Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Monday, May 31, 2010


Well, first, I want to say to all my loyal readers have a happy and safe Memorial Day. My little sis Katrina used to have no incling what this day is about, because she's not really from this country. But I told her, it's a day to celebrate all the soldiers fallen during the various battles we fought with other countries. Now, at least, she understands. We should always remember those who gave their lives for our freedom. Many of them died so young! My father fought in Korea long ago. But he came out OK, thank GOD! But I know, as he does, that some did not fare as well. So yes, even I understand the importance of this day.

Now on to my next subject. I was watching a video about this on YouTube. One of the reasons I watch anything on YouTube is because on dull days or weeks, the videos recommended to me can give me something to talk about on here. But I think pedophilia is different things to different people. I remember once a 16-year old girl on YouTube thought she could make me feel bad by calling me a pedophile. It was a ploy she used to justify being a rude, contemptible teenager. I just didn't say anything, because I knew it wasn't true. In fact, I am more of a pedophobe than a pedophile!! I am not at all good with kids!! Even when I was a kid myself. For some reason, I just don't understand kids. I spent a long time as a babysitter before I understood that. Weird, eh! I like kids, at a distance, but I don't like interacting with them. Some people say they are more comfortable around kids than adults, but not me. I'm exactly the opposite! The only kids I really like are those of family and friends. And that's only because they know me and understand me, and I spent their lives getting to know and understand them. This is also probably why I didn't really want to have kids of my own. I could have, but I just didn't want them. Now I have some teenage friends, but I still don't consider myself a pedophile!! I haven't met any of these teenage friends.

Well, as I understand it, some people go overboard in their beliefs of what is a pedophile. Nowadays, a teacher is not allowed to hug, or even hold hands with a child! They could get put in jail. Today, people are sissies! They're weak. When I was a kid, it made me feel good being hugged by my teachers. For me, it was always the ones who didn't give out hugs that I didn't get along with. And how ironic that now I don't like recieving hugs!! But that started in middle school. That didn't start when I was a little child. I remember one teacher I had, her name was Mrs. Disehart. She was very nice! She was my 2nd grade teacher. She and I got along great! Whenever I felt bad, she would always put her arm around me and make me feel better. On the other hand, later that year when we moved again, I had a different 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Ealey, and she was NOTHING like Mrs. Disehart!! She was kinda stand-offish. Never hugged anyone, and when I felt bad, she just sat me at my seat and left me alone. I would feel bad until I got to go home that day, then I counted on ma to help me feel better. Not saying that is a bad thing! Though nowadays I'm thinking it won't be long before parents are not even allowed to hold their own children at all. I know if a parent spanks their kid, they can legally be put in jail! You cannot even put your kids in time-out! And the old fashioned punishment, sending your kids to bed without supper, that too is now illegal! You can't punish your kids now, you can only reason with them. I think that, coupled with the programs kids today are exposed to, and video games, is a bad combination!! It would tell kids today that they are above their parents. Not even equal. This girl who accused me of being a pedophile, I'd be willing to bet she is one of those kinds of kids that hits herself hard in the arms, calls the police and tells them her mom and dad beats her up! Just so she could see her mom and dad be taken away and put in jail. The sad thing is, she wouldn't be the only kid I've ever heard of that does that!! There are too many laws "protecting" children, and I say it that way because it is NOT protection!! In the long run, these "protection" laws are going to do kids more harm than good. I'm already seeing it happening. I see a surge in rude behavior in kids today that I didn't see 20 years ago. Of course we did see some bad kids back then, but not like there is today!

If you ask me, I think the law needs to back off!! They need to let parents raise kids the way we were intended to. You have to instill some fear in children. Then they know not to do the thing again that they were punished for. I'm sorry but talking them out of it isn't going to help none! Especially small kids, because they have such short attention spans, they aren't going to absorb all a parent has to say in one session. But you show them the paddle, belt, spoon, stick, or whatever you use, the kid gets the message right away not to do this thing again!! Not to even start! Like this one story I heard once about a man who speeded and was caught by a hidden camera, and was sent a picture of himself speeding and a citation which cost him $35. So he sent in a picture of $35 to the police station. The police sent him back a picture of handcuffs, and that guy got the message. He paid the fine! LOL! But he saw that pic of handcuffs, and got the message because he knew he didn't want those around his wrists! Same goes for kids. When I used to see ma or pa drag out this old leather belt, I knew it meant I was somehow in trouble. Of course their reasons for spanking me were much more frivolous than those of most other parents. Like one time I was spanked for badmouthing church and saying I don't want to go. But I HATED church!!!! Maybe that was partly why. That and the fact that on weekends, I just didn't want to go anywhere, and especially not church!! I hated wearing dresses, and going to church, having to sit there and listen to a long, boring sermon, and boring music and all that shit! I kept thinking there was nothing I could do at church, that I couldn't do at home, with a lot less distraction from other people. That's why now I don't go to church. I haven't even seen the inside of a church since 1988. I do all my worshipping at home. GOD knows where to find me. :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Gary Coleman is Dead

And he was only 42. What a shame. Not that I was a fan of his, but I did used to watch Diff'rnt Strokes when I was a kid. So this article today caught my attention pretty good. So today his family will be in mourning. I want to extend my sympathies to them before I leave today. What I read happened was Coleman was in an accident and suffered a brain hemorrage. Isn't that what hospitalized Bret Michaels last month?? Hm. Seems to be a surge in that kind of thing now. What's going on??

Well, while that is a shame, today is my day of celebration. I made it past 35. That's a goal I was never sure I would achieve! LOL! Now, I'm not sure if I'll make it to 50!! LOL! Well, I have a cake to pick up, and my sis has volunteered to cook my dinner for me. That should be fun! I don't have to lift a finger! Heck! I'm over the hill now!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Over 35

Geez. I made it. I'm over 35. And I made it unscathed. That is, I still have all my major parts in working order. Ha! OK, so I had a little hysterectomy that has made me gain weight, but all in all I am OK. That there's a big accomplishment for someone like me. And people claim all fat people are unhealthy!! HAHA!! I'd like to sit on those dumbasses!

