Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Return of Dustin Grey

Anna calls him Disgustingrey, LOL! Anyway, it's back! The invasion of the mutant bastards. The one thing I remember vividly about this guy was how he said he likes to drag little dogs and cats behind his car. The future Michael Vick. Well, he commented on my video about YouTube, initially saying "I knew you were a fat bitch!" Then he proceeded to say I weigh 400+ pounds. LOL! I've never been 400 pounds in my life. The most I weighed was 300. But now, I have lost 40 pounds. This drinking a lot of water really works!! I noticed my metabolism is getting faster too. I am also more motivated to move faster as well. But I didn't tell him any of that because I really do not care what he thinks. So I just let him go on thinking that I am gaining weight instead of losing. Frankly, I'm not even trying to lose weight!! It's just happening because of my daily 3-mile walks and drinking a lot of water. Someone even told me to squeeze some lemon juice in the water to flush out the impurities in my body. I see myself in the mirror and notice that I am looking somewhat thinner. But that's something Dustingrey will never know about. I have the feeling that Dustingrey is one of those types that even if I weighed 100 pounds (like I used to) he'd still say I was fat anyway just because that is his mindset. To him, "fat" isn't about weight, it's solely based on attitude with him. And since I don't like him, he thinks I have a bad attitude. So, who cares. :)

Well anyway, after he posted on my video thread, I went to his channel and saw his video for his band. If you can call it a band. Personally, I think he sounds crummy, and he looks like a cross between a chicken and a goat. And he had the nerve to say Michael Hutchence is a faggot and implies he had no talent. So, I trolled him, and I know I got to him. Not only did Dustingrey come back after I haven't even seen or thought about him in something like 9 months, he went to his forum and got all his friends to fight his battle for him. All 3 of them. hehe! He only has 3 friends in the world because he's an animal abuser who likes to be an asshole. All this, he's admitted himself. And his friends are all like him, all 3 of them. They are all the scums of society.  One of them is named Krisi, another calls himself iamgod, and the third calls himself cynikal. There, that's Dustingrey's whole phone list there.

Well, he and his friends thought they could entice me with a burger, and making fun of me eating. But I just sat back and let their little tirade fly right over my head. Correcting their errors along the way. I think they were thinking I was going to lose it all, but I didn't. I remained calm and smiled. I'm not really the best person to fight with, I'm not that great a fighter online. That's because there are 3 things I will never do, that it seems most other people, like Dustingrey and his 3 friends, always turn to doing:

1. I never stoop to homosexual jokes.
2. I never make fun of anything I myself can be accused of.
3. I never cuss.

Especially #3! Cussing shows a person's weakness, not strength. I prefer to maintain a strong and confident appearance. Well, I let them go on and on, until my video was flooded with comments from them about my size, and how I talk. Oh you've got to see this comment by Dustingrey! He says:

"Hahaha, can't you just see her fat ass saying this in one of her videos?
"Are theyyyy jes repeating what they saw on TELEVISION?! *weeze*" "
Yeah, Dustin Grey would know all about weezing! He does it a lot when he sings. :) LOL!! Well anyway, I let them go on, and I just sat back and watched them try unsuccessfully to make me feel bad, all with a big, bright smile on my face. hehe! Funny how some people try so hard at things like that, and you can tell when they are too. Well, I let them go until I got an interesting PM from someone who actually knows them. This person informed me that Dustingrey and his friends are so sociologically damaged, it's crazy. I agree with this person too! I've seen people who are sociologically damaged (used to see them all the time when I used to go to dog shows) and they have exactly the same attitude as Dustingrey and his friends do. I told his friends that Dustingrey admitted he likes to hurt small dogs and cats, and they didn't believe me. They said I was lying. I told them I didn't lie. Then I told them to ask him themselves. And if he says no, I didn't say that, to check out the last video I had a conversation with him in, titled Simon's Sister's Dog. They'd have to go back quite a few months, but it's all there, all laid out. Bet they still think he's a sweet, innocent victim and I'm just picking on him for no reason. Well, when I got that PM, I immediately went and blocked Dustingrey and his friends. That first round, only Krisi and iamgod were trying to battle with me. Then later, I noticed was when cynikal came in and fought for Dustingrey. Cynikal was the same one who, on Simon's Sister's Dog's video, told me I was acting childish. I knew Dustingrey was going to bring his friends in to fight his battle for him!! He did it before on the last video thread I was with him on. So, it was no surprise at all when he herded all his stupid friends to my video to try and take me down. He claims it wasn't like that at all, but I didn't believe it for a second!!!
Well, this was cynikal's one and only post on my video. Once you get past the grammatical and spelling errors, you'll notice that the message is basically lacking in this post:
"The fuck is this shit? Get a life and maybe you should reconsider next time you decide to do a whiny, annoying ten minute video. Instead, go to the gym for an hour. Make sure you hit up that McDonald's on the way home, though.
By the way, I'm a teenager. You should probably talk shit to me now since you hate teenagers and because I am being "hostile" and "nasty" towards you. Also, I have guns and rifles.
Let's go get some burgers. "
And this was my response to him:
"LOL! Another one of Dustingrey's stupid friends rushing to his aid!! LOL! I also have a rifle, friend. Make my day!
EWW!! I hate McDonald's!!! If you go there, you can go there by yourself. I'd rather starve. "
To which I also added this final footnote to this guy:
"BTW, I had to block your friends because I got a PM saying they are sociologically damaged. I can't have people like that on my videos. So if anymore of Dustingrey's friends come here, rushing to his aid, they too will be blocked, and from this point on, their comments deleted. The World can do well without your kind. :) "
I haven't heard from any of Dustingrey's friends since. But since this last post, I also added a new feature to my video threads, all comments must be approved by me. And I am no longer going to approve any of Dustingrey's comments. Not till he gets some help anyway. People like him, I always pray for. They may not like it, or think they may not need it, but they've got it anyway. But karma can be a bitch too. And I have the feeling it'll hit Dustin, or one of his friends, very hard one day. But again, why tell them that?? LOL! Sometimes it is just better to let things happen as you go along. But when his time comes, I sure do hope to hear about it!! Apparently he is this way with everyone he meets, which I suppose is why he only has 3 friends, and all of them are shitty people. People I would NEVER want as a friend!! I won't approve any of his friends' comments either. And believe me, I'll know his friends when I see them. Remember my magical powers. And I don't mean sitting on something and making it disappear! hehe! I just have the knack for knowing. As payback, I should troll him for the next 9 months!! Or until I get down to 100 pounds again, whichever comes first. LOL!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One Mystery Solved

