Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Herps, Herps and More Herps

As many of my readers here may know, I've been getting on YouTube quite a bit. One of the things that keeps me going back are looking at other peoples' videos about snakes, lizards, and fish. It makes me think, I miss my birds, and fish and all those other exotics that I used to have!!! I used to keep small herps, and one creature that I've always wanted to keep, but never got the chance to was poison dart frogs. In captivity, they lose most of their toxic properties, but they still retain their glamorous colors! I've been seriously thinking about getting into collecting herps of different kinds!! I'm thinking about it. I mean, if Anna is going to go live in Bozeman, I need something here to occupy my time! I can get into all the different herp shows, which I just find sooooo fascinating!!!! MUCH better than dog shows! LOL! A lot less politics are involved in herp shows. And herp breeders aren't nearly as unkind as dog breeders. I've been to several herp expos, and the breeders there are much friendlier than many of the dog exibitors I've met at dog shows. There are annual herp shows going on in this state and in Oregon every year, several times a year.

I have a list of species I want too. They're species I've studied, but I'll tell you nothing beats one-on-one learning. I don't mean I'm going to get common species like iguanas, bearded dragons and leopard geckos. No way! I'm going for the rarer species. I used to keep herps and I love them!! I used to have pythons, corn snakes, milksnakes, geckos of varying types. I remember an old Tokay gecko I used to have. That thing was MEAN as heck!!!!! It hated my dog Andy. Every time Andy got within 3 feet of that gecko's tank, it would open it's mouth wide and hiss! Then it would strike. Poor old Andy!! It never bit him, but it would strike really good! Good enough to make a loud crashing sound on the side of the tank! I've seen some people who have tamed tokays, and that's cool! I'd love to have one. They charge more for the hand tamed tokays though.

I personally like the natural colors, I don't go for these man-made morphs. They aren't as pretty in my eyes. No one can paint like Mother Nature can!! hehe! I have to be careful of what I get. No giant pythons or boas. They get too big and could pose a threat to my babies. So nothing like that!!! If I do get any boids, they'd have to be smaller, like the ball pythons, which is what I had last time. They wouldn't be big enough to see my babies as food. But nothing like a burmese or reticulated python! But mostly my focus will be on smaller creatures, like small lizards and frogs. I've always liked frogs, and always enjoyed keeping them. Now I think I am ready to take on the poison dart frogs. That'll be loads of fun!!!

I won't be starting this until Anna goes to Bozeman. Not that I think she wouldn't enjoy it, but I want it to give me something to do and look foreward to while she's away. I wonder if they still sell dormice as pets? Those were awfully cute too!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

On Hell's Kitchen

I knew Suzanne would be eliminated tonight! I just knew it! I've been watching for some time and I noticed her performances were getting worse, I was surprised she wasn't eliminated last week. But I knew she was going to be on her way out this week! Before the show started I even said to Anna that Suzanne will be eliminated tonight. I'm surprised that she lasted this long. He's eliminated better people than her sooner than this. I was so surprised!! I think Tenille is going to be one of the finalists, along with Kevin.

So now they are accepting new contestants for next season's Hell's Kitchen. Sometimes I think I would like to get on that competition. But no. I'm not THAT good of a cook!!! I can cook and it's good enough for home and family, but not good enough for someone whose standards are as high as those of Chef Ramsay's! Besides, I'm really not used to hearing that much cussing first hand. I hate it when people use cuss words (like he uses) online! Much less would I like hearing it up close and personal. But I do admire the man. He's got a good head for gourmet cooking. Though I can handle criticism really well. Much better than most other people can, that's the truth! His criticism wouldn't bother me at all. Just his cussing would.

Well, Operation Repo didn't come on this week, which is a total bummer!! But Anna checked and she said it will be coming on again in November. I don't really know how she found that out, but I thank GOD she found out!! My ma is doing better here too. She found a job that she loves! So it's a good thing, she won't be moving back to Olympia! So if she's not moving then that means I don't have to move either. I'm so glad!!! Anna can move into the dorm at Bozeman, Ma's going to stay in town, though she says she might get a bigger apartment here. My stepfather may get himself a job out here, and I can stay here and remain living in this apartment. Or I might move into a one-bedroom apartment since it'll be just me here. But I don't know. I think I should stay in this one, because Anna would need a home to come home to during holidays and vacations.

Ma and I were talking and she told me everything is coming into play. Before she moved here, she said a prayer to GOD that he would guide her out here IF she was meant to stay here. I told her the funny thing is, I also prayed to GOD that she would make it out here. At first it was very rocky! She got a job at the Ramada, and lost it due to a completely stupid misunderstanding on the part of the supervisor. She was without a job all summer, and things looked bleek. But now, not only is she on a job she loves, but also the supervisor of this job wants to test her for something bigger and better!! I'm so glad!! Now, we are waiting for John to find a job out here. He should go back to work at the radio station. He's got really good credentials for a job like that! I think he should go for it! But ultimately the choice is his. But he has worked at radio stations before and he's got the voice for it. Much better than me! hehehe!! Well, we will see what happens.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Married AND Divorced

Well, I heard from dustingrey again. But he wouldn't respond to me directly today. I guess he lost his backbone. LOL! I had to go to the video myself just to see if he responded. He's finally flipped, he knows he lost the battle and just as I expected, he's getting more desperate. His name-calling is progressing. hehehe!! I continue to laugh at him, not with him! This is what he thought he was writing behind my back without my knowing it:

You could lose weight IF you wanted to? You're lying now chubs. Is it any wonder how I knew you were fat as shit based solely on your replies? Believe me, it was no random guess. I'll bet at one point you really were just a chub, but after an embarrassing attempt at a marriage you blew up like a blimp--leading to a divorce you truly believe you initiated. Am I right or what?

