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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Being Unreasonable

I am kinda pissed off at my landlord. She is being an unreasonable bitch. Of course I heard she is always like this to everyone that moves away. Well, I am trying to sell as much of my fish as I possibly can because once I leave here, I will need to put my aquarium in storage. I hate to let my fish go, but I have no choice. I've decided to move in with Ma and John, it's either that or move into my father's home with him and Kathy. And the last time I spent a weekend with my father, we clashed horns. Actually he did the clashing, I tried to get along. My father's problem is he likes to be in control, and I hate being controlled. I cannot live like that. So I cannot move in with him. So it's either with ma, or the street. I have friends, but they all have kids. I'd rather move into a pen of messy oinkers than live with kids. But this is my one chance for a while to get back to the coast. Everyone knows I want to go back there, I've been mentioning it since I moved here. I was reminiscing today, you know the one thing that was heartbreaking as we were moving up here, Ocean Shores was cloudy that day, and it was nice and cool there. Then we got past Moses Lake, and it was HOT and sunny and I was sweating! I was thinking "so this is a preview of months to come?" I knew at that instant that I was not going to enjoy living in Montana. Ever since we got here, I've been thinking of ways to get back to the coast. Everyone here, that has spoken to me for any length of time, knows I want to go back. Even Lois, my landlord.

Well, now Lois is being an unreasonable bitch. She used to say how uncivil she could be sometimes, but she's never shown me that side until now. She saw the sign I put out trying to sell all my fish, and when Karen dropped Brandie off at her place, Lois said in a sarcastic tone, "I see Dee is selling all her fish because she is moving." Karen replied that yes, I am finally moving back to Ocean Shores. Actually the coast, I'm not sure if I am moving back to Ocean Shores, but that's not important now. Lois's response was "That's good. She'd better remember to give me 30 days notice and that apartment had better be sparkling clean when she leaves!" While they were talking, Karen happened to mention that I am going to have to leave Minnie and Vegas with my sis for a couple months while I look for another place, and raise some money to move in. Lois looked Karen straight in the eyes and said "No! She's NOT!" Karen tried to reason with Lois saying that I'll have to stay with my ma, and her place does not allow pets. But Lois continued "No! She's NOT!" I cannot leave my dogs with friends, again because they either all have kids, or bigger dogs. Ma likes Vegas, but it's John I'm worried about. He may not like the idea of having me stay there with them. I don't even know for sure if ma's place will allow me to have pets. But John does not take too kindly to pets in the house. So I am worried. What can I do with my dogs?

I think the best thing to do is put this in GOD's hands. I do need time to look for a place and raise some money for a security deposit. I'll have to wait until I can have my meeting with Lois to see what I can do about this. Maybe I can reason with her myself. Maybe? Perhaps it'll sound better coming straight from me as opposed to coming from Karen. Lois is not usually a bad person, she's usually very reasonable. Today, she just found out that I am serious about leaving and I guess she's in a bad mood because of it. But she knew it had to happen sooner or later. I'm a prisoner here. The coast is where I belong. I thought Lois understood that. But I guess all she can think about is she's going to have to pay for another empty apartment. All I can think of is being happy again. But I don't know what is going to happen now if I cannot leave my dogs with my sis. Like I said, I'll just have to put it in GOD's hands. I'll have to do some tall praying for a solution.

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