So what is this debate? Should people of my stature be called "fat" or "overweight"? I always said call us what we are. We're FAT! Though the popular term now seems to be BBW or "Big, Beautiful Women". I'm afraid I personally do not qualify for that title! I may be fat, but I don't think I'm what some would call "big", and I personally don't think I'm beautiful. Though I know a fat woman can be beautiful, I'm just not one of them. I don't see myself as "big" because while I am fat, I'm also very short. Not necessarily "big". Of course beautiful is a relative term, and only sits in the eye of the beholder. What is beautiful to one person, may be downright homely to another. Being called "ugly" used to bother me, when I was about 11 years old!! But then back in those days, so did having enemies! LOL! Now that I am older, I couldn't give a flying flip if someone thinks I'm ugly or if they dislike me or not. Our minds definitely change as we age, and mature.

The other day, I met someone on YouTube who tried so darned hard to convince all fat people to listen to their attackers and haters. She said "Don't listen to people who say fat is beautiful! They're trying to push you into an early grave!" and said that fat people are not worthy of being loved. She said men who like fat women are psychos, and I said Not the ones I've met! In my case, it's been the people who didn't like fat women that turned out to be the psychotic ones!! Not saying all of them are, but surely the ones who actively seek out fat people and make fun of them, or try to do things to upset them, they are the psychos! And I've never met anyone like that that has even been able to hold a steady job! So, I don't want them as friends anyway!! My guy friends not only have steady jobs, they have high-paying jobs too! They make 5- and 6-figures per year! They are professionals. They never make fun of me because they like me for who I am! They also have good family lives, good relationships with their children, and the women they are married to. Yes a lot of them are married, and have children! Show me a person who makes fun of fat people that has any of this. Show me any person who makes fun of fat people, and I'll show you a bum whose marriage is doomed to failure!

Take my buddy Cairo for example. Great guy, has collaborated with me to create a few stories for UMG Productions. But he has a wife and 3 kids, and also a good, steady job, where he makes 5-figures a year, and it's well above the 50,000/year range!! Yet he didn't drop me as a friend just because I put on weight. He likes me for who I am. In fact, he still writes to me, and comes to see me when he is visiting this state. And no, he is NOT fat himself!! That too is a myth that only fat people like other fat people. In fact I met him as a mountain-climbing buddy, and he still does some climbing and hang-gliding as well. haha! That's one thing I won't try!! Even if I was still 100 pounds I wouldn't try it!! Cairo has also told me he's getting into swimming too, which is cool!

It's one thing to just say a person is fat. But to actually make fun of someone, poke at them and call them names, that is immoral. I never listen to haters, in fact I make fun of them back! Because one of the things I have found that people on YouTube who make fun of other fat people, they don't have but one or two friends and/or subscribers. I haven't even made any other videos recently. Been far too busy doing other things! And I was supposed to make a video about counting calories months ago!! I haven't done it yet! Been too busy!

Well anyway, I chatted with this young lady some more, and found out she used to be fat herself, and previous boyfriends she had drove her to lose weight. While losing weight is not a bad thing, it was the reason she did it that bothers me. Her previous boyfriends claimed to like fat women, but they would threaten to call her names and make fun of her if she didn't put out with them! I told her those guys were not real men, never were, never would be! I would never lose weight to please someone like that, believe me! They're just haters. Once you lose the weight, they'll just find something else to harass you about! That's how they get their jollies. Those so-called "men" are the ones not worthy of being loved at all!! They don't deserve anyone and that's how they will wind up!

I'm fat but I am also a very confident person. I can overcome any insults anyone tries to hammer at me. Because I know, none of it is true!! Heck I may be fat, but I've learned to live with it. Partly because of Eva. She's fat, but she's a happy person!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

David Johnston

Someone I haven't thought of in many years, all of a sudden, I'm thinking about him. Pretty heavily too! He was one of the more famous geologists to work at Mount St. Helens before the eruption. He was a volcanologist of phenominal proportions! He was like no other. He knew long before Mount St. Helens erupted that the eruption was going to be a bad one. Unfortunately he was there when the mountain blew. In fact, he was most likely the mountain's first victim. He had been filling in for someone else that morning on May 18th. Officially he wasn't supposed to be there, but by fate, he was. It's kinda sad at that that he was there and got caught in the blast. Today, if he had been still around, he would have been probably a world-renouned volcanologist. He no doubt would have been tops in the field. He was also the nicest person you could ever hope to meet. How do I know? Because I've met him. I was just a kid, but I met him and I remember. Not only that but back in 2000, when St. Helens had it's 20th anniversary of the eruption, I met a lot of his personal friends and collegues, and they all confirmed what I knew all along. That David Johnston was a very sweet man. Nice guys don't always finish last! Johnston was already well on his way to becoming very well-known across country and in many parts of the World. He was someone I would have loved to have as a mountain-climbing buddy!! Not only was he so nice, but he was also so handsome!! Check this pic out:

This is from my personal collection. But really I don't like this pic of him. It doesn't do him justice because he has the sun in his eyes, so he is squinting. It actually kinda makes him look mean, and I know he was not a mean person! I used to have another pic of him smiling, and I think it got lost in the move! :( WAAAA! And I loved that pic!!! But today I tore the whole house apart trying to find that pic, and I could NOT find it!!! That really SUCKS!!!!!!!! But here, even though this is in black and white, you can definitely tell how blue and bright his eyes were! He was a very handsome man! I think it was partly because of him that I married the man I did marry. He too had blond hair and blue eyes, and his name was also David!! LOL! How ironic!!

Well, I like David Johnston a lot. I liked him so much that I named one of my characters after him (Davy, well known from the story "Gracie's Odyssey"), and not only that, but I also named one of my Metazoic mammals after him. It's called Orochoreutes johnstoni, and it's a relative of Deinognathus. Back in those days, I only named animals in my checklist after people I liked, and I did like David Johnston a LOT! Though it seems today I am more interested in meeting a quota rather than immortalizing my friends by naming some of my animals after them. LOL! I need to cut that out! Though I haven't done it in months. But David Johnston was quite a guy! And lately I've been thinking about him more than usual. Probably because pretty soon here, I'm going to be working on the story with him in it that I wrote back in 1997. I have him and Harry Truman in the story. But I also have me in the story (as a grown woman), working as a hostess in a hotel, and I wait on Johnston, and we become fast friends. NOT lovers, like in the St. Helens movie!!! Just really good buddies, mountain-climbing buddies. Almost like a lifelong dream come true.

