Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

It Really Makes You Think

 I was watching a video last night where I got a reminder of a history lesson. I always hated history in school, and didn't pay much attention to it. But looking back to those days, I should have! I heard in the video how the founding fathers of this country, when they signed the Declaration of Independence, were basically signing their death warrant. The British did not want the founding fathers to be free from British rule. So, they said they'd kill them and their families if they signed that document. But the forefathers did not care. They said they'd rather lose their children, their wives, and their own lives than future generations not have freedom and liberty. Those were some good men! And we really owe them BIG!!! They sacrificed everything, including their own children, so the people of today can have freedom. I felt so bad hearing that.

Remember back in 2020, how BLM insisted we get rid of the statues of these brave men? So they tore them down. Totally disrespecting the men who gave their lives for their freedom! And what did BLM do? Are they willing to sacrifice their own families for future generations of this country? I highly doubt it since they took all those donations and used it to buy luxury mansions for themselves and their families. The real heroes during those BLM riots were those BLM now refers to as "white supremacists". Like Kyle Rittenhouse. And that other guy who was literally gunned down in cold blood in Portland. Right now, I sadly cannot recall his name.

Well, the one thing those men did not do was bend the knee to Britain. Thank GOD for that. Because if they had, we would not be here enjoying the freedoms that we have. They may have lost their wives, their children were killed, but they did not bend the knee. They didn't care about themselves. Sure, I'm sure some of them felt sad that their wives and children were dead, but they did it for the future of this country. Just so we could have the freedom we now have. They had no incentive for themselves not to bend the knee. They did it for the future generations. That's what good, strong men uphold.

When you think about it in that perspective, and see the kind of people we have standing around today, you really just want to break down and cry. Now, we have people who whine and bellyache just because they get "misgendered". We have young people who support Palestine, a country that hates our guts! For the sole reason that they just hate our guts. We have kids today who call socialism good and capitalism bad. We have total narcissists who grumble about other people disagreeing with them. We have teachers in schools who need affirmation from kids to feel good about themselves. It used to be the other way around. Kids turned to teachers to make them feel better about themselves. I can remember my teacher saving my neck a few times. I thank GOD she wasn't like the teachers of today who pitch a fit if a child doesn't call them by their "preferred pronouns". I just want to slap some sense into those people, and say to them "You don't know what a real tragedy is! People are dying of cancer, THAT is real tragedy. Our forefathers lost family members in the pursuit of our freedom today. THAT is real tragedy!" A person calling a biological man "sir" when he wants people to play along and pretend he's a woman, is NOT a real tragedy.

Speaking of which, has anyone seen the videos of the tranny who goes places to get served and give the workers grief because they call him "sir"?!?! That dude needs to be tarred and feathered! Of course I don't think any self-respecting feather would go near him. I feel sorry for his dog, and it's a cute little dog too! One of the cutest I've ever seen!!!

I don't know the dude's name but he seems to go to restaurants for the sole purpose of making trouble. He doesn't tell anyone he prefers to not be called "sir" until after they do it to him, and then he runs and tells the manager like a little bitch. He also does it while he livestreams his visit. I don't know why, I guess just so he can see other people give him pats on the back for trying to get the staff in trouble. I hope none of them did get in trouble because of him. He tells the manager "It's like a knife in the heart" Well Hell man, I don't think you have a heart to put a knife through! Again, he's just a whiny little bitch, just like all these trannies are. And they wonder why we don't like them. We're all getting tired of this act. Nobody cares about your dumb "preferred pronouns", so give it up! You're gonna mess with the wrong person one day, and then that person will really give you something to cry about!!! You're not going to be thinking much about "preferred pronouns" with a black eye!

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

The Meaning of White Privilege

 I've been saying for years that there is no such thing as "white privilege", and I definitely still don't believe in such a thing. I do, however, believe in black privilege. I know there is a thing called black privilege out there being practiced. We see it all the time. But there isn't a soul on this planet that can ever convince me that there is a thing called "white privilege". And that always drives the leftists CRAZY!!!! But let me tell you why I do not believe in white privilege.

This short video will explain it all. This was taken at Penn State U. Dr. Sam Richards gave a speech there and had some students on stage to interact with him. Well, watch this girl discuss her feelings about white privilege. Keep in mind, she is not the only person I've heard define white privilege in this way. I hear a LOT of people, all of which are white leftists, describe white privilege this way.

