Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Friday, January 31, 2020

Who's Laughing Now?

LOL! Remember the viral video that went around of Rashida Tlaib laughing as she placed her vote to impeach Trump? I knew she was going to be laughing on the other side of her head when this time came, because Trump did nothing! This is just going to turn out to be another victory for Trump, and a huge embarrassment for the democrats. This is what is wrong with the democrats, they believe lies and base "facts" on their own feelings. I knew when Trump got elected into office that the democrats were going to try and impeach him. That's all they've talked about since he got into office. So, they've been hovering around him like vultures, waiting for Trump to do something they felt was off-hand and impeachable. But Trump has done NOTHING!!! In the meantime, the democrats have been ignoring impeachable crimes coming from their own colleagues.

Take Illhan Omar for example. She's sided with the terrorists. That's treason. That is actually punishable by death! But she hasn't been shot because the leftists are defending her. But we seriously need to get rid of Illhan Omar. If you want a damn muslim for congress, then pick one that is Americanized and believes in our policies and will not side with terrorists! There are some like that. But Illhan Omar is NOT one of them! If she were to become president, she would enforce Sharia law on all of us and burn the Constitution! She would have all white people killed or jailed. She would start the Holocausts all over again and gas all Jewish people. Treason is a very impeachable crime. The democrats want to say Trump committed treason, but he didn't. Trump is very definitely innocent.

Well, the democrats have totally embarrassed themselves and made themselves look bad to all but the most loyal of democrats. Unbelievably, there's a lot more of those than one would realize. The mainstream media has lied so much to the public that a lot of people hold on to those lies like it's their lifeline. I guess because that's all they have to "prove" their negative thoughts about Trump are true. But they're not. Trump is perhaps the best president we've had in a long time. He cares about this country. That's why I've even learned to like him. I hated Trump during the elections. I used to poke fun at him too. Just like all the leftists now are. But I accepted him as our president, and just like Obama, I sat back and said "let's see how he does". True Obama did some good things, but for the most part, he sucked as a president. So, I sat back again, and said "Let's see how Trump does". And it took a while for me to come to this point, but he has not disappointed me. And I've noticed he does care about this country, unlike Obama, who lost my respect when he supplied weapons for ISIS.

I will admit Trump does some things that are embarrassing to me and this whole country. He does throw insults at people like a 10-year old. That's one thing I don't like about him still. He needs to grow up. But beyond that, he really has done more to help this country than any president I've known in my lifetime. So, I've gained a lot of respect for him. Besides, the things the mainstream media was saying about Trump was pretty much like the things the leftist INXS fans were saying about me at that time. And that was all Kelly Poulter's fault! But I figured if people like that can lie about me, then maybe the media is lying about Trump, because it seemed like exactly the same scenario. As the months went on from there, I noticed the mainstream media was telling more and more lies about Trump, and I learned they were lies when I started watching rightwing media and seeing the charts and stuff they post. Whereas the leftwing media has nothing. When you watch a rightwing person talk in a video, and a leftwing person talk in a video, you notice the differences are like night and day!

Rightwing people use books, charts that are available online and facts to prove their point. Leftwing people only use their own personal feelings. When you think about it, using your feelings to present an argument is like using cupcakes to cure a brain tumor. You can believe with all your might that eating a cupcake will make you feel better, but the brain tumor is still there, and it's going to win eventually. We need to ignore feelings and go back to listening to hardcore facts. I don't care about my feelings when someone tells me I'm fat and need to lose weight. It's true! I do need to lose weight. That's why now, I've decided to do something about it. I'm having weight loss surgery this year. And nothing is going to stop me from going for it. This time, I'll lose all this weight and not be able to gain it back. Ever!

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Great American Drama

Oh man the other day, I participated in a thread about the old MH Statue group. I am SO glad I never rejoined there! Maybe it was fate that got me kicked out. Who knows? Whatever it was, now I am so glad it happened! I heard Michael's sis Tina is 50% running the place. That doesn't bother me so much really. I don't have a problem with Tina. I do think she needs to grow up sometimes. She added me to her Facebook friends a few months back, and I was OK with that. Even though she's had me as a facebook friend before and deleted me. She does that all too often. I've seen her do that many times since I first saw her on Facebook. She added me again a few months ago and deleted me again. I'm kinda tired of the "revolving door" treatment, so I said I'm never adding her as a friend again. But I do enjoy her posts about Michael on Facebook. So, eh. What the hey!?