Well, Johnston was taken too early. He was only 30. He could have become world famous! But I look at it this way: Mount St. Helens loved David Johnston so much, that she made him a part of her now. And besides that, he died doing what he loved to do. And that to me, means so much more than world fame or fortune! That's how I want to go, when I go. I want to go doing what I love. If I were a volcanologist, I'd want just one major eruption to take me to Heaven. I'd go with a smile on my face, then I can tell the people when I get up there; "You'll never believe, but I saw the most spectacular sight I've ever seen before I came here! I saw Mount St. Helens erupt! It was AWESOME!!!!" I imagine that's what Johnston did when he got to Heaven.

Subject change********************

UMG Productions is now up and running again, and all the books that were on the old site, are now on this new site. You can visit the new site at http://www.umgproductions.com/! Anyone can download, but you must have a Google or OpenID account to post a comment. My supervisor said ABSOLUTELY NO anonymous posters allowed!!! She has her reasons I know it!

Apparently INXS.com will indeed have another forum up. I'm going to pass on that, and I mentioned it on the site (it'll most likely get deleted). If the mods are going to start censoring things, I will definitely pass! I can post my INXS thoughts here. If anyone wants to read them, they know where to find me. Everyone by now should know where to find me! This blog link is on my inxs.com profile. Besides, a lot of the mods there are supporters of DonnaG, and I don't want her getting my ISP# and finding out where I live at. Some of those mods I don't trust at all!! So any opinions, I think I will keep on here. :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

UMG Productions Site Soon to Come Again!

Well, I am doing it again, finally!!! Since my old web designer has decided he is not going to do a damn thing about fixing my site, it looks like I shall have to do it all by myself! And I am! I am back to selling the ebooks written by myself and my friends! I am recreating the entire UMG Productions site all by myself, that way it looks the way I want it to! Not the way someone else thinks it should look!! I even created a brand new banner and it looks GREAT!!!! I will try to fix it so that the domain unclemartinandthegang.com goes to that site. But I also bought another domain as well that will be the primary domain for the new site. I will post it as soon as I can put some more books up to sell. So far, I have only been able to add 2 books. Been so busy uploading ebooks to this site! I want to get that done and then I can start putting them on the website.

I found a third-party site to host the ebooks. That does kinda bother me, simply because I wanted everything to only be connected to my own site, like amazon.com has! But I can see with the limited resources I have, that is not possible. But this third-party site is really good!! I love it so far! I can store up to 4 GB, which is a LOT!!! And that's for a very small monthly fee. I figured I can handle that! Though I really should turn off the CPC feature, that way the only way people can get these books is through my site. On this site, I am also offering a button for people to click and order paperbound copies of each book via lulu.com. The main thing is now, my supervisor is happy with me again! Joy! Joy! Joy!! hehehe! When I told her I think I found a good way to get the site back up and running with downloadable ebooks and everything, she was impressed! Get this! I even discovered how to add pages to Blogger!! hehe! I love it! This is the base site I am using for the new UMG Productions site. Only that site won't really be a blog. It will just be set up somewhat like one.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Knew It Would Happen!

LOL! I found out a couple of days ago that Jon and Kerry Farriss are expecting another baby. I knew Jon would have another one! HAHA!! I'm so happy for him. I know he is aware that he will be darned near 70 years old when this baby graduates from high school. I also know it's not his fault he got a late start. But oh well! It's his life. I'm glad he found someone he can have a family with myself. I remember a couple of years ago when he and Kerry first got married, I said now he can start having kids. I also remember Devil Doll saying that maybe Jon doesn't want to have kids. I knew she had to be wrong!! Would have been a sin to waste Jon like that, I knew he'd make a wonderful pappy for some kid! He has a lovely little girl now. Maybe this next one will be a boy. One can hope! I hope it's a boy and it grows to be just like Jon! But honestly, it'll probably be another little girl. ;) Oh well! If it is, I'm sure it will be a happy, well-loved and beautiful little girl just like Avani is! I sure do love that name Avani.

Well, I wanted to congratulate Jon on his upcoming addition to his family here for my 300th post. Or is it 400th? It's one of those! I would have posted this sooner, but I was working so hard on my own 30th anniversary special for Mount St. Helens. And as much as I hate to say it, St. Helens is more a part of my life than INXS is. Not that I love INXS less. I mean I grew up around Mount St. Helens, so it's more a part of me. But this is a special occasion. It's kindof a shame that Michael didn't live to see Jon become a father finally. But I still feel he is looking over the rest of the band from above. No one knew Michael like the rest of the band, and if they say Michael would enjoy what they are doing, then he would! No doubt in my mind! Some people resent what INXS are doing now. But I say give them a chance! Ya never know! It could turn out to be great!

Well, in other news, I got my disks for Pinwheel, a show that I used to adore when I was a kid. I'm still trying to capture my youth! But I find these disks very difficult to enjoy! There are only bits and pieces of different cartoons! Some of them cut off in random places, or cut off before the end. I hate that! It's annoying! I'd rather have the whole cartoons! Some of them cut off before they get to the plot, or before I could find out what happens. I tried e-mailing the person I bought the disks from. I mean, I paid $20 for these, and I want whole cartoons!! So far though, this is the only way I can get this series. I wonder how one can request a show on DVD or video? Just as I feared, there was one Paddington Bear skit! I can't stand that bear!! For some reason, I can't put my finger on it, I always thought he was annoying!! So I just fly past that skit. Thank Heaven there is only one. But for the most part, seeing these cartoons and skits again is enjoyable. I would enjoy it so much more if they hadn't skipped or cut off before the endings. Hopefully I will get a response. I just want to know if the originals where she got these from was like that.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

St. Helens, 30 Years Later

It's amazing I still remember what I was doing the morning of the eruption. But I do! If I live to be 100 (which is unlikely) I will always remember what we were doing that morning. I remembered I had been hearing on the news, in school and my parents all talking about the mountain erupting, so I knew basically it was going to happen soon. No one knew when though. Even though I was only 6 years old, I knew it was going to happen. Simply because for a couple of months previously, it had been so active in shooting out ash, steam and rocks. It was surely attracting a lot of attention. I never knew it would happen while we were away from our home, and my kitties were still in there. I was the first one among us who noticed the plume of ash from that major eruption as I looked out the window. That was why I begged my ma to take me back so I could get them. Fortunately we had relatives in California, where we fled to. They welcomed us in.

