Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Sunday, May 30, 2021

The Creepy JoeBlow Is Back!

OMG! Creepy Joe is back again! He was in a conference, when he told everybody how a 9-year old "looks like a 19-year old sitting with her legs crossed". Seeing him sniffing children's hair was weird enough. Now he's saying a 9-year old looks 19. Now, you all know that if Trump had said that, we'd never hear the end of it. CNN and MSNBC would be twisting that story, adding more BS to it, dragging it around for months, being quick to call Trump a pedophile, and adding all kinds of other shit to the story to a point it wouldn't be recognizable anymore. But does anyone say anything when JoeBlow says it? No. They're all more concerned about the kind of ice cream Joe likes. Well, I'm going to say something about it. Get this pedophile the fuck OUT of the WH!!!! I'm tired of him! I've been tired of him. I never wanted him as president in the first place. Obama was bad enough. If I ever met Obama in person, I'd punch him in the gut! I'm mad at him for the way he divided this country!

Ya know, shortly after I rejoined Facebook, I found out Timmy had an account with them. I asked him to become my Facebook friend, but he didn't accept. Well, I recently found out he did not reject my request. When I see his profile, it still says "Friend Request Sent". Maybe I should rescind that. As much as I love Timmy, if he's a JoeBlow supporter, I don't want to know about it! If he supports a criminal organization like black lives matter, I don't want to know about it. I just want to remember him the way he was when I met him; a kind, happy gentleman that I adore. It was bad enough when I found out Garry Beers supports Joe Biden. So does Richard Lowenstein. Garry also supports the "adopt don't shop" movement. I still like Garry a lot. He was fun to meet too. But he is such a leftist, makes me question his integrity. I feel bad for him too, I just heard recently his boxer died. I wanted to say something to him, but I'm in Facebook jail now.

Yes, once again, I am in Facebook jail! LOL! But I am not sorry. Come to think of it, I've never been sorry for being put in Facebook jail. Every reason I've been in facebook jail is because of something I've said, or felt, that I do not regret saying. Because it's TRUE!!! But this time really took the cake. On one of the papillon groups I am in, someone had their little pap in their backyard when an unknown assailant came along and shot their dog down dead! A sweet little papillon dog, so beautiful and innocent, and some dumbass came along and gunned him down in his own backyard for no reason! I said if I would have found the person who did it, I'd want to kill them! ANY pet lover would do the same I'm sure. Well, someone didn't like it that I said that (probably the perpetrator themself) and reported my comment to Facebook and I got put in jail for 3 days. Sorry, not sorry. I would kill someone who shot my dog! I'm sure Zucko would do the same if someone shot his dog. My animals are my world! Anyone destroys my world will feel the wrath of Hell. You should have seen how pissed off I got when I even thought someone I used to know sent evil spirits to kill my Groucho. I wanted to wring that person's neck!!

Anyway, as much as I love Timmy, I'm scared to become his friend on Facebook. I mean that. I just don't want to know it if he's a leftist too. I'm scared it might ruin all images I've kept of him in my head over the years. I don't want to lose that. So, I think I should withdraw my offer to add him to my friends. If Michael is a leftist, then I also don't want to know it. But he's no longer with us, so no chance of ever finding out if he's a Biden supporter. Although he did have a picture of Che Guevara on one of his shirts. He was a far-leftist dictator whose army killed a lot of innocent people. But I don't know if I can blame Michael for that, or if it was a shirt handed to him by a deluded fan. Remember JD Fortune and the PETA shirts? JD didn't get those shirts on his own. They were given to him from PETA or some PETA-supporting fans that insisted he wear it. Fans often do that when they meet their favorite celebrities. They push their beliefs on them. We can only hope those celebs have the gumption to refuse once those fans are out of their faces. I hope JD doesn't really support PETA!! Just like I hope Michael didn't really support Che Guevara. Both would be bad news!

Well anyway, my sis is coming up for nearly a whole month. We're gonna have fun! I've been getting lots of good news lately. My sis is coming up here for a while, my mom is buying a farm, and she says I get to come over and play with the baby chicks! I can hardly wait! And thank GOD she's decided not to move to Nashville! After the riots that happened there last Christmas, she decided it was too risky to move there. Besides, my mom just had her first (and probably only) grandchild ever. She wouldn't want to move from that! And as far as I know, he's doing fine!

