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Sunday, May 30, 2021

The Creepy JoeBlow Is Back!

OMG! Creepy Joe is back again! He was in a conference, when he told everybody how a 9-year old "looks like a 19-year old sitting with her legs crossed". Seeing him sniffing children's hair was weird enough. Now he's saying a 9-year old looks 19. Now, you all know that if Trump had said that, we'd never hear the end of it. CNN and MSNBC would be twisting that story, adding more BS to it, dragging it around for months, being quick to call Trump a pedophile, and adding all kinds of other shit to the story to a point it wouldn't be recognizable anymore. But does anyone say anything when JoeBlow says it? No. They're all more concerned about the kind of ice cream Joe likes. Well, I'm going to say something about it. Get this pedophile the fuck OUT of the WH!!!! I'm tired of him! I've been tired of him. I never wanted him as president in the first place. Obama was bad enough. If I ever met Obama in person, I'd punch him in the gut! I'm mad at him for the way he divided this country!

Ya know, shortly after I rejoined Facebook, I found out Timmy had an account with them. I asked him to become my Facebook friend, but he didn't accept. Well, I recently found out he did not reject my request. When I see his profile, it still says "Friend Request Sent". Maybe I should rescind that. As much as I love Timmy, if he's a JoeBlow supporter, I don't want to know about it! If he supports a criminal organization like black lives matter, I don't want to know about it. I just want to remember him the way he was when I met him; a kind, happy gentleman that I adore. It was bad enough when I found out Garry Beers supports Joe Biden. So does Richard Lowenstein. Garry also supports the "adopt don't shop" movement. I still like Garry a lot. He was fun to meet too. But he is such a leftist, makes me question his integrity. I feel bad for him too, I just heard recently his boxer died. I wanted to say something to him, but I'm in Facebook jail now.

Yes, once again, I am in Facebook jail! LOL! But I am not sorry. Come to think of it, I've never been sorry for being put in Facebook jail. Every reason I've been in facebook jail is because of something I've said, or felt, that I do not regret saying. Because it's TRUE!!! But this time really took the cake. On one of the papillon groups I am in, someone had their little pap in their backyard when an unknown assailant came along and shot their dog down dead! A sweet little papillon dog, so beautiful and innocent, and some dumbass came along and gunned him down in his own backyard for no reason! I said if I would have found the person who did it, I'd want to kill them! ANY pet lover would do the same I'm sure. Well, someone didn't like it that I said that (probably the perpetrator themself) and reported my comment to Facebook and I got put in jail for 3 days. Sorry, not sorry. I would kill someone who shot my dog! I'm sure Zucko would do the same if someone shot his dog. My animals are my world! Anyone destroys my world will feel the wrath of Hell. You should have seen how pissed off I got when I even thought someone I used to know sent evil spirits to kill my Groucho. I wanted to wring that person's neck!!

Anyway, as much as I love Timmy, I'm scared to become his friend on Facebook. I mean that. I just don't want to know it if he's a leftist too. I'm scared it might ruin all images I've kept of him in my head over the years. I don't want to lose that. So, I think I should withdraw my offer to add him to my friends. If Michael is a leftist, then I also don't want to know it. But he's no longer with us, so no chance of ever finding out if he's a Biden supporter. Although he did have a picture of Che Guevara on one of his shirts. He was a far-leftist dictator whose army killed a lot of innocent people. But I don't know if I can blame Michael for that, or if it was a shirt handed to him by a deluded fan. Remember JD Fortune and the PETA shirts? JD didn't get those shirts on his own. They were given to him from PETA or some PETA-supporting fans that insisted he wear it. Fans often do that when they meet their favorite celebrities. They push their beliefs on them. We can only hope those celebs have the gumption to refuse once those fans are out of their faces. I hope JD doesn't really support PETA!! Just like I hope Michael didn't really support Che Guevara. Both would be bad news!

Well anyway, my sis is coming up for nearly a whole month. We're gonna have fun! I've been getting lots of good news lately. My sis is coming up here for a while, my mom is buying a farm, and she says I get to come over and play with the baby chicks! I can hardly wait! And thank GOD she's decided not to move to Nashville! After the riots that happened there last Christmas, she decided it was too risky to move there. Besides, my mom just had her first (and probably only) grandchild ever. She wouldn't want to move from that! And as far as I know, he's doing fine!


Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Correction: The little girl was 6 years old. Not 9. Not that it matters anyways, Biden is still a pervert!

iesha said...

If Hutch was still alive, He would pretty much support Biden.
As of Jason fortune, He supports trump along with his bimbo tart Estella Warren.