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Sunday, July 1, 2012

I Never Thought I'd Be Having This Conversation Again

LOL! I never thought I would have to take the sides of show breeders again! I don't breed anymore, but I do understand what makes a breeder a good breeder. Well, this mongrel breeder got a little bit pissy because I said in one of my videos that mutts should never be purposefully bred. I still stand by that. I see no reason any mongrels should be bred. That's because there is none. Well, this person said she is a USDA licenced breeder, which I don't think really means anything. Except maybe in cattle breeding, or pig breeding. Animals that are regularly bred for slaughter, of which dogs are not in this country. I still say anyone who would pay anywhere over $200 for any mixed breed dog or cat is being duped, and I can only hope this person is telling her customers so. If not, she's not responsible. $200 is a fair enough price for a mixed breed dog, to ensure that dog has a good home. $300 would really be stretching it for a mixed breed. I would not even recommend paying that much, no matter what the breeder is licensed with, for a mongrel dog. Just not worth it. I can still remember a time when mixed breeds were free. Though you really cannot do that these days because so many people will take those free pups and sell them for medical research.

Well, this person asked me if I am USDA licensed and I said no, I never was. I've only ever seen puppymillers use USDA licenses. So that's not for me. I didn't even breed enough to get an AKC license. I only had 2 breeding females, and 1 breeding male. But I went to dog shows quite frequently, although Rio Bellon would probably tell you different. The thing is, most of the shows that I went to, I never saw her there. In fact, I think she only attended the specialty shows. But she also makes up a lot of bullshit too. I can promise you, she's a liar. She sure as Hell is one if she's said I never attended any dog shows! I can put my finger on about half a dozen dog shows that I went to that Rio Bellon was not at! And yes, they were AKC shows. I never attended Continental KC or APRI shows. A lot of things Rio Bellon said was nothing but a bunch of bullshit, and the sad thing is, most other show breeders will believe her. That's why I don't like show breeders. But on the other hand, they do know their dogs, so I always listened to them when they spoke. Puppymillers, or USDA breeders, don't listen to any good advice from experienced and responsible breeders. They just breed what ever they think looks cute in their eyes.

I saw this woman's chihuahuas in one of her videos, and they were ugly! They looked more like chi-dachshund mixes, and probably were! But she has them labeled "Chihs". If I saw an ad in the newspaper, by her, and took time off from my day to go look at her chihuahuas, I would have been angry when I got to her place and saw those puppies! As chihuahuas go, they were homely! Kinda like this one time I answered an ad back in Lakewood for chihuahuas. I made an appointment, the breeder told me I could come at 11:00 that morning. I had to work that night, but I wanted to go and see these pups, so I took that time off from my sleep to go see them, thinking I would see some adorable chihuahua puppies and possibly bring one home to love. I arrived at 11:00 exactly, and knocked on the door. Well, she made me wait outside for about 10 or 15 minutes, I almost turned around and went home! When she finally did open the door, the first thing I noticed was the house was a mess! I saw a cocker spaniel in the house that followed us into a back room, and in there I saw what I first thought were basset hound pups. They had huge ears that flopped over, short, stubby legs, long, pointed noses, wrinkles on their faces, and droopy mouths! They looked just like basset hounds. I said to the woman "Cute basset puppies!" She told me "Those are the chihuahuas." I looked again, flabbergasted! I said "Oh my GOD! Those are chihuahuas??!!" I was upset!! She showed me the parents and they were both Taco Bell dog lookalikes. I thought maybe she had taken one of her crappy chihuahuas and crossed them with that cocker spaniel I saw when I walked in! I was so upset and disappointed! It would have been worth it if they were decent-looking chihuahuas, but they were not. I told her "I'm not interested!" and I walked out. I was more angry because I had just wasted that half hour out of my day! When I went to work, I was tired.

As basset hounds, they would have been adorable! But as chihuahuas, they were ugly! I don't like the Taco Bell dog lookalikes. I can't see what others see in a dog like that! If all chihuahuas looked like the Taco Bell dog, I would never have any interest in that breed. Thankfully there are good-looking chihuahuas, but the unfortunate thing is you have to deal with show breeder bullshit just to get one! I'd rather do without and go with another breed. One that I wouldn't be so picky about. Like those mini aussies. LOL! Yes, I admit I am picky! That breeder was charging $600 for those basset-like chihuahua puppies. That's a rip-off! I wouldn't have given her $100 for one of those pups! If I'm going to pay good money for a puppy, I'd rather it looked like the breed it's supposed to look like. And I'm not a big fan of mongrels. My ma liked mongrels so that's usually all we had when I was growing up, and they always had a bad attitude! I was lucky when we got Andy, and the breeder just gave him to us. He was a pure papillon, and those were the days before the breed ever became very popular. But she could not register them because she didn't know who the father was, and she just wanted to see those pups go to good homes. Same with Sir Knight, a skye terrier. Ma got him from a friend, who bred those dogs. I still remember the night ma brought Sir Knight home. She and a close family friend both got puppies that night. Ma got the pure skye terrier, while the friend got the skye/poodle cross. I felt sorry for the friend! LOL! I always used to kid this friend because my dog was a pure and her's wasn't. LOL! It was all in good fun.

Other than those two cases, most of the time all we ever got were mixed breeds, and I hated their behavior. Ma always said mixed breeds have better temperaments than pure breeds. But she was wrong! Of all the dogs we had, I only noticed bad temperaments in 2 of them, one was a collie/st. bernard cross and the other was a german shepherd cross. Ma's little mutt, a schnauzer/poodle cross, was good natured though. But he was one in a million as temperament goes. He still barked a lot like a schnauzer, and was a butt-sniffer like a poodle. But that is why I am against mixed breed breedings. Those breeders tell you what they want you to hear, make the mutt sound all flowery and rosy, that they are more perfect than even well-bred purebreed dogs. And that simply is not so. USDA licensing means nothing as dog breeding goes. When you encounter someone like this breeder, I might suggest you ask her what she knows about her dogs' backgrounds? What kind of health-testing has she done on her dogs, and what is she doing to prevent those problems in her puppies? She's already admitted in one of the comments she made, that her dogs have liver-shunt. That's not something that should be bred. It can be a potential killer. I know of one pup that died from it, and it was a chihuahua. Not one of mine, but it belonged to someone I did get a dog from a long time ago. Those were the days when I didn't know what I was doing. She had a lot of chihuahuas, some looked pretty good, some bad. She was mostly breeding for color.

Well, one thing about my experiences, I learned from my mistakes. When Groucho died, I lost all interest in breeding. I thought at first it may have been a phase, and when a friend offered me some of her breeding dogs I almost accepted. But I am glad I didn't. Breeding just isn't for me. So now, I am just a proud owner. Vegas is my crowning glory, a great way to end my short breeding career. He's one of the best-looking chihuahuas I ever bred. I couldn't live with breeding anymore. I was scared every night that I would wake up the next morning and some of the puppies would be dead. It was Hell! I think it takes a certain kind of person to face that possibility every day, and I just wasn't that person. I am glad that Vegas made it, with no problems, and he looks great!! No Taco Bell lookalikes here!

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