Just FTR: I KNOW how he found out I am fat, he saw my video about Vegas. After being stuck at 76 views for weeks, it jumped to 82 views just before he chose the nickname "chubs" for me. Which incidentally, I still think is a cute nickname. hehehe!! Looking at this, he sounds a lot like Viergacht. He thinks he knows me, but he is sooooo far off!!! I know what his problem is, he read my profile on YouTube and added some theories of his own that he thinks is true. But anyone who knows me and has read any little bit of my blogs would know, I am NOT like other people! Anyway, this is how I responded to his last sentence:

Nope. I weighed 100 pounds when I married AND divorced. It was my own decision, but enough about my ancient past...

Yep it's true, I only weighed 100 pounds when I married and divorced. And I divorced YEARS before I even started to put on weight. But like Viergacht, I'll entertain dustingrey, for the most part. I mean, in all realism, why I divorced is really none of his business, he's not family. He's not even my friend! I don't have to tell him anything about why I divorced my ex-husband. But I will say my ex-hubby and I are still friends, he's not the type of person to let something like a weight issue stand in the way of his own true personal feelings. I'd never have even been friends with him if he was that kind of person because I did have friends who were overweight back then.

Anyway, I want to also take this time to answer dustingrey in response to this comment he made:

You made the claim that people who own rats are friendlier, and then did nothing to prove that.

You want proof? I'll give you proof. Here's some random quotes from said person, all this aside from the quote I put at the beginning of this post:

1. Purse dogs are for cunts and fags
2. I have noticed [owners of small dogs] are generally overweight, ignorant women possessing an undeserved sense of accomplishment
3. fucking stupid
4. I never claimed to be friendly at all chubs
5. I don't pretend I'm not
6. The term "rat [dogs]" is used in this situation strictly in a demeaning manner
7. Yeah, but TimmyGal fits right into that fat, ignorant stereotype.
8. You might not be fat (can't tell as easily as I could with "Chubs" aka TimmyGal), you certainly don't come off as especially bright. (This comment was made to a 12 year old, so he hates animals AND children.)
9. spelling errors and grammatical fallacies, though certainly not a guaranteeing ignorance, is a definite cause for alarm. (Again, this comment was made to a 12-year old)
10. I'd sooner drag one [small dog] behind my car than allow it in my presence. (Sounds like a future Michael Vick, I think I'll notify the ASPCA about little mister Dustin Grey)

This is just the beginning. More to come I'm sure. LOL!!! :) Such a shame too. He's apparently studying music. With this kind of an attitude, he's more likely to be another Adam Ant. Nobody would buy music from an asshole. I saw his pic, he's not even that good-looking either. Believe me, I'm not just saying that! But it's people like him that is making modern music go all to Hell.


Hehehe! I'm beginning to love that little nickname that dustingrey gave me. Now, he calls me "chubs". So far, he hasn't called me "fat-ass", as of this typing, but then I haven't been to YouTube just yet. But last night, at least I found out what is stuck up his ass to give him such an attitude. He actually likes being a total asshole to everyone. He admitted that. I checked out his profile last night too, and he's only 20 years old. I remember that age!! And when I was that age, I used to be a jerk to everyone too and I thought it was cute. I can still be a jerk if I want to. But this past year I've been trying hard to keep from doing that.

Well, now that I know what his deal is, I don't take it personally. Of course I didn't before, because I knew he was a teenager (at least), and I know how teenagers are (most of them). But now that I know this is just how he is, it makes it much easier to understand and makes me feel better about him. hehe!! When he mentioned that, I was like "OK, so you think you're an asshole. So I'm fat, and you're an asshole." I've actually seen bigger assholes than him, he's not the worst I've ever seen, but then it could be because he's young and inexperienced. hehehe! Anyway, I ended my statement to him with "You have my love and sympathy dude." Not that I expect him to understand why or what that means. Teenagers usually don't. Another complaint of his is that me and those who agree with me are ignorant. I said to him the only ignorant one his himself, and added "A person can lose weight (IF I want to), but you will always be ignorant." Frankly, I don't want to lose weight. If it happens, OK. If it doesn't, OK. But yesterday when my pa was here, and we walked down the beach, I found I could still walk a mile on the sand without even huffing and puffing. So, I may be a fat person, but at least I am a healthy fat person! :) And that doesn't bother me.