I also found out the place is also being run by Kelly P. Which really should not be a surprise to me. She was a mod the last time I was on there too. But that could very well be the reason the Statue page has gone to shit. One of my friends says Tina has divided the fans. But I say I don't think she acts alone. Tina really does nothing I wouldn't do if my sis was gone and I wanted to preserve her memory. Family does for family. I always believed that. But Kelly, I think, is even more evil than Tina. A LOT more evil! Kelly, I hate her. I hate her guts completely. I never want to see her again. If looks could kill, Kelly would be dead right now. Kelly is a pathological liar. She turns fans against each other with her blatant lies. Tina, at least has a cause. Kelly has nothing. Any time Kelly's mouth moves, or any time her computer is on, you know she's going to spout nothing but lies. I don't even believe she has dogs. She once posted a picture of 3 Labradors and claimed they were hers, but I doubt very highly now those were her dogs. She's too dumb to take care of a dog. And she's too much of a wuss.

Funny thing too, I just found out Delilah P. is now friends with Nancy. HA! And a few years ago, she didn't want to see her again. So, I wonder what happened. LOL! Personally, I wouldn't trust Delilah. I wouldn't trust her as far as I could throw her! She's friends with Kelly too. And who knows? She may be there to spy on Nancy and report back to Tina or Rosanda. Delilah has a tendency to give bigger acclaim to people who were friends with Michael. That's one thing I remember most about her. Plus, she's a follower. Not a person who can think for herself. I've never seen her do more than be a shadow to the popular crowd. So, she's not very bright. She is a prime example of Kelly's lies dividing people.

I'm not going to tell Nancy who she can be friends with. I respect her. But I will say about Delilah, watch out! I really do not trust her! But if Nancy is willing to forgive her, OK. But I am not. I remember the awful things she said about Nancy and Janette in PMs.

Funny thing about all this, back when I was in that group, everyone loved the mods. But Kelly, there was just something about her I didn't like at all. I did try to ask her to become my friend on Facebook, but she denied it. Which is OK by me. But one thing I always say, if someone cannot get along with me, then they can't get along with anyone at all. Because I am a gentle person, who hurts no one, I'm always polite, friendly and giving (sometimes too much!) but I also speak my mind. I tell the raw truth. Most people who don't like me are people who cannot handle the truth, or are confused because I am so polite and friendly. There are actually people in the world who don't like friendly people. They're usually people who've been abused all their lives and cannot see friendliness when it's handed to them. Such was the case with Patti. I know she came from an abusive family because she had a sister who was a hoarder, a brother who was a bully and she was married to a man who beat her up. These are things she, herself admitted to me in the short time I lived with her. But I was nothing but nice to her. I guess she couldn't see it, or feel it. Or she mistook it for being a front. So, that's why she didn't want to even try to get along with me.

Putting the pieces together, that's the conclusion I came up with. I always wondered if there was just something wrong with me. But really, the only thing I have to learn is when to just shut my mouth! LOL! I keep trying to be so honest with people, everyone is going to wish death on me. hehehe!

You know what people today call progressive boomers? They call them "Karen". LOL!! That's so funny! Because I know one of them! Our former "buddy" from Bozeman is one of those. Though my sis said she was a Trump supporter. That still doesn't mean she's 100% conservative. I know a lot of liberals who support Trump too! And Karen's behavior is more reminiscent of one of those progressive liberals. My sis and I were talking about her a bit while she was here. I said Karen really had no business blocking her. Block me because you can't handle the truth, OK. But why block my sis? She didn't do anything to her. My sis thinks it's because Karen knew my sis would be going after her and speaking up in my defense. Karen didn't want to face her, so she blocked her. In short, Karen is a coward. Just like all liberal progressives! That's how I know she's definitely not a conservative. She may even be the only progressive liberal who supports Trump. Either that, or she lied about supporting Trump, which I'm pretty sure is the case. Apparently, Karen lied about where her dogs came from. She got angry when I repeated her own words back to her. So, the only outcome I can derive from her actions is she lied to me about where her dogs came from.

Well, I completely lost respect for Karen anyways. She's definitely not the person I knew her to be when we lived in Bozeman. So, I haven't lost any sleep over losing her "friendship". If one can even call it that! Who knows what else she's lied about? Can you tell, I don't like liars. Its one thing to tell little white lies to make people feel good. But to flat-out tell a bold-face lie just to save your own butt, I don't like people who do that. I don't even like it when I used to do that! UGH! Thank GOD I learned better.

Well, Trump has posted a warning to muslims who come to this country and want to practice Sharia Law. He told them if they want to stay here, they have to abide by OUR laws in the USA. Those who want to practice Sharia Law have to go back to their own country. Oh man! If this is indeed true, and Trump intends to follow through with this rule, then he has earned hero status as far as I am concerned! First, he blows up 2 of the world's biggest terrorists, and now he is making it mandatory for muslims to abide by US laws. I agree! Keep your damn Sharia Law back in your own country where it belongs!!! Leave it OUT of the USA!!! I've gotta say, thank you president Trump for making our country safer!! He's sure doing a lot more than Ofinger-binger did!! If Obinger was still president, we'd all be in a war right now, and dying!

