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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cigarette Smoking

I hate cigarettes!! They need to be banned completely. I was watching an episode of Mystery Diagnosis the other day and there is something called Buerger's Disease and it is caused by smoking cigarettes. It causes the veins and arteries in your legs and feet to constrict thus causing poor circulation. I thank GOD that they banned smoking in eating establishments. Now, if it could be banned everywhere, and even make it illegal to sell cigarettes in this country, maybe most people will think it's more trouble to get them than it's worth and stop smoking. My first boyfriend Paul used to smoke, but he was nice and considerate, he wasn't that big of a smoker and he used to stop whenever he was around me. I loved him for that!

Not every smoker is like Paul was though. Most of them have a very nasty disposition and are only considerate of themselves, no one else. And would you believe there are still dumb shits who defend smoking cigarettes??!! To me, that is the ultimate stupid act! You want to smoke that's your business. But if I say I don't like to smoke, don't make yourself look stupid by trying to convince me that I'm disgusting because I don't like smoking. I remember in my High school German class (which I failed miserably, LOL!) there was a girl named Danielle who sat across from me, and she asked me one time if I smoked cigarettes. I told her no, to which her response was "why?" I looked at her like the dimwit she was, and said "Why?? Because I think it's disgusting." Without a word, she turned to this boy named Mark who sat in front of me and repeated to him what I said. To which his response was "Well it's disgusting to be an asshole too!!" Danielle snickered, and I said "Well, I guess Mark is disgusting then. He's the biggest asshole here." Danielle stopped laughing pretty quickly after I said that. But I didn't care. Believe me, if I did care what Danielle and Mark thought, I would have started smoking, but no. I didn't care about them, so I never started smoking, and I am glad!! LOL!!

I never even took a puff of a cigarette until 3 years later, when I turned 18 and my ma told me I was now old enough to smoke. She had taken up smoking at that time, and she asked me if I wanted to try it. I took one puff and that was it! I'd had enough. I hated it!!! I was right all along, cigarettes are indeed DISGUSTING!!!!!! But at least now I can say I tried it. I couldn't say that in high school.

One night at Walmart, I had gotten a craving for some chocolate, and on the way out there was this man who had been smoking and blowing smoke in other peoples' faces. His girlfriend told him not to do that and he said "As long as I'm not doing it to you, I don't care about anyone else." People like that are so lucky that I am so easy-going, because I wanted to go back and say to him, "How about if I break your nose, would you still not care if you blew smoke in someone else's face?" LOL!! I wish I could do that to all smokers, but if I go around threatening people like that (whether I mean to do it or not) I might go to jail and they are not worth it. People these days take threats too seriously. But then again, how can you not?? More people today carry out their threats, it's no longer 'just words' anymore. That guy didn't know me, he wouldn't have known that when I threaten someone that it's mostly just bluff-tactics. I could have flattened him if I wanted to, but I usually prefer not to. Not just because of jail time either, but because I wouldn't have wanted him on my conscience. LOL! Pity sometimes.

Well, that's my views of smoking cigarettes. Because wouldn't you believe they put a drive-thru cigarette store in this town?? Someone needs to have their heads examined. Put down the cigarettes and try picking up a chocolate bar. There's a lot less danger in a chocolate bar than in cigarettes. And it makes you a lot less irratable! Take a lesson from me, I don't get irratable unless someone pushes my buttons! And they would have to really push the wrong button to get me that irratable.
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