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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Yes! These Are Real!

I was on Facebook yesterday and a friend showed me this pic of a monkey with a severely swollen ass! Check this out!

This is basically the same pic, only one of the monkeys had been cut out. I sure would hate to have been one of those monkeys! These are called Sulawesi macaques and they are both females. And yes, their asses do get that big when they are in heat! To me, this is just disgusting to look at! This is probably an example of mother Nature's warped side! I find it rather strange how so many of the old world monkeys and chimps have this happen when they go into heat. No other ape does this, and new world monkeys don't get swollen this bad! Only macaques, baboons and chimps get this bad. I often wondered why.

This is why I like lemurs better. LOL! That's just disgusting!

Well, I thought I would make this into an interesting topic here on this blog. Another oddity, check out this breed of dog:

That's called a Pachon Navarro, or Navarro Pointer. If you think you are looking at a dog with 2 noses, you are correct! Odd as this may sound, this breed is born to have a split nose. It's not attractive to look at but there really is a reason for this feature in this breed. Their original creators believed this accentuated the breed's sense of smell. It's double nose gave it more room to pick up a scent. This breed is rare, but there are 2 even more obscure breeds that also share this feature. Both of them are also classified as gun dogs.

And for another oddity, take a look at this fish:

That's called a barreleye fish. It's a deep sea fish with a transparent head. Kinda looks to me a little like a pilot whale! This fish has a couple of golf-ball-shaped orbs on the front of the head where the eyes should probably be. But they are useless. Their eyes are actually the 2 visible green spheres you can see on the inside of their head. They can basically look up without turning their head. When their food is spotted, they can turn those 2 green spheres forward to focus in on it's prey. This is just an odd-looking fish. Not only because of the transparent membrane over their head, but also because their eyes are not really where they should be.

And take a look at this animal:

You're probably looking at this and wondering if that is a head on stilts. But this is a real animal. It's a pygmy jerboa, found in the Saharan region of Africa, where most jerboas are found. This animal appears to have nothing more than a very large head, skinny legs and feet and a long, thin tail. There is a popular video of one of these animals on YouTube, and it belongs to someone and is their pet. But many jerboas would not make great pets. They are flighty and more likely to bite than other rodents. But don't tell that USDA breeder I spoke to last night that!! She'll say "Oh I breed those and mine don't bite at all!" LOL!

Now meet the world's smallest reptile:

That is Brookesia, which has no english name. It is basically just a tiny chameleon. Yes, this is an adult Brookesia. They are found in Madagascar. Madagascar has many different kinds of chameleons. Aside from this species, the world's largest chameleon, known commonly as the panther chameleon, lives there too. The largest can grow to 2 feet in length, whereas Brookesia can be less than an inch in length. Unlike other chameleons, these animals live on the ground, among the leaf litter.

Ever imagine what the world's largest rabbit would look like?

Yes this big guy is for real, that's called a Flemish Giant, and it is the largest breed of rabbit in the World. Some can reach as heavy as 40 pounds, which is the same size as a good-sized dog. Most apartments don't even allow dogs that big! But if you were to tell those landlords "I don't have a dog, I have a rabbit." They're more likely to think you mean something little and cute with a twitchy nose and long ears. Not this guy! If you told most people you have a rabbit that weighs 40 pounds, they might look at you like you're nuts! But it's true! This rabbit reaches nearly Metazoic proportions!

Now we met the largest rabbit in the world, how about a very large crab?

Imagine walking along the beach and finding this monster! But this is no ordinary beach crab. This sucker is known as the Coconut crab, and it is the World's largest and heaviest crustacean. Well, really they run neck-to-neck with the Giant spider crab of the northern Pacific near Japan. But what makes this creature unusual is that it is a land-living crab. They cannot swim, except as larvae, and will literally drown in water if they are left in it too long. This crab is mainly a tree-dweller, instead of a sand and water dweller like most other crabs. They inhabit many islands of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, but are more common on the Indonesian islands.

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