Anyway, that's what went on last night. I'd like to tell dustingrey more, but all I will say from now on is that he has my love and sympathy.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Open Heart Surgery

I meant to post this earlier this week, but it slipped my mind. Not surprisingly! It's not like it's about someone I care about. But Jon Stevens, who did some singing for INXS between 2000 and 2002, has had open heart surgery this past week. The only reason this story interests me at all is because Jon Stevens is a friend of Tim Farriss's. I personally don't care about him. But because he is a friend of Tim's I am glad he is doing OK.
Jon Stevens

Also in other news, What's-his-face Marilyn Manson is struck with swine flu. He was joking around that people think you can only catch the illness from pigs. Then he states that that's impossible. He stated the doc said his past choices in women had nothing to do with how he caught the disease. On The Star Celeb, the writer asks how his ex-pigs feel now that he has publicly labeled them as a filthy farm animal. My response is it can't be too bad! Any woman who can stomach being with a man with a face like this:

must have the intestinal fortitude of a pig!

The Battle Continues

Well, finally yesterday dustingrey responded to me. But I am keeping my cool. I'm letting him lose his instead, and I think it's working. He called me fucking stupid. LOL! He called me that because I said people who prefer smaller dogs are friendlier and more in tune with themselves. Now today he is saying that I haven't come off as friendly. He has no one to blame but himself, he started the debate by calling me a cunt because I have small dogs. Of course he's debating in a calm manner, but he is using more and more name-calling as the days go on. I'm still keeping my cool! This morning I noticed he made a comment in reference to my weight. He's now saying that the only people who own "rats" are overweight, ignorant people who have accomplished things they don't deserve. The only name I've called him so far is a jerk. Because that's what he is, just judging by his initial comment.

Anyway, I told him the only thing he's got right in that comment is that I am overweight. The rest is his own opinion. Like I posted on here before, people rarely see genius in someone who has offended them. Obviously I offended dustingrey. So all he's going to see from now on is a fat woman who owns rats. I'll keep you all informed of what happens next. I'll bet you by tomorrow, I'm going to have this guy calling me "fat-ass"!! LOL!! Wait and see if I am not right! He's losing the battle, and he knows it. The only thing left for him to do now is resort to childish-level name-calling. He's already called me "chubs", so I can feel it! A storm of name-calling will be coming from him soon! But I promise I will still be keeping my cool. I've heard so many fat-names over the years I'm used to it. So don't worry about me snapping or being hurt by him. It ain't a-gonna happen!!! Maybe I'll tell him that I'll sit on him!! LOL!!! I've ALWAYS wanted to say that!! Just to see what kind of a response I get!! LOL!! Maybe I'll say something to the effect of "How'd you like my fat ass to sit on you!?" LOLOL!!!!

Well!!! He did start it!!!! It's not like I provoked it in any way! Anyway, this is good practice for me. I haven't got all freaky or irrational on this guy. I just called him a jerk and said that he needs his dog to make him feel like a man. And I never would have even said that if he hadn't chimed in and called me a cunt just because I have small dogs. But let's see if I am not right about what happens next. I usually am, because I know the type of person he is.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Big Dog vs. Little Dog

I've seen this debate go on and on. People saying bigger dogs are better than little dogs. The fact of the matter is no matter how small or how big a dog is, they are all just dogs. Just because a dog is smaller, people think they are not even dogs, and refer to them as 'rodents'. I used to see it all the time in the PETA Sucks forum. Analogy or not, I don't care. I am here today to say that little dogs are NOT rodents!! Quit fooling yourselves! But then the people on PETA Sucks also think anything that is not a lion, tiger or bear is a rodent too. And then they shit their pants if you disagree with that. So, they are not the most reliable sources on the internet. But then this morning on YouTube, I got someone saying that purse dogs are for fags and cunts. I very calmly stated to the guy "What makes you say that? Because we are more in tune with ourselves? Because we are friendlier and more empathetic with other people? Because we don't see dogs as some kind of "status symbol", but as living things to be loved? Or maybe all of those things! Hey! If that makes me a "cunt" then bring it on! I'm proud of it!! :) Better to be that than be a total-ass-jerk to everyone, dustingrey! LOL! "

There is apparently a typical stereotype going on that people who own "purse dogs", or little dogs, dress the dogs up and carry them around in their purses. Well, as anyone who has read my blogs in the past would know, I am not a typical person. I love being an eccentric. Or different, or kooky, crazy, call it what you will! I love it that I am not like everyone else. I have never dressed my dogs up. Occasionally I have put a Santa hat on our dogs, but it doesn't stay there. I used to put Vegas in a little jacket to keep him warm when it's cold out, but then I found out that if you do that, it messes up the natural development of their undercoat during the cold months. Vegas has a very nice plush coat, and I want to keep it that way. Odessa has a lovely full coat and I don't want to ruin that either. Minnie, I don't know yet. When I first got her, she was shedding like crazy!! I want her to grow a nice, full coat. So I'm leaving her hair alone to see what it does.

As for carrying my dogs in purses, well, I don't do that either. The only dog I have that would fit in a purse is Vegas. And I'd be scared to carry him like that!! I'd be afraid he would jump out! So that is why I don't do those typical things. I remember a long time ago when I had my chihuahua forum, there was a man who joined and he was this big, tough, motorcycle guy, and his main companions were his little chihuahua dogs. I thought it was so cute!! And he seemed like a very nice guy. I've seen it happen over and over again, people who like smaller dogs are indeed nicer folks. I think it may be because we don't see dogs as "status symbols". Don't get me wrong now, I'm not dissing the bigger dogs! When I was younger, skinnier and had more energy, I prefered the big dogs too. I used to raise Australian Shepherds. And I had a collie and a blue heeler that I was very fond of! But now that I am getting older and have less energy, smaller dogs are my thing. I can say though that I've never owned any dog because it was a status symbol for me. I never looked at bigger dogs as being more "macho". I am actually more impressed by little dogs that think they're bigger than they are! Just like my chihuahuas! Kinda like my comparison of larger wild animals. A leopard can kill a female baboon. Big friken deal!!! They won't touch the males, and females are a lot smaller than the leopards are, and a lot less aggressive than the males. But when I saw this video of baboons facing off against a 6-foot long crocodile, THAT was impressive to me!!

