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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Only Getting Worse

Well, apparently, today is the anniversary of George Floyd's death. Frankly, I don't give a damn. I'm not on George Floyd's side. Not at all! And I don't give two Gods' damn if people hate me for thinking this way. I don't see anything good about George Floyd's life to be celebrated! In fact, I see much more bad than good. BLM in particular, think everything is getting better for the black community. They're WRONG!! BLM succeeded in something that has never been accomplished before; they succeeded in making me more cautious of black people. Almost to a point of being racist. Note, I said "Almost". There's still a lot of black people I like. But they are mostly black people I've known all my life, or friendly conservatives. But there are things I still won't do. For one, I don't use racial slurs. I just think the "N" word is such an ugly word! I'd never use it. I don't call black people "coons" either. That's actually a slur for white people. Not black. It's what they called southerners who wore Davy Crockett hats.

Note I also said conservatives. Conservatives don't always mean people who believe in GOD. I knew at least one black person who believed in GOD, and I don't like her. She's even a pastor in her own church. She believes in GOD, but that doesn't mean she's a black person I would trust. Because she's crazier than a loon!! Shoot! She's crazier than a cuckoo bird!!! I'd known her since 1981, and I never knew she was so crazy until she blew up at my mom last year. And mom said that wasn't the only time she's blown up at her. Apparently it's happened before. But now, my ma says she never wants to see her again after I revealed that she was calling me and my sister "trophy kids". That probably also explains why she has never spoke to me and my sis on Facebook. It's very possible that's why. Well, ma blocked her on Facebook, and so did I. So, we never have to see her again. LOL!

Black people today are such wussies! They freak out at the mere sight of a rope. Most especially if that rope is tied even remotely like a noose! Black people complain about that because of FORMER slaves who were hung in the old days of lynching. Something today's black people never faced!! I heard in Connecticut, Amazon has had to delay building a new warehouse because several ropes were found on the site that was tied like a noose. Then some black wussy started honking on about how that sight terrifies him. UGH!! This is all Obama's fault!!! Before he became president, I never heard of a black person being so scared of the mere sight of a rope! A lot of white people, particularly the Irish, and hispanics were hung by ropes too. So were republicans! Often alongside the blacks. I'm not republican, but I am Irish and hispanic. I don't get scared at the sight of a rope. And if anyone should hate the sight of a noose, it's ME!! My Michael was killed by one!!! I should hate the sight of a noose and a belt. Well, I don't like belts, but not for that reason. But the sight of one doesn't make me uneasy, like it does with these modern black leftards.

This is why I will not listen to leftists. I've never met a conservative black person who was so scared at the sight of a rope. I've never heard of a conservative black person refer to George Floyd as a "saint". I never seen a black conservative take a meme, intended as a joke on 4-Chan, as being the gospel (ie. comparing the OK sign as a sign of white power). I've never heard any conservative black person call things they don't like "racist". I've never heard a conservative black person say "even if you marry outside your race, you can still be racist". I've never heard of a conservative black person say all the police are just out to get them so they can murder them. I never heard of a conservative black person looting stores and tearing down businesses. I never heard of a conservative black person beating up Asians and whites for no reason. No. I only hear and see all this crap from leftist black people. And why? Because Obama told them they need to fear these things and used slavery as a valid excuse for it. And then Hillary Clinton confirms it all and it's being carried on and even expanding because of BLM. THAT is why I won't listen to leftists. Also, EVERY leftist I've ever met all say the same bullshit; "You only believe in conspiracy theories!" To them, Antifa is a conspiracy theory. But I know, and every conservative knows, Antifa is real, and very destructive! I don't think a conspiracy theory can go around towns and burn down buildings. Any more than I believe a giant pink bunny with green polka-dots can burn down buildings. So yes, Antifa is real and they need to be STOPPED!! We are all getting sick of the leftist bullshit!

So tell me, why is it conservative black people never say or believe all those things and leftist black people do? Answer me that. I'll tell you why. Because leftists don't get their news from actual news sources. A lot of them will tell you they don't even watch CNN or MSNBC. Personally, I think they're lying, but I cannot say that for sure. My guess is they get all their news from websites like MSN, Yahoo, and even Twitter. None of which I would trust around the corner! Because those are leftist websites, who only report in favor of leftist ideologies. Many have completely banned conservative media. Which I think is why it's very important to check sources for both. If you want to only hear leftist news, fine. But at least balance it out with reliable conservative resources. I always recommend Tim Pool and Karlyn Borysenko on YouTube. Both are left-leaning, but they don't have Trump derangement syndrome. So, they are very reliable sources.

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