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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Giving Up The Tube

Nah, I don't think I will really be giving up YouTube (according to my last post). Still not sure yet. I mean, there is still the problem that their new channel layouts will be a mandatory thing. I hate that still. I will indeed miss the layout I have now on my channel. I feel terrible about it.

Well, today I checked out this place that I have been dying to check out for some time. I heard about this cupcake parlor that was moving into town. Well, today I found it. Anna told them about my multi-flavored cupcakes. I can make cupcakes in any flavor possible. I made lime, orange, cherry, marble, and all kinds of cupcakes for our church bake sale back in Ocean Shores, and they sold like hotcakes! Everyone loved them. So, in light of this, I hope to get a job there. Maybe I can combine my flavors with the ones they already have there and we can offer up several good flavors of cupcakes. They have some nice ideas for flavors there too. I can add more to their line-up though. I tried one of their cupcakes today and they were awesome! So tomorrow, when I can get a copy of my resume printed up, and I turn it in there, I will tell them how awesome their cupcakes are. I was only able to buy one, and Anna and I split it. We both loved it!

Well, this morning I got an invite from the Pluba forum, they've changed their look. I went there to investigate it. I haven't been back there in like 3 years, so I have no idea really who is still there and who isn't. Well, the mod still has Albert Einstein as his avatar, and he posted a funny joke! They are also running through Facebook, and they are allowing members to keep blogs. That's funny. I should go back there and keep a blog, telling how much I hate show breeders, courtesy of the people on that forum. Well, it's not just that forum, show breeders just suck! It was also some that I met at the last show that I went to back in 2006. One guy I didn't even know gave me and my sister dirty looks, after he had been talking to Rio Bellon. She said something to him, and I don't have any idea what. And she doesn't know either me nor Anna well enough to talk about us to anybody! But she thinks she does, and that's what I hate about show breeders! They are far too judgmental. But if you do the same thing to them, they absolutely HATE you for it. So they can dish it out, but cannot take it when you throw it back in their faces. Rescue people aren't much better.

I probably won't be going into the new Pluba forum any more than I went to the old one. While I was there, I found it very tough to navigate. I didn't like it much, so I won't be going there either. Besides, I don't know who all is there. But I did like this joke the mod made, I put it on my Facebook profile.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Might Be Giving Up YouTube!

I never really thought I would actually do this, but I might be thinking of giving up YouTube. I haven't fully said yes or no yet. If I do, I will switch everything to Vimeo. I'm not sure yet though. There are a lot of things I like about YouTube still. For one thing, I've just made partner, and I could make some money through my videos. The reason I would be giving up YouTube is because I am hating their new layout! I don't like how they are going to change the look and feel of our channels! My channel shows who I am, and I like it that way. The new channel layouts hide everything, and I find it tough to navigate. I like going to other peoples' channels and reading what kind of person they are. With the new layout, you cannot do that. Also, all my friends cannot be displayed on my channel anymore, and I think that sucks! Another big reason I found out is YouTube changed the ability to post 500-character comments. They REDUCED it to only being allowed to post 200 characters per comment! Ya know that's why I don't use Twitter! I have a Twitter account. I have 2 in fact. But I hardly ever use them. I don't see the point. They only allow you to create posts that are no more than 140 characters long, and sometimes I have a lot to say! Now YouTube is using that method for comments, and that sucks! Again, sometimes I have a lot to say about a video, and I want to be able to say it without having a limit put on it, or having to type in cellphone-texting lingo!

Anyways, if I do quit YouTube, those would be the main reasons why. I was commenting on a video this morning, and that was when I noticed that now, YouTube only allows 200 characters per comment! 500 characters I could live with! But only 200??? No way! Not when I have a lot to say about a video, or a comment someone else leaves me. It'd be kinda sad to give up my YouTube account, I've had it for so long. I've had some fun with it too. There've been some bad times, but there's also been a lot of good times too. Though I talk a lot about the bad ones here, and have some fun too in the process, there's been some nice people I've met through YouTube as well. That's one of the reasons I stick around. The nasty people, I have fun ignoring them. Or I can also have fun playing a little sarcasm on them too.