Well, I hadn't heard from my sis Eva in a few months, usually she calls and comes over for the holidays to spend with family. I heard from her last night and she told me her kitty cat died. She said he was missing for a week and she and the kids went crazy trying to find him. Well, her youngest son found the cat under a bush and he was dead. She said he died of natural causes. Well, I'd think so, he was almost 20 years old! That's old for any animal. But I know how much Eva loves her cat, and I do feel bad for her. The kitty died right after Thanksgiving, so that is why I hadn't heard from her in months. She was crying a little bit when we spoke on the phone last night. I hope she never learns that I am writing this, she'd think others are thinking she's weak or something. Eva's had Mr. Muggles since before she was married, I remember when she got him, he was just a kitten and she answered an ad in the newspaper for free kittens. Eva didn't care that the kittens' background was unknown and the father was what we humans would call a "street-monger". She loved that cat because he was who he was. He was the kitten that came meowing to her when she went to view the litter for the first time. It was love at first sight, on both sides.

I'm not a cat person myself, I mean I would never have one unless it was really necessary. I've only had one I really loved, a siamese named Amadeus. I have trouble understanding why people like cats so much. But then I'm looking at the matter from the viewpoint of a dog lover. I don't know though. Kitty cats are real cute, and they can be funny. Almost like monkeys with far less agility. I asked some other cat fanciers what it is they like about them and that was what they told me. Eva's just the opposite of me, she likes cats but not really dogs. Well, she doesn't hate dogs, she plays with my dogs while she's here. But just as I wouldn't have a cat as a choice pet, she's the same about dogs. Now her family has a dog and no cat.

Well, in other news I was working on my Metazoic list. I have this goal that I want to have 100 new species of mammals on that list by the end of this week. When I first started the list back in 1995, I wanted to have 10,000 species of mammals by the year 2000. That didn't happen though. Thinking up a world dominated by mammals is not as easy as it sounds. Believe me! It takes a lot of thinking, tweaking and even eliminating to come up with future evolutionary paths. But I have thought of some new species, genera and even families this past week alone. For example, I now have antbird-like pteropods for both the old and new world, and mongoose-like opossums. I haven't made pics of them yet, but I will work on them soon. All I have now is the prototype for these. I am also trying to learn a little more about how to do 3D animations so I can add some little movies about each animal to my website. People love those. It's my way of thrusting myself into the new generation. I already learned one simple thing about 3D animation: what the A-key is!! LOL! That was embarrassing to say the least! Can you guess what it is? I did the wrong thing and was looking for a special A-key on the program. Well, I learn a little each day. It will give me something fun to do while I wait to begin building my bird and herp cages. I'm still getting vivarium ideas from YouTube. I even learned how to make a raining system, perfect for the jungle reptiles and birds.

Another thing, I found out why Lady Gaga's voice is so comforting. She may be a he! Well, I think the rumors say she's a hermaphrodite. I didn't even think about it until I saw one of my Facebook buddies discussing the matter with one of her friends. I checked it out on Google, seems there was a lot of talk about it a few months ago. So she's a he-she. One of the reasons I don't take well to female singers is they tend to screech when they sing. But strangely, Lady GaGa didn't. Oh well. At least that solves the mystery of that.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Did INXS Make It To #1?

Well, it's hard to tell. I got my copy of "Don't Change", but then I was hearing the song was in the 30s category. I thought I already had "Don't Change"! But I guess I didn't because I didn't hear it on my MP3 player the last time it made it's way through my collection of INXS songs. I like to keep my MP3 player running in alphabetical order, so I know when I hear Iggy Pop and Information Society, INXS is going to be next. Yes I know my taste is old!! Jumps right from Iggy's "Butt Town" to Information Society's "What's On Your Mind". Then starts my line of INXS songs. Some I've had on my hard drive for years. I had no idea "Don't Change" wasn't among those. Well, it's on there now. Thank GOD it wasn't "Never Tear Us Apart" that was supposed to be downloaded. If it was, I'd have had to say "Sorry. I'll have to pass on this one." Sorry INXS, but that is my LEAST favorite song you guys did!! But then every band is entitled to a slip-up now and then.

I know I'm the only true-blue INXS fan on the planet that hates that song!!! But I find it especially bad to boogie to. Though I find it very easy to fall asleep to. But hey! That only goes to show how different I see the world as opposed to others. IMO, in order for a song to be really and truly great, it must have good lyrics and good music combined. The lyrics of NTUA is good, but the music SUCKS!!! Sorry Andrew. Don't take it personally though. I love most of INXS's other music. To hear their music now, just brings back memories that bring tears to my eyes. There are only 2 songs INXS have made that I truly don't like. Besides NTUA, I cannot stand "Baby Don't Cry"!!!!! But then those are it. Every other song these men made, I love to death!!! It's like food for the soul, and I don't want to stop eating. hehe! INXS's music is literally like going to your favorite restaurant, ordering a nice, big, 2-pound porterhouse steak, knowing you're going to love it! But those two songs to me are like ordering that beautiful steak, anticipating it's going to be good, only to find out on your first bite that the meat they gave you is rotten!!

But enough about INXS's bad points, I just don't want others reading this and thinking that INXS is some fairy land to me. hehe! I was hoping (perhaps in a way fooling myself) that INXS would be brought to #1 through this project. I'm glad that Jim Guest (the man who started this project) got national and international recognition in doing this project, something he said himself he didn't expect to get, but it was a very pleasant surprise anyway. I did make some new friends in this process. I only got a couple of submissions for my video, which I think is probably just as well!! Reading both the submissions I got lasted most of the 10 minute limit I had for the video. Had I got any more submissions, I wouldn't have been able to read them all, and post the video on YouTube! And most of my friends are giving up MySpace so I didn't think it'd make sense to post it only on there. Though I did it anyway, as well as on YouTube. By the 20th I had already finished recording the audio portion and putting together most of the video portion, but being a woman of my word, I didn't want to close the submission line until the 20th. It's kindof a shame that INXS didn't get to #1. To be perfectly honest, I didn't think it would really happen. There wasn't enough people in the group to make it happen. I know a lot of INXS fans don't even have Facebook accounts. And a lot of the old Hutch fans want nothing at all to do with INXS anymore. Realistically, I didn't think they could make it. Especially since more people are interested only in these "plastic label" bands as they are called now. Though I've got to confess, Lady Gaga sounds pretty good. I don't normally like female singers very much, but she has a somewhat comforting voice. I'm not a fan of her's though. So don't think I am.