Her example is how she doesn't have to think twice about being pulled over by the cops the way colored people have to. In other words, she's saying she doesn't have to fear getting shot and killed when she gets pulled over. She's never been pulled over. Well Dr. Richards said "Well maybe you don't speed." She agreed. But the one thing that gets me is she talks about how she mentions she saw this in the media. Well, the problem with that deduction is white people get killed by the police all the time. But the media chooses not to televise killings of white people by police. Partly because if they reported every shooting of white people by the police, they wouldn't have room to talk about anything else. This year alone, as of November 22, over 1000 people have been killed by police. More than 80% of those were white or hispanic.

The people who talk all day long about white privilege are known followers of MSNBC. Joy Reid is also known to exaggerate, and make every story she reports on something negative regarding black people. Even if the story has absolutely NOTHING to do with black people. She always finds a way to bring up blacks in every story. So, naturally she is going to fudge up the statistics to make it sound like  black people are always getting the worst of everything. Joy Reid is just a miserable piece of shit who thinks the world has to revolve around her. And any time it doesn't she turns it into a racist rant. She'll say "the Earth it's self is racist!"

I don't believe in white privilege. I do believe in black privilege. Know why? Because every commercial always has to have a black person in them. And you notice 90% of each commercial is black people. You may see 1 white person in a commercial, if it's a good company. But the majority of people in all commercials today are colored. You didn't see commercials like that in the early 2010s and beyond. It was only after Obama finished his terms as president that companies colored up commercials. As well as TV shows, movies, advertisements, all for the dumb sake of representation. To get into college, or University, you used to have to always take a SAT exam. My sis did. Well, if you're a black person, you don't have to anymore. A black bank robber can walk into a university and say "I want to come to this college" and they'd let him in. No GPA analysis, no SAT test, not even a background check, he can automatically get in. Whereas colleges and universities are being told now to accept fewer white people.

I remember about a year or so ago, Coca Cola was telling their employees to "be less white". What the Hell does that even mean???!!!! How can someone be "less white"?!?! What does Coca Cola want? For everyone to act like muggers?! I never heard of anyone before that telling anyone to "be less white". That's simply obtuse. Read all about it here Coca-Cola has employees take training on how to 'be less white' to combat racism | Washington Examiner

And that's not all. These days, black people can get away with committing crimes with no punishment. All the rules of living in a civilized society have been altered for black people. Black people are given priority for everything. I saw on the news once back when they were giving the covid vaccines, someone said they would give black people the vaccine first, and white people could only get theirs after everyone else. I'm not sure, but I think that was Kamala Harris who said that. So, where is this white privilege? A lot of companies are laying off their white employees already, so they can prioritize colored workers. I even heard some airlines have been told to stop hiring white pilots. A very dumb idea, and it does not make me want to run to the nearest airport and catch a plane. I'm even nervous buying pets from people across the country or across the seas. I don't want to ride a plane where the only qualification the pilot has is that he's black. Or she's black. I'd rather have a pilot that passed his class on merit, no matter the skin color.

This is why too much affirmative action scares me. The newest thing now the leftists are saying is bad about white people is they do all the mass shootings in this country these days. Well, I heard the worst mass shooting in American history was the Virginia Tech massacre. And that was carried out by a Chinese guy. Over 35 people were killed in that 2007 shooting, including the shooter. And yes, white people do commit mass shootings, I've heard of them. But they are always white people who have underlying mental problems. It's never a sane, healthy white person who shoots up schools. The last shooting I heard of this year, was committed by a trans person, and trans people are definitely not right in the head. The enemy is not color. It's mental illness. But then again, leftists refuse to admit that trans people are suffering from a true mental illness.

Well, in other news, today is Michael's special day. It's been 26 years now that he got his wings. Usually, I would be celebrating Thanksgiving today. But I couldn't. My sis wanted to take us out to dinner for Thanksgiving, and the restaurant's holiday schedule is not in line with my schedule. So, I had to celebrate Michael a different way today.