Eventually we did return to Toutle, where we used to live. But then in 2000, we moved out and haven't been back since. We moved instead to this crap town called Lakewood! UGH!! I hated it there! I never wanted out of a town more than I wanted out of that one! That's why we didn't last long there and moved to Olympia a year after. I want to make a few corrections. In the video I said Kelso (where we had breakfast and met some of my ma's friends) was 20 miles from Mount St. Helens. Well, Anna told me that it's much farther away from there than 20 miles. Ah! My coordinates have never been good! But anyway, it was quite a way from the eruption. I do remember there was no sound, just a view of an enormous gray cloud getting bigger and bigger! Then the sight of helicopters surrounding the eruption like mosquitos surrounding a camper! I also know we were lucky to have made it out when we did.

Anyway, here's the videos I created. I even found the video of the Mount St. Helens opera, which first aired on KIRO 7 in Seattle during the 10th anniversary special in 1990. It's good! I like the combination of video and music. The part of the video after the initial eruption, where they show the ash cloud reaching into the sky, that part always gets to me! Makes me think of the apocalypse with that morbid feeling in the music! I had to cut that short because with this video, I already overextended YouTube's 10-minute limit. But I have so much to say about Mount St. Helens. It is a major part of my life. That's why I extended this special of my own over 2 videos. I was shocked that the first part was not deleted by YouTube! It runs for 10 minutes and more than 30 seconds! I couldn't make it any shorter! I took out a lot just to fit what I have on there now. Because of it, I have 2 incomplete videos! Of course I could make a 3rd video! But took me all day yesterday to create these and I wanted to have both of them up on Tube today. Today is after all the day of the eruption's anniversary.

Mount St. Helens is a major part of my being. I even have 3 stories in my collection inspired by Mount St. Helens. Either I wrote them, or I helped to write them. One of these stories even includes INXS, my most favorite band, visiting the mountain. It's a fantasy story! Not meant to be taken as real, as all my stories are. Though some of them are based on some actual events. Like the old saying goes, good fiction is based on facts. But this INXS/Mount St. Helens story is not meant to be taken as real. Though in some cases, I did try to capture the real personalities of the men. In some cases!! I think I made Michael more of a flirt than he actually was! And I know I teased Jon a bit because of him being the youngest member of the band (at the time I wrote the story). But it was supposed to be more funny than real. Well anyway, I was satisfied with the sketches I did. Like the one of Timmy playing his guitar on a pile of rocks from the eruption! hehe! Another story I made involved Mount St. Helens in the Metazoic world. That is IF it will still be active by then! That story too is meant to be nothing more than fantasy. You can surely tell that because I included humans in the story as rehabilitators. LOL! Humans aren't supposed to be in the Metazoic! But again, it makes it a good story. Well, for those who do not take things too seriously!!

Anyway, here's the videos I did for today:

Monday, May 17, 2010

Imaginary Friends

Ever have one of these? I think at one point or another all kids have. I had one as a child. Anyway, I was reading a book of records that I got last year, and there was a man in Wales who had an imaginary friend he tried to sell on ebay, and the top bid got up to $3000! He sold this imaginary friend because he was 26 years old, and felt he had outgrown it. I remember my grandma telling me about my aunt's imaginary friend she had when she was about 4 years old. She named him Bushy. LOL! My ma didn't have an imaginary friend. Ma was born an adult. Because she never had one, I think she didn't understand that I did. She actually used to make fun of me because I had an imaginary friend. But from the time I was 7 years old until I was about 10, I had one. After I turned 10, I found another use for my imaginary friend, I put her in stories. Though if they had had ebay back when I was 10 years old, I might have thought to sell her, just to see what kind of bids I would get! LOL! But heck, if you have an imaginary friend you don't know what else to do with, there's some ideas. I had no choice but to outgrow mine! Ma wouldn't let me carry them over to my teenage years! LOL! So, I kept them all in my stories. That was the best idea I could think of. That way, I could in a sense keep them, without talking to any of them.

I wonder how many writers actually have kept their imaginary friends out there, just not act like they are real people. Instead just keep them in their stories and stuff? Really, it's more than you'd think! I turned my imaginary friend into a real character for my stories. My most recent creations are Davy, because I like animals. Candi, was a character I dreamed up during a nap one day in 1994. I basically based her on myself. I still use her to this day! Gonna have to cut her hair though. LOL! Lisa is a friend of Davy's, but in some ways I base her on myself too. Now, these characters were not real imaginary friends I had, but they would have been if I hadn't discovered that I like imaginary friends better as story book characters. That's actually more fun. Gives them an actual face to put with the name! But what I like doing before I create a story is I like to act them out, think about how I want the events for the story to go, and then write them down. Though I haven't had a story idea in a couple of years! That's a bummer!! But anyway I tend to sometimes act like these characters are real when I am thinking up new story ideas. But this act has allowed me to come up with some amazing stories over the years! Stories that people say they can really relate to.

I am hoping that when we move, I can have an extra room available to go into, sit down and just think about nothing but story ideas! I'd need that! No TV, computer, pictures on the wall, nothing in that room, just a futon maybe to lie down on, and think. I want no distractions whatsoever! I am hoping to move soon out of this tiny apartment, and into a larger one. Hopefully with a third room.

Well, there's my thought for the day. I was reading about this subject and I just thought that was interesting, brought back some rather good memories!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Groucho

Well, it is almost that time again. The time I celebrate my Groucho's life. It's been 4 years now. That's longer than I got to keep her! She wasn't even 4 years old yet when she died. She'd been through so much in her life. I got her as a breeder, and that is what I did. She even spent some time in BC with a mediocre breeder! I should NEVER have sent her there! I wonder sometimes what it was she did to Groucho, because when Groucho returned, she just wasn't the same dog she was when she was sent there. My guess was that woman kept her outside in a pen, even though I asked her kindly not to!! Groucho was not used to being kept in a pen away from the house and family! She was used to cuddling on the sofa, and in bed, and having the companionship of people. After having Groucho spend 4 months out of her life there, and when she came home, I discovered she just was not her old self, I wanted to track that woman down and kill her!! She did something to Groucho, and I didn't know what! But Groucho was more skittish than I'd ever known her to be, she was scared all the time for the first few months after I got her back, and she never fully recovered from that! And getting her back it's self was difficult. That woman made it difficult! Just asking her how my Groucho was doing each week was hard. Religiously, every week, I would e-mail, or phone, that woman and ask her how Groucho was doing. Usually when I called, I would have to leave a message, but then I would never hear back from her. I had to e-mail her to ask, and even then, she would not respond until I practically threatened to kick her butt!!