Well, I tried to let go of the realism, and join the fun of this group. I did get my copy of Don't Change, small as my support would seem, INXS can count heavily on it! Listen to me!! Lucky it was Don't Change. And INXS stated that their profits for the song goes to help those in Haiti. Haiti is the big talk about the internet. They had their first earthquake in 200 years, and now over 100,000 are dead. It's sad. The other day I felt like hopping a plane and going there myself with the intent of making a change, or lending a hand. Believe it or not! Though I hate flying!! I remember when we had an earthquake just before we moved to Olympia. It was scary!! I looked in the backyard and I actually saw what looked like ocean waves in the grass! Usually you cannot see them because they usually move so fast, but I saw them!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Michael's 50th B-Day Tribute

All INXS fans everywhere will be celebrating Michael's birthday today and tomorrow. Even INXS.com has a tribute up. Well, it is a milestone birthday. All the guys had something nice to say about Michael. Out of all of them, guess who's post I enjoyed the most? It's not who you'd think. Though his was nice indeed! Out of all of them, I liked C.M. Murphy's the most!! LOL! His post claimed he would love to say something nice and touching but (and I quote) "I'm still fucking pissed off at you for doing such a dumb thing, on purpose or not." HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Gotta love a man who is honest!!! Even in a situation such as this!!! :)

Honestly, I think a lot of people are pissed off at Michael for that. I know I was when I first heard the news. Then I wasn't, and then I was again. But one of my friends, who submitted a story to my video about Michael, exclaimed that she noticed how during the last tour, Michael just didn't seem to want to be there. Maybe he was emotionally drained. Up until I read her comment, I always thought Michael was a happy guy. He always seemed happy when he was performing. But when I saw him it was 1991, and I guess he didn't have all this drama in his life. I don't think back then he ever even thought of Paula as a soulmate. I heard a lot of rumors about how those two got together. I heard from some people that Paula stalked and harassed Michael until he felt he had to take her as a girlfriend. That's rather disturbing, though I don't know if it's true or not. Until I met Tim, I used to wish I had met Michael. I used to envy people who had met him. I think mostly because I would have had a chance to meet him up close and personal, but I didn't take it. But when I met Timmy, that faded out completely. Meeting him was a great experience. And at least I touched Michael! Good enough for me! If I remember correctly, the venue my friend and I went to was rather cozy. Not very big. But back then I was not brave enough to risk going around to the back of the building where the stage exit was to see if I could meet them. Neither was my friend. She was more of a realist because her boyfriend was also in a band. So she knew how that stuff works.

Ya know I wonder if her boyfriend's band ever made it out of their garage and small venues?? I haven't heard from this friend in ages so I don't know the latest news. hehe! Actually I still am not brave enough to hang out at the stage exit!! Every time I've met the guys, it's always been either by accident or when I was with a group of "professional rockstar stalkers". Took enough out of me to get up the guts to ask Timmy for a photo-op when I bumped into him in Seattle!!! I was afraid one of those big guards I saw earlier that day was going to crash me into the ground! Yet here I am thinking of turning this blog into a celebrity interview blog!! LOL! Well! It'd be better than what Perez Hilton turned his blog into. My idea is to basically let the celebs tell their stories, without rumors and gossip getting in the way. Wish me luck in that! I'm going to need it!! Many of them I've found are not that willing to talk about the matters that give rise to these rumors. Oh well. People like Perez ruin their reputations by talking about them the way he does.

Well, I wanted to take this time to show the video I made about Michael's 50th birthday celebration. I posted it up on the Facebook page, with the administrator's consent. I know a lot of people are afraid to say they enjoyed it (believe me, I know the politics going on behind the scenes among INXS fans nowadays) but really, the two most important people to me said they loved it, and that's all I care about!! I don't really care about anyone else. Those two are the ones I discussed in the video, who submitted material to me. I mean, it's cool if others did enjoy it, but the people who submitted really liked it and that's all that matters to me. As long as they liked it, I know I did good!! One of them even stated if Michael himself had seen it, he'd have loved it. He would have thought it was funny. I trust his word because he's met Michael more times than anyone else I know. Anyway, here's my video tribute to Michael:

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Perez At It Again!!

As if it's the only time, but now he is attacking Pete Wentz's little boy. That's pretty low when a person is so desperate for attention that they will attack someone's child. Wentz went off on Perez, but later apologized for the outburst. I said he didn't have to! In fact, like Will I Am, Wentz should have punched Perez in the face. I cannot really speak too harshly of Perez, I mean, I used to be where he is now. Perez is still young, so he has a lot of growing up to do. I'm trying to steer away from sarcastic attacks on people. Well, everyone except maybe myself. LOL! I mean, who can I laugh at, if not myself? Well, tonight on Twitter, I had nothing better to do, so I just added a shit-load of new people to follow. Now, I am following more than 500 people! Some of them I don't even like, like Brittney Spears! LOL!!! But she was on a list of suggested people to follow, so I added her too. My Twitter has been rather boring, so I added more people to follow just to spice it up. Before I added this load, I was only following 4 people. The most active of which was MC Hammer. LOL! Got a lot of tweets from him. I used to be a huge fan of his when I was a teenager, up into my very early 20s.

I cannot believe I completely forgot that yesterday was Martin Luther King, Jr's birthday!! I forgot until I tried to look for the mail man to arrive! When he didn't come at his usual time, I was thinking "Is today a holiday or something?" Then I remembered it is MLK Day today!!! UGH!! How the Hell can I forget that??? The man is my hero! If it weren't for him, I would not have been able to have the best friend I had all my life. I wouldn't have been able to go out with my first boyfriend. The man I almost married. Probably the only man I ever really wanted to marry!! The one I did marry he was  a good man too, I'm not saying he wasn't. But he was so fixed up in his work, I spent most nights alone, missing him. But anyway, I usually never forget MLK on his birthday.