Speaking of which, NewZealandKiwi is still trying to get my attention! LOL! I still just keep ignoring him. I think he's getting so desperate now for a response from me, he's attacking me on my own videos, again under different aliases. I just laughed at him, told him to shut up and get off my channel. Then I blocked his butt again. I know all these "people" commenting to me from his videos are him. For one reason, they always respond at exactly the same time NewZealandKiwi always responded to me, here it's usually between 12PM and 12:30PM. I don't know what time it would be for him, but who cares? I know all these different aliases belong to him, so I just ignore them. hehe! I totally delete them, unread! Well, I hope NewZealandKiwi has a Vimeo account, because if not, he's gonna go bonkers (even more so than he already is) because he isn't going to get a response from me. Like I said before, he's just wasting his time anyway. I never intend to say "I love panthers" in this lifetime again. Why should I? When there are even better animals out there. They're easier on the eyes too.

Well, I still haven't made up my mind. I don't know if I will be leaving YouTube. Maybe, maybe not. We'll see. I've adapted to changes before. But these changes that YouTube is making are a little bit extreme, even for me.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Arseholes And the Like

There is an ass running around the Craigslist Rants and Raves section, he admitted it himself that he is an asshole. He said in one post "I am an asshole and nothing you can ever say would offend me". It made me think back to Dustin Grey, from Youtube, who also was a self-proclaimed asshole. He said that was what he was and he was proud of it. The difference is, he was young. I think he was either in his early 20s or late teens. He could change if he were capable of it. But I don't think he is capable of it. Someone who knows him from another forum he is on informed me that he and his friends, who took it upon themselves to harass me one day, are all socially damaged psychotics. My guess is that Dustin Grey never had a positive "father figure" in his life, and his mom never accepted him. Those are some of the things that could make a person turn on society like that. I've met musicians before, some of them are hardcore asses. But none I ever met were to the extent of Dustin Grey. He was definitely a psychotic heading for nothing but trouble in his life. I feel sorry for anyone who would become a fan of his. He is surely the definition of an angry person who hates society in general.

I often wonder what makes a person want to behave that way? For me, it's usually only hot weather, or I am not happy inside--which usually happens when it's hot out. But day in, day out, what makes a person turn on other people for no reason? I'm sure people like that are not happy inside, or else they would not want to try and hurt others or put down people they don't even know. I think part of the reason some people are like that is because of the way they were raised. It may be none of my business but that's probably what is happening now with parents either leaving their kids at home by themselves and going off to work, or with single moms trying to raise their kids by themselves. My ma always said she's never seen a child come out right without a father figure in their lives. Now, I know some people have children and are not married, and even have no father around. If they're lucky these days, their children may come out OK. But in this day and age, that would be very difficult. Because now we are not allowed to spank our children, and eventually we won't be allowed to hug them either. I'm surprised parents are still allowed to breast feed them! Teachers in school are not even allowed to touch the students in any way now, and if a teacher is caught befriending any of the students, the crybabies of the world now scream "pedophile"! The world has really gone downhill.

I remember another time on Youtube, some dumbass cry-baby teenager said to me "bite me", or something to that effect. In return, I told her to suck my ass. Then she started crying "pedophile" with me. LOL! I found that hysterically funny because my friends who know me, know me to be more on the side of a pedophobe, or whatever the complete opposite of a pedophile is. I'm not scared of kids, but I hate kids. Especially today's kids! I didn't mind them when I was a teenager, because bad kids were harder to find back then. But today's kids, I truly HATE!!! I've met some good ones yes, but most of today's kids suck tiger balls! I love my nieces and nephews, I find it harder to get along with the younger ones, but once they reach a certain age, then I can talk to them. I also know the parents of my nieces and nephews bring them up right. They don't teach them to be assholes or outlaws. They bring them up to be good, decent, upstanding citizens. So, I know they are good kids. But most of the rest of today's kids, I hate them. I want nothing at all to do with them. If I offend some parents because I hate their kids, that's fine by me! They should have brought their kids up right. Instead of going off drinking, partying, or leaving their kids at home with nothing to raise them except video games and anime cartoons.

That's the funny thing about me, when I was a teenager, I couldn't pass by a baby carriage in the mall without looking in and telling the parent what a cute baby they had. Now, I don't even glance. All I think about when I see a woman pushing a baby carriage, is how much shit and puke that person must have to clean up every day. LOL! And also that they are in for nothing but a lot of trouble with that kid, because who knows if that child is even going to be brought up right, or if it's just going to be adding to all the problems in the world. That is what I am seeing in most of today's teenagers and 20-year olds. Contributing nothing at all to society but problems, hatred and negativity. And to those who see this post as being contradictory, it's not my job to raise someone else's kids! And those parents should learn all this stuff BEFORE they had kids!

