia in the first place. He said it was their "I'm a rock star" egos that disturbed him. Well, like I said, to each their own. Personally, I don't think it's any different than Muhammed Ali saying constantly, "I'm the greatest! I cannot be beat!" And he was champion because he believed that. The power of the mind is phenominal!! And actually, INXS are not that bad! I've seen people who are rock stars with bigger egos and it's a lot less attractive! Look at John Mayer, or whatever his name is!! When I met INXS, at least they were [for the most part] nice. You could tell they really love their fans. John Mayer has a big ego, so I heard from those who've actually met him. He loves himself more than he loves his fans. But it's INXS's conscious relationship with their fans that keeps me being an INXS fan. That and Tim Farriss.

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