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Only Getting Worse

Well, apparently, today is the anniversary of George Floyd's death. Frankly, I don't give a damn. I'm not on George Floyd's side. Not at all! And I don't give two Gods' damn if people hate me for thinking this way. I don't see anything good about George Floyd's life to be celebrated! In fact, I see much more bad than good. BLM in particular, think everything is getting better for the black community. They're WRONG!! BLM succeeded in something that has never been accomplished before; they succeeded in making me more cautious of black people. Almost to a point of being racist. Note, I said "Almost". There's still a lot of black people I like. But they are mostly black people I've known all my life, or friendly conservatives. But there are things I still won't do. For one, I don't use racial slurs. I just think the "N" word is such an ugly word! I'd never use it. I don't call black people "coons" either. That's actually a slur for white people. Not black. It's what they called southerners who wore Davy Crockett hats.

Note I also said conservatives. Conservatives don't always mean people who believe in GOD. I knew at least one black person who believed in GOD, and I don't like her. She's even a pastor in her own church. She believes in GOD, but that doesn't mean she's a black person I would trust. Because she's crazier than a loon!! Shoot! She's crazier than a cuckoo bird!!! I'd known her since 1981, and I never knew she was so crazy until she blew up at my mom last year. And mom said that wasn't the only time she's blown up at her. Apparently it's happened before. But now, my ma says she never wants to see her again after I revealed that she was calling me and my sister "trophy kids". That probably also explains why she has never spoke to me and my sis on Facebook. It's very possible that's why. Well, ma blocked her on Facebook, and so did I. So, we never have to see her again. LOL!

Black people today are such wussies! They freak out at the mere sight of a rope. Most especially if that rope is tied even remotely like a noose! Black people complain about that because of FORMER slaves who were hung in the old days of lynching. Something today's black people never faced!! I heard in Connecticut, Amazon has had to delay building a new warehouse because several ropes were found on the site that was tied like a noose. Then some black wussy started honking on about how that sight terrifies him. UGH!! This is all Obama's fault!!! Before he became president, I never heard of a black person being so scared of the mere sight of a rope! A lot of white people, particularly the Irish, and hispanics were hung by ropes too. So were republicans! Often alongside the blacks. I'm not republican, but I am Irish and hispanic. I don't get scared at the sight of a rope. And if anyone should hate the sight of a noose, it's ME!! My Michael was killed by one!!! I should hate the sight of a noose and a belt. Well, I don't like belts, but not for that reason. But the sight of one doesn't make me uneasy, like it does with these modern black leftards.

This is why I will not listen to leftists. I've never met a conservative black person who was so scared at the sight of a rope. I've never heard of a conservative black person refer to George Floyd as a "saint". I never seen a black conservative take a meme, intended as a joke on 4-Chan, as being the gospel (ie. comparing the OK sign as a sign of white power). I've never heard any conservative black person call things they don't like "racist". I've never heard a conservative black person say "even if you marry outside your race, you can still be racist". I've never heard of a conservative black person say all the police are just out to get them so they can murder them. I never heard of a conservative black person looting stores and tearing down businesses. I never heard of a conservative black person beating up Asians and whites for no reason. No. I only hear and see all this crap from leftist black people. And why? Because Obama told them they need to fear these things and used slavery as a valid excuse for it. And then Hillary Clinton confirms it all and it's being carried on and even expanding because of BLM. THAT is why I won't listen to leftists. Also, EVERY leftist I've ever met all say the same bullshit; "You only believe in conspiracy theories!" To them, Antifa is a conspiracy theory. But I know, and every conservative knows, Antifa is real, and very destructive! I don't think a conspiracy theory can go around towns and burn down buildings. Any more than I believe a giant pink bunny with green polka-dots can burn down buildings. So yes, Antifa is real and they need to be STOPPED!! We are all getting sick of the leftist bullshit!

So tell me, why is it conservative black people never say or believe all those things and leftist black people do? Answer me that. I'll tell you why. Because leftists don't get their news from actual news sources. A lot of them will tell you they don't even watch CNN or MSNBC. Personally, I think they're lying, but I cannot say that for sure. My guess is they get all their news from websites like MSN, Yahoo, and even Twitter. None of which I would trust around the corner! Because those are leftist websites, who only report in favor of leftist ideologies. Many have completely banned conservative media. Which I think is why it's very important to check sources for both. If you want to only hear leftist news, fine. But at least balance it out with reliable conservative resources. I always recommend Tim Pool and Karlyn Borysenko on YouTube. Both are left-leaning, but they don't have Trump derangement syndrome. So, they are very reliable sources.