Well the one thing that clinches the debate about big dogs vs. little dogs with me, the one and only thing I completely despise about dogs is the fact they like to sniff our butts!! I hate that!! Even though to dogs it's their only way of identifying who is top dog, I still hate it! And that is the main reason why I like the smallest dogs, because they're too small to just reach up and poke their nose in anyone's butt. You can surely train a bigger dog not to do that, it takes a while though for them to get the message. My bigger dogs always learned never to do that with me! They always went to Anna and did it. LOL! Anna never learned how to completely keep a dog from doing that to her. She's too slow on the draw! Anyway, that is the main reason why I always keep the smallest dogs. Don't be fooled though, there are some dogs that are just about big enough to reach that high. Like miniature poodles, and poodles are very notorious butt-sniffers!!! I'm not saying chihuahuas don't do that, it seems to be rare though! My chihuahuas don't do that at all. Even when I am lying in bed with them. I never even trained them not to do that. Minnie doesn't seem interested in that at all either. My other papillon, Andy, used to do it all the time however.

Well, I truly believe that most people who have bigger dogs have them as some kind of status symbol and I don't think that's a good thing. Dogs are not status symbols. They were not bred to make the owners feel "macho". And any dog will defend it's master, no matter what size it is. Cats on the other hand are different. Most of them will save themselves before they'd save their owners from any intruders. I've met some nice cats, I don't completely hate cats. But those cats are few and far between.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Repo Drama

On the latest episode of Operation Repo last night, it was probably the most dramatic I've ever seen! Frank got fired! I knew it would happen soon. He kept saying how the whole town was against him. It wasn't that they were against him, it was that he simply wasn't doing his job! He wasn't right for that line of work, and I knew that. Everyone in the company knew that. Everyone except Luis. But now he knows. He said he wished he had listened to his family, I say he should have! Especially when they all were telling him that Frank was drinking. Had I been in Luis's shoes, I would have confronted Frank with that, and if he denied, I'd have made him take a sobriety test. Especially if I were talking to him and he smelled like alcohol!! I don't take that from no one!

I remember when I was going to the voc school, there was a man, about 10 or 12 years older than me, named Craig Pajares that I had somehow befriended. That friendship did not last! I should never have become friends with him in the first place! My first indication that he was not the right kind of person I should have as a friend was how he used to bad-mouth about my sis Anna. He didn't even know her! Yet he had a very bad attitude about her. The final straw was one day he came staggering in to the classroom drunk, I shared a seating area with him at that time, and he STUNK to high heaven!!! Made me sick just to be around him that day, so I took my stuff and moved away from him. I stayed away from him all day that day. Ever since knowing him, I've had little sympathy for drunkerds! I figure they do it to themselves. Craig was a jackass who thought getting drunk was fun! Ya know I saw that idiot about 4 years later, still driving the same ugly old pickup truck, probably still living with his father and always getting drunk! He looked terrible! He looked like he had aged 30 years worth, but I did not feel sorry for him. I figure he got what he deserved. He saw me, and I saw him as he drove by while I was standing at a red light. I recognized him mostly by his truck and his face.

I'll tell you, if I'd known back then what I do now, I would NEVER have befriended him. But I was only 17 back then. Teenagers have very little sense of danger. But Craig was one of those types of people that was a total jerk and seemed to want to stay that way. He didn't want to change at all. He liked it that he treated people with disrespect. He didn't even care what he did to himself, much less to others. I don't even know if Craig is even still alive. He smoked like a smokestack, drank like a lumberjack, cussed like a sailor, abused everyone around him for no apparent reason except that he just got a kick out of it, probably started doing drugs after he graduated from the voc school. Who really knows? I haven't seen that guy since that time at the intersection and then it was only a passing glimpse and I was all for keeping it that way!! But as I've said before, we all get what we deserve. I know sometimes people change. Craig could have changed and is now a model citizen. But honestly, the guy I knew, the chances of that even remotely occuring are about a billion to one. He didn't even want to change, he admitted that. He actually loved being a jerk! He even went as far as to help me create a new character for my stories, based on himself, that is also a colossal jerk. I only used that character in a very few stories though.

Anyway, that was who Frank reminded me of. I was certain he wasn't going to last on Operation Repo! Same pattern as I used to see in Craig: stinking of alcohol, hitting up inappropriately on the pretty girls, lazy, thinking everyone is against him, etc. When I first saw Frank on Operation Repo, I actually thought he was kinda cute. The only thing that threw me off was his drinking. Anyway, now that he is not working for the team anymore, I do hope he gets into rehab. See how I too can get into these reality shows? LOL!