Now, when I was a kid, I remember one of my sis's best friends was one of her high school teachers, to which she is still friends with her to this day. These days, the teachers are not allowed to get that close to any of the students without the crybabies wailing "pedophile!" My sis is honored to be friends with this teacher, even to this day. It's sad that kids today will never really experience what it's like. I always saw having your teacher be your friend is like having a friend who is wise and knowledgable. I had a teacher who I considered to be one of my best friends. She took me under her wing and we did some things together, and I enjoyed that. She even took me on a field trip to her residence, which was a trip she knew I would love. And I did! Her property was deep in the woods, right by the bay in Olympia. She had bald eagles, seals, deer, and lots of other animals all around her place! I wasn't even in her class, but she brought me along anyway because she knew I would enjoy it there, and I did! Today's kids will sadly never know what it's like to have a teacher like that. I did not see this teacher as a pedophile. Far from it. I just saw her as someone who was considerate and thoughtful, and must have really thought a lot of me to bring me on a trip I was not even supposed to be on, but she brought me anyway because I loved animals and nature.

This is also another area where I blame irresponsible people. You can't get much more irresponsible than to commit some kind of criminal acts. And it is because of those criminal acts that kids are pulling further away from adults and getting closer to say like street gangs. Parents and teachers cannot hug kids anymore, kids need to be hugged otherwise they turn into hateful adults that act in totally adverse ways to society. Parents cannot discipline children anymore, well, kids are not born knowing right from wrong. How are they going to learn the difference if parents don't teach them? So what if the parents spank their children? For every bad act, there is going to be bad consequences, even in the adult world! Sometimes the consequences are going to be painful. A child should learn that from an early age. For every good act, there is usually good consequences. They may not always come right away, but they will come eventually. It sure doesn't get better if a person reacts hatefully. I know of people who try to do good by others, and in the process, something bad happens to them.

I once had a friend who once had a great boyfriend. He always did right by her, and always tried to do everything he could to help other people. Well, he was good at fixing cars and often when he would see cars broken down on the side of the road, he would stop to help that person. Well, one time he did that, and the guy he was trying to help kidnapped him, took him to an abandoned field, then shot and killed him. This friend was devastated when that happened, and it's sad that it does sometimes happen to people who are doing nothing but trying to help someone out in distress. For all I know, that could have been a set-up. I know here, there have been times I've tried to be very nice to people, only to have them give me nothing in return but evil looks. I give strangers one chance, and only one chance. If they ruin that chance, I never give it to them again. There is this one guy who lives here, his name is Dan, and his one and only friend is a chocolate labrador. I always refer to him as "that ugly dude", because he always looks mean and ugly! Well, Karen told me the man hasn't got a mean bone in his body, and I find that very hard to believe, because I rarely see him smile. He just always looks mean and ugly. Well, in light of her saying that, I tried one day to be nice to Dan. He was coming out of the dog park and I smiled and waved at him. Of course I think it was more because I thought I saw him looking at me and smiling. I must have been wrong, because after I smiled and waved at him, he gave me a go-to-Hell look. It was after that incident that I began referring to him as "that ugly dude", even in front of Karen. She didn't like it, but I told her I tried being nice to him once, and I'll never do that again! I'm not going to waste my energy being nice to someone whose going to be nasty to me in return. I'll save that energy for someone who will be nice to me. Like I said, I only give strangers one chance, and that's it. If they're nice, I'll give them more chances. If they're nasty, like that guy was, never again will I even consider being nice to them, and I can be very ugly and mean if I want to, too!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Westminster Winner!

Well, I used to like watching dog shows. That was many eons ago. I used to watch this show faithfully every time it was run. I loved looking at the toy breeds and the herding breeds, my two favorite groups. Well, I didn't watch it this year, nor last year, nor the year before that. But I did subscribe to their Facebook page, only because I wanted to see the dogs. I still have a lingering resentment to show breeders. Well, as I understand it, the pekingese won the show. And you would not believe the jealousy that is running around the dog community by now! GEEZ!! I read somewhere that Malachy is the 4th pekingese to win at Westminster. I even saw one person who said the show was fixed. It is kinda odd that 4 pekingese win at the same show on 4 separate occasions, but I don't believe the show was "fixed". I do remember I think it was either back in 1990 or 1991, it was also a pekingese to take first place then too. I like the breed! I think they're adorable! Here's a picture of the champ himself:

I cannot believe all the negative comments being made about this guy. He's a beautiful specimen. But some people (besides saying that the game was "fixed") are also saying he's "ugly" and that "he's not even a real dog", and blah-blah-blah, and complaining about the way he moves, saying he shouldn't have won because he could barely move around the ring. That kind of shit is all over his Facebook album. I made a comment, but it appears to have been erased. Now how is it my comment could get erased, but the other negative comments were not? All I said was that I thought this little guy was adorable! And that I don't even care about the politics of show breeding. And that show breeders are nuts anyway. Well! They are! I've only met a handful of show breeders who are not nuts. And I do mean a handful. You can count them on the fingers of one hand! But the majority of show breeders I've met were cynical, obnoxious, have a flaring temper that would silence Joan Rivers, and are too gossipy and judgmental. Not the kind of people I would like to associate with! I'm too good for that.

