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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

It Really Makes You Think

 I was watching a video last night where I got a reminder of a history lesson. I always hated history in school, and didn't pay much attention to it. But looking back to those days, I should have! I heard in the video how the founding fathers of this country, when they signed the Declaration of Independence, were basically signing their death warrant. The British did not want the founding fathers to be free from British rule. So, they said they'd kill them and their families if they signed that document. But the forefathers did not care. They said they'd rather lose their children, their wives, and their own lives than future generations not have freedom and liberty. Those were some good men! And we really owe them BIG!!! They sacrificed everything, including their own children, so the people of today can have freedom. I felt so bad hearing that.

Remember back in 2020, how BLM insisted we get rid of the statues of these brave men? So they tore them down. Totally disrespecting the men who gave their lives for their freedom! And what did BLM do? Are they willing to sacrifice their own families for future generations of this country? I highly doubt it since they took all those donations and used it to buy luxury mansions for themselves and their families. The real heroes during those BLM riots were those BLM now refers to as "white supremacists". Like Kyle Rittenhouse. And that other guy who was literally gunned down in cold blood in Portland. Right now, I sadly cannot recall his name.

Well, the one thing those men did not do was bend the knee to Britain. Thank GOD for that. Because if they had, we would not be here enjoying the freedoms that we have. They may have lost their wives, their children were killed, but they did not bend the knee. They didn't care about themselves. Sure, I'm sure some of them felt sad that their wives and children were dead, but they did it for the future of this country. Just so we could have the freedom we now have. They had no incentive for themselves not to bend the knee. They did it for the future generations. That's what good, strong men uphold.

When you think about it in that perspective, and see the kind of people we have standing around today, you really just want to break down and cry. Now, we have people who whine and bellyache just because they get "misgendered". We have young people who support Palestine, a country that hates our guts! For the sole reason that they just hate our guts. We have kids today who call socialism good and capitalism bad. We have total narcissists who grumble about other people disagreeing with them. We have teachers in schools who need affirmation from kids to feel good about themselves. It used to be the other way around. Kids turned to teachers to make them feel better about themselves. I can remember my teacher saving my neck a few times. I thank GOD she wasn't like the teachers of today who pitch a fit if a child doesn't call them by their "preferred pronouns". I just want to slap some sense into those people, and say to them "You don't know what a real tragedy is! People are dying of cancer, THAT is real tragedy. Our forefathers lost family members in the pursuit of our freedom today. THAT is real tragedy!" A person calling a biological man "sir" when he wants people to play along and pretend he's a woman, is NOT a real tragedy.

Speaking of which, has anyone seen the videos of the tranny who goes places to get served and give the workers grief because they call him "sir"?!?! That dude needs to be tarred and feathered! Of course I don't think any self-respecting feather would go near him. I feel sorry for his dog, and it's a cute little dog too! One of the cutest I've ever seen!!!

I don't know the dude's name but he seems to go to restaurants for the sole purpose of making trouble. He doesn't tell anyone he prefers to not be called "sir" until after they do it to him, and then he runs and tells the manager like a little bitch. He also does it while he livestreams his visit. I don't know why, I guess just so he can see other people give him pats on the back for trying to get the staff in trouble. I hope none of them did get in trouble because of him. He tells the manager "It's like a knife in the heart" Well Hell man, I don't think you have a heart to put a knife through! Again, he's just a whiny little bitch, just like all these trannies are. And they wonder why we don't like them. We're all getting tired of this act. Nobody cares about your dumb "preferred pronouns", so give it up! You're gonna mess with the wrong person one day, and then that person will really give you something to cry about!!! You're not going to be thinking much about "preferred pronouns" with a black eye!

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