Then the big clinker came. I heard from a third party that she was moving to Minnesota, with MY Groucho!! I wrote to her and told her she's not doing anything of the sort!! She gave me the "That's private, personal information" act and added "I don't owe you any explaination for anything!" I told her firmly, "You have my baby! Of course you owe me an explaination!" And I reminded her also that I have a right to check on Groucho whenever I want to to find out how she's doing. Well, I remember when the day finally came to get Groucho back. That woman told me to be at the Walmart in Coeur d' Alene in Idaho at 10 AM the next day and she will send someone to give me back my Groucho. So, in order to get there, we would have to leave that instant so we could be there at that place and time. My ma agreed to take us. It was actually a fun trip, traveling in the night, we told ghost stories and everything. So there was something positive. Well, we stayed at a hotel for the night in Coeur d' Alene, and waited for the hour to come when we had to be at the Walmart to pick up Groucho.

When we did get there, it was about 9 AM, and so I decided to wait. It shouldn't have been long. I almost fully expected that woman, or whomever she would send, to be there on time. I don't know why I expected that, but I did. She's never been reliable to this point!! But I just wanted my baby back, then I could be done with that woman for good!! Believe me, she was NOT the kind of person I'd have wanted to be friends with!! So we waited and waited and waited, 10 AM came and went and no one showed up! Then 11 AM, then 12 PM, then 1 PM, no one! So I started getting worried. We arrived at the Walmart at 9 AM. I began to wonder if they had arrived before then, didn't see us, then turned around and went back home! Ma told me to call her. But I remembered I forgot to pack her number! So we had to call John, who was back home, at his computer, and ask him to get into my account and look up her number. So that is what he did. It was about 1 PM when I called her and asked where the heck she is! She was just about to leave to go somewhere so I was so glad I caught her then! She gave me some crap about how the guy ran into some trouble as he was crossing the border. I didn't believe her really, but she said he should be there at 3 PM. I said OK. So again, I waited and waited. 3 PM came and went and he still hadn't shown up!! I was worried and pissed off!! Finally at about 5 PM ma said she has to head back home because she had to work the next day. I was about to go, saddened and defeated and still without my baby! I was totally sorry by now I had let that woman have her! I had been warned about letting someone I didn't know borrow my girls. And I swore I was NEVER going to do that again!!! The sad part was, it had costed me my favorite girl, my Groucho! Well, just as we were about to leave, a man walked up to ma and he was holding Groucho. Ma called to me, and I saw the most beautiful sight I'd ever seen! My baby was back!!! I ran over to her, I could not get to her fast enough! She was dirty and stunk, but I didn't care. I was so happy to see her again all I wanted to do was hold her tight and never let go. I didn't know when the last time was she'd been bathed. Probably when I took her to that woman!

Well, that was one of several bad experiences I'd had with breeders. It's very tough to get into breeding! Really! Growing up loving animals so much, I thought breeding would be one of the easier hobbies for me to get into, but I was dead wrong!! Show breeders suck when it comes to interacting with newbies! Let me tell you, I know from personal experience, they are the most uninviting people I've ever known!! Then there are the breeders like this one who borrowed Groucho who are dishonest. Let me tell you, if a breeder acts like they have something to hide, they usually do! That's why the whole time I was breeding, I was an open book! Ask me anything, and I would tell you. As long as it wasn't too personal!! But breeding is like a business, even though show breeders will tell you it's not. I think they tell you that so they can use that as an excuse to keep from telling you things you should know about them! I didn't want to know someone's personal life, but I got suspicious when I would ask a breeder something like "how many dogs have you got?" or "How many champions are in this dog's background?" or when breeders hide their names in forums! That's what bischis did! And I wouldn't trust that woman around the corner!! I never liked bischis!! EVER!! I never will either. She made that choice though, not me. And she thought I was picking on her and she was playing like she was a helpless, innocent victim and I was just picking on her for no reason! Believe me, it wasn't for no reason!! I don't start fights like that! When I "pick on" someone, it's for a damn good reason!! She started on me! I didn't even know her. I couldn't have started anything with her. I've been known to misunderstand people sometimes, and when I do, I usually admit it. But when I feel some random stranger is attacking me without any kind of provocation from my end, I will definitely attack back!! And that's what bischis did with me. I'm the kind of person that when I see someone new, or I don't know, I always try to give them a chance. It's a test to see if they are friendly people or not. I don't want to be nasty to someone who could be a potential friend. That's just how I am. But show breeders are not like that. They start off attacking people they don't know. Or in some way they just jump to conclusions. In my experience, usually the wrong conclusions.

Heck, that's why I make a lousy show breeder! I'm too good of a person!! LOL! Ask any show breeder (or better still, go to shows or the Pluba forum and get to know them yourself). When you look at them from the inside out, you notice they don't have a smidgen of the morals that I grew up knowing. In fact, most of them act like the kids you see that grew up neglected, unloved and even bullied. And don't let the fact that they have kids of their own fool you!! That woman who got my Groucho also had children. But you should have seen what Groucho became once I finally got her back from that woman. My poor baby must have been abused in some way because she was never that scared of little noises or of people before I sent her there.

Then there are the commercial breeders and I have also now seen first hand what they do to their dogs. Personality-wise they are no different from show breeders. But they don't take care of their dogs at all. Minnie is a puppymill rescue. She is still scared of people somewhat. She only just started going to my sis. And this progress has been made possible because I let Anna give Minnie the treats now. Minnie needs to start associating Anna with something positive. Then she will start going to her. But she's getting better! Before, she wouldn't let Anna within an ear's shot of her! I had to get her acclimated to me first. She is my dog! Not Anna's. But we are family and I can't have one member of the family afraid of another. Now, Minnie even licks my face, and she wouldn't do that 6 months ago! It's obvious she did not have much contact with people at all.