Friday, November 17, 2023

White People Don't Have Compassion

 I heard this on a video the other day, a black woman was saying how white people totally lack empathy and compassion. Those were her words. All I could say in response to that is "WHAT?!?!" My mom is white and she's full of compassion and empathy. Much more so than me. She's also more of a people-person than me. She is THE social butterfly. I am not. I'm very standoffish. Ma wonders why I didn't turn out more like her. I said I think it was because of the bullies I met along the way. From them, I learned being nice doesn't get you anywhere. The so-called "popular people" were always mean and nasty, and showed no respect for anyone, or compassion. But remember the BLM riots? Remember when I said I saw a video from Portland, where BLM members chased down a white guy and he tripped over a garbage can, and when he fell to the ground another Antifa goon kicked him in the head.

Well, instantly, the black women in the background responded in a way I didn't consider empathic. They laughed and jeered at him. Sure, later on, the guy woke up and the black girls were giving him water and cleaning him up, but they did it while saying things like "That's what happens when you run your mouth. You shouldn't have ran your mouth like that!" and "You don't ever say anything against black lives!" So, they were acting compassionately, while blaming the victim as well. That's not what I call empathy! If they had not laughed and jeered, and just gave the guy water, and shut their own mouths about black lives, I'd have said yes, they were being compassionate. But helping someone and then victim-blaming them is NOT an act of compassion! Especially when the victim has a right to say anything they want to.

I don't know what that poor man said that set off those thugs, but I believe it must have been him reminding those leftists that ALL lives matter. BLM turned out to be a scam charity. They just wanted to get rich quick. What better way than to make white people feel guilty and destroy anyone who gets in their way. Or dispels their beliefs. Well, thank GOD I didn't fall for it. I'm not that fricken stupid!!! They didn't get a cent of my money! And they never will. I don't reward thugs and mugs. If ever a BLM org comes where the people are decent and respectful, and don't go looting or tearing down businesses or peoples' homes, and do better things with the donations they receive, then I'd gladly donate to them. BLM got over $8M in donations in 2020. Not a single penny went to clean up the mess they made, nor to George Floyd's family. They're nothing but vultures.

But now, leftists have gotten so annoying, you would not believe what I came across on YouTube a few days ago. Some drunk chick was pulled over by the police. She must have had the unabridged version of the handbook of leftist excuses because while she was pulled over, she used every one of them. And non-binary and trans people wonder why they cannot get jobs! This is just a clip of the video, and it does not even show half of the lame leftist excuses she used.

Notice how at the end she was crying while saying "You're being a white man!" after she boasts "I'm non-binary" several times. And how she is "indigenous" and has "generational trauma" and PTSD, and on and on and on. UGH!!! Give me a break!!! "Generational trauma" is nothing but black leftist bullshit! I don't feel generational trauma. I don't even believe in that BS! And I am Native american. I didn't experience it myself, so it wasn't meant for me. I had my own traumas in my own life. I don't need to bring up old bones that have been buried for 400 years! Fuck that! And I find people who do that to be very pathetic! And more likely are just doing it for attention and power.

I once met someone who had some legitimate problems and as a last resort, said they would play the race card if necessary. I said "Playing the race card is not even an option for me!" I don't even play the fat card. I handle things based on merit. Not on whether the person attacking me is black or white or brown, or skinnier than I am. Unless I am 100% positive the reason they are treating me badly is because I am fat, or colored, I refuse to borrow that kind of trouble. You can definitely tell because such a thing is going to come up in the conversation, one way or another. Or they'll jeer at some imperfections you may have. Sometimes, you can also see it in the look in their eyes they give you.

That's why the leftists are always fear-mongering. They keep on bringing up how bad native americans were treated, how bad black slaves were treated, and they say it's all the white person's fault. Personally, I don't care. I wasn't there, so it has nothing to do with me. And when you really think about it, like Katrina says, most people are good inside. If you fall through thin ice, or you get stuck on the side of a cliff, not many people are going to just walk away and leave you there. A person like that would have to be pretty damn heartless. I know I could not just walk away from that. But the leftists have it fixed in their heads that white people were bad in the past, and are all still bad today. The funniest thing about that is the people who spread that the most are all white leftists. Maybe they are saying they themselves are bad people. I know leftists in general are bad people. Look what they are doing to Donald Trump.