Well the ending to this particular program was unique. Luis had what looked like a heart attack! I don't know. Maybe we'll find out next season what happened. The show didn't end in the usual way. Kinda left me on the edge of my seat! LOL! Speaking of reality shows I've gotten hooked on, I do hope Hell's Kitchen comes on tonight! It didn't come on last week, and I was grumbling about it all week long! We'd just come back from our trip to Bozeman, and I watched what we recorded while we were gone, and I was looking foreward to seeing the next episode of Hell's Kitchen. Then, BOOM! It doesn't come on at all! That totally SUCKED!!! More to Love did come on and apparently Luke found himself a woman. I kinda wonder who it was now. I didn't watch it last week because I didn't feel like watching it. I was mad cuz Hell's Kitchen didn't come on. Now I'm upset because I missed the finale of More to Love! It's always good to see a man who doesn't care how large a woman is, but sees her for the person she is on the inside. Though Luke has surprised me and let go of some women on that show I thought would have been great for him! But it is his choice. Much like on Rockstar: INXS. If I were Luke and thought like I do now, I wouldn't want a woman that is too gabby. I don't know what it is with me, I never get along good with people who talk too much. May be because I'm more of a listener than a talker. You would think that would be a good combo, but no. People who talk a lot, in my experience, tend to want to only draw to others who talk a lot too. That's been my experience anyway, I've seen it happen typically over and over again.

Well, tonight's another night.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

No Wonder

My ma was here earlier tonight and we were having a discussion. She likes Hannah Montana. I don't, but I was saying earlier this year that at least she's cuter than Spongebob. When I said that I remember someone said to me that Hannah Montana is disgusting. I told that person that at least she's cuter than Spongebob. That was when I got involved in the modern cartoon discussion on the SE forum, and this person was mad because I don't like modern cartoons. Well, modern cartoons are UGLY! And there are no moral values. Ma watches Hannah Montana and she said that girl is full of values. She doesn't do drugs and she values her family. I said No wonder that guy on the SE forum doesn't like her!! She doesn't do drugs! I know some of those people have no values either. One of them even went so far as to say he was glad that today's kids are no longer innocent. I'm not glad!! It's that kind of a lack of innocence that makes today's kids grow to be criminals. What is happening to kids today is nothing to sneeze at! Kids are more dishonest and disrespectful now than I ever remember them being! To see a child today that has some values and respects their families and adults like they used to is refreshing!!

And ma wants me to make Uncle Martin and the Gang go modern. I don't think I want them too modern!! I don't think I want to see Martin with a banana-shaped nose, big, round, bugged-out eyes, and 2 crooked, protruding front teeth! Yet I am also sick of this pixar-style animation too. I miss the old ways of animation. I know though that to call his group a "gang" nowadays is not too good an idea, but he's been in this "gang" since 1988. They're just a group of friends, they don't go out and cause trouble. Though they always get into trouble. Like now, Kathy and I are working on a new story and it involves Martin and the gang getting into something they shouldn't. They get in deep trouble for it too. I don't want to give the story away, but it will become available on the site. And it is full of good values. It's the kind of story that shows children that everything you do, good or bad, comes with consequences. Kathy is good with stories like that!

If only everybody had those kind of values, the World would be a better place. People think I'm dishonest, but no. I say what I know, what I've seen, and what I've heard. I cannot always guarantee authenticity, unless I am talking about what I personally know for a fact. That is, things I've seen with my own eyes or heard with my own ears. I cannot make anyone believe anything I say, and I don't even try. All I can do is state what I know. Whether the listener believes it or not is their own business. Sometimes, I admit my info may be outdated, it has happened before. I'm referring to a post I made on Metazoica, that discussed scientists discovering that an asteroid alone was not completely responsible for killing off the dinosaurs. Apparently that was discovered several years before I made that post and one of my readers told me so. I said to them that I only post the blogs for the scientific value, I don't guarantee the info is fresh or out-dated. Though it is always nice when I get fresh info posted on my blogs.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm Not Alone

I was looking through YouTube and I noticed that there are a lot of classic Sesame Street clips. I know I am in my 30s and probably should not be watching these! But they do bring back memories of my childhood! These memories sometimes make me sad, because Sesame Street is not the same anymore! In 2001, I watched an episode of SS for the first time in something like 10 years, and it was a new episode. I didn't even recognize the show!!! It was not the same show I watched as a child! Everything was all Elmo, Elmo, Elmo, and monsters, monsters, and more monsters! It was stupid! The most annoying thing about the show was Elmo. I hate that little red bastard!! He is sooooo dumb!!!

I remember when Elmo first appeared on SS back in 1985, during that time they were having quite a surge of new muppets, most of them came and went. I really thought Elmo was going to be one of those that went. But no. Of all the muppets that appeared at that time, he was the only one that stuck around. Kindof like an unwanted stray cat, you feed it once and it won't go away! But at least a cat isn't nearly as stupid as Elmo is. The most annoying thing about Elmo is how he talks about himself in the third party. That's always irritating. I don't even like when real people do that, and Elmo does it constantly! If it wasn't for that, he may not be all that bad. In a lot of Sesame clips I found on YouTube, I made comments about how they needed to bring back the old SS, and get rid of Elmo. Or change his behavior a bit. And I found I am not the only one who feels that way. Lots of people agree with me. Apparently they are bringing back new episodes of Sesame Street. I hope they take some of those comments into consideration. I know Elmo has many fans the way he is now, and personally, I don't know how those people can stand hearing him talk the way he does! They must have a great deal of intestinal fortitude!!! Every time I hear Elmo saying something like "Elmo do this, Elmo do that, Elmo want this, etc." it makes me cringe, and even with my little nieces and nephews here watching that BS, I just want to turn him OFF!!! I've saved a lot of classic Sesame skits, and put together a compilation DVD. But NONE with Elmo!!!! I won't have any Elmo on my computer!! None in my TV set either or even in my house!! NO Elmo PERIOD!!!