Well anyway, this is Groucho's Day. Well, in a couple of days. And every year at this time I celebrate her life. This year I did it with a video. It's the one time I really wanted to get serious. I had no idea when she got so sick, how serious it was because I'd had pregnant dogs before that behaved much the same way. It was never a cause for worry. So that's why I didn't take her to the vet that morning. I know I should have, but I didn't. I thought it would pass. It did with other dogs I had. I didn't really panic until I saw this clear, pinkish fluid coming from her behind. I thought though she was maybe miscarrying! That was when I rushed her to the vet. The first vet I went to wouldn't do anything because we didn't have much money. I had to drive 20 miles to another vet in another town just to have her looked at. They gave her something that stopped the fluid loss, and when morning came, I took her to my regular vet and she was barely alive then. They put her on life support. I wanted her to make it out of that so bad! But unfortunately she didn't. I spent 3 days just not eating, all I wanted to do was sleep, and I did a lot of crying. That was the first month. I didn't have anything to cuddle except my plush lemurs. I was a wreck for a long time! And it had lasting consequences too. Most of all, I'm very sensitive to abuse on dogs. Last night on Dr. Phil, he showed this man in an elevator kicking a beautiful little dog (looked like a papillon or a parti-colored pomeranian). And he didn't kick the dog just once, and not like he was just gently pushing the dog with his foot. I mean, he kicked that poor dog several times as hard as he could!! I wanted to get in that elevator with him and kick his butt as hard as I could when I saw that video!! If I had been there, I would have killed him!!!! I'd have kicked his butt, punched him in the belly, kicked him in the nads, and scratch his eyeballs out!!! That video pissed me off that much!!! Any animal abuse pisses me off. (Don't pay attention on YouTube where I said I would kill a cat!! I was just playing with the cat people there!) But I am especially sensitive to attacks on dogs. Most especially, little dogs.

I remember a dog show Anna and I went to in Oregon, she bought Odessa a lead because she wanted to train her for showing. Well, as we were walking over to the papillon ring, Anna tried to get Odessa to walk on the lead, but all Odessa wanted to do was drag her feet. But Anna kept trying to get her to walk anyway. Well, we didn't know it, but this dumb show breeder was watching her and she came over and started accusing Anna of abusing Odessa!! I just looked and saw her there talking to Anna, and Anna looked a little stressed. I asked Anna what was that woman saying, and Anna said she was saying that Odessa was being abused. Well that show breeder was lucky I didn't just tell her to get her stupid ass the fuck away from us and leave us alone!!! Because that was what I felt like saying!! But back then, I had better respect not only for other breeders, but also for someone who was old enough to be my grandma! No matter how unfriendly they seemed to be. I just told her that Anna was NOT abusing Odessa, she was just trying to get her to learn to walk on a lead! Then, without any apologies or any offer to help Anna learn how to teach Odessa to walk the right way on the lead, she just turned her idiot ass around and said "hm. It looks like you're abusing her." and she walked away. People like her is the reason I hate show breeders so much. I was not exactly thrilled to have a member of my family be accused of something like that without any kind of apologies or offer to help fix the problem she thought was bad enough to harass a couple of strangers over. If I had been her, and had enough nerve to go up to someone I don't know and think they were doing something immoral, I would have had the guts to help fix the problem once I found out they were not doing what I thought they were doing. Or at least said "My bad! I thought you were abusing your dog. I'm sorry." But then, like I said, I guess that's what makes me a lousy show breeder. I have better manners than that! I was not even harsh with that woman when I found out she was accusing Anna of abusing Odessa. I wanted to be, but I was not! Call me a not-so-good breeder all you want to! Heck, even call me kooky or loony. I don't care! But don't EVER accuse me of animal abuse!! Not unless you want to go head-to-head with an angry 250-pound latin woman who still mourns her long-lost baby girl. I may abuse people sometimes (mostly just in fun), but I never abuse animals.

Anyway, here's Groucho's video:

Monday, May 10, 2010

G-No G-News Is G-Not Good G-News!

I was doing this all day today on YouTube, I was looking for clips from an old show I used to LOVE when I was a kid!! It was called the Great Space Coaster, it was one of several skit shows created for children. I remember I watched that show for 2 years straight and I loved it!! It wasn't really educational or anything, it was just funny! And that is what I liked. I would give anything in the World to see that series again, but I cannot find it on DVD. That's what I've been trying to do lately is rekindle some old shows that I used to love when I was a kid. Among them, Pinwheel, Dennis the Menace and the Great Space Coaster. The one episode that got me hooked immediately on this show displayed this one skit where this one woman who was regularly on the show, I think her name was Emily, got a letter from a friend about a dog she had, and she sang a song about the letter. The girl had this golden retriever that got very old, and finally passed away and she wrote Emily about it. That was back in 1982 when I saw that episode, I hadn't yet had any pets that passed away back then, but I had had pets before then, and I got attached to them, so I figured how it must have felt to have lost a pet like that. From that moment on, I was hooked on the show! I loved it!! And Emily sang pretty darn good, as did all of them.

Well, as I was searching around today, I found a couple of little snippets of some of the skits. They don't present the whole skit, but they had enough to bring back some fond memories! Among them were clips of a character called Gary the Gnu. I love listening to him! LOL! He's always adding the "G" sound to his "N" words. It's kinda cute! Reminds me of the old Fat Albert cartoon series of the 70s. That character Mushmouth always added the "B" sound before and after his words. But he added it to all his words. Gary the Gnu only added the "G" if the word began with the "N" sound. So to him, "nice" would have been "G-nice", and "now" would have been "G-now". LOL! It's funny!! If only such characters as Elmo could be like that, Sesame Street might be cool once again. But Elmo is not even a real animal. He's just a dumb, make-believe monster, who thinks he's special, but he's not! He just looks like a red person with hair all over his body. Not even a horn or tail to give him personality or character! And he's annoying as the devil!! But even as an adult, as when I was a kid, I loved characters like Goriddle the gorilla, Gary the gnu, even Big Bird!!

It's kinda funny how these skits with gnus have characters who add the "G" sound to "N" words. In reality, the "G" in gnu is supposed to be silent. It's supposed to actually be pronounced like "new". But then if everybody did that on these skits, then the animals would lose their character, cuz that's what makes them cute!! Well, I wish to GOD I could find the Great Space Coaster on DVD, I tried. Even from other fans of the show, maybe doing a possible trade for something I might have. Though I don't have much that you cannot get commercially on DVD. I do have some episodes of Alf and Mama's Family that you cannot get in their original format anymore. Now, all the production companies have is syndicated versions!! That SUCKS!!! I only have a few episodes that are in the original uncut format. They're funny as heck! Original and uncut is ALWAYS, without question, the best way to view these series! These sissy-edited versions of any TV shows don't mean shit!!! You can record them off the TV for free if that's all you want!! Or for St. Helens fans, I have specials from the 10th, 15th, 20th, and 25th anniversaries of the eruption! Anna said she wants to try and get some for the 30th anniversary. I hope it's good! So far though, NOTHING has beat the 10th anniversary specials! Complete with retro commercials if you like that stuff. I do because it brings back memories. But anyway, you cannot get those anymore. Not many St. Helens fans out there though. I am because well, that's where I grew up! Up until the mountain erupted. Just as well anyway, I have no software to copy these disks! But if someone wanted to do a trade, I'd find a way to copy them! There's copying software out there somewhere.

