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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Favorite Animals

Mostly mammals. I had uploaded this to YouTube, but I could not upload the full version. So I will do it here, in hopes that this will load OK. I think on Blogger, you can have a longer file than 10 minutes. The version I uploaded to YouTube is just slightly longer than 10 minutes (by about 2 seconds), I won't be surprised if it gets deleted!! I've had videos that were one second longer than 10 minutes get deleted!!! I really fricken HATE YouTube as that goes!!! Well, I am hoping this uploads alright here. This one contains the last species and video credits. I feel bad not having the video credits on the YouTube version! I'm not trying to steal. And I am using this for educational and entertainment reasons.

The only difference with this version and the one you may encounter on the internet is that I did my own narraration. I wanted to tell each animal's stories in my own words. That was FUN!!!! That was probably the best fun I've ever had on the internet!! I collected videos from all over the internet. Arkive was a great help in this! They have some terrific videos of animals. I just hate their screen that takes over. I had to try and crop most of that out as much as possible. Otherwise those portions would have been mostly the Arkive screen, and you couldn't see the animals very well!!

Well, anyway this is my tour through my favorites in the animal world. Hope you all enjoy the show!!

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