I think Sesame Street should go back to the classic characters who've been there since the beginning. Like Big Bird, and Oscar. I've always loved Oscar, and Ernie and Bert. Oscar can be so negative and yet make it sound so funny!! Almost like me. Ernie is so funny in how he just always tricks Bert, and Bert falls for Ernie's tricks every time! LOL! Sometimes I almost feel sorry for Bert, but it's so funny!! Elmo is just annoying, and makes me want to rip his head off at the wrist! But Oscar, Ernie and Bert are so much fun, and would still make watching Sesame Street worthwhile. Big Bird has always been kindof silly, but at least he's not as annoying as Elmo is. Actually among the monsters on Sesame Street, Harry was always my favorite. He's scary, but sweet.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Apartment Hunters

Well, we're back from our trip to Bozeman, MT. It wasn't too bad. We looked around at some apartments and had some fun. We even went to the Museum of the Rockies and saw their big dinosaur display. It was awesome!! But the main reason we went to that state was to look for apartments.

Our first stop was in Missoula, where we looked through some apartments, about the only apartments that we saw that had built-in air conditioning!! The apartment it's self was nice and cozy. It was mostly living room and dining room, with entry-ways to the bedrooms and bathroom. The kitchen was fairly nice and big and it came with everything. The kitchen was right by the entry to the apartment. And none of the apartments we visited seemed to mind that we have 3 dogs! If they did, we wouldn't have looked into them!

We saw 3 in Bozeman, one of which was a branch of the same apartments we saw in Missoula. I liked their built-in air conditioners better though. They were bigger and filled the room better. It was beautiful!!! The kitchen was bigger and more pantry space, and a walk-in pantry in the hall way. The scenery out the windows of this apartment was beautiful too, the lake glittering in the sunlight with the mountains surrounding the background. When we move there, and it is inevitable, I am going to miss the ocean for sure. Though a lake cannot compare to the ocean, it's not too bad for a start.

We also fell in love with another apartment that also had a computer room, and they paid for the cable! And I could take my computer into their room for the internet! How cool is that?! But they didn't have air conditioning. Not that I couldn't get it if I wanted it, but they don't have it built-in. But the fact they pay for the cable is a major plus!!

The last apartment we looked at was this one that had a big book shelf in the bedroom. Of course the bed room was on the sunny side, so I wouldn't want that room. The one I would want was featurless! But one good thing, I could keep both my pets, Anna can keep Odessa, and I can get some curtains on the windows. I made sure of that! I want some room-darkening curtains.

Well, the good thing about this place is the majesty of the scenery out there. And all kinds of wildlife. I saw pronghorns, white-tailed deer, foxes, squirrels like I'd never seen before, it was great! What I didn't like was the altitude and the dryness of the area! It SUCKED!!! Played Hell on my sinuses!! My hands came out dry, and right in the middle of apartment hunting, my nose started to bleed! UGH!!!! That was embarrassing to say the least! I was afraid the people in the car next to me was going to think Anna was beating me! Anna said it's the altitude that does that. A fact I am fully aware of, but why hit me out on the road??? Why not hit me while we were in the hotel room? That was what sucked!

Last time we went through MT, there was a doughnut shop in Livingston, it was a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop. Well, we tried to go back to the same place again, and they did not have that shop anymore. Which was a shame! I tried some buttercream filled doughnuts there that were out of this World!!! I was saying how when we move there, I was going to get some regularly. But now I cannot. They said Krispy Kreme had gone out of business!! I don't know who to blame more, the health-food maniacs, or those damn Baptists at that Land Over Baptist Church! Don't ask me, they were the ones complaining that Krispy Kreme were some kind of evil company and all that jive. I don't know, I don't care! I didn't believe them anyway. But it sucks that they are out of business now.

Well, we stayed in Bozeman for 2 glorious days and we made the treck back home. I did most of the driving over and back. Anna slept all the way home. Except when we got to Olympia, I was so tired, I made her do the driving after we finished our shopping for the month. I managed to capture some zzz's on the way home, but by the time we got home, my neck was hurting like Hell!!! But we had to unpack the car and the groceries and head on in. I'm surprised my little car managed to make the trip all the way to Bozeman and back!!! It doesn't appear to have made the trip unscathed. It's making a funny sound now. But it made it over and back really well!!

When we got home, Vegas had a little accident. He decided he was going to jump out of the car on his own, and he landed and broke one of his toenails and was bleeding. So, there was another expense this month. We had to take him to the vet and they had to operate on his foot because the nail was still attached and broken. I was fortunate I found a vet that would accept a payment plan, because I didn't have all the money for the operation. That was difficult to find!! Because of irresponsible people, most other vets have stopped doing that. Even our regular old vet in Olympia and we'd always been good about paying back our vet bills to them! To me, the vet bill is the most sacred bill!! I may go without food for a month, but I would never go without paying my vet bills!! My babies are my life. I told Anna before irresponsible people change this vet's mind, we MUST get pet insurance!! Especially for Vegas because he seems to be the most accident-prone!