I don't understand why everything has to be so political anyways! Personally, I don't think a breeder needs to show in order to be considered a good breeder. I think any person who thinks that is nothing but a snob. I wonder if, to them, a person should not have kids unless they've won ribbons in a beauty pageant. I've seen some kids that have never been entered in a beauty pageant, yet were still very adorable children. I think my nieces and nephews are very beautiful kids! They may not have the approval of a judge who's been licenced by any major corporation, but they have the approval of their families, and those who see them and think the same thing. I don't think a person or anything needs a purple ribbon to be validated. As long as a breeder has a good mentor, who knows a good specimen when they see them, has studied their lines and done all the necessary testing, why bother with titles and ribbons?

People are breeding dogs to death anyways. One poster put up a very interesting post that led to a video about how we are breeding unhealthy dogs. It's a sad movie to watch. One of the breeds with some of the worst problems is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. It's a breed I truly love, but would never have because of the health concerns that come with them. One of the problems I saw in this movie was a condition where their skull is literally too small for their brain. It's sad seeing those dogs suffer! And you would think getting these dogs from someone who shows, that you're getting a good quality specimen, even in terms of health. But no. In fact, it is show breeders who are breeding these problems into the breeds. It's terrible, because their job is supposed to be in preserving the breeds. That's one of the first things I learned when I began (seriously) breeding chihuahuas. Of course I am not breeding them anymore, and I have no intention of starting up again. While having puppies are a lot of fun, I had nothing but bad luck breeding chihuahuas. I never even produced a female, except in my very first litter, which I say didn't count because I was not serious about breeding then. But that's a phenomenon that even the most experienced and weathered show breeder could never explain. Every litter should have at least one female. And Groucho had a couple when I sent her to BC that one time with that breeder to be bred again. I didn't want to send her there! She had just had a litter, and I never believed in breeding one heat cycle after another. But I was also still a novice to the hobby. And this breeder assured me that breeding one heat cycle after another would not hurt her. Of course I felt bad about it, especially after I found out that that breeder was not at all as good as she tried to lead me to believe! I was pissed then!! But when I did get truly serious about breeding the right way, I was perfectly willing and able to listen to more experienced show breeders. One breeder I always listened to was Tanya, on the Pluba forums. I liked her. I still think she was cool. She knew her business very well. So yeah, I listened to her. I used to push against her, until one night I actually listened and discovered her love for chihuahuas is what led to her deep concern and railing against breeding merle chihuahuas. Merle is a beautiful pattern, but it does come with a heavy price. Having bred Australian Shepherds before, I knew already about the dangers of breeding a merle to another merle. It's worse with chihuahuas. With so many colors available, in some specimens, merle can be hidden, and then be disasterous.

But anyway, today's show breeders are always striving for flatter, or smaller heads, shorter noses, or in some breeds heads so big, the dog can't even hold it up. In chihuahuas, the heads are round on top and the nose is flatter than it used to be, and the stop (front part of the head) is getting more concave. While I will admit that that type of chihuahua is cuter than say one that looks like the Taco Bell dog, it leads to so many health problems. Pretty soon, we're going to see chihuahuas that have the same kind of neurological problem as we see in Cavaliers. Of course if all chihuahuas looked like the Taco Bell dog, I would never have gotten into the breed. That style is just not attractive to me. I love the "baby doll-faced" chihuahuas much better. To me, that "helpless, innocent" look is so much more appealing. But I think for the sake of the breed, chihuahuas should start being bred for a more narrow head, and maybe a little bit longer muzzle. Check out this movie and see if I'm not right:

Monday, February 13, 2012

Corporal Punishment

What do you all think about corporal punishment? In case you don't understand about it, that's a catch-all term for using any kind of intimidation to discipline your kids. In some ways I think it's wrong, but it depends on the level of punishment and how much you use. Giving a child a slap on the butt every now and then can not harm that child. But I've seen parents really lay into a child, including my own. When my ma used to start spanking us, she didn't want to stop until her arm got tired. And often, she spanked us for the silliest reasons! I remember one time, while my father was visiting his family in Mexico, ma went crazy! She made us some fried chicken, and the outside of the chicken was hard and rubbery while the inside was red and still bleeding. I think the chicken was also still cackling too! I swore it screamed when I bit down on it! LOL! Anyway, ma started a regime that night that any time either I or my sis didn't eat everything off our plates, she was going to start spanking us with a wooden spoon. She couldn't have picked a worse meal to start that rule, because her fried chicken that night really sucked! We had to eat that crap, and she sat out in the family room and waited until we were done. She would check on us every now and then, and if she happened to be looking into the dining room and one of us was not eating at the time she looked in on us, that one would get spanked with a wooden spoon. It was tough. I got to a point where, while ma wasn't looking, I got so disgusted with that chicken, I just up and threw it away. Well, while I was standing over the garbage can in the kitchen, the family room door opened and ma asked me what I was throwing away. I took a disgusted sigh and told her I was just throwing away the bones. Of course I lied! I was tired of being spanked with that darn wooden spoon!!! But ma did not believe me, and she looked in the garbage can and saw the half-eaten chicken pieces in there, and spanked me yet again! I can't recall how many times either Anna or I got spanked during that dinner alone. Too many to count. Ma spanked us if she didn't see us chewing our food when she looked into the dining room. She spanked me for throwing away the pieces of chicken I thought were too disgusting to eat. I'd swear she slapped Anna for chewing with her mouth open! I know I puked a little in the back of my throat after taking one bite of that chicken. It was that disgusting! Ma was not a very good cook. She doesn't believe in adding seasonings to anything, and back then she used to use the microwave to defrost meat.

It wasn't until pa came back from his vacation visiting his family that I finally found out what ma's problem was. She was angry that pa went on that vacation without her, and ma often feared that pa would cheat on her with another woman. He never did though, but ma always feared that. I don't know what ma thought she was accomplishing by taking out her anger on me and Anna. Maybe it's like the story of Medea? Maybe ma was trying to kill us? Or drive us critically insane! She almost came to that point herself. The beatings got so bad at home, Anna and I once tried to run away from home! I remember asking some of our neighbors if they would take us in. And I didn't want to return home until pa came back. But no one would take us in, and ma came around and got us and took us back home again. I had no choice! Ma wouldn't let us run away again, so I had to just wait for pa there at home, where ma was still going loony. That was way back in 1982, that's the year in my life that I hate the most! Fuck 1982!! I call that the year my ma went crazy. I wish I could just snuff out that year. Go directly from 1981 to 1983. 1983 was a much better year! hehe! But this blog is not about what year is better, I'm talking about corporal punishment.

My ma's a different person now. She and my pa are divorced and ma remarried to a man she absolutely adores! But as far as I know, she's never spanked his kids, and she raised them. Their ma wouldn't raise them at all. In fact, they spent most of their growing up years being raised by their father and my mother. Their mother unfortunately was too lazy to raise them.

Anyway, shit happens. I carry no grudges against ma for that. But at the same time, I am glad those days are gone. The reason I am thinking about this subject today is because I saw an article about this in the sidebar. It talks about how corporal punishment ruins children. It lowers their self-esteem, it lowers their IQ (if that's true, then I could have been a genius with an IQ of more than 180! Instead of the 149 I'm stuck at now!) It is also said to make children more aggressive and more likely to do drugs, commit crimes, or even commit suicide. I know spanking is less popular today, and in fact I believe something like 39(?) countries have banned any kind of corporal punishment. But when I was a kid, teen suicides were very rare. We had bullies, but we also did not have any laws against bullying either like we do now. There were some cruel kids, but it seems to be a lot worse now. Now, I see kids totally disrespecting adults, and my parents would have killed me if I did that when I was younger. But then I don't know. Maybe adults back then were more deserving of respect. I don't believe in spanking kids for doing every little thing that kids do, like we were. But I also don't believe in reasoning with children as if they were adults. I mean seriously! These are kids! They are not yet on adult levels! There's something about trying to reason with a child, like one would with an adult, that seems tumultuously wrong to me. Kids don't know any better. You try treating a child like an adult, they're going to think they are adults. It's my guess that this is why today's kids are so bad. Because kids today are being treated at the same level as adults, they must think they are superior to adults. Rebellion is more likely to set in earlier. When I was younger, it didn't set in until my teenage years. But in today's kids, it's likely to set in sooner and last a lot longer.

