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Friday, November 17, 2023

White People Don't Have Compassion

 I heard this on a video the other day, a black woman was saying how white people totally lack empathy and compassion. Those were her words. All I could say in response to that is "WHAT?!?!" My mom is white and she's full of compassion and empathy. Much more so than me. She's also more of a people-person than me. She is THE social butterfly. I am not. I'm very standoffish. Ma wonders why I didn't turn out more like her. I said I think it was because of the bullies I met along the way. From them, I learned being nice doesn't get you anywhere. The so-called "popular people" were always mean and nasty, and showed no respect for anyone, or compassion. But remember the BLM riots? Remember when I said I saw a video from Portland, where BLM members chased down a white guy and he tripped over a garbage can, and when he fell to the ground another Antifa goon kicked him in the head.

Well, instantly, the black women in the background responded in a way I didn't consider empathic. They laughed and jeered at him. Sure, later on, the guy woke up and the black girls were giving him water and cleaning him up, but they did it while saying things like "That's what happens when you run your mouth. You shouldn't have ran your mouth like that!" and "You don't ever say anything against black lives!" So, they were acting compassionately, while blaming the victim as well. That's not what I call empathy! If they had not laughed and jeered, and just gave the guy water, and shut their own mouths about black lives, I'd have said yes, they were being compassionate. But helping someone and then victim-blaming them is NOT an act of compassion! Especially when the victim has a right to say anything they want to.

I don't know what that poor man said that set off those thugs, but I believe it must have been him reminding those leftists that ALL lives matter. BLM turned out to be a scam charity. They just wanted to get rich quick. What better way than to make white people feel guilty and destroy anyone who gets in their way. Or dispels their beliefs. Well, thank GOD I didn't fall for it. I'm not that fricken stupid!!! They didn't get a cent of my money! And they never will. I don't reward thugs and mugs. If ever a BLM org comes where the people are decent and respectful, and don't go looting or tearing down businesses or peoples' homes, and do better things with the donations they receive, then I'd gladly donate to them. BLM got over $8M in donations in 2020. Not a single penny went to clean up the mess they made, nor to George Floyd's family. They're nothing but vultures.

But now, leftists have gotten so annoying, you would not believe what I came across on YouTube a few days ago. Some drunk chick was pulled over by the police. She must have had the unabridged version of the handbook of leftist excuses because while she was pulled over, she used every one of them. And non-binary and trans people wonder why they cannot get jobs! This is just a clip of the video, and it does not even show half of the lame leftist excuses she used.

Notice how at the end she was crying while saying "You're being a white man!" after she boasts "I'm non-binary" several times. And how she is "indigenous" and has "generational trauma" and PTSD, and on and on and on. UGH!!! Give me a break!!! "Generational trauma" is nothing but black leftist bullshit! I don't feel generational trauma. I don't even believe in that BS! And I am Native american. I didn't experience it myself, so it wasn't meant for me. I had my own traumas in my own life. I don't need to bring up old bones that have been buried for 400 years! Fuck that! And I find people who do that to be very pathetic! And more likely are just doing it for attention and power.

I once met someone who had some legitimate problems and as a last resort, said they would play the race card if necessary. I said "Playing the race card is not even an option for me!" I don't even play the fat card. I handle things based on merit. Not on whether the person attacking me is black or white or brown, or skinnier than I am. Unless I am 100% positive the reason they are treating me badly is because I am fat, or colored, I refuse to borrow that kind of trouble. You can definitely tell because such a thing is going to come up in the conversation, one way or another. Or they'll jeer at some imperfections you may have. Sometimes, you can also see it in the look in their eyes they give you.

That's why the leftists are always fear-mongering. They keep on bringing up how bad native americans were treated, how bad black slaves were treated, and they say it's all the white person's fault. Personally, I don't care. I wasn't there, so it has nothing to do with me. And when you really think about it, like Katrina says, most people are good inside. If you fall through thin ice, or you get stuck on the side of a cliff, not many people are going to just walk away and leave you there. A person like that would have to be pretty damn heartless. I know I could not just walk away from that. But the leftists have it fixed in their heads that white people were bad in the past, and are all still bad today. The funniest thing about that is the people who spread that the most are all white leftists. Maybe they are saying they themselves are bad people. I know leftists in general are bad people. Look what they are doing to Donald Trump.

Speaking of which, I heard DT had his charges from GA dropped. LOL! Its so funny! But you know something? Look at how they treat DT because the leftists think "he's a dictator" but they treat Xi Jinping with the utmost respect. And he is a true dictator! Biden is trying to get in cahoots with him. He wants America to become China. So, Trump is not a dictator. He never dictated anything to anyone during his presidency. But Biden is a dictator, who makes friends with communists. The only reason the leftists hate Trump so much is because he puts America first. I guess the leftists are not used to that. They're used to having a president that is going to put other countries before America. But it does our homeland no good!

I dunno, I ran into a leftist on Quora who told me that all American presidents put America first. I said to him "Then howcome Biden doesn't?" His only response was "this isn't about Biden!" I answered "I don't see why not! The subject of unscrupulous politicians seems empty without bringing up Biden". I asked him how he felt about Biden sending $60B to Ukraine, while the people of Maui only got $700? How did he feel about Biden giving aid to the Ukraine while people in east Palestine were drinking poisoned water? As of today, that guy has not answered me. No leftist can answer me! Because they know if they tell the truth, it would incriminate Biden.

I cannot believe there are still people who still say Biden is the best president we've ever had! But like this one commentator says on YouTube, they are the ultra-stupid ones. The people who cannot be tamed or civilized.

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