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Walt Disney Is Not Happy!

I don't claim to be a medium, but I can only imagine what Walt Disney now would be thinking about his company. And I can tell you, I don't think he'd be a happy camper now! I know I wouldn't be if I spent almost 100 years building up my reputation as a fun company that tells good stories, only to have it destroyed by leftist wussy ideology!! A lot of people complain now that Walt Disney himself was a bigot. My response is BIG DEAL?!! At least he told good stories. He created characters that were easy to relate to and made movies that were accurate and a viewer could really get into. Nowadays, people are more interested in being "woke" rather than telling just good stories. I'm gonna tell you, I actually liked Disney movies a lot better when they were "bigoted"!! At least they were honest and funny.

Now, Hollywood has this thing. A movie cannot be made anymore that does not include black characters, or gay characters. If a straight white man is depicted, he has to be accompanied by a black woman. But two gay men can be depicted themselves with no black characters. I don't understand this at all. I guess you could make a decent movie with a biracial couple. I Love Lucy worked out just fine! But who is gonna care to see a movie about 2 gay men or 2 gay women getting together?! Commercials have already begun doing this. You don't see many commercials now where there are straight white men married to straight white women. Nowadays, the man either has to be gay, or have a black companion. And it's now always the straight white man that is treated like a third-class citizen in commercials.

Remember the Drew Carrey show? I used to watch that, and I found it funny. There was a drag queen they all didn't like much and made fun of. Nowadays, the drag queen would be the main character, and Drew Carrey would be the one constantly being picked on. The funny thing about that is, there's lots to make fun of drag queens about. They're practically clowns. They're burlesque-type clowns. Drew Carrey, he's just a straight guy who is short, bald and fat. And while you could build a successful show around making fun of those things, it's funnier making fun of the drag queen. They dress up to be funny. Fat people are just laughed at for the hell of it.

Well anyway, now Disney Studios is telling all their employees to donate to black lives matter. They are not only making them do that, but also telling their white employees that they are not allowed to question black co-workers. That is so dumb!! On so many levels. First of all, this is a way of lifting black people, no matter who they are, to the status of GOD. And I refuse to do that! I'm not lifting any human up to the status of GOD. I don't care what their flesh color is!!! From past experience I can tell you that to lift up black people like they are the only ones that matter, is a huge mistake! I've known quite a few nice black people, but I've also known some very dubious ones too. That's why I am more cautious of them nowadays. The evil ones will take advantage of their "power" and knock you down, not even thinking twice. They're very uncivilized. Especially modern young black liberals. The conservatives are easier to trust. Not all of them, but most of them are. It would be a lot easier for me to trust a black person who would smile and say to you "have a blessed day" than someone who throws around the word "bitch" everywhere and always has their hands out ready to strike you down.

Now, I am seeing people comparing George Floyd to Emmett Till. To me, that is a grossly exaggerated fabrication. I read the story of Emmett Till. He was just a kid. There is absolutely NO likeness between him and George Floyd! Emmett Till did nothing to deserve being lynched! He was just a kid, who as I understand it, just had a stuffy nose and was blowing it. That was taken as being offensive by this one woman, whose family then tortured and killed Emmett Till. His killing was undeserved. George Floyd, on the other hand, was doing drugs, resisting arrest, and started crying "I can't breathe" long before his body was ever even on the ground! Not to mention, he had a long criminal record. Now, I am not saying he deserved to die, but I am saying it wouldn't have happened if he'd only followed police orders! Emmett Till had it WAY worse than George Floyd did! Till didn't choose to do anything and get lynched. His case was a terrible misunderstanding. George Floyd did choose to resist arrest, just like ALL young, black liberals do today. If you resist arrest, you're going to be restrained! And if you choose to put drugs like Fentanyl in your body at dangerous levels, you will suffer for it. That's why I don't do drugs. I don't want to take that chance. I'm not that fricken stupid!!!

Well, one of the jurors at the Chauvin case was discovered to be an imposter. He said he'd never been to a BLM rally. He lied! He had been to one. And that did influence his decision to convict Chauvin. Now, there is talk about going to trial with him again. This time, without the BLM meddling. I hope! Chauvin deserved a much fairer trial than he got. I hope he gets acquitted!

