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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Say Goodnight, Gracie!

Well, I had to kick this backyard breeder out of my channel. Ya know I looked at her channel, and noticed it says she is from the USA? I'd have bet she was from the UK, judging simply by her attitude, and her hours of operation. Well, she got rather personal tonight. I basically just told her the truth. She is a backyard breeder. So she got all personal and talking about the way I am. Well, that's OK. She thinks I'm fat and know nothing about (USDA) breeding, I think she's fat and ugly too, and I still say her dogs are ugly as well. hehehe! I took a glimpse of one of her videos, and she looks like she's fat as well. Nothing is more pathetic than one fat person mocking another, but that's life. Some people hide behind anonymity, she's one of those types. She thought I wasn't going to see her videos, but I did sneak a little peek. I couldn't watch all of it, because the chihuahuas she showed were so homely looking. She said her chihuahuas have nice, apple heads, and I told her that's bullshit. From what I saw, her chihuahuas have flat heads, long noses, and beady eyes. The rat-like dogs. She still does not know what makes a nice-looking chihuahua. Chihuahuas should have more than an apple dome. They should have shorter noses, and larger eyes. Like a baby-doll face. Her dogs totally lack that appearance.

Well, she started getting personal in her comments. This one started picking up from yesterday's conversation from when I told her why show breeders charge what they do for their puppies. She finally responded. She said

"You're paying for a dog that is no healthier than most dogs. Show breeders have their own little dirty secrets of having puppies put down because it was born with a cleft pallet...These type of people experiment with dogs. Bad genetics doesn't only happen in puppy mills, or with backyard breeders. It happens in the show ring also. And believe me, the show breeders are making tons of money from their healthy dogs because their dog breeders."

She is still under the delusion that her dogs are healthier than those of a responsible and ethical breeder's, yet she has admitted to doing no health testing whatsoever. And she said that her vet checks her dogs' eyes and hearts daily (probably using no more than a common stethoscope). She said she does not need any OFA or CERF and BAER testing. But responsible breeders do those tests, even though they know their dogs' lineage. It's a precautionary technique. Well, my response to her was
"There are show breeders who do that. That's why I don't simply call responsible breeders "show breeders". I call them what they are, responsible and ethical breeders. Those are the ones who do all the necessary tests on their dogs, and cull those that are not up to standards."

And her response to me was:
"Well, I'm up to standard I think. I can pretty much tell when something is sick, or doesn't look right. Like you in the video. You're about 150 lbs. overweight, you're pasty looking. I think you might have Diabetes, and high blood pressure. I'm sure that you're chapped under your breasts and groin area because of the creases. If you were my female dog I would wash you up, throw you in the kennel and put you on a balanced diet. Have you fixed then give you away. Hahaha"

She wanted to get personal, OK. Fine by me. I can get personal as well! So my response to her was
I still say your dogs are homely. :) If I were a dog and unfortunate enough to be in your kennel, I think giving me away would be a sheer blessing! :)

Well, time to say goodbye to you. Looking at your videos, I can see you are fat yourself. So goodbye!

After that, I blocked her butt! I promised Katrina (and several other friends) I would not tolerate anyone disrespecting me on my channel. When I am in her channel, I will listen to her rules (although I never commented on any of her videos, and only watched one less than half way through). When she is in my channel, she'll mind me or out she goes! And in another part of the thread, this is where she basically admits she is not a good breeder:
"No CERF test. My vet examines each of my puppies eyes. I've never had a puppy with eye problems. No Baers test done either. Never had a problem with any of my puppies being deaf, or hard of hearing. No heart tests done either. But I have had one of two pups with heart murmurs. I've had a few cherry eyes to have to be removed from quite a few of my english bulldog puppies but again, that's all a part of being a bug eyed dog. Had a few hernia repairs done on my pups also."

So my response to her is plain and simply:
"See! That alone proves you are not ethical. Sorry dude."

I hate it that I am always so apologetic about being honest. I actually admire people who can do it without any hint of sugar-coating it. LOL! Well, she took it as being insulting, judging by her next comment:
"Not ethical. I would be hurt if that came from someone I respected. Sorry, I'm not a dude. I'm a 53 year old female. The photo is of my grandson. See how smart you are?"

Actually, I can tell, it did hurt her feelings. Simply because of the way she brought it up, and I never asked. Well, I guess I never asked if what I said bothered her because I simply didn't care. I was being honest. Well, since she wanted to take this conversation to a childish level, I kept it up here. I said about her grandkid:
"Oh? Is he fat too? LOL! :) I guess it runs in the family."

I can tell first of all, she has some old fashioned ways of thinking. She thinks the word "dude" only applies to men. I don't think it does anymore. LOL! I see girls calling each other that all the time. I call my sis that. We think it's cute. I call Katrina that, she laughs. Second of all, it's sad someone her age chooses to take this conversation to a childish level. That poor grandkid of her's! I hope she has very little impact in his life!! She's a great example of a person who should never have had kids, and why I am all for stupid people getting hysterectomies before they can have kids. Did you ever notice how the people who shouldn't have kids are always the ones who do? No wonder this world is going to hell quickly! I'm not saying everyone who has kids should never have had kids. My sis and Katrina are both good moms. But there's just too many unclassy people, like this USDA breeder, who were probably too drunk or drugged up to raise their children. I hate to think of what her children are like, and grandchildren. Judging by how upset and childish she got because she could not get me to see things her way, her kids and grandkids must be miserable people! I'm glad my ma was not like her! Nor my grandma!

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