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Friday, January 31, 2020

Who's Laughing Now?

LOL! Remember the viral video that went around of Rashida Tlaib laughing as she placed her vote to impeach Trump? I knew she was going to be laughing on the other side of her head when this time came, because Trump did nothing! This is just going to turn out to be another victory for Trump, and a huge embarrassment for the democrats. This is what is wrong with the democrats, they believe lies and base "facts" on their own feelings. I knew when Trump got elected into office that the democrats were going to try and impeach him. That's all they've talked about since he got into office. So, they've been hovering around him like vultures, waiting for Trump to do something they felt was off-hand and impeachable. But Trump has done NOTHING!!! In the meantime, the democrats have been ignoring impeachable crimes coming from their own colleagues.

Take Illhan Omar for example. She's sided with the terrorists. That's treason. That is actually punishable by death! But she hasn't been shot because the leftists are defending her. But we seriously need to get rid of Illhan Omar. If you want a damn muslim for congress, then pick one that is Americanized and believes in our policies and will not side with terrorists! There are some like that. But Illhan Omar is NOT one of them! If she were to become president, she would enforce Sharia law on all of us and burn the Constitution! She would have all white people killed or jailed. She would start the Holocausts all over again and gas all Jewish people. Treason is a very impeachable crime. The democrats want to say Trump committed treason, but he didn't. Trump is very definitely innocent.

Well, the democrats have totally embarrassed themselves and made themselves look bad to all but the most loyal of democrats. Unbelievably, there's a lot more of those than one would realize. The mainstream media has lied so much to the public that a lot of people hold on to those lies like it's their lifeline. I guess because that's all they have to "prove" their negative thoughts about Trump are true. But they're not. Trump is perhaps the best president we've had in a long time. He cares about this country. That's why I've even learned to like him. I hated Trump during the elections. I used to poke fun at him too. Just like all the leftists now are. But I accepted him as our president, and just like Obama, I sat back and said "let's see how he does". True Obama did some good things, but for the most part, he sucked as a president. So, I sat back again, and said "Let's see how Trump does". And it took a while for me to come to this point, but he has not disappointed me. And I've noticed he does care about this country, unlike Obama, who lost my respect when he supplied weapons for ISIS.

I will admit Trump does some things that are embarrassing to me and this whole country. He does throw insults at people like a 10-year old. That's one thing I don't like about him still. He needs to grow up. But beyond that, he really has done more to help this country than any president I've known in my lifetime. So, I've gained a lot of respect for him. Besides, the things the mainstream media was saying about Trump was pretty much like the things the leftist INXS fans were saying about me at that time. And that was all Kelly Poulter's fault! But I figured if people like that can lie about me, then maybe the media is lying about Trump, because it seemed like exactly the same scenario. As the months went on from there, I noticed the mainstream media was telling more and more lies about Trump, and I learned they were lies when I started watching rightwing media and seeing the charts and stuff they post. Whereas the leftwing media has nothing. When you watch a rightwing person talk in a video, and a leftwing person talk in a video, you notice the differences are like night and day!

Rightwing people use books, charts that are available online and facts to prove their point. Leftwing people only use their own personal feelings. When you think about it, using your feelings to present an argument is like using cupcakes to cure a brain tumor. You can believe with all your might that eating a cupcake will make you feel better, but the brain tumor is still there, and it's going to win eventually. We need to ignore feelings and go back to listening to hardcore facts. I don't care about my feelings when someone tells me I'm fat and need to lose weight. It's true! I do need to lose weight. That's why now, I've decided to do something about it. I'm having weight loss surgery this year. And nothing is going to stop me from going for it. This time, I'll lose all this weight and not be able to gain it back. Ever!

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