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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Friends or Principles?

Well, most of my friends know I love them and will do anything in my powers for them. I've done some things I normally wouldn't do for them. But even I have limits to what I will do, even for someone I like a lot. It's not easy, but I have to hold fast to my principles. Yesterday, I had to make a choice. One of my Facebook friends, a very lovely person, wanted to help PETA recruit more likes for their Facebook page. Now, anyone who has been reading this blog for any length of time knows how much I HATE PETA!! With a capitol H! I am totally unyeilding in that decision. I will NOT support PETA in any way, shape or form. But this friend admitted she is a proud, card-carrying member of PETA. There was just no really nice way to put it, I hate PETA. Anything else in the World I would happily support this friend and help that cause, and any other friend. But not when it comes to PETA. That's where I draw the line. If she was supporting a real good cause for the sake of animals, like the ASPCA, I would be liking that page in her honor in a heartbeat! But I totally refuse to help PETA in any way. I saw one comment on YouTube once that pretty much sums up PETA's real intentions. This person said "PETA's motto should really be 'we don't love animals, we hate people'." And I believe that to be true.

I always hated PETA. I accidentally subscribed to their magazine once back in 1998. Believe me when I say it was an accident! I thought I was getting a magazine that was truly educational about the world and lives of animals. Instead I saw a amplitude of nutty ads for freeing animals, petitioning farms and restaurants that serve meat, news clips that told kids why their moms and dads are evil, plans to bomb schools and buildings. It was creepy to look at. I canceled that subscription and threw away the volumes I had gotten! Since then I hated PETA with a passion! I love animals, and it is because I love animals that I hate PETA so much! PETA has been known to kill many healthy, adoptable pets for their own gain. I'd rather support a cause that really does some good for animals, and does not hurt any people on the way to doing it. PETA supports ALF, and gives them money for weapons, bombs and junk so they can kill people they deem are unethical towards animals. Including owning pets. ALF and PETA are basically terrorist groups, not real charities to help animals. Their ads make them sound cute and flowery, but once you have delved deep inside their organization, like I have, you can see plainly that they are nothing but a bunch of mental-cases.

I told this friend if she wants to support PETA, that's fine. She's a decent person anyway. I know she would not do the unthinkable to other people. I've never even seen her talk about bombing someone else's house or killing their kids, like that one asshole deskset24 did. Now that was an evil person! I don't even think it was a person at all. Just a YouTube entity. LOL! But he displayed the same kind of rage, hatred and evil I've seen in many other PETA supporters, and it's been brainwashed into them by PETA's leader, Ingrid Newkirk. She leads them into believing she is actually doing good for the animals. But she's not. All she is doing is making PETA look sillier and sillier. I believe Newkirk is more than a little bit psychotic, she's bipolar too. I've seen interviews with her, she reminds me so much of Shirley Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church! She just never shuts up about her cause, she does plenty of shutting out other people though. She mocks other people and scoffs at them when they prove her wrong. The only thing she doesn't do that Shirley does is always say "yikes!" when she is backed into a corner. When that happens, Newkirk just squawks like a chicken.

One person got on that thread, and I am not friends with her and in that case probably should not have been paying any attention to her, and it sounded like she was accusing me of making fun of this friend for supporting PETA. Usually I tend to ignore people who are not on my friends list, but I didn't want my friend to read that and think I was doing that in any way. I sure did not mean to make it sound that way. But this other person was saying how anti-PETA people put up this propoganda against them because they are "intimidated" by PETA. I told her I am not "intimidated" by PETA. Their views are too hypocritical for that! I just don't like PETA. And it's as simple as that. PETA only works to save animals that they think are cute and useful. Until their "sea kittens" campaign, they didn't give a shit about fish. And the reason they want to change the name of fish to "sea kittens" is because they think it sounds cuter, and it would stop people from eating them. So they think fish, the way they are now, are not "cute" enough to care about??!! That's stupid! And what about all the small animals that are killed by farm machinery harvesting vegetables and fruits every year? Do they think those animals are not "cute" enough to care about? And those harvesting machines put just as much CO2 in the air as any meat packing machine does, and that does not seem to bother PETA.

To me, veggies will never be anything more than a side-dish. Not the main course. And a lot of the so-called "research" PETA does is very biased. I would not listen to them if they say anything. But everybody has a right to their own choices, so I said if this friend wants to support PETA, that's fine with me. As long as she is not out there bombing buildings and killing people! LOL! But that's what PETA does and that is what they support. So I will support this friend in her choice, but I will not support PETA in any way, at all. I had hoped this friend would understand, but I think she may be a little bit upset or disappointed in me. I kinda noticed it a bit last night. I may be wrong. But I'm used to once I disagree with someone I begin to look for signs of breaking off, or cutting out the friendship. I've seen it happen over and over. People are just that way! I can agree to disagree, but most people want their friends to agree with everything they say 100%. I just can't. Not when it comes to PETA. Like I said, that's where I draw the line. I'm sorry if this friend is disappointed, or hurt in any way, but I just can't support PETA. I'll still love her as a friend though!

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