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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm Not Alone

I was looking through YouTube and I noticed that there are a lot of classic Sesame Street clips. I know I am in my 30s and probably should not be watching these! But they do bring back memories of my childhood! These memories sometimes make me sad, because Sesame Street is not the same anymore! In 2001, I watched an episode of SS for the first time in something like 10 years, and it was a new episode. I didn't even recognize the show!!! It was not the same show I watched as a child! Everything was all Elmo, Elmo, Elmo, and monsters, monsters, and more monsters! It was stupid! The most annoying thing about the show was Elmo. I hate that little red bastard!! He is sooooo dumb!!!

I remember when Elmo first appeared on SS back in 1985, during that time they were having quite a surge of new muppets, most of them came and went. I really thought Elmo was going to be one of those that went. But no. Of all the muppets that appeared at that time, he was the only one that stuck around. Kindof like an unwanted stray cat, you feed it once and it won't go away! But at least a cat isn't nearly as stupid as Elmo is. The most annoying thing about Elmo is how he talks about himself in the third party. That's always irritating. I don't even like when real people do that, and Elmo does it constantly! If it wasn't for that, he may not be all that bad. In a lot of Sesame clips I found on YouTube, I made comments about how they needed to bring back the old SS, and get rid of Elmo. Or change his behavior a bit. And I found I am not the only one who feels that way. Lots of people agree with me. Apparently they are bringing back new episodes of Sesame Street. I hope they take some of those comments into consideration. I know Elmo has many fans the way he is now, and personally, I don't know how those people can stand hearing him talk the way he does! They must have a great deal of intestinal fortitude!!! Every time I hear Elmo saying something like "Elmo do this, Elmo do that, Elmo want this, etc." it makes me cringe, and even with my little nieces and nephews here watching that BS, I just want to turn him OFF!!! I've saved a lot of classic Sesame skits, and put together a compilation DVD. But NONE with Elmo!!!! I won't have any Elmo on my computer!! None in my TV set either or even in my house!! NO Elmo PERIOD!!!

I think Sesame Street should go back to the classic characters who've been there since the beginning. Like Big Bird, and Oscar. I've always loved Oscar, and Ernie and Bert. Oscar can be so negative and yet make it sound so funny!! Almost like me. Ernie is so funny in how he just always tricks Bert, and Bert falls for Ernie's tricks every time! LOL! Sometimes I almost feel sorry for Bert, but it's so funny!! Elmo is just annoying, and makes me want to rip his head off at the wrist! But Oscar, Ernie and Bert are so much fun, and would still make watching Sesame Street worthwhile. Big Bird has always been kindof silly, but at least he's not as annoying as Elmo is. Actually among the monsters on Sesame Street, Harry was always my favorite. He's scary, but sweet.

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