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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We've Had It!

Yesterday I went with my ma on a road trip to Olympia. She went to try out this new scooter she wanted to purchase off a friend. She liked it BTW. Well, on the way out there, she happened to mention that she had just about had it with this old family friend named Nancy, the one whose husband died last year. If you could call him a husband. He was not really in love with her. He treated her like dirt and made her pay for everything. Well, Nancy wouldn't return ma's calls she has made to her over the months. Apparently, last year, about a month after her husband died, she met another man in the supermarket. And as usual, he's a loser. He has no job, he has no home, he's irresponsible, the one home he did have he shared with a  few other guys and they kicked him out because he didn't give them his share of the rent payment, which was only $100. Ma warned Nancy not to get to serious about this man. She said she wouldn't. But after she'd only known him for about a month, ma believes Nancy invited him to live with her, and that is why she hasn't returned her calls to her. Nancy told ma to have us call her at Thanksgiving, when we went up to have dinner at her place. Well, we tried twice, and she never responded. Didn't think much of it, just figured Nancy was busy having Thanksgiving dinner with her own family. Well, a few months after, Nancy still hadn't called back, but supposedly she was beginning a job. So ma called her again and left a message on her answering system wishing her well on her new job. Nancy still didn't call her back. Well, recently she tried calling Nancy again, and again left a message on her answering system, and ma has not heard from her. So, perhaps that friendship is over.

I didn't tell ma this, but I would be willing to bet my life that Nancy married that jerk. In fact, I would be shocked if she hasn't married him yet. I would be shocked if she didn't marry him after only knowing him for a month, and that is why she never returned ma's calls. She figured if ma found out, she was going to yell at her. So she just dropped the friendship with ma. After hearing what a loser this man is, I hate to even think about Nancy marrying him. But that's how she is! She's so afraid to be alone. That's how she was with Paeng, and I kept urging her not to marry him. Now, I don't care. I figure maybe she just likes immature, irresponsible little boys who are just going to treat her like she's their bitch instead of their wife. Maybe she loves to be thought of as somebody's whore? I don't know. If she does, then we didn't know her as well as we thought we did. But for some reason she turns down perfectly good men, and always takes losers. Different women like different things in a man. Maybe Nancy likes losers? If that's what she likes, then there's nothing we can do to help her. But Nancy collects losers like most people collect costume jewelry or fabergè eggs. You should have seen the men in the past she has been with. One I specifically remember when I was 7 years old she got into a fist-fight with him. It scared me as a child, but one minute all was calm, and I started moving around, walked around the hallway and came back, wasn't gone for more than a few seconds, and when I came back, Nancy and this man were standing in the middle of the living room in a fist fight with each other.

Well, sad as I am that she doesn't want anything to do with us anymore, it's her prerogative. We tried to help her, we tried to make her see her mistakes and help her learn from them. But her eyes are forever closed. I guess we'll have to wait until she's tied to a cement block and found at the bottom of a lake before she learns her lesson. One would have thought she'd have learned to read the warning signs when she had Paeng and couldn't get rid of him. I mean, he tried to kill her twice!! And even before they both got married, even I saw those early warning signs!! I was shocked that she didn't. But then that's Nancy. Her instincts suck. She's a sweetheart of a person, and always was a good friend, but her instincts suck. Either that, or like I said earlier, she just likes losers. Either way, ma is through with her. I don't think we will be hearing from her anymore. And I just hope to high Heaven she is OK. I know two of her previous men have tried to kill, or harm her, in some way. I only hope this one doesn't finally do her in.
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