Anyway, I don't think Wentz should have apologized but because he did, it makes him a better person. I think in some ways, Perez is worse than I ever was because he calls others names. He called Will I Am a faggot, which is so ironic, it's not even funny. I admit there are some people I still don't like, others I am glad are out of my life, but I would never call them names like Perez did! I mean, that's like me calling one of my former buddies (turned enemies), who weighs about 100 pounds, a "fatty"!! That's what Perez looked like to me in his video. Made me think a little more too. That was why I lost all respect I had for Perez. Of course to be honest, there was very little to begin with. I usually respect someone who is not afraid to speak their mind and go against what others believe is so. But Perez goes so far as to call names and draw penises on peoples' mouths. Sick!!! That's going WAY beyond what I believe is right.

I was watching a show last night about outcasts. It interested me because I've mostly been cast off by others. Not because of my job, or where I live, but for one reason only: Because I'm not afraid to speak my mind. Some are cast off because of disease, lack of worldly resources like the homeless, or because their jobs are not very glamorous. I don't really mind that I've lived as a cast-off. I've gotten accustomed to it over the years. I mean, after my Groucho died, I was very, severely depressed, but I was examined for psychological problems by experts and they found nothing mentally wrong with me. Though I don't like to admit it!!! I mean, I've spent years building up differences from the rest of society!! I don't really like to admit that I've been proven to be what others would call normal. Half of the people though who say I am wacky, weird, or insane, I've found only do so because I have my own points of view, the other half only say that because I've stated that I don't like them, or someone they are friends with. So I figured if that's what makes them believe that, then it's not such a bad thing to be labeled "crazy". Besides, writers and artists are typically labeled crazy anyway, and I like to consider myself both.

I'm still working on my MH video! I'm keeping the story submissions open until the 20th. After that, I simply must create the video. So far, I've gotten 2 submissions. I don't want to say anymore, in case I do get more between now and then.

Well this past week, I have made a new buddy on YouTube. Strange eh? I mostly gripe about people on Tube. Well, this meeting started out that way. Remember on my last video I said if I am approached nicely, I will be nice back. But if someone approaches me with hostility, don't expect me not to snap back! I commented on a video about Michael Jackson and this guy cussed me out because I said it was funny. Well, it was. Well, he said "F- you" to me and then one thing led to another. Well, this past weekend, we started actually talking civil to each other. He said he stopped cussing at me because he checked my profile and found out I was much older and he knew it was wrong to argue with an adult. I read that and I thought "Wow! He's a MUCH better teenager than most others on this site!" Most of them instigate the battle and then call me a 35 year old who likes to battle with 11 or 16 year olds!! If those people would watch my latest video on YouTube, they'd know that's not the case at all. But I'll tell you, when I was 11 and 16, if I ever said to an older person what half these teens on YouTube say to me, my ma would have killed me!!! I partly blame the parents, but I also blame the things kids today are exposed to. But this guy, he was raised well. I admire that. Well, he apologized and I forgave him and now we are friends. I also apologized for blowing up at him the way I did. The very thing I am working toward trying to keep from doing! I don't like blowing up at kids on the internet. Believe me!! See, I need a lot of work still.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Get Michael Hutchence to #1

Hello all INXS fans!!! There is a very awesome club on Facebook and I am doing what I can to help. They are calling all INXS fans to come and help get Michael Hutchence and INXS to the number 1 spot all over the World for his birthday. I am in the process of creating a video for his birthday myself, but I am also passionate about this. I love INXS, and I'd do anything to help them. Thus I am helping spread the word.

The goal of the administrator of this group is to have everyone buy a copy of Don't Change from itunes. If you are not a member of Facebook, and you are an INXS fan, JOIN TODAY and click on this link:
http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=232609958138&ref=mf It'll take you right to the group. It'd be nice to have all INXS fans cooperate on this project. Michael's birthday is only a week away, so now is the time to act.

As for my video, I know I wanted to involve other fans in this project (well, it was suggested to me), but so far, I've only got one submission. So, I think I'm going to trash that idea and go ahead with my original plan. Though I may mention this site that was submitted. This person does have a nice site and a great story about how he met Michael. In this video, I'm going to mention everything I can about my encounter with Michael, even though it wasn't much!!! Nothing compared to the encounters of some others.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Will.I.Am's Response

Anna and I were talking last night and she remembers my post about Perez Hilton's encounter with Black Eyed Peas performer, Will I Am. She wanted to hear his side of the story. Well, I found it. Actually there are 2 videos where Will I Am responds to Perez's video. As opposed to Perez continuing to call Will I Am and Fergie things like "fuggly", and "cowards" and "faggots" and "gay", the latter two of which I still think is very ironic, Will I Am handled his end pretty well!! He didn't call Perez names at all. Not even called him a jerk. I was impressed with how he handled it considering Perez called him every name in the book! He's not even asking Perez to respect him! He's just cool with it all.

Though I never really know how I personally would react in a situation like that, I'd never call anyone names like how Perez did! And I honestly don't know how come the Black-Eyed Peas's manager was the one who struck Perez instead of Will I Am. Or even why he did it in the first place! It's all beyond me! But then I will never understand today's young people. Most of the youngsters today are much worse than I ever remember them being before! Now, I would fully expect a 3-year old to threaten me with a gun and carry it out! LOL! There is no such thing as an innocent child anymore. And every time I hear someone say something like that, I cringe, and say there is no such thing anymore. That species has gone extinct! I saw a video on YouTube about a group of high school kids of Arab descent who wore t-shirts depicting the destruction of the Twin Towers buildings by a thunderbird, which is their school's mascot. And underneath the picture it read "You cannot bring us down". A lot of people found that offensive! In a way so did I. But at the same time, I have seen worse kids out there, and it is because what kids today are exposed to. I mean, compare that to when I was a kid, 20 years ago, there is a BIG difference!! When I was a kid, there were very few anime-type cartoons, now, there are many all over the damn place!! And they all glorify violence and hostility. There are video games that do pretty much the same. Then there is Elmo all over Sesame Street, and I said it before and I'll say it again, he can drive even the most level-headed person insane!!! Also that dumb rap music that also promotes violence and rude behavior! People tend to want to blame the parents, but you can't always blame the parents!! Parents spend so little time with their own kids now that most of them are probably not even aware that their kids are becoming bad seeds!

