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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kim Has The Fattest Ass

This is the woman in this building I was telling you all about that talked shit about me and my sis behind our backs. We used to be friends, and meet up every morning in the dog park. Now, we hate her guts completely! I refer to her as "the cockroach", I often say it loud enough when I pass by her that she can hear it! I'm no pussy! I'm not going to say something behind her back that I wouldn't say to her face!! Well, as you all may have heard me say, she is in a wheelchair because back in 2000, she had a stroke, and she refuses to train herself to walk again. She can do it, but she does not want to. She likes other people feeling sorry for her, and basically being her "slaves". Karen won't help her anymore at all. I sure as Hell won't help her! Kim is just going to have to learn to help herself. Well, she's conned Yvette into becoming her "slave". If Yvette is smart, she'll stop being Kim's new "slave" and avoid her at all costs! There is little doubt in my mind Kim has talked shit about Yvette behind her back too, and hasn't told her. Kim takes pains to avoid me, Anna and Karen now, even going so far as to talk to people who already hated her guts too. Like this one guy named Sal.

Karen was going to the dumpster to toss some trash, and Kim was out by the front doors with Monica who is Kim's caregiver and a nice person, and Alice, who is another resident. After Karen had dumped her trash, and came back around the three of them were still out there, and Karen said hello to Monica and Alice, but not a word to Kim. LOL! Kim tried very hard to avoid looking at Karen too. Well Sal drove up in front of them to drop off some groceries while he went to park his car. Kim shouted "Hiiiiiii Sal!!" Well Sal always HATED Kim!! With a passion. He did not say hi back, but just looked at her like she was crazy, and she is! LOL! He drove off without a single word to her. Kim was desperate though to have someone talk to her, knowing damn well it wouldn't be Karen. LOL! Kim is so dumb!

Well, Karen told me something yesterday I thought was hysterical! Karen said that Kim used to go to these therapy sessions where they were rehabilitating people who lost the ability to walk by riding horses. Kim loved that, but she started to put on weight, and got up over 250 pounds. So those people told Kim that she could not come back until she lost weight. Well, Karen said that Kim did not lose weight, that was when she started gaining weight. When Kim weighed 250 pounds, she was a lot smaller in the hips than she is now. So Karen estimated that Kim weighs more than 300 pounds now. I was like WOA!! That's almost hysterical! And she was calling me and my sis "cows" and "fat". Well, if Kim does weigh more than 300 pounds now, then she weighs more than me or my sis!! That's enough to laugh the rest of the way home! I used to weigh 300 pounds, but a couple weeks ago I was at the doctor's and got weighed, and I am almost 50 pounds lighter now. I've been at 250 now since I moved here. I look bigger than that because I am short. But I guess I'm skinnier than Kim is! That makes me laugh! Well, anyone who knows Kim can see she has a much bigger ass than I have, or Anna has! Karen describes her as looking like an overstuffed pear with the head of a rat (because of her crooked front teeth). Actually, I think rats are cute, so I call Kim a cockroach. There is nothing at all cute about a cockroach! Kim is a fat cockroach. To me, she looks like a cockroach that has been living "high off the hog", LOL! Pun intended. I hate that woman now! More than anyone else here. The reason I hate her so much is because she led me and my sis on for a whole year, making us believe she was our friend, when really she wasn't. I don't like people that play on others that way. I take friendship very seriously! Especially after a year! I'd rather Kim had shown me and my sis hatred all that time, than be nice to us, and lead us on like she did!

If I don't like someone, they're gonna know it right away! I don't believe in leading people on, and making them believe I like them when I really don't. I may not always speak to someone when I first meet them, because I am looking to see if they are friendly people or not. But I don't lead anyone on and make them believe I like them when I really don't. And if someone is nice, and has good manners, I generally like them. But once I find out someone I liked has betrayed me behind my back, that person is dead as far as I'm concerned. I can hate someone with every ounce of my blackened heart!! And that is how I feel about Kim now. There isn't a person I hate more than her now in this whole building! She even made me look at Sharon in a different light. I was mad at Sharon for a long time because of that time last year that she threw me and my dogs out of the dog park because she didn't want to hear Vegas barking. But after hearing what Kim was saying behind my back, anyone in this building looks better than her now.

There are still some people here I wouldn't give the time of day to, like my neighbor Marie. But I always say she's better than Kim! She mostly just tunes me and my sis out when she is at the dog park. She even tunes out our dogs. I tell my sis that I wish she would be as good at tuning us out in the apartment as she is at tuning us out in the dog park. Marie bitches about every little thing I do in my apartment. She even told the people in the office that I slam doors and my cupboards. I could not figure that one out until one day I was cooking, and I heard Marie pounding on the wall when I was tapping my cooking spoon on the side of a pot. Then I figured out what she was hearing. What she thought was me slamming my cupboards was actually just me trying to get eccess off my cooking spoon. Well, Marie is one of those types that is not happy at all unless she is bitching about something. I mean, she does some crazy shit in her apartment too, and I never complain about her. I figure that's just living and I move on. I don't bitch to anyone, about anyone, or anything. I wish she would ignore me in the apartment like she does in the dog park! That would make living here so much more comfortable! LOL! But no, I had to live next door to the bitch of the bitches! But, she's still better than Kim!

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