Friday, January 10, 2020

He Went BOOM!!!!!

Awww, da poor terrorist! He blowed up and go BOOM!! 😁😁😁

Leftists need to get over this shit. Crying for a stupid terrorist!! Soleimani got what he deserved! And president Trump probably saved millions of lives with this hit. Both in the USA and in Europe! These same people, I think, cheered when Obama blew up Bin Ladin. The only reason they're crying for Soleimani is because Trump had him killed. If Obama had killed him, these dumb leftists would be cheering and jumping for joy! Did you even hear some stupid leftist celebrities are now even apologizing to Iran on behalf of America? Well, don't bother apologizing on my behalf! Because I am NOT sorry Soleimani got blown up. Like I said, he got what he deserved! And NO ONE can make me feel otherwise.

From what I heard, Soleimani was actually planning to bomb America. I'm glad he's dead! The only bad thing to come out of this is now, Iranian officials have put a bounty on Trump. But I don't think Trump is too worried. The USA has the best military force in the world, with the greatest security. HA! Let them try to bomb us now. And these celebrities who are apologizing to Iran, they need to move to Iran and stay there! Don't speak for me! Like I said, I am not sorry at all. I don't even know who these people are. Some Z-list horseshit celebrities that I don't even know. I know one of them was named Rose, or Rosie. But I don't remember her last name now. No, it wasn't Rosie O'Donnell.

Illhan Omar though is laughing because some Americans got bombed at the American Embassy Building in Iran. I saw that dumb little smirk on her face! Shame! The difference between laughing at an American citizen getting killed and Soleimani getting killed is the American citizen didn't do anything wrong. He was probably at the American Embassy building to pick up a package and the Iranian troups bombed the building. Soleimani is nowhere near as innocent. He had plans to kill more Americans on American soil. So, his death is a good thing! Though I even heard some celebrities are saying his death is comparable to Elvis's and Princess Diana's!! Again, I say don't compare Soleimani to Elvis and Princess Diana!! He was FAR less innocent!!! Again, the progressives (which I hate calling them) are only griping because it was Trump's doing. Nothing else.

Well, I feel like celebrating. Ding-Dong the goon is dead! In fact, I went and bought myself some cookies and crème Twix bars. Yes! You heard right! I bought some cookies and crème Twix to celebrate the death of Soleimani. One less terrorist in the world, and we as Americans can breathe a collective sigh of relief now that this one is no longer a threat to us. It is time to celebrate and party-hardy!!

I should not be eating Twix, but I've missed the cookies and crème variety all these years. The last time I ever saw these on the shelves was in 1993. Now, they are back again!! YAY!!! And I cannot wait to have them. I'm hoping they taste exactly the same as I remember. Now, if only they would bring back the chocolate fudge variety my collection of different Twix flavors will be complete!

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Happy 2020!

Well, the new year is upon us. Already I've gotten myself in some trouble. LOL! Well!! I couldn't help it. It was on one of the Guess The Dog Breed groups I am on. Or was on. LOL! There was this girl named Aleasha Casaretto who tried to tell me over and over that "laberdoodles" are actual breeds. She said "because they breed true and have their own parent club". I call bullshit! I told her "laberdoos" will never be a real breed. Most people who breed them now don't know what they are doing. And just because more than one Labrador/poodle cross looks like another does not mean they are breeding true. And in fact, Aleasha contradicted herself a few paragraphs later. She said "laberdoos have coats with little to no shedding". Keep in mind, little to no shedding. That means they do NOT breed true! Breeding true would produce dogs that all either shed or don't shed. Breeding true does not mean some specimens shed while others don't. No where will you see a purebred poodle (that does breed true) that sheds. They were bred not to shed. But since crossing a Labrador with a poodle produces a 50-50 chance of a dog that sheds, that means they are not yet breeding true.

And even if they did breed true, calling something a "laberdoodle" implies nothing except that it is a cross between a Labrador and a poodle. Not an actual breed. You want to indicate a true breed, give the specimens their own name. Not the combined names of 2 legitimate breeds. Very rarely do you see that. In fact, the only case of that I can think of in a true breed these days is in the pudelpointer (formerly called poodlepointer). It was created 100 years ago by crossing poodles with pointers. But at least today, they changed the name a little to the original meaning "pudel", which means "to splash". But "laberdoodle" is nothing but a dumb, cutesy type name for a mutt. Aleasha called them "Australian laberdoodles". Well, that name it's self is a contradiction! How did Labrador retrievers get their name? From Labrador Bay in (sorry) Newfoundland, Canada. That has nothing to do with Australia. How did poodles get their name? From the word "pudel". That has nothing to do with the breeding of "laberdoos". So, these mutts, if you want to make them a breed, should have their own name. Perhaps call them "Australian guide dog" since they were created in Australia solely for the purpose of guide/service dogs.