Now, I am not saying I never saw my share of bad kids when I was growing up. They just seemed to be fewer and farther between when I was younger! The worst kid I ever met, until I was 19, was a little boy named Joel, whose best friend was the youngest brother of my sister's boyfriend. Joel was not only the worst kid I ever met at that time, he was NUTS!!! He used to bark like a dog and he would call himself a chihuahua. I think he had a lot of screws loose, but back then, he was a one in a million type of kid. It was rare back then to find a kid that bad. Last time I saw him was in 1986, and he was about 8 years old then. If he were still around today, he'd fit right in with the kids I've seen running around now. Though I don't know about the barking thing and him thinking he was a chihuahua. LOL! I mean, I know kids tend to do strange things, but that was too far off, even for a child's normal behavior!!!

Kids today are even worse than that! MUCH worse! And I blame it on what kids today are exposed to. Especially the Anime cartoons that promote rude behavior and violence. And people wonder why I hate anime so much. Last week, I had it out with a girl whose favorite show is Sailor Moon, another anime cartoon that most likely promotes rudeness. She started the battle and then kept instigating it, and then she turned around with her tail between her legs and accused me of feeling bigger by fighting with a 16-year old, which she claimed was herself. But she's not! Her profile says she is 38! She's older than me!! And YouTube does allow 16 year olds to post. I just told her "Don't use your age as an excuse for your rude behavior!!" She answered "I am not using my age as an excuse!" I reminded her that she is, and she still kept instigating the fight! But I kept my head, as promised. She called me every name in the book, but I kept my cool and didn't call her any names at all! :) Now for that reason, yes I am proud of myself!! I wasn't fighting her at all. She said I abuse my animals, just because I hate cougars (typical panther-lover!) and I just responded. My animals are well-loved. Minnie may need work because of where she came from, but she's doing better. But heck! I don't need to prove nothing to her. Her last message to me was demanding that I send her a PM to keep the battle going. I just said to her "Me? PM you? Surely you jest!!" I told her I only PM my equals and better. That was thankfully the last time I heard from her. Hopefully I won't hear from her again, but I am ready if I do.

Anyway, here is Will I Am's response to Perez's accusations. I think he handled himself very gracefully compared to Perez's little shit-fit!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Who Controls the Money?

I haven't spoke of Nadia Suleman on here in a long time, but from what I understand, she is in control of the money she is making off her children. I can only hope she is controlling it responsibly. But really, it's none of anyone's business how she spends it. As long as she is taking care of her children. But one person, Paul Peterson, wants to make it his business. He wanted to get a petition in order to have an independant guardian take care of Suleman's finances. Well, the judge told Peterson to drop the matter, calling it an "unprecedented meritless effort by a stranger". Basically he was telling Peterson to mind his own damn business!! LOL!

It's not unprecedented! I remember Catsredrum and Netrage had plotted to do that with me once before, the year my sisters gave me the meet and greet with INXS for my birthday. They didn't follow through with it though. Because really, what I do with INXS is none of their business. If they had ever matured, they would have realized that. I'm sure if they would have tried, the judge would have told them the same thing! I mean, I don't know them! They don't know me! They have no clue how I interact with INXS. But they wanted to think they knew. But honestly nothing pisses me off more than someone poking their noses into business that is not their's to begin with! I don't know who Paul Peterson is, and I'm not crazy about Suleman profiting off her kids, but Peterson really needs to back off!!

All that said, I still think Suleman is too dumb to raise kids! At least she was when the newest kids were newborns. Which is why I hope to GOD she has grown up and is starting to use her brains that have been lying dormant all that time, and is controlling the finances responsibly. May be too much to hope for now, but for the sake of the kids, I hope it's true!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Michael Hutchence 50th Year Video Tribute

Well, I thought of doing a video commemorating Michael Hutchence in what would be his 50th birthday, and I got quite a bit of input from my Facebook buddies. I sent a message to as many of them as I could (I hope I got all of them! It's not easy to bulk-message everyone ya know!) Anyway, one of my buddies thought it would be nice if I could let the fans contribute their own thoughts in their own words. So I sent a message to all of them asking them if they'd like to contribute anything about Michael Hutchence. Either in the way of a voice message, or e-mail me a message about Michael and I'll read it for them on the video, or send me their favorite picture of Michael perhaps with some kind of message. Or maybe all 3 rolled in one. They can remain anonymous if they want to, or sign their name to their message, it doesn't matter to me. But I agreed with this friend and decided to try sending a message to all my Facebook buddies, asking them if they'd like to contribute. I haven't got any responses yet, and frankly, I fully don't expect any of them will respond. But that's quite alright! Really, it is. If no one else wants to contribute, I'll just do all this all by myself. Doesn't matter really. The only thing is, if I do this video all by myself, I'll probably focus more on Tim than on Michael! LOL! I already recorded the voice portion of my video this morning, and I can use it instead. I talked a little about my own personal memories and experiences with Michael. I even talked about his daughter, Lily. But I also did a lot of talking about Tim as well. Well, I thought this friend had a cute idea to let other Michael H fans contribute, and I figured out a way to fix that up so that it's really nice. And I can go with that idea as well. But I need volunteers to tell their stories if I go with that idea.

Another friend suggested that when the project is finished I send it to the band. I thought that would be a great idea too. Though I'll probably just put it up here or on YouTube if I do the video with just my own idea. Wouldn't be worth sending it straight to the band if it's just my own views. If they're looking in at all, they can view my video here if they want to. But I really like the idea of getting other fans to contribute their thoughts about Michael to this video, so I'm going to give it a chance to come to fruition. If anyone else reading this would like to contribute, you can send a video, voice message, pictures or e-mail to me at my addy: webmaster@metazoica.com. Whether you've seen Michael in concert, or have a special memory of him, or pic you'd like to share, or just want to say how you feel about him, whether you met him or not, anything is good! The only thing is, YouTube only allows 10 minutes per video, though Facebook allows 20 minutes. But anyway, keep it short and sweet! Videos and voice messages no longer than 30 seconds please. E-mails no more than 100 words.

