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Friday, October 29, 2010

Another Strange Story

This might change on Sunday, when hopefully Animal Planet will have a real scary story on The Haunted. Sunday is Halloween. While I haven't had an official theme this year like I did last year, I have been occasionally bringing up ghost stories that I have either not thought of in years, or I talk about ones I have seen on TV. This one was inspired by an article. And unlike last year, I haven't seen Kenny trolling around. And really, I've been trying to be good this year and not clutter up this blog with stories about trolls. Honestly, I haven't seen Kenny since that last episode. Oh well! Not that he is missed. hehe!

Well anyway, this story was inspired by an article I saw yesterday. There is a phenomenon called "phantom hitch-hikers" and it is more of an urban legend than a true ghost story. Though there are some connections with ghosts, like the story of Resurrection Mary. We all know about her! It is the restless spirit of a young teenage woman who was killed in an accident in 1930, and today wanders the highway in front of Resurrection Cemetary in Chicago, looking for someone to give her a ride home. Home usually winds up being back in the cemetary. Well, that's one story. But there have been some much more dramatic stories of phantom hitch hikers. They have actually been reported for centuries, and told in many variations in many parts of the world. The stories almost always are basically the same though. Like a hitch hiker is picked up, and disappears while the car is moving. No talking is usually involved, and it's like the person is there one minute and gone the next.

The only time talking has ever been involved is if the hitch-hiker is some kind of a prophet. Then they foretell some kind of disaster. One of the most interesting in my point of view, was about an old woman who was seen along interstate 5, who told of the eruption of Mount St. Helens in 1980. She apparently accurately predicted the eruption and said that it was a warning from GOD for the PNW. Just before she would disappear from the speeding car, she would say those who did not return to the fold could expect to perish volcanically in the very near future. Then she was gone. I never saw this hitch-hiker, I kinda wish I had though. She would have been interesting to see!

But there are some stories of these phantom hitch-hikers that do not involve ghosts or spirits. In Hawaii, the goddess Pele is so important to the people, she created the islands by ruling the volcanos. But she has often  been seen on the highway too in the form of a beautiful, young native woman. It is believed that if you see her, and you pick her up, good things will happen to you. But if you see her and you don't pick her up, disaster will come to you. In Arab countries, people who drive semi-trucks sometimes pick up hitch-hikers to keep them awake at the wheel. Well, there have been reports of these truckers picking up jinis (or jeanies), which take the form of beautiful young women on the side of the highway. They usually only appear to men. The women get into the truck and make conversation. At some point during the ride, the driver will look over to her only to discover that to his horror, the woman has the legs of a goat! When he discovers this, the woman usually laughs hysterically and then disappears. How would you feel if you saw something like that?? LOL!

I remember a long time ago when Arthur C. Clark's Mysterious World used to come on, I heard a story of a taxi driver who was riding along a dirt road in open country one dark night. Up the road his headlights spotted a man, who was dressed in tattered farmer duds, and the driver said his face looked normal, except that it was white as a sheet. He stopped and asked the mysterious man if he wanted a lift anywhere. The man never spoke, but got into the car and sat in the passenger's seat. The driver asked the man where he wanted to go, and the man just pointed foreward up the road. The driver tried to engage in conversation, but the mysterious man would not say a word at all. As the driver was coming to a fork in the road, he turned to ask the man which way he wanted to go, and the man was no longer there. The driver never even heard the door open or shut, and the man was gone without a trace! The driver got scared and booked it out of that area!

Some of these stories that involve spirits of the dead, the spirit often takes something that belongs to the driver that picked them up, usually a coat or something, and it turns up on the headstone of that hitch-hiker the next day. The spirits are often seen hitch-hiking on the anniversary of their death, and usually their death was caused by some kind of vehicular accident. So if you are going down the highway at night, and you see a hitch-hiker looking for a lift, you may want to keep on driving and not pick them up.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Official Announcement!!!

OK, I am officially announcing this game. hehe! Let's see how many people take me up on my offer. I recently made a video about why I hate show breeders. Of course I do talk about the good that show breeders do. But at the end, I also make a challenge to people about confronting show breeders. So it gave me the idea for this game. The number 1 rule to this game is watch this video!!

The number 2 rule to this game is get a video camera and go to a show. Any kind of show, either a dog show or a cat show, I don't care. But go there with the interest of breeding in mind.

