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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Surgery SUCKS!!!!

I hate it, but I wanted it so I got it. But knowing that doesn't make me feel any better. I'm in bed and I cannot get out and it is driving me CRAZY!!! I mean, even crazier than I already was! LOL! But Anna has been a big help to me. I couldn't have made it this far without her. She's studying to be a nurse, she's going to make a good one let me tell you all!! She just needs to get used to the sight of bodily juices that I cannot talk about on here. LOL! Not that I have much anymore. In fact, I feel so drained, I don't think I have anymore left!! But I'm so sick of staying in bed! I hate it! I like to move around. But these pain killers I've been put on get me so drowsy, I feel like if I take a few steps, I'll just drop dead right in the middle of the room. By drop dead, I mean drop dead to sleep. LOL! It takes every bit of energy I've got left just to get myself up to use the restroom.

I'm bored out of my mind! There's only so much I can do in this book I'm working on. Thank GOD it's not a book I have to draw the pictures in. But nevertheless, it's still tough work! Getting the info I want to include and then putting it all down to where it makes some sense! That's a lot! But it's something to keep my mind going in between naps, and there's a LOT of naps!!!! I cannot wait to get off these pills! I'm actually trying to make them go faster if I can, but I cannot take them any sooner than 4 hours apart. So I've taken to taking them at night as well. hehe! Even as I am writing this, I'm still having trouble keeping my eyes open. My ma is afraid I'm going to become addicted to these pills, but no. No worries there, I don't allow myself to fall victim to drug addictions. The only thing in the World I'm addicted to is looking at Tim Farriss, and I don't care if I'm addicted to that! LOL! At least if I get overdosed on Timmy, it won't kill me.

Speaking of rock stars, the doctor who did my surgery looked just like Kurt Cobain!! Same hair, same eyes, even the shape of his nose was the same! But I know it wasn't him! Couldn't have been!! LOL! He looked like he was in his 20s. But as long as he knew what he was doing, I didn't care about his age! And like I said about Anna, she's going to make a fine nurse someday! I cannot wait to see how she does when she graduates from MSU!! She's a very caring person. I promised her I would reward her generously when I'm fully recovered. I am so glad I had the surgery now, as opposed to later, I want to be all better by Thanksgiving. At least enough to move around effectively and make my part of the Thanksgiving dinner. I made a deal with my ma, if she took care of the turkey and gravy, I would do the rest. I want to do it the old fashioned way, everything home made. Nothing store bought. That's why I want to at least be back on my feet again by then. That's going to require hours of standing on my feet!!

Well, the one thing I dreaded about this surgery was the ride home. In the last 2 surgeries I've had in my lifetime, I always got sick and puked afterwords! LOL! This time I didn't!! But yesterday I did have hiccups that would not go away!! Still got some today, but not as bad as yesterday's!!!


Anna said...

Well, just saying how well I am doing in nursing is reward enough for me. I was actually doing it to test my nursing abilities and I think I already got a review.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

You don't even know yet how I'm going to reward you! :P I think you'd make someone a damn good nurse! Keep up the good work!