Whatever the results are, I'll post the finished project up here. In order to get maximum visibility for this project, I am trying to think of other ways to promote it. Then at least I can say I tried. I'd like to get this done in time for Michael's birthday, so the deadline is January 20th. I'll need the 21st free to work on the video it's self. I'm a fast worker. Then the video should be up by the 22nd, which is Michael's birthday. Let's see what happens!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Most Shocking RnR Moments

I saw this last night on VH1. Well, I didn't catch the first episode. But when it got down to the final 3, I knew it was going to discuss rockstars who passed before their time. I thought for sure the death of Michael Hutchence was going to be in the #1 spot, but he wasn't. Now, when I hear the words "most shocking", I always think of something totally unexpected. Like it is very surprising that these events happened. Like it was the very last thing you expected that person would do. Well, guess who was in the #3 spot? Kurt Cobain. As if his death was some total surprise! Well, it wasn't to me! I knew back in 1992 he was going to kill himself someday. If a person is suicidal, you can see it in their eyes. No matter how much fun they seem to be having. When he did it 2 years later, I was totally UNsurprised!!!

Now, don't get me wrong, I like Nirvana. I'm as sad as anyone that Kurt killed himself. It's just that it was not a shocking moment for me because I knew it would happen sooner or later. I really thought Michael Hutchence was going to be in the #1 spot on that show. The announcer said that the #1 most shocking event in rock n roll history was so catastrophic most of us remember where we were when we heard the news. I kept thinking Michael Hutchence again! I remember exactly what was going through my mind down to the last millisecond!! But instead of Michael Hutchence, it was the death of Michael Jackson that took the #1 spot on the show. I was then thinking, "Yeah, I remember what I was doing when I heard the news, but I didn't think much of it. LOL!" That too was not a very shocking moment for me either. In fact, I was more shocked that it took so long for MJ to kick off!! All those plastic surgeries he had could not have been healthy! Plus he did drugs. I'm shocked he didn't die years ago!!

Michael Jackson had this habit of cancelling shows and tours because of his health. He seemed to always be too sick to perform. It was not at all surprising to me that now that he was planning this worldwide tour after several years of rest, that he'd pass away! While other people were saddened by Jacko's death, I was just sitting here thinking how shocked I was that it didn't happen sooner. That was the only thing shocking about his death!

Now, Michael Hutchence was a totally different story! I absolutely did not expect him to kill himself! He always looked so happy. I even recently saw a video of INXS's rehearsals in Sydney the day before Michael would kill himself, and even THEN he didn't look so sad!!! His death had to have been an accident or something, because Michael did not present the picture to me of someone who was looking to end it all. As strange as that may sound, I really thought Michael Hutchence was going to be around forever. Well! At least as long as INXS was around! I'm hoping either way that INXS continues going. Now I do remember what I was doing when I heard that news! I was on my computer, typing up my Metazoic checklist. I had just gotten my very first PC, after going with Mac and being frustrated because I couldn't get any Mac software. I somehow managed to have my list printed out and I was putting it onto my new PC. I had to start typing it all over again from scratch. Took me a week to finish it. Well! When you add up the days I spent typing that list, it comes to a week. Even though right in the middle of typing it was when I heard the news about Michael Hutchence and I stopped working on it for a few days to grieve.

You know, I have added some more to that checklist, but the copy I have today is the exact same one I was typing on at the time I heard the news about MH. And recently I decided to put it on my Metazoic site. I continually add to it too. I wanted to have at least 10,000 species of mammals before I am done. That would surely be a world dominated by mammals!! I still don't consider the list finished. In fact, someone on my Metazoic blog has suggested new ideas for mammals, I might give them a shot. I like some of them. They are mostly bats, but a world like that can never have too many bats! I have bats (mostly pteropods) dominating every niche that today is taken up by birds. I even have penguin-like pteropods that fly through the water, but their wings are totally useless for flying through the air. Unlike modern bats, most of these are active during the day.

But anyway, that's what I was doing when I heard the news about Michael. MY Michael!!! Michael Jackson I couldn't really care less about. He used to be cute and all, but he ruined himself with all those damn plastic surgeries!! By the time he was done, I didn't even want to look at his face anymore, he was so damned ugly!!! But I knew he was slowly killing himself. That kind of a lifestyle couldn't have been a very healthy one.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Blogging Goal?

I guess this is my next task, to think up a blogging goal for this year. I don't know. I never much thought about a goal for this blog. I just write down what comes into my mind. Some of it deals with issues in my own life, though I don't discuss everything in my life. Believe it or not, some things I do tend to leave out of my conversations here. I used to get a lot of views when I roasted people, but since I'm trying to learn not to do that anymore, I cannot think of another goal. I have thought about doing more celeb interviews, that would be good!! But I need to figure out what to say to them, and then I have to get ahold of them and that is not always easy, and takes a lot of time and effort. Besides, who would I interview? The only celebs I know are the ones I really like, like INXS and  Dougal Dixon. Dixon is more of a writer, but he has done some other work for BBC television. But I have always enjoyed his books. He was easy, and a pleasure, to interview. INXS, well, what would I say to them?? I don't think they are ready to answer any questions about their upcoming tour or album. So what the heck would I say? What I should do is take a poll. Ask others who they'd like to see interviewed. Then attempt to follow through. But like I said, I don't know about many celebs. What would I ask someone I barely know anything about? These new, young sprigs are the most popular it seems, but I know nothing about them.

It'd actually be nice if I could do celeb interviews and film them, put the videos up on this blog! The only flaw is the damn time-limit! Like if I have an interview that lasts 15 minutes, I'm screwed!! This blog has a 12 or 13 minute limit on videos! That really sucks!!! The only place I know of that has no time limit on videos is MySpace. They just have a limit of 700 MB per video. That's why I tend to use them for longer videos. That's the only thing that keeps me using MySpace. I hardly sign into my account anymore, and I haven't sent any messages to anyone in a long time. I should, I know it!!! I haven't even blogged on there much lately. I do all of it here.

Another thing, I am still considering giving this blog a domain name, I haven't decided yet what to call it, it's a toss-up between a few choice names. Well, we'll see what happens. I want to be satisfied with my name whatever I choose.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Puss Meets Puss

Perez Hilton is by now pretty famous. He's famous for writing gossip and insulting remarks about celebrities. He believes that once you become famous, you pretty much give up your right to a private life. To some extent that is true. But there are moments when even celebs should be able to keep only among themselves or close friends and relatives. I'm all for that myself! But Perez is like the Catsredrum of the celebrity world. He tells half-truths and likes to insult people. Well, it finally caught up with him in the summer of 2009, when he insulted Black Eyed Peas's Will I Am on his column. Will punched Perez in the face. Well, Perez, doing the kind of thing he has become famous for, should have seen that coming sooner or later. I was referred to this video tonight on YouTube. A couple of things stood out. One, Perez says he can take the heat. Well, he cannot apparently if he's going to call Will I Am a faggot and gay and shit like that. And two, the fact that Perez called anyone gay in the first place as a way to insult that person. Since he is openly gay himself, I find that a little appalling! Sort of like the pot calling the kettle black.