Of course I know some kids never get spanked and turn out fine, I've seen it happen. But then their parents probably spent a lot of time with those kids. Even let the kids open up to them a lot, even when the kids were in bad spirits. When we were kids, we were never allowed to have an opinion about anything. It was always either my parent's way or the highway. Literally! I used to tell my troubles to whomever would listen. That was my only outlet back then. I became afraid of telling my parents how I felt because it always meant we would get punishment of some sort. Usually my friends in school got the brunt of my parental-inflicted anger. By the time I was done with school, the people I had as my friends were the kinds that were the most loyal of all. All the "fair-weather" friends usually got weeded out before the next semester. LOL! I've also seen some kids that came from abusive homes and did not turn out like the kids in this study did. I guess it depends on the child. My ma and I are like friends now. She still does not like me to tell her about her faults though, but we are a lot more like friends now than like mother-daughter. I always look forward to her visits. Although she rarely comes here because she still lives in WA.

Of course I still believe there are limits to what a parent should do to get a child to mind them. I mean, how would you like to be raised by this man:

This dude is for real! He really did make this video for all his daughter's friends to see. Here's the link to the video on his daughter's facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/tommyjordaniii/posts/299559803434210
This video has already gone viral on YouTube. This is more than corporal punishment! This is corporal punishment at it's most extreme! I can't even begin to imagine what having parents like this is like. His poor daughter must be like Hell! Watching this video, now I know why today's kids are worse than they've ever been before.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Advantage To Being Ugly

hehehe! I never thought of myself as being beautiful, though when I was younger and thinner, I had men telling me I was beautiful all the time. Though it was nice to hear, there are quite a few advantages to being an ugly-ass bitch like I am now. Although a lot of people say they wish you were dead, how many of them are actually brave enough to risk performing a violent crime with a fat and ugly chick? I watch a lot of crime shows, I also have a cousin who is a police chief, and my father is a retired police officer, and I can tell you that most of the adult victims of rape, kidnapping and murder are almost always thin, attractive people. Not all of them, but most of them. And obese people are almost never the victims of any violent crime. The closest I've ever been to being an actual victim of violent crime, since I've gained weight, was coming face to face with an old fart that pretended he had a harpoon to spear me with. But he didn't touch me. And you know what they say about sticks and stones. The same goes for pretend harpoons. hehehe! Oddly enough that dude was old enough to be my grandfather! So old and yet no maturity at all. Like I said before, some boys never mature.

In light of all this evidence, I must say I am actually proud to be an ugly woman. People may talk down at me, and call me names, but at least I know no rapist or burglar would ever have the guts to tackle someone as big and ugly as I am. If they do, I'd just sit on them. hehehe! Sit on them so hard, they would go unconscious. Then I could make a clean getaway. No, that isn't insecurity, that's actually the utmost form of security there is.

Well, last night I was talking with someone else about recreating the UMG Productions site. Oh boy! At first he wanted me to call him on Skype, but he has such a thick accent, I could barely understand him. So I told him later that let's just type. But so far, it's going to be a cool site. I tried to explain some things to him that I think he did not understand. Anyway, I'd like there to be some changes made to the site. I'd like the ebooks to be compatible with Kindle, Nook and iPad, and any other ereaders out there. I don't have a Kindle, yet, so I need to learn more about making the books compatible for that. He's going to work on the site though. I know he said he is going to put the plan in a document and present it to me, but I am still waiting for that. I liked the document he made for the plans for Metazoica, even though I wound up going with someone else for that project. I want to keep the cost as low as possible, because of all the years I've had this site going, I've only sold one book. And that was through lulu.com. I hope the person who bought it is enjoying it! LOL! Although I wish the caricatures had come out much better. I think I made Eddie Cantor look too much like Desi Arnaz!! LOL! Looking back on it, I realized that was what I did. UGH! But that's me and caricatures. I'm not that great at them. But then Trisha, my supervisor, said not to worry about that. She said they don't have to look perfect. These are books for kids and young adults afterall. Most of the time, they don't care if the caricatures are accurate or not. Besides all they have on their minds nowadays is video games and anime cartoons, which look worse.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Breeds

I was just doing my rounds on the internet, and an interesting topic came up on a forum that I saw. Someone asked what dog breeds would you like to own that you don't currently have or have ever had? Well, these kinds of topics always keep me reading until the very end. There are a lot of breeds of dogs I would love to have, but have never had before. I'd love to have a siberian husky. I think they are beautiful dogs all around! And if they have blue eyes, their faces remind me a lot of lemurs. Especially ringtails.  Check this out!