I will personally give anyone $100, via PayPal, that goes up to a well-established, winning show breeder, and shows an interest in breeding the breed of their choice and does NOT get looked at by that show breeder like some kind of a pest. Here's the catch:

1. This has to be your VERY FIRST TIME EVER, going to a dog or cat show. So you cannot know the breeder personally.
2. You must ask the winner (BOB winner) this question: I am interested in breeding *insert breed of choice here*, can you mentor me? (Ask that exactly, do not add words or leave any out, except for those italicized, replace those with the name of the breed you want to breed).
3. It absolutely MUST be a video, no still pictures accepted, and if the breeder asks you to turn the camera off, you're out!
4. No editing films, no rehearsing, if it looks rehearsed, I will not accept it. You can submit more than one clip, but they must be un-edited.
5. It has to be a breeder that has won BOB in at least 5 shows, and has mentored before (ask them if they have).
6. If the breeder says no, or gives you a disgusted look, or tells you to "come back later when you have a better specimen of the breed", or refers you to somebody else, you're out!
7. If the breeder smiles or laughs with you (not at you) I will even add an extra $50 to your winnings.

I am offering this because I'm telling you, no newbie is going to be able to do it. I know most of the chihuahua breeders, the ones with the best reputation will not do any of these things. I know because I wanted to learn from one of the best. The ones who will help you are the ones that the people with the best reputations frown on. Though I don't know why. If every show breeder was as anxious to help as some of these that get frowned on by the big-wigs were, we would not have puppymills or backyard breeders!

A good example of this is a breeder, who did show regularly, that I liked, I'll call her Mary, allowed me to breed my dog to one of her's. One of her best ones actually. The stud hadn't been shown, but he's produced many a show-stopping young! Well, when I brought up that I bred my dog to her's to Rita, the breeder I mention in this video, Rita basically told me that Mary will let her dogs breed to anyone who comes to her with the money. Even if that were true, it was a horrible thing to say! I wish more show breeders were like Mary! Like I said if they were, we wouldn't have so many people breeding bad specimens of their breeds. But every show breeder looks at every newbie like a pest, and I think when they do that, it does more harm than good! That's another thing I point out in this video. A person should be educated, not turned away like a punished child! I like the show breeders who educate and treat newbies like gold. I don't like the ones like Rita, who has mentored in the past, but only people who already have acquired exceptional specimens of the breed. And, if you are a newbie, to acquire a good specimen of your breed from a show breeder, for the purpose of breeding, is no easy task! I'm sure it used to be, but it's not anymore. Even some of the people who used to be frowned upon are getting cautious.

An example of this would be this one lady I sold a pup to some time back. I'll call her Sally. Sally also got a pup from a breeder who showed, but I later found out was also frowned upon by the big-name breeders. She went to Rita and asked for mentoring, Rita took a look at the pup I sold her, and said no. But when Sally showed her the pup she got from this other breeder, who was good, but frowned on by other show breeders, then Rita finally agreed to mentor Sally. Though Sally told me that Rita did like the father's side pedigree (the mother admittedly was a backyard breeder dog), but we sold the pup to her as a pet. When she bought it, I had no idea she wanted to breed for show. Sally never told me that. If she had, I would never have sold her that pup. I believe Sally told me she wanted to breed, just not for show. Now, even that breeder that Sally got her exceptional specimen from will not sell a good quality dog to you for the purpose of breeding unless you have actually shown before. And this isn't whining or bitching, this is TRUTH!! I promise you! And I believe it's going to cause the demise of the chihuahua breed, and encourage newbies who want to breed chihuahuas to go to backyard breeders. What would counteract this is if instead of saying "I'm not going to sell you a good dog for breeding when you haven't shown before!" Show breeders should say "OK, I will sell you one of my best females, only if you promise to find a good mentor and learn to breed the right way." Then have that client give you the name of the person they find to mentor them, and if it's someone the breeder knows, then they can rest assured. I realize you can sell a dog to someone and they make promises they do not keep, but if they do not carry out their assigned task, the breeder can always take back the pup. Just don't sell to someone who gives you a fake address (there are ways of finding out) or a PO box.