Even stupider than the name "laberdoodle" is the name "Goldendoodle". That's what these mutt-fags call a cross between a golden retriever and a poodle. It's still a mutt. A better name for that one would have been "goldoodle". There is no "D" in the word retriever! And there is no "D" after the word "golden" in golden retriever! And the word "poodle" does not start with a "D". So the word "Goldendoodle" is a dumb word. It's just stupid people taking the suffix "doodle" from Labrador and poodle and applying it to a golden retriever mixed dog because they think it sounds cute.

Well, more people saw my point and also tried to set Aleasha straight. Unfortunately she still did not get it. I told this one person Aleasha is just too dumb to get it. And that was why I got kicked off that group. Hehehehe! WELL!!! She was acting dumb! I'm just calling her what she is. You should have seen her pic. She even looks like a liberal. And liberals are dumb.

Well, I'm not angry. When I posted that comment, I actually expected to be kicked out of that group. But some things just need to be said. That's my philosophy. And laberdoos are not real breeds. Cocker-poos have been bred the same way for over 50 years. They ain't a breed yet!! They're still a mix of cocker spaniel and poodle, just as laberdoos will always be nothing but a mix of Labrador retriever and poodle.

I've become somewhat accustomed to being kicked off of groups now on Facebook. Especially since I am a lot more aggressive with this Facebook profile than I was with the last one I had. Well, you can thank the libtard INXS fans for that! Actually the only time I got angry being kicked out of a group was when I was kicked out of the Tillamook Community group. But that one was totally unjustified. I was the one who was called names. I was the one who kept her cool. The only thing I [possibly] did wrong was offend a few ADS fags who couldn't handle me buying my dog from a breeder. I'm not sorry though. It's my dog, it's my choice. If they want to do nothing but rescue shelter dogs, then more power to them. I never said they couldn't, and I never would have faulted them for that. But don't procrastinate me because I would rather get my dog from a responsible breeder than pick up a dog at a shelter who may come with some previous owner's baggage.

Well, Australia is on fire. I hope my guys are safe. I feel mostly for the animals. They're animals. They have nowhere else to go. Besides, I still love Australia's animals. Especially kangaroos. I've been praying every night that Timmy and his family stay safe. Here, we've had nothing but rain for the past 2 weeks. This is Tillamook! For the past 3 years I've been here, it's NEVER rained this much! If I could, and only for Timmy and his family, I would send our rain over to them. Oh GOD! I so badly want to see how these fires are affecting Tess O'Brien. I hope she gets burned out of her house! That's a horrible thing to say right? Well! Tess deserves nothing better. After what she did to me after my father died. Maybe the fires will burn the ugly right off her face.

Shoot! Now I'm probably going to lose every last INXS bud I have, LOL! I'll keep you all informed. But honestly, at this point in my life, I don't care. Especially for those who were never loyal in the first place. I'm just giving them what they want. They always believed I was a horrible person before. Even though I was nothing but kind and sweet to all of them. They hated the "nice" me. So, now they've got this beast.

Ya know, that's something I'll never understand about people. If you're sweet, kind and nice to them, they hate you for it. With my last Facebook profile, I was extremely nice to everyone. Sometimes too nice, looking back now! I never judged them. I didn't care about their past problems. I didn't get involved in their battles between each other. I stayed completely neutral. I even forgave them when they did something against me. I never held a grudge against anyone. I always shared my best pics/videos of INXS with them. Yet, that was not good enough for them. They still thought I was a horrible person in the end. But when someone treats them like shit, they love that person. That's me now. I don't make friends with INXS fans. I don't share pics or videos anymore. I could care less if I ever see any of them again. I hold grudges now more often. I'm no longer neutral, I take the side only of people I actively consider friends and fuck the rest. I don't forgive and I don't forget anymore. I am also deliberately mean. Much meaner than I ever was when I was Dee TimmyHutchFan. But hey! That's what they wanted, so that's what they got!

Well, I am looking forward to Trump winning 2020! LOL! Looks like he's going to. Though the democrats think they've finally got rid of Trump by impeaching him. I have to laugh at that! Especially that Rashida Tlaib. She put up a video of herself laughing as she casted her vote for impeaching Trump. Well, I am laughing at her, because despite what she thinks, just impeaching him is not going to get rid of him. Now, it has to go to court and win the votes of the republican party. Republicans are more reasonable than democrats. They know Trump did nothing wrong. Nothing impeachable. The only reason the democrats want Trump gone is because they are scared. They're scared he's going to win again in this year's election. Well, I hope he does! Gradually, the democrats are losing power because people are now beginning to see all the bullshit the democrats are pulling on this country. They see what they are trying to do. It's going to be WW2 all over again.