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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Apartment Hunters

Well, we're back from our trip to Bozeman, MT. It wasn't too bad. We looked around at some apartments and had some fun. We even went to the Museum of the Rockies and saw their big dinosaur display. It was awesome!! But the main reason we went to that state was to look for apartments.

Our first stop was in Missoula, where we looked through some apartments, about the only apartments that we saw that had built-in air conditioning!! The apartment it's self was nice and cozy. It was mostly living room and dining room, with entry-ways to the bedrooms and bathroom. The kitchen was fairly nice and big and it came with everything. The kitchen was right by the entry to the apartment. And none of the apartments we visited seemed to mind that we have 3 dogs! If they did, we wouldn't have looked into them!

We saw 3 in Bozeman, one of which was a branch of the same apartments we saw in Missoula. I liked their built-in air conditioners better though. They were bigger and filled the room better. It was beautiful!!! The kitchen was bigger and more pantry space, and a walk-in pantry in the hall way. The scenery out the windows of this apartment was beautiful too, the lake glittering in the sunlight with the mountains surrounding the background. When we move there, and it is inevitable, I am going to miss the ocean for sure. Though a lake cannot compare to the ocean, it's not too bad for a start.

We also fell in love with another apartment that also had a computer room, and they paid for the cable! And I could take my computer into their room for the internet! How cool is that?! But they didn't have air conditioning. Not that I couldn't get it if I wanted it, but they don't have it built-in. But the fact they pay for the cable is a major plus!!

The last apartment we looked at was this one that had a big book shelf in the bedroom. Of course the bed room was on the sunny side, so I wouldn't want that room. The one I would want was featurless! But one good thing, I could keep both my pets, Anna can keep Odessa, and I can get some curtains on the windows. I made sure of that! I want some room-darkening curtains.

Well, the good thing about this place is the majesty of the scenery out there. And all kinds of wildlife. I saw pronghorns, white-tailed deer, foxes, squirrels like I'd never seen before, it was great! What I didn't like was the altitude and the dryness of the area! It SUCKED!!! Played Hell on my sinuses!! My hands came out dry, and right in the middle of apartment hunting, my nose started to bleed! UGH!!!! That was embarrassing to say the least! I was afraid the people in the car next to me was going to think Anna was beating me! Anna said it's the altitude that does that. A fact I am fully aware of, but why hit me out on the road??? Why not hit me while we were in the hotel room? That was what sucked!

Last time we went through MT, there was a doughnut shop in Livingston, it was a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop. Well, we tried to go back to the same place again, and they did not have that shop anymore. Which was a shame! I tried some buttercream filled doughnuts there that were out of this World!!! I was saying how when we move there, I was going to get some regularly. But now I cannot. They said Krispy Kreme had gone out of business!! I don't know who to blame more, the health-food maniacs, or those damn Baptists at that Land Over Baptist Church! Don't ask me, they were the ones complaining that Krispy Kreme were some kind of evil company and all that jive. I don't know, I don't care! I didn't believe them anyway. But it sucks that they are out of business now.

Well, we stayed in Bozeman for 2 glorious days and we made the treck back home. I did most of the driving over and back. Anna slept all the way home. Except when we got to Olympia, I was so tired, I made her do the driving after we finished our shopping for the month. I managed to capture some zzz's on the way home, but by the time we got home, my neck was hurting like Hell!!! But we had to unpack the car and the groceries and head on in. I'm surprised my little car managed to make the trip all the way to Bozeman and back!!! It doesn't appear to have made the trip unscathed. It's making a funny sound now. But it made it over and back really well!!

When we got home, Vegas had a little accident. He decided he was going to jump out of the car on his own, and he landed and broke one of his toenails and was bleeding. So, there was another expense this month. We had to take him to the vet and they had to operate on his foot because the nail was still attached and broken. I was fortunate I found a vet that would accept a payment plan, because I didn't have all the money for the operation. That was difficult to find!! Because of irresponsible people, most other vets have stopped doing that. Even our regular old vet in Olympia and we'd always been good about paying back our vet bills to them! To me, the vet bill is the most sacred bill!! I may go without food for a month, but I would never go without paying my vet bills!! My babies are my life. I told Anna before irresponsible people change this vet's mind, we MUST get pet insurance!! Especially for Vegas because he seems to be the most accident-prone!

Well, that was our week. We found apartments and got to know Bozeman and Missoula a little better. But I still cannot see myself living there! I keep thinking maybe when we move out there, I'll feel a little better about it. They have some good-looking men out there! That's a plus! But I just love Ocean Shores so much! I cannot see myself living anywhere else. But I've got to do this. Just one final plea to INXS: PLEASE do not come to the USA until the summer months! PLEASE!! Otherwise I'll never get to attend one of your concerts. Once we move to Bozeman, we're going to be pretty much trapped there during the winter. We'll be surrounded by treacherous passes that I won't want to even try navigating during the winter months.
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