For the 30th Anniversary Anna and I were going to do something special. We were going to run up to the mountain, look for interesting people and do interviews with them. Should be fun! We want to ask people "Do you remember what you were doing when the mountain exploded?" I do! My ma, sis, me and some friends were at a pancake house having breakfast before church. We didn't hear nothing, nor did we really feel more than a little tremor. But I remember, we were sitting by a window, looking up northeast, and there it was all of a sudden, an enormous ash cloud. We were in Kelso, visiting these friends of the family, which is about 20-25 miles south of the mountain. My father was in Olympia, with his army troup. I panicked because I remembered I left my cat and her kittens at the house! Thankfully they were OK, we rescued them just in time. One of our friends was this big, strapping guy (actually nicknamed "Chubby"), and he went into the house and rescued the cat and kittens. He was my favorite friend, he knew what that cat and her kittens meant to me. That was just moments before part of our backyard was flooded with ash and mud! Didn't reach the house though. We were lucky!

Anyway, enough of that. I wanted to show off one of the videos I found.

This actually also contains the opening theme song, which I also loved as a kid. It was also the closing song. Different video though. But it also shows a few minutes of the first half of the show, with Gary Gnu and Goriddle Gorilla. Goriddle was a practical joker who always played tricks on people. Kinda like the show breeders on Pluba, only a LOT cuter!!! hehe! And he was actually funny. The show breeders only think they're funny. But they're really not. Anyway, enjoy this! I found more:

And here's another gnu song I found, pretty much the same language, adding the "G" sound to "N" words. Only this one remembers to add it to the word "no". For some reason, Gary Gnu on the Great Space Coaster didn't remember to add that! This is actually from the Muppet Show:

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'm About To Bust!!

All week long, I've been having fun with the cat-lovers on YouTube! I love to tease the people who comment on these videos of dogs and cats together. Especially those who are all for the cats. One of my typical responses is to those who always threaten bodily harm to the dogs. This morning one person said on a video of a dog barking at a cat from outside a store window, he said to the poster of the video "I would run you down to the road and stomp on your head and kick that dog to the curb if he harmed that cat!!" Well, I told him that I will go out and kill a cat for every dumbass that threatens to harm a dog! ANY dog!!

Well, I'm about to bust because I would NEVER really do that!!!! And I have to say it. I just like to tease the cat-loving dumbasses who make comments like that on YouTube. Because they're all hypocrites!! All the ones who threaten to harm dogs because they have a fit with a cat. In my experience, the cat is usually the one who starts it by attacking the dog, or invading the dog's territory. Dogs are territorial animals. In the case of that video, the dog and cat were friends apparently, and the dog wanted to play with the cat. But most of the people who make hasty comments like that about harming dogs, they're hypocrites!! Most of them say they don't like dogs because dogs kill people. Hello?? Are they aware of how many MORE people are killed by wild felines?? And the dogs are never to blame. The owners are. Irresponsible owners create monsters. And sometimes, they don't like dogs for the dumbest reasons! Like one person said she liked dogs until one of them broke her pool. WTF??? LOL! You think a cat is any better?? When I got my first cat, I had a water bed, and NEVER get a cat when you have a water bed! I found that out the hard way. That cat constantly tore holes in that water bed. I didn't love him any less, I just learned a lesson not to let him in my bedroom. That's the dumbest reason I've ever heard anyone give for not liking dogs!!! I'm like "Get over it!!"

I can give several reasons for not liking cats myself. I'm well over the water bed thing though! Been over it for years. But I don't like litterboxes. But then my cat always went outside for that. I don't like them scratching and ruining my furniture. But you can always buy a scratching post for that. I don't like fleas (which cats always seem to have). But then you could buy Advantage or Frontline. And cats can kill chihuahuas! Which is something I don't tolerate and I don't want to risk. But of course even that depends on the size and temperament of the cat. But I wouldn't want to risk it.

Anyway, I had to get that off my chest. I don't like telling this to those people on YouTube, I don't want them to know I'm only playing with them. Of course I know all they have to do is look here and see that I'm just playing around with them!! But how many people actually click on the link to this blog from YouTube? Not many, really!! LOL! But it's funnier, and more fun for me, if they think I'm serious! Of course people like my sis Eva, who is just a natural-born cat lover, and leaves dogs alone for the most part, I'm not referring to people like her! I'm only referring to those who threaten to harm dogs on videos because they are barking at a cat. Eva is learning to get along with dogs. She's just never had one of her own before. Especially not a big one like this OE Mastiff she now has. She does kinda still complain because she said this dog's droppings are bigger than a cow's and she is the one who had to pick it up, though now the kids do it because she cannot bend down now that she is preganant again. I told her she should have got a smaller dog. But her hubby would not let a small dog in the house. He never liked smaller dogs! He always sneered at mine. Eva wanted one of my chihuahuas once, or a pomeranian. But no, her hubby wouldn't let her have one. They had to get this monster (which I haven't met yet). I felt bad for Eva though because her cat died this last year. I know how much that kitty meant to her. Shoot! If she ever found out I was telling people I was going to kill a cat she'd probably have my hide!!! Seriously! But no, I don't ever mean it when I say that! I just like teasing the fukwits on YouTube who threaten to harm dogs.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We've Had It!

Yesterday I went with my ma on a road trip to Olympia. She went to try out this new scooter she wanted to purchase off a friend. She liked it BTW. Well, on the way out there, she happened to mention that she had just about had it with this old family friend named Nancy, the one whose husband died last year. If you could call him a husband. He was not really in love with her. He treated her like dirt and made her pay for everything. Well, Nancy wouldn't return ma's calls she has made to her over the months. Apparently, last year, about a month after her husband died, she met another man in the supermarket. And as usual, he's a loser. He has no job, he has no home, he's irresponsible, the one home he did have he shared with a  few other guys and they kicked him out because he didn't give them his share of the rent payment, which was only $100. Ma warned Nancy not to get to serious about this man. She said she wouldn't. But after she'd only known him for about a month, ma believes Nancy invited him to live with her, and that is why she hasn't returned her calls to her. Nancy told ma to have us call her at Thanksgiving, when we went up to have dinner at her place. Well, we tried twice, and she never responded. Didn't think much of it, just figured Nancy was busy having Thanksgiving dinner with her own family. Well, a few months after, Nancy still hadn't called back, but supposedly she was beginning a job. So ma called her again and left a message on her answering system wishing her well on her new job. Nancy still didn't call her back. Well, recently she tried calling Nancy again, and again left a message on her answering system, and ma has not heard from her. So, perhaps that friendship is over.

I didn't tell ma this, but I would be willing to bet my life that Nancy married that jerk. In fact, I would be shocked if she hasn't married him yet. I would be shocked if she didn't marry him after only knowing him for a month, and that is why she never returned ma's calls. She figured if ma found out, she was going to yell at her. So she just dropped the friendship with ma. After hearing what a loser this man is, I hate to even think about Nancy marrying him. But that's how she is! She's so afraid to be alone. That's how she was with Paeng, and I kept urging her not to marry him. Now, I don't care. I figure maybe she just likes immature, irresponsible little boys who are just going to treat her like she's their bitch instead of their wife. Maybe she loves to be thought of as somebody's whore? I don't know. If she does, then we didn't know her as well as we thought we did. But for some reason she turns down perfectly good men, and always takes losers. Different women like different things in a man. Maybe Nancy likes losers? If that's what she likes, then there's nothing we can do to help her. But Nancy collects losers like most people collect costume jewelry or fabergè eggs. You should have seen the men in the past she has been with. One I specifically remember when I was 7 years old she got into a fist-fight with him. It scared me as a child, but one minute all was calm, and I started moving around, walked around the hallway and came back, wasn't gone for more than a few seconds, and when I came back, Nancy and this man were standing in the middle of the living room in a fist fight with each other.

Well, sad as I am that she doesn't want anything to do with us anymore, it's her prerogative. We tried to help her, we tried to make her see her mistakes and help her learn from them. But her eyes are forever closed. I guess we'll have to wait until she's tied to a cement block and found at the bottom of a lake before she learns her lesson. One would have thought she'd have learned to read the warning signs when she had Paeng and couldn't get rid of him. I mean, he tried to kill her twice!! And even before they both got married, even I saw those early warning signs!! I was shocked that she didn't. But then that's Nancy. Her instincts suck. She's a sweetheart of a person, and always was a good friend, but her instincts suck. Either that, or like I said earlier, she just likes losers. Either way, ma is through with her. I don't think we will be hearing from her anymore. And I just hope to high Heaven she is OK. I know two of her previous men have tried to kill, or harm her, in some way. I only hope this one doesn't finally do her in.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Did you know that there are actually people who like sniffing other peoples' butts?? I didn't know that until I was referred to a video on YouTube where someone was discussing it. And there is also a video that has gone viral of a man in a grocery store going around sniffing other peoples' butts. My only thought on that subject was "How was he able to do that without getting slapped?" Because I'll tell you, if I caught someone doing that to me, I'd slap the shit out of them!!! I don't even like it when dogs do that, much less people. Dogs at least do it for a reason! That's how they identify each other and us. My dogs don't do that to me, mostly because they know who I am. But I see dogs doing that to humans, sometimes it reminds me of why most people don't like dogs! But let me tell you, cats are no better!! The only difference is dogs actually take every opportunity to sniff a person's butt. They'll run up to a person just for the sole reason of sniffing their butt. Especially big dogs. Cats are different. They will only sniff a person's butt if the person sticks it in their face. And cats are gentler about it, whereas dogs are sloppier about it. You can actually hear and feel them poking their noses down there and sniffing. With a cat, you don't even know they're doing it. Not unless you happen to be looking back there. Both species do that because their sense of smell is important to them. That's what they mostly rely on to tell them who ranks higher in the pack. I saw one person say dogs do it because they like the smell of human feces. But that's not really true. Like I said, they sniff in areas we feel they shouldn't because they think we're another dog. To them, that's our calling card.

But what purpose does a human have for sniffing another person's butt? Nothing but their own sexual pleasure! It's weird, I know! Too weird, even for me! And I thought I had seen it all. I was listening to one person's experience with someone like that, and she talked about how when someone goes into a public restroom to urinate, or dump, there's someone who insists on going in there immediately after them just so they can sniff the previous person's leavings. I don't know about others, but I actually hate going to a public restroom, and someone ahead of me has dumped in the handicap restroom (which is usually the only stall I fit well into), and I have to go in immediately after and the smell of their activity still lingers in there! For me, that's a chore! I hate it!! I would avoid it if I could, but if I've been driving for an hour, and I have to wizz really bad when I reach my destination, I cannot help it! And I'd rather wizz on myself than try to cram my fat body into a skinny person's stall in those public restrooms!! Most of the time, I barely fit in those things, and each side of my fat belly is touching the TP roller, and the kotex disposal! EWWWWW!!!!! I HATE THAT!!!! That's why I always use the handicap restroom. If I have to go really bad, and the handicap room is being used, I'll wait! I'll sit down on a chair nearby and wait! That helps sometimes.

Though I have to tell you even the handicap restroom at Safeway in Aberdeen is just as bad. They put the damn toilet right up against the corner. So sometimes I am still touching the damn kotex disposal!! YUK!! And the other day when I had to tinkle, I found the idiot who was in there ahead of me, left some used TP with GOD only knows what in it, on top of the disposal lid! Instead of inside the disposal where it should have been! And I almost touched it!!!! The main reason I totally HATE public restrooms! Not everyone has good manners like I do! If I make a mess, I'm very adamant that I clean it up right away. I always think of the person behind me. Would they want to see used TP on the disposal lid instead of inside the disposal where no one has to look at it? I know I didn't like it. So, if I used TP and didn't chuck it in the toilet, I would put it inside the disposal. That way no one else has to see my business, and no one else risks touching it. Now, how often has anyone taken a dump in public restrooms? That's something I don't feel comfortable doing unless it is at home! LOL! Only in extreme emergencies, which I try to schedule at least once a year.

OK, enough of the toilet rant. LOL!! Some good news, the animated banner for my Metazoic website is almost done. My designer said that his crew has been working on it and it looks pretty good. I can hardly wait! He said it should be done tomorrow. This will be the very first time any of the animals from my site will be seen in actual motion. Hopefully it won't be the last time. I still hope to have some little 10-minute flicks made about some of the more interesting species. But that comes MUCH later on. And that will still only be for members only. But a simple, one-time $10 donation will get anyone into the members section :) As well as give them members-only privileges, like rating and commenting on each animal. That's just one of the features I plan to have in the future (maybe next year).