Now, in normal circumstances, I'd prefer the person I insulted to confront me themselves rather than get their friends involved. Because I'm just not going to speak to a friend, and just tell them to mind their own business! If I insult someone, that someone can confront me themselves if they don't like what I say, and then we can go from there. I'm not an unreasonable woman. I am also not violent. Not unless I am provoked, cornered, threatened, or if someone strikes me first, but in those cases, it is considered self-defense. But most of the time, I don't use violence. I prefer to treat everyone with respect. I'm getting better about keeping my cool, even on YouTube. I've become rather proud of myself for doing so. Ya know, it feels so much better to treat everyone with respect rather than just jump on them and tear them apart. I usually always try to respect others, even before. But it was always so hard to when the other person just keeps doing shit to make you lose respect for them! That is frustrating!!! But I am getting better and better at it. But here's a video I did about the people's attitudes on YouTube:

Well, Perez is still young. Young people have a knack for being hateful whenever possible. Believe me when I say I know how they are! It's when you get older (usually around 35 years old, but some people don't mature until later) that you realize it's better to just turn the other cheek and leave the name-calling out of the situation because it only makes things worse. I don't consider myself mature, but I don't go around calling people names just because I don't agree with them or their lifestyles. Well! I may call someone a jerk, but how serious is that as opposed to calling someone a motherfucker or an idiot or something like that? I'm definitely the tamest person you're ever going to encounter on YouTube. Believe me, I've seen it all on there! I even made a video about the dumbasses on YouTube!! Check it out above! Sometimes I just cannot believe the amount of unwarranted attacks that go on on that site between members! I've gotten to a point where when I feel there is nothing left to say, I just don't even open comments someone from that thread makes to me! I've said my piece, no one is going to make me change my mind, so there is nothing left to say! So when I get a notice in my inbox that someone from that thread has responded to me, I just delete the notice, unopened! It's better than getting into a long, hot-blooded battle that is going to lead to the other person senselessly calling me names and shit that isn't going to do them the least bit of good because I have my own views, and I prefer to be different.

Well, this is part of Perez's video blog he made in response to Will I Am's actions on that fateful night:

You can view the rest of his video at this link:


Monday, January 4, 2010

Another Decade Flashback

Well, I'm not sure what to say,  but another year has gone and now it is 2010, the new decade! Seems they are going by so fast! It feels like it was only yesterday grandma passed away, and I was still getting over it. It was tough getting over it because she was always there all my life. Took me most of 2001 and part of 2002, but I finally learned. That same year we moved to Olympia, after living in a torture chamber for 2 years. That is, Lakewood, a crap little town. I wanted to go back to Toutle, but my father said there were no jobs there! UGH!! Though I admit, I did have much better luck finding a job in Lakewood than I ever did in Toutle, it wasn't really worth all the shit I put up with when we moved there! I hated it when I was a kid and moving there as an adult didn't change my mind!

It also seems like only yesterday I got my Groucho. She was a special little girl. You all can say what you want about chihuahuas, but everything that dog did was adorable!!! I got her as a tiny baby in 2002. I still remember visiting the breeder in Oregon, and the female, who would turn out to be Groucho's mama, was just starting to show she was pregnant. I saw that characteristic sag in her belly. Even the breeder wasn't sure she was pregnant, but I knew! Seems from that moment on, me and Groucho were spiritually connected, even though she wasn't born yet. I remember the mama even bit my finger when I stuck it out in front of her to sniff. hehe! I was OK with that though. In fact it's tempting to believe that may have been what connected me and Groucho so spiritually! LOL!

Then there was the time our country went to war, but I don't care to remember that! 9-11 happened just mere months after our family lost Grandma and I remember ma saying how grateful she was that Grandma was not there to become a part of the trauma to come to this country! She knew that was going to lead to war sooner or later, and so did I. Though the other night I was watching a show that discussed 9-11 and it said that it was some kind of conspiracy by the government! Believe me when I say I am going to be PISSED if I find out for sure that was an American government planned thing!! So many people lost their lives and others lost loved ones. It's not really fair that the government would do something like this to their own citizens, and then turn around and blame people of other countries.

Then there was Rockstar: INXS, the best summer of my life!!! At the time that show was announced, I hadn't thought of INXS in such a strong way in more than 5 years! In 1998, I had a bout where I loved these guys more than life it's self, but Michael was my main focus back then. Since he was dead, there wasn't really much to talk or think about INXS anymore and by the following year, INXS was all but forgotten by me. Then one dark morning early in 2005, I couldn't sleep and I got up and looked for INXS on the web. That was when I discovered their old website, and saw the link to the old INXS Fan Forum. At the same time, I saw it mentioned that INXS were looking for a new lead singer, and there was talk about the TV show, Rockstar: INXS. I became instantly excited! I also joined the forum. I met some nice people on there, but I would not go back now! I'm bored with forums, I enjoy my blogs a lot more. I always have a lot to say, too much to put into a mere forum post. Besides, these INXS forums are all messed up now. Seems they are more for sticking up for some of the fans rather than getting together and talking about INXS. Well, I'm the kind of person who says exactly what is on her mind, and I am not sorry! In cases like that, you always find out who the truly worthy people are of being in your life. But I still love INXS!! I'm not going to let the nitwits and knuckleheads cackle me out of that! :)

Last year was the beginning of the end when Obama was elected president. I see it as that anyway. I knew he was going to become this country's president! I went to school for 14 years, been many places, attended  many social events, went to church even for about 8 years, I've been in many forums, e-mail groups, chatrooms, and met every kind of person you can imagine and thensome, I know what turns people on! Smooth-talkers and assholes! That's what everyone likes, as long as they aren't attacking them or someone they care about. That's why I knew everyone was going to vote for Obama. He's obviously a smooth-talker and a manipulator. And I have noticed he's been spending this country's money like crazy!! That cannot last for long! Plus a lot of other mistakes he's made so far. Seems ridiculous to discuss all of it here, but he is what this country wanted! So he is what they got. Not me, I didn't vote for him!!!

