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Friday, July 20, 2012

30-Days Notice

This morning on my way back from the dog park, Deb cornered me with a grin on her face. She said that Lois said that the next time I let my dogs walk from my apartment to the elevator I was going to be put on 30 days notice and Lois is going to throw me out of here. I just said "oh. OK." Inside I was thinking "Big deal?! So I let my dogs walk 20 feet from my apartment door to the elevator!?" I do that all the time. The only time there was a problem was on Monday, when Minnie accidentally took a dump in the hallway. Well, Lois must have seen that on camera and got angry. That was on Monday! This is Friday. Well, Lois had recently gotten the carpets cleaned, and I guess when Minnie had that accident, it set Lois off. But she acts as though my dogs are the only ones that have broken the pet rules in this building! Lois's own dog, Brandie, picks fights with other dogs, and that is against the rules in this apartment building. Deb lets Ziggy, her own dog, run around loose. The leash is attached to his collar, but that does not always mean someone is controlling Ziggy. And Ziggy gets away from Deb far more than either Vegas or Minnie gets away from me. Compared to their dogs, my dogs are angels. And all I do is just let them walk the 20 feet from my door to the elevator. They do no harm, nothing, and they never get away from me. There is something else, deep rooted, into this dilemma. I wonder if it's personal. Maybe Lois decided she just does not like me anymore. I don't understand why. I'm quiet, mostly I keep to myself, I've never given Lois any back-talk; although now I might. I think she needs to learn that my dogs are no worse than anyone else's.

You know the funny thing about all this? Frankly I don't really even care if I get thrown out! I want to go back to the coast, and I'll go through Hell to get back there! I don't like it here (Bozeman) anymore. But I didn't want to leave on this note! The one and only thing I am worried about is that this bullshit that Lois gripes about may prevent me from being able to get another rental place. I need that! At least for now. Until I can save enough to get myself an RV so I can travel around. Unless I can get someone to let me buy an RV from them and pay in installments. Even then, I might run into some turbulence. But I can go around and give it a try. Anything is better than this arrangement. If my dogs running 20 feet across a hallway bugs my landlord SOOOOOOO much, and her dog getting into fights does NOT bother her at all, there is something wrong here. Lois had the chance to get Brandie rehabilitated, and she did not take it. Why? Seems there is more here than what is meeting the eyes. Now, I kinda hope Brandie gets taken away from Lois. I didn't want to see that before, but it seems Lois just does not care. But it bothers her so damn much when 2 tiny dogs, that harms no one, walks 20 feet across the hallway. Sounds like there's a clique here and neither me nor Anna are members of. This is why I fucking HATE cliques!!!!

I want out of here NOW! I'm ready!! I'll live out in the street if I have to, or on the road! But I want out of here!! Maybe GOD has another plan for me. I think HE is testing me. I want out, but I also want to be able to have a place to go to when I do leave. We'll see!

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