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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Great American Drama

Oh man the other day, I participated in a thread about the old MH Statue group. I am SO glad I never rejoined there! Maybe it was fate that got me kicked out. Who knows? Whatever it was, now I am so glad it happened! I heard Michael's sis Tina is 50% running the place. That doesn't bother me so much really. I don't have a problem with Tina. I do think she needs to grow up sometimes. She added me to her Facebook friends a few months back, and I was OK with that. Even though she's had me as a facebook friend before and deleted me. She does that all too often. I've seen her do that many times since I first saw her on Facebook. She added me again a few months ago and deleted me again. I'm kinda tired of the "revolving door" treatment, so I said I'm never adding her as a friend again. But I do enjoy her posts about Michael on Facebook. So, eh. What the hey!?

I also found out the place is also being run by Kelly P. Which really should not be a surprise to me. She was a mod the last time I was on there too. But that could very well be the reason the Statue page has gone to shit. One of my friends says Tina has divided the fans. But I say I don't think she acts alone. Tina really does nothing I wouldn't do if my sis was gone and I wanted to preserve her memory. Family does for family. I always believed that. But Kelly, I think, is even more evil than Tina. A LOT more evil! Kelly, I hate her. I hate her guts completely. I never want to see her again. If looks could kill, Kelly would be dead right now. Kelly is a pathological liar. She turns fans against each other with her blatant lies. Tina, at least has a cause. Kelly has nothing. Any time Kelly's mouth moves, or any time her computer is on, you know she's going to spout nothing but lies. I don't even believe she has dogs. She once posted a picture of 3 Labradors and claimed they were hers, but I doubt very highly now those were her dogs. She's too dumb to take care of a dog. And she's too much of a wuss.

Funny thing too, I just found out Delilah P. is now friends with Nancy. HA! And a few years ago, she didn't want to see her again. So, I wonder what happened. LOL! Personally, I wouldn't trust Delilah. I wouldn't trust her as far as I could throw her! She's friends with Kelly too. And who knows? She may be there to spy on Nancy and report back to Tina or Rosanda. Delilah has a tendency to give bigger acclaim to people who were friends with Michael. That's one thing I remember most about her. Plus, she's a follower. Not a person who can think for herself. I've never seen her do more than be a shadow to the popular crowd. So, she's not very bright. She is a prime example of Kelly's lies dividing people.

I'm not going to tell Nancy who she can be friends with. I respect her. But I will say about Delilah, watch out! I really do not trust her! But if Nancy is willing to forgive her, OK. But I am not. I remember the awful things she said about Nancy and Janette in PMs.

Funny thing about all this, back when I was in that group, everyone loved the mods. But Kelly, there was just something about her I didn't like at all. I did try to ask her to become my friend on Facebook, but she denied it. Which is OK by me. But one thing I always say, if someone cannot get along with me, then they can't get along with anyone at all. Because I am a gentle person, who hurts no one, I'm always polite, friendly and giving (sometimes too much!) but I also speak my mind. I tell the raw truth. Most people who don't like me are people who cannot handle the truth, or are confused because I am so polite and friendly. There are actually people in the world who don't like friendly people. They're usually people who've been abused all their lives and cannot see friendliness when it's handed to them. Such was the case with Patti. I know she came from an abusive family because she had a sister who was a hoarder, a brother who was a bully and she was married to a man who beat her up. These are things she, herself admitted to me in the short time I lived with her. But I was nothing but nice to her. I guess she couldn't see it, or feel it. Or she mistook it for being a front. So, that's why she didn't want to even try to get along with me.

Putting the pieces together, that's the conclusion I came up with. I always wondered if there was just something wrong with me. But really, the only thing I have to learn is when to just shut my mouth! LOL! I keep trying to be so honest with people, everyone is going to wish death on me. hehehe!

You know what people today call progressive boomers? They call them "Karen". LOL!! That's so funny! Because I know one of them! Our former "buddy" from Bozeman is one of those. Though my sis said she was a Trump supporter. That still doesn't mean she's 100% conservative. I know a lot of liberals who support Trump too! And Karen's behavior is more reminiscent of one of those progressive liberals. My sis and I were talking about her a bit while she was here. I said Karen really had no business blocking her. Block me because you can't handle the truth, OK. But why block my sis? She didn't do anything to her. My sis thinks it's because Karen knew my sis would be going after her and speaking up in my defense. Karen didn't want to face her, so she blocked her. In short, Karen is a coward. Just like all liberal progressives! That's how I know she's definitely not a conservative. She may even be the only progressive liberal who supports Trump. Either that, or she lied about supporting Trump, which I'm pretty sure is the case. Apparently, Karen lied about where her dogs came from. She got angry when I repeated her own words back to her. So, the only outcome I can derive from her actions is she lied to me about where her dogs came from.

Well, I completely lost respect for Karen anyways. She's definitely not the person I knew her to be when we lived in Bozeman. So, I haven't lost any sleep over losing her "friendship". If one can even call it that! Who knows what else she's lied about? Can you tell, I don't like liars. Its one thing to tell little white lies to make people feel good. But to flat-out tell a bold-face lie just to save your own butt, I don't like people who do that. I don't even like it when I used to do that! UGH! Thank GOD I learned better.

Well, Trump has posted a warning to muslims who come to this country and want to practice Sharia Law. He told them if they want to stay here, they have to abide by OUR laws in the USA. Those who want to practice Sharia Law have to go back to their own country. Oh man! If this is indeed true, and Trump intends to follow through with this rule, then he has earned hero status as far as I am concerned! First, he blows up 2 of the world's biggest terrorists, and now he is making it mandatory for muslims to abide by US laws. I agree! Keep your damn Sharia Law back in your own country where it belongs!!! Leave it OUT of the USA!!! I've gotta say, thank you president Trump for making our country safer!! He's sure doing a lot more than Ofinger-binger did!! If Obinger was still president, we'd all be in a war right now, and dying!

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