This past Christmas, Anna and I we listened to some Christmas tunes I downloaded last year. I noticed I have a muppet version of the 12 Days of Christmas! At first I thought it was Sesame Street because I heard Bert's voice and Big Bird's voice! I heard that and I forgot I even downloaded that!! I was dreading hearing Elmo's version of any bar of that song! Oh! I can picture it now, since words like "My" and "Me" are taboo words to Elmo:

"On the 12th day of Christmas,
Elmo's true love gave to Elmo--"

But thankfully he wasn't in that song! They jumped from some of the cast of Sesame Street to the cast of the Muppet Show. I used to like that show when I was a kid! My father still likes it. I also used to like Sesame Street before Elmo dominated the scene! Since 1988, you would be hard-pressed to find a Sesame Street episode that doesn't have Elmo at least once or twice in the show! That pisses me off because I can remember when Sesame Street used to be cute and fun!! Now that Elmo has taken over, it's just stupid! No wonder today's kids have gone to Hell in a handbasket!! Elmo is enough to drive even the strongest-minded child to the point of insanity!!!

Well, my resolution this year, I suppose, is to continue working on my attitude!! I've even stopped attacking people on YouTube, and believe me, there's been some I wanted to just wrench on here!!! But I haven't. Though I did do a video asking why the people on YouTube are such dumbasses, it's up on my channel. One person in particular, I won't mention names and stuff, but I got into it with him and frankly, I figured out almost right away he was doing nothing but playing games!! It wasn't a real argument. So I just played right back! I will say I have not been back to that video, even though I do still get messages from people there. I've said my piece! I just don't even open those messages and move on to the next.

CBC News - British Columbia - Boy calls dog who fought off cougar his 'guardian'

CBC News - British Columbia - Boy calls dog who fought off cougar his 'guardian'

This is a great story about a dog rescuing it's human companion from a cougar. This shows how dogs of any size will sacrifice it's own life for the life of it's human. This is why I prefer dogs. Though I'd prefer something like a great pyrenees or a caucasian mountain dog to something like a golden retriever, it's still a good story, and a testiment to how loyal dogs are to humans. Though I cannot believe some assholes are feeling sympathy for the damn cougar!!

I admit I hate cougars, I don't see them as "beautiful" or "majestic" animals at all! I see them as ugly, lazy, stupid creatures and I wouldn't be hurt at all if all of them were to be shot on sight. However, there is another side to my point of view. Even I must admit that cougars were there first, it's their land. And they do need to survive. As a former mountain-climber I can appreciate this as much as anyone. Nature does need it's space, and humans are the reason a lot of that space is disappearing. I've seen cougars like twice in my life. In fact, I saw one dead on the side of the road the other day in a place called Oakland! It's not far from Elma. I recognized it as a cougar because I could see it's face and it had a long tail. But I used to climb mountains and I saw cougars a couple of times then. I also know they need to hunt to survive. Though I really hate to hear about them taking peoples' pets, if it comes down to it, you know they have to! Though here the deer are so numerous, and that is their staple prey, why they would take something like someone's dog or cat it would be senseless as they don't normally feed on dogs and cats in the wild. There's enough of their natural prey to sustain a cougar here to where they wouldn't have to take someone's pet. But I do still worry! Just because these are my babies, and I don't want anything happening to them. Minnie too likes to chase the deer out here.

Anyway, I am so glad the boy and the dog are OK. I don't care about the cougar much anyway. I just hope it wasn't rabid myself! It could happen too. But this is a great story!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dueling Chihuahuas

Here I have created a video of dueling chihuahuas, one is named Suzie, the other is named Sam. I used to have a similar video like this on my chihuahua website, but it wasn't nearly this good because all I had to work with back then was Animation Shop. I even just now tried to put this on YouTube and it deleted it because of matching third-party content! That SUCKS!!!! It's so cute too!! Too cute to keep to myself! Well anyway, I made 2 chihuahuas trying to out-dance each other to the tune of Dueling Banjos. I thought it was a cute idea, then and now, and since YouTube won't let me post it there, I'll post it here. This took forever to create! All I had to work with was 8 little drawings, in different poses, each one a mirrored copy of each other. It depicts chihuahuas trying to mimic the other's moves. Hope you all like!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Another Year, Another Decade

Well, Father Time has marched on to another year. Not only another year, but also another decade. Boy! They just keep coming up fast don't they? Feels like it was only yesterday I was 5 years old! I was just remembering those days yesterday too. I was thinking about when all the neighborhood kids used to catch the community bus to go to church. Including me and my sis. Those were the fun days! I was carefree and innocent. Back then, kids were still innocent beings, not like today where you'd be hardpressed to find an innocent child! Today it seems they are all the spawn of demons. LOL!

I have this thing now, I keep my DVDs in these specially-designed DVD cases, not the original hard, plastic cases anymore. As I went through my DVDs, I've noticed that a lot of them are missing! I have some Beavis and Butthead that I know to be missing! Where they went? I don't know! Martians came down and got them for all I know, because I looked everywhere and they aren't in this house! This is such a small apartment, if they are here, they can only be in so many different places, but I looked everywhere and I cannot find them. Well anyway, with keeping my DVDs in these big, soft cases, not only do I save room, but they also cannot be stolen to be resold. Each month I get a new one, and fill it up. Sometimes they fill up fast! The only thing now is what to do with these old plastic cases. There's so many now they are cluttering up the house!

Well, yesterday I went to Portland. I really hate going there now! It's not like it was when we lived in Olympia or even Toutle! Going there now is a dang chore!! But I still go because I hate paying the taxes in this state. Especially on items more than $100, and there was one that I needed. I saw this portable DVD player with a hi-def screen and a powerful battery that lasts up to 6 hours! Most of them only last 2. I thought as often as the power goes out here, that would actually be a more useful device. When the power goes out, we can watch as many as 3 movies!! I bought it yesterday, came home and gave it a spin. I love it!! Not only is the picture very clear and crisp, so is the sound!! I even stopped by their IKEA store! I thought I was going to be in Heaven when I went in there. They do have all kinds of furniture. But a lot of it is cheaply made!!! I need a new coffee table and a curio cabinet. The only coffee table they had that I liked was this long, oval one that had no drawers or storage of any kind! And that's what I want. The only curio cabinet they had was a little one that you stick in a corner of the house and it didn't even have lights. So, I guess I'll keep looking. There's always Phyl's!

Well anyway, I want to wish everyone a happy and safe New Year!