Well, that was our week. We found apartments and got to know Bozeman and Missoula a little better. But I still cannot see myself living there! I keep thinking maybe when we move out there, I'll feel a little better about it. They have some good-looking men out there! That's a plus! But I just love Ocean Shores so much! I cannot see myself living anywhere else. But I've got to do this. Just one final plea to INXS: PLEASE do not come to the USA until the summer months! PLEASE!! Otherwise I'll never get to attend one of your concerts. Once we move to Bozeman, we're going to be pretty much trapped there during the winter. We'll be surrounded by treacherous passes that I won't want to even try navigating during the winter months.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

New Singers Announced For Next INXS Album

I've been hearing more about INXS new album which hopefully will be coming out next year. I hope it comes out before Anna and I move because once we do move, we're going to be trapped in Bozeman, which is surrounded by mountainous passes. Going to make it difficult to make it to any INXS concerts, but let's see. Anyway, I heard Gabriella Cilmi will cover a track on the next album. It's going to be strange hearing a woman singing an INXS song. LOL! I don't mean to sound negative or anything, I mean I really am excited about INXS doing something after that scare at the beginning of the year. Anyway, I've heard this girl's voice. She sounds very bluesy. Not quite sure how that's going to work in INXS's music. It sounds like it should be followed by some twangy guitars. And I've never seen Tim doing twangy guitar music. Though there is no doubt in my mind he possibly could, he's so talented!

Another singer announced is Kev Temperley from Eskimo Joe. I've heard his singing too, he sounds pretty good! He sounds more like someone who would fit in with INXS's music. I have no idea yet which tracks these singers will be singing, but once I do hear anything, I will post it here. It's about time this Timmy fan whispered something new about INXS. I haven't said much about them in a long time. I am actually quite excited about this new venture of INXS's but I don't see why they are so hush-hush about it. But I'm used to it. I never like to reveal my projects until they are complete either. That's one thing I've learned over the past few years of being on the internet. It is so much better to just do what you want, and keep your mouth SHUT to the rest of the World. Otherwise you have a bunch of jealous nincompoops who point at you and say "Oh don't talk to her, she's delusional!" But sometimes it is just SOOOOOOOOO much fun to prove those people wrong. But sometimes, if you let them, they can really discourage you. Which is why I learned to keep my mouth shut on some things. Especially when they are as big as a new album, or a celebrity interview (your first yet), or even a World tour!

Boy! I sure would love to do an interview with INXS about this album. Inquiring minds want to know more!! Maybe someday. hehe! Well, surely they aren't going to say anything about it until the album is released I'm sure. Gotta love INXS in all their secrecy.

Shoot! There I go, doing what I said I wasn't going to do! But it's just a dream so I think I can talk about it here. Well, I've been thinking of working on a banner for this page. The one I have is so boring! So I thought I would pep it up a bit.

Friday, September 4, 2009

My Very First Celebrity Interview

This was the big thing I was talking about last night. I finally was able to do my very first celebrity interview. It was with a man named Dougal Dixon. He is an author and palaeontologist and the World's first speculative biologist. If you watch nature shows, he has also done some narraration for BBC-made programs. I've been admiring his work for some time now. He was the one, by way of his book "After Man: A Zoology of the Future", who got me interested in the field of speculative evolution. The results of his inspiration on me can be seen on my site at www.metazoica.com. Though when I began seriously working on the Metazoic project in 1994, it was originally meant to add to Dixon's work. Today though, I'm drawing a bit away from it and making it all my own. The fact that he took time out of his busy schedule to do an interview with me makes me so excited about this project. I am hoping that maybe this will lead to more celeb interviews in the future. Who knows? Like I said before, stranger things have happened.

Anyway, here is the results of the interview we conducted. Enjoy!

1. What got you interested in speculative biology in the first place?
Always interested in dinosaurs, since about 5 years old. From there it was a small step to other strange-looking animals. And if the strange-looking animals had some scientific plausibility then that would fit in better with my scientific education.

2. How often have you thought about speculative biology?

3. What was your goal with your first speculative biology project?
AFTER MAN was a popular level book on evolution. But whereas all popular books on evolution look towards the past, and see what has happened, I wanted to look towards the future to see what might happen. Not a firm prediction but rather an exploration of possibilities. The result is a picture book of funny animals, but with each funny animal telling some story about evolution or ecology. Fictitious examples of factual processes, so that the novelty would draw people in to find out more.

4. What other sciences do you study?
Two degrees in geology, with a special interest in fossils and evolution. Masters thesis on palaeogeography - tracing the history of the landscapes of the British Isles throughout known geological time.