So if a show breeding mentor will not educate anyone unless they already have a show-worthy specimen of their breed, then who are they going to educate?? That doesn't make sense to me. But I will definitely give anyone the money who films themself talking to a show breeder and can get that show breeder to mentor them. But more likely, I will be correct in my prediction that NO newbie will be able to do it. But I will give the winner $100, and I will announce that winner on this blog, and even show the winning video. Send your entries to staff@umgproductions.com
Disclaimer: The show must be that of a reputable registry (AKC, CanadianKC, UKC, TKC, FCI, CFA), shows put on by disreputable registries will not be accepted. The breeder must agree to mentor you, and you must be willing to go through with it. You must accompany your entry with the name and contact info of the breeder you spoke to. Preferably a phone number or physical address. No information will be shared with any third party persons for any reason. You must have never been to any dog or cat shows previously, and anyone with family members who have shown before will not be accepted. You must be totally new to dog or cat shows. Your entry must be accompanied also with your name, e-mail address, and phone number. I will contact you personally to let you know if you have won. Only one winner will be chosen. Any material you submit will become the property of timmyfan.com and your video will be displayed on the site, along with your name announced. I will not publish any of your personal information on the site. Your e-mail and phone number will only be used to contact you if you win the prize. If you do not submit your name, e-mail and phone number, your entry will be disqualified. You must also provide the date you attended the show. No entries filmed before the date of this posting will be accepted. All entries must be received by Dec. 1, 2010. The winner will be announced Dec. 19, 2010.

Python Ban

There is a serious threat in the making. The only thing that can stop it is your votes. It is a ban on exotic pets, which is a billion dollar industry, and keeps a lot of people in jobs. For example, a business that I am subscribed to on YouTube, actually 2 of them. Snake Bytes and Viperkeeper. If this bill is passed through, this could mean not only a lot of people will lose billions of dollars a year, but also people like me won't be able to keep snakes, lizards and frogs as pets! Well! Frogs are not really pets, per se, but I do so enjoy having them around!! I also love my snakes, and took a sigh of relief when we decided we are not going to move to Bozeman yet, and won't have to live with someone else. So I get to keep my beloved snakes! I am so glad!! But bills like this piss me off!!!

While I will agree that the big pythons, like the burmese and rectics, are a problem in southern Florida, it's not fair to punish those of us who do not live in Florida from having the species we want to have! While I myself have no interest in the large constrictors, next thing you know, they will start banning the smaller colubrid constrictors, next they will work on the lizards and already they are working on frogs! And it's not just the herp industry that is going to suffer. Before you know it, all kinds of pets will be banned! Pit bulls are already banned in some states, next will be rottweilers, german shepherds, doberman pinschers, maybe even chihuahuas! They'll start off with the big animals and work their way all the way down to domestic cats, which are just as responsible for killing small wildlife throughout the country, as the feral pythons are for killing wildlife in Florida!! Once the PETArds discover that and put 2 and 2 together, don't be surprised if they do work on passing a bill that will ban the ownership of cats!! And yes, I truly believe PETA is to blame for this bill even being thought up! Simply because it sounds like something they would do!

The thing with this bill is it represents a lot of our basic freedoms being taken away from us. First they ban all pet ownerships, next they ban some other little pleasures that make life worthwhile. Next thing you know, you cannot step outside your home without having to call the government and ask for permission! Then hope to GOD they give it to you! I'd be surprised if, by the year 2100, we're even still allowed to use the bathroom in public facilities without asking for permission from the dang government!! It's ridiculous and unscrupulous!!! I blame PETA for bringing up the python ban, but I also blame irresponsible people too! It is them that gives responsible pet owners like me a bad name! And it is they that gives reason to put a ban on some animals. It may be some now, but there will be more later on.

If you ask me, people need to stop taking PETA so seriously!! If you knew what PETA was all about, you wouldn't. You would think that they would take the millions they get a year and do something constructive with it, but no. They hire dumbass models to stand naked out in the road and say they'd rather be naked than wear furs. Or mislead the public saying that vegetarians have better sex, which is a direct lie! Eating too much vegetation actually lowers your ability to reproduce or even get aroused, not enhances it. During the time my grandma was a child, people reproduced like crazy, no one was a strict vegetarian, except my grandma. Then grandma had only one child (confirmed). LOL! Long story there. PETA tells people only what they want them to hear, half-truths, innuendos, yadda-yadda-yadda. Basically PETA is full of bull! Their so-called "facts" are not really facts, they are only half the facts. One thing I can tell you for sure, most vegetarians are dumb! So, this leads me to believe that there is something that we need in meat to inhibit proper brain-function. Something that you either cannot find at all in vegetables, or you can't get enough of from veggies unless you eat like 20-pounds of veggies in a sitting or something. Of course you can take supplements, which is unnatural! If I'm going to do that, why not just eat the meat?? Meat tastes a LOT better than a handful of vitamin