You can say what you want, but I think they look like sister species! But that's one reason why I'd like to have a siberian husky. They are also so strong, they fascinate me! But there are a couple things that prevent me from achieving the goal of owning a siberian husky. First of all, I heard they are runners who will jump a fence just to get out and run away. What if that happens and I am not there? Another thing is I heard they have a very high prey drive. I'd be terrified it would possibly kill one of our little ones. Maybe not if it's raised from puppyhood to respect little dogs, but there would still be that lingering fear.

Another breed I would love to have, but never had before is an American cocker spaniel. I just think they're cute. They're the smallest of the working spaniels. I used to babysit someone whose family had a cocker spaniel, but they kept it outside. I never really got to know it's inside habits. That was a family of dumbasses! It was Patti and Chris, and everyone I've known since I had the job with them remembers the bad experiences I had living in that house! I never did forgive them for the time they kept me up until 3:30 AM doing their laundry! Then I had to get up again at 6 AM to start the working day over again. And their reason for releasing me was insipid, at best. But I don't regret it, because I was getting literally sick of working for them! They took too much advantage of me. I was about ready to quit anyway. But their little dog was cute, and I fell in love with it. It was a little chocolate colored cocker spaniel they named Keoke. Patti told me that Keoke was the Hawaiian version of the name George. Well when I left there, Keoke still looked like a puppy. I don't think he ever developed that long, luxurious coat that cockers are supposed to get. But then in all fairness (as much as I hate being fair to Patti and Chris) back in those days, I don't think chocolate cockers ever got that kind of coat. But Keoke was not my dog. If he had been, he would have been more a part of my family than he was with Patti and Chris.

Another breed I would love to have, and I have had them before, and I have to admit, I laugh every time I see them! Are pomeranians. I refer to pomeranians as "clown dogs" because that is what they are to me. Spoiled or not, most of them have the character likened to that of a spoiled child. Only poms are cuter! Mine always did funny things, and that is why I always laugh when I see pomeranians. They are just too funny! Plus they always look like they are smiling themselves.

There can't be a breed much cuter than that! And watching their little round bodies move along on tiny feet just cracks me up every time! Even my sis Eva feels the same way, she wanted a pom, but her husband does not like small dogs at all. So she wound up with this old english mastiff, which she still does not care for. She said the hubby wanted it, so he can have it! She still would rather have a cat though.

Well, that brings me to the list of dog breeds I would never want to own. I know there are people out there that love these breeds, but they are just not what I like for myself. One of these breeds is labradors. Labs are too clingy, and I just don't like them. Of course chihuahuas are also a clingy breed, but on them it's cute. On a 50-60 pound lab, it's not.

I don't really care for any of the so-called gun dogs. I think they're all really dumb-looking! One of my best buddies here has a golden retriever, and she's sweet, but she is a pain sometimes too. She has rubbed snot on me before. She'll sneeze and then come up to me, rub her still wet nose on me, and get snot on me, as if she's using me as her handkerchief or something! I HATE that!!!! I don't like golden retrievers, but I usually like her dog, because when she is not blowing her snot on me, she's usually a good girl.

Another breed I cannot stand are german shorthair pointers. I remember when Eva was looking for a dog, someone told her they make great family dogs. At first she was interested in getting one, but her hubby said no. Because he grew up with a mastiff, he wanted another one for the kids. I can't really blame him, I grew up with a papillon, and they became one of my favorite breeds. But I was glad Eva did not get a german shorthair! I told her if she did, I'd never want to be around her and the family again, because I can't even stand the sight of those dogs! I think they're homely, and really stupid too.

And the one dog breed that I hate the most out of all of them....Irish setters! I think they are the dumbest of all dogs. I don't like them and I'd never want to own one. They have a pretty color, but such a stupid-looking face and stupid disposition. I just cannot stand those dogs. The dumbest dog I've ever met was an irish setter! I like gordon setters. English setters I am very iffy about (Patti and Chris had an english setter, and it was a very dumb dog too). But Irish setters, I just can't stand them. That's it in a nutshell.

Of course there are some breeds that I LOVE that I would never have again. Such as border collies and australian shepherds. I love those breeds and have had both of them before, but I would never have them again. Not unless I had a lot of acreage. I used to breed aussies at one time too. It was a project I did with a former boyfriend I had, and he bred them for no other reason than herding. Not show or conformation, but for farmwork, like the breed was meant to do even before everything became so political.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Spammers Are Not Allowed!