5. Among those, which do you find yourself most drawn to?

6. And why?
See above.

7. Are you currently working on anything new in the speculative biology field?
Second series of THE FUTURE IS WILD.
My novel GREENWORLD will be published in Japan this year. Again it deals with fictitious examples of factual processes - in this case the relationship between Homo sapiens and the natural environment - but set on an alien planet. A planet with a whole thriving ecosystem, based on the same biochemical principles that we have here on Earth. Human settlers - evacuated from an overpopulated and polluted Earth - arrive and set up a civilization. We follow the first thousand years of settlement, in which every environmental disaster caused by humans on Earth is repeated. Every incident has its counterpart in Earth's history. Told as a series of short stories, dealing with subsequent generations of a few principal families, and the whole thing building into a kind of a dynastic epic. Illustrated by excerpts from field guides, herbals, bounty notices, recipes, zoo advertisments, scientific papers - all aimed at the characters, not the reader. The reader is an eavesdropper here.

8. Do you consider yourself tops in the growing field of speculative biology?
Others do! I seem to be the go-to guy when it comes to that.

9. What would you say is your greatest accomplishment in any scientific field?
In my case, from my day job as a science writer, to inspire others to take an active interest in the fields of science.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

MJ Finally Being Laid to Rest??

After 2 months now MJ is being laid to rest? That's a long time to wait!! He's probably starting to stink by now. Be careful touching him, you might get botulism!!

Well, anyway, I have some wonderful news, a very elite project is in the making. I will be revealing it as soon as I am 100% finished. Though my Facebook buddies know already what it is. I guess though I can say this, it's the first of its kind I will be doing, hopefully will lead to more like it. I hope! But one never knows. hehe! I could never be like Catsredrum and her friends, or like CrystalK on the Pluba forum, I could never call someone delusional because they have dreams. I'm the kind of person who says stranger things happen all the time to people. And those who dream big may someday become big. If this project goes as well as planned, I may soon head up that proverbial ladder. I'm very excited about this!!!

Well, one of the secrets to my success is I don't ask for or expect too much. If it happens, it happens. I just start the wheel rolling. When this project is finished, I will be posting the results here AND on my Metazoic blog. My Metazoica fans are going to be thrilled with this project too. Shoot, I might even post it up on my website!! I know I don't expect much, but I think it would be cool if I were to become the internet's own Oprah Winfrey. hehehe!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cigarette Smoking

I hate cigarettes!! They need to be banned completely. I was watching an episode of Mystery Diagnosis the other day and there is something called Buerger's Disease and it is caused by smoking cigarettes. It causes the veins and arteries in your legs and feet to constrict thus causing poor circulation. I thank GOD that they banned smoking in eating establishments. Now, if it could be banned everywhere, and even make it illegal to sell cigarettes in this country, maybe most people will think it's more trouble to get them than it's worth and stop smoking. My first boyfriend Paul used to smoke, but he was nice and considerate, he wasn't that big of a smoker and he used to stop whenever he was around me. I loved him for that!

Not every smoker is like Paul was though. Most of them have a very nasty disposition and are only considerate of themselves, no one else. And would you believe there are still dumb shits who defend smoking cigarettes??!! To me, that is the ultimate stupid act! You want to smoke that's your business. But if I say I don't like to smoke, don't make yourself look stupid by trying to convince me that I'm disgusting because I don't like smoking. I remember in my High school German class (which I failed miserably, LOL!) there was a girl named Danielle who sat across from me, and she asked me one time if I smoked cigarettes. I told her no, to which her response was "why?" I looked at her like the dimwit she was, and said "Why?? Because I think it's disgusting." Without a word, she turned to this boy named Mark who sat in front of me and repeated to him what I said. To which his response was "Well it's disgusting to be an asshole too!!" Danielle snickered, and I said "Well, I guess Mark is disgusting then. He's the biggest asshole here." Danielle stopped laughing pretty quickly after I said that. But I didn't care. Believe me, if I did care what Danielle and Mark thought, I would have started smoking, but no. I didn't care about them, so I never started smoking, and I am glad!! LOL!!

I never even took a puff of a cigarette until 3 years later, when I turned 18 and my ma told me I was now old enough to smoke. She had taken up smoking at that time, and she asked me if I wanted to try it. I took one puff and that was it! I'd had enough. I hated it!!! I was right all along, cigarettes are indeed DISGUSTING!!!!!! But at least now I can say I tried it. I couldn't say that in high school.

One night at Walmart, I had gotten a craving for some chocolate, and on the way out there was this man who had been smoking and blowing smoke in other peoples' faces. His girlfriend told him not to do that and he said "As long as I'm not doing it to you, I don't care about anyone else." People like that are so lucky that I am so easy-going, because I wanted to go back and say to him, "How about if I break your nose, would you still not care if you blew smoke in someone else's face?" LOL!! I wish I could do that to all smokers, but if I go around threatening people like that (whether I mean to do it or not) I might go to jail and they are not worth it. People these days take threats too seriously. But then again, how can you not?? More people today carry out their threats, it's no longer 'just words' anymore. That guy didn't know me, he wouldn't have known that when I threaten someone that it's mostly just bluff-tactics. I could have flattened him if I wanted to, but I usually prefer not to. Not just because of jail time either, but because I wouldn't have wanted him on my conscience. LOL! Pity sometimes.

Well, that's my views of smoking cigarettes. Because wouldn't you believe they put a drive-thru cigarette store in this town?? Someone needs to have their heads examined. Put down the cigarettes and try picking up a chocolate bar. There's a lot less danger in a chocolate bar than in cigarettes. And it makes you a lot less irratable! Take a lesson from me, I don't get irratable unless someone pushes my buttons! And they would have to really push the wrong button to get me that irratable.