Monday, May 3, 2021

The Chauvin Trial

Well, I've kept my mouth shut on here about this for a while, but now I have to say something. I've said it on Facebook. And yes, a few people unfriended me because of this, LOL! But really I do not give a shit. I don't even remember who they were. I just know I've got a few less people to worry about now than before. The only one I remember I lost is my little brother Johnny. He even blocked me on Facebook now. But you know what? I don't hold it against him. He's still my little brother. He'll always be my little brother. And I will always be there for him as a big sister. It's not his fault. I'm sure all his black friends have been feeding him a lot of baloney about George Floyd and the dangers BLM poses to our country. Johnny is still young. He doesn't know what BLM is doing is bad for black people in general. Like I said, all they accomplished in doing is proving the stereotypes we all have about them is true. I'm starting to have trust issues with black people now because of BLM. That's something I've never had before in my life! But now seeing they are a group of totally uncivilized people, I'm very careful about trusting them now.

Yes, I realize not all black people are like those representing BLM. But I wouldn't know that until after I got to meet them and know them for a while. I'm no longer just going to throw out my trust to blacks I see in any street corner. I'm going to hold my wallet tighter, walk faster, and not make any eye-contact with them. Especially when I am in the city. I remember a year ago in Portland, I was driving around there at night, and a black guy in a hoodie started to approach my car. I nearly ran him down trying to get out of his reach because I didn't want him dragging me out of my car and doing GOD knows what to me! Thankfully I didn't really run him down. But apparently, he was just trying to let me know my headlights were off. See! This is what BLM has done to me!!! I'm extra cautious about black people now. And the women are much worse than the men!! Especially the young leftist black women. I am especially wary of them!

Ya know, I really do HATE it that I am this way. But because of the radical BLM activists, this is how I am now. Yes, I have also been called "racist". Mostly by leftists. I really do not give a shit if they think I am "racist". To the leftists, if you drink milk, you're a racist. So, being called a racist by them means nothing to me now. But skipping what they say about me, I really don't like being this way about black people. Because I have had black friends and even boyfriends, and I have met some very nice black people throughout my life too. But this is the new me that BLM has created. That's why I resent BLM. And the leader, I think her name is Patrisse Cullors, she took all the money sent to BLM and bought 4 multi-million dollar houses with that money! Further proving today's blacks are lying, thieving, greedy-ass yanks!! The funniest thing about that is, she did not buy houses in black neighborhoods. The same person who admitted to hating white people, and griping about capitalism, bought 4 multi-million-dollar homes in WHITE neighborhoods!! It's almost too comical to be real!! LMAO!!

I told you all, not one penny of that money sent to BLM has gone into improving black neighborhoods or schools, or black scholarships! It all went into the founder's pocket. BLM doesn't care about George Floyd or any other black person killed by cops. They only care about exploiting their deaths to make more money.

I care nothing about George Floyd. I didn't know the guy, and what I do know about him is not good. I'm on the side of his victims. He raped a woman, and also held a gun to a pregnant women in a home invasion. How do people think the victims of George Floyd feels about black people holding him up as a deity? He did nothing good in his life, and nothing good was ever going to come out of him. Chauvin did nothing wrong. He did his job. The whole trial was more tense than a tug-of-war session in the olympics! BLM activists threatened to loot and riot again if Chauvin wasn't found guilty. How fair is a trial like that based solely on mob-rule?! Like Candace Owens said, it wasn't a fair trial! I even recently saw an article about an interview with one of the jurors in the Chauvin case. She said she was really afraid to say how she really felt because of the threats from BLM. So, it really wasn't a fair trial. I wish I had been on that jury. I am not afraid of BLM. All they are is a horde of whiny brats who've never had a spanking in their lives. We have to stop letting people like them win everything! They don't know what's best for us. Hell, their parents didn't even do what was best for them! How can we determine those brats know what's best for us??

Well, Johnny didn't like that I said Derek Chauvin is innocent. So, he unfriended me. That's his prerogative. I got bigger worries in my life now than him. But he is my little brother, and I can only hope someday he learns the truth and comes back to his senses. Everyone else who unfriended me, they're just gravy! LMAO!! I could care less about them. The less gravy I got, the better. Gravy makes you bloat. LOL! Personally, I'm staying on the side of George Floyd's victims. What would they think? How would they feel?