Speaking of which, I heard DT had his charges from GA dropped. LOL! Its so funny! But you know something? Look at how they treat DT because the leftists think "he's a dictator" but they treat Xi Jinping with the utmost respect. And he is a true dictator! Biden is trying to get in cahoots with him. He wants America to become China. So, Trump is not a dictator. He never dictated anything to anyone during his presidency. But Biden is a dictator, who makes friends with communists. The only reason the leftists hate Trump so much is because he puts America first. I guess the leftists are not used to that. They're used to having a president that is going to put other countries before America. But it does our homeland no good!

I dunno, I ran into a leftist on Quora who told me that all American presidents put America first. I said to him "Then howcome Biden doesn't?" His only response was "this isn't about Biden!" I answered "I don't see why not! The subject of unscrupulous politicians seems empty without bringing up Biden". I asked him how he felt about Biden sending $60B to Ukraine, while the people of Maui only got $700? How did he feel about Biden giving aid to the Ukraine while people in east Palestine were drinking poisoned water? As of today, that guy has not answered me. No leftist can answer me! Because they know if they tell the truth, it would incriminate Biden.

I cannot believe there are still people who still say Biden is the best president we've ever had! But like this one commentator says on YouTube, they are the ultra-stupid ones. The people who cannot be tamed or civilized.

Monday, November 6, 2023

Another Loss

 Well, it's sort of family. I just found out this morning that someone I've known since I was a child just passed away. It was Lucious. He was the brother of my very best childhood friend. I could not believe it happened at first. But I got the message from my mom who got it from his mom, Brenda. She told my mom that he had blood cancer, like leukemia I think. By the time he felt any symptoms of the disease, he was already in the 4th stage, which I don't think anyone gets out of when they contract cancer. My sis sent Brenda condolences from both of us. So did my mom.

Strangely, my mom thought Brenda had blocked her on Facebook. But she thought enough of my ma to write to her about Lucious. Even though ma didn't really care for him after she found out he raped my sis. Lucious had always been evil. I was not as good of friends with him as I was with Tara, his sister. I never did forgive him for what he did to me when I was about 7 years old. We were out playing, and Lucious wanted to mow this man's yard who lived across the field from them. I saw the man had a beautiful calico cat and I said out loud "Hmm, that's a pretty pussy cat!" Lucious suddenly went "Ooooo!" Next thing I know Tara and Lucious were running back to Brenda and Lucious told her, with my mom standing there, "Dee said a naughty word! She said to this old man 'you pussy!'" I was blown away!!! I never said that! But as soon as my mom got the word, she took me behind the stairs and spanked me. She didn't even ask me or Tara if it was true. I also remember seeing Lucious pass by us while me and mom were standing there, and he was looking at us out the corner of his eye, with a big smirk on his face.

Later on, I started to feel unsure myself. I turned to Tara and asked her if she heard me call that man a pussy. She said "No. Lucious just wanted to see you get in trouble!" I figured that too. Like I said, Lucious was evil! But I have to put that behind me now, he's gone. I felt very sad hearing this news. He left behind a wife and 2 children. Both grown up now.

Well, ma said Brenda blocked her on Facebook a few years ago. She believes it may have been because of something Felicia Hollis said. I wouldn't put it past her! Felicia is nuts! I used to think she was a nice, level-headed person. But after she went completely apeshit crazy during those BLM riots, called my mom a racist, and said the Holocaust never happened, I figured she must have gone absolutely insane. I no longer had, nor even wanted to have, anything to do with her at all! I told mom it was just unfair that Brenda stopped talking to her because of Felicia. Brenda has known us longer than she knew Felicia, and Felicia is nutso-coo-coo now. Well, like my mom said, it's their loss. But at least Brenda thought enough of my mom to tell her about Lucious. I just wish Brenda would stand by my mom too, like she used to, instead of listening to one loony shit-wit who does not deserve to be friends with my mom anyway.

Well, I'm thankful Tara is still around. And she's not lonely at all. She has her husband, kids, grandkids, and cousins, and her mom. And don't feel too bad about Lucious. Hopefully he is now in a better place. If I can forgive him without him repenting, surely GOD can. Afterall, we were friends with his family. It's just such a sad thing. He was younger than my sis. And cancer sucks anyway! Cancer has no place in this world! I'm sick of hearing of people I love dying from cancer. I wish it could be completely eradicated now!