To the idiot kevin21 who keeps trying to post a spam comment on my Andy Got Pissed post, you are a spammer! And spammers are not allowed on this blog. Your comment will never get accepted as long as you post that kind of shit. I have zero interest in your shitty sports equipment! Get off this blog! Go crawl back under your rock and stick your ugly head in your hole!

Nevermind. I don't think it's a human. I think it's a bot. But I still continue to reject it's comments.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Self-Publishers Get Little Respect

I was browsing through the forums at Lulu, and I came across a post about how self-publishers (known there as "indie publishers") get little or no respect. The post pointed to an article in the Huffington Post that talked about the 4 reasons why self-publishers get hardly any respect. I had heard about that, and I heard about how traditional publishers boast about how they look down on those of us who do our own publishing. Well, we all have to start somewhere. Though I know my books are not "top publisher" quality, as I do more in the way of graphic novels than with regular novels. Two of the main reasons mentioned in the article pointed to the fact that most self-publishers do not hire professional editors to look over their work. And for the most part, that is true. I don't have a "professional" editor, but I do have a couple of extra sets of good eyes, my supervisor for example, is an expert in English. She usually lets me know if I am using the wrong grammar or punctuation. But I can attest to that about many self-publishers not being taken seriously because of a lack of basic grammar skills. Nothing annoys me more in reading than to see someone using the word "their" when they should be using "they're". For example writing a sentence that looks like this: "The boys got into they're care and went for a ride", when it should look like this: "The boys got into their car and went for a ride." I mean really!? Don't people remember in grade school being taught that "they're" is an abbreviation of "they are". So does that make sense "the boys got into 'they are' car"?? That was one of the first things I learned in first grade! "Their" denotes possession by more than one person. "They're" is an abbreviation of "they are". Got it now?? And another one: "There", which is to show where something is at. That's another one that annoys me. I see people using that too in place of "their" or even "they're". One way to tell how to use "there" properly is to remember that the word "here" is within "there". Both are to point out where a person or object is at. You say "Minnie is standing right over there." Not "Minnie is standing right over their." Which is what I sometimes see. It makes me want to just skim past a sentence, it's so annoying. I notice a lot of people from the UK and Australia are big in making those mistakes. And they call us here in the USA dumb. LOL!

Speaking of which, I noticed NewZealandKiwi has been trying (under 2 different aliases) to get my attention still. I blocked him back on Sunday, and once I block someone I pay no more attention to them. I don't visit their channels, and when they write me, I just delete their post, unread. I have the distinctive feeling that NewZealandKiwi is that spkenn36 guy (the one I called Kenny) that I encountered back in October of 2009. Remember, I wrote about him in this blog. Well, after we parted company after a 2-day long battle, he PM'd me and said that maybe someday we will meet again and argue about some other meaningless subject on the internet. Well, getting into an argument with me because I hate tigers is about as meaningless as any argument can ever get. So any posts that I even think is from NewZealandKiwi, I just delete them. I don't even open them, I just delete. He tried to post to me again yesterday under another name, I didn't read the post, but the name mentioned something about dark angels, and it was a response to something I wrote on one of his videos, so I just didn't read the comment. I just deleted it. :) He's just wasting his time with me anyway. I hate tigers. I always hated tigers, and I always will. And people like him that bitch at me about it, only make me hate tigers even more. I hate them so much that if I could, I'd take a bazooka and blast every tiger I could ever find in the wild. I love dogs and lemurs. Especially little dogs. I love my Minnie and Vegas.

I was watching the one documentary last night that made me a lemur-lover! Let me tell you, it is an OLD documentary, and I still have it. I recorded it back in 1987. It's an old episode of Nature. I'll tell you, when I recorded that show, I was still a panther-lover. I didn't get to watch it as I recorded it because I remember I was sick that night. I didn't go to school the next day either because I was still sick. So, at one point I was up, and I went into our TV room and I watched the show. Well, I just cannot tell you, I fell instantly in love with lemurs! I mean, who wouldn't fall in love with images like these:

You'd have to be blind, dumb, or just not know true beauty when you see it! Believe me, when I first saw that documentary, it was never my intention to not give panthers a second glance again! It was just a pleasant side-effect! Not only are lemurs cuter than panthers, I think they have much better colors, they are much better athletes (a good inspiration for me), they're better singers, and they're better funny-men! What can panthers do? They hunt, sleep, eat and shit. Nothing more. The most active of all panthers are cheetahs, and they're so damn ugly I don't care how unique they are. So anyone wasting their time arguing with me about the fact that I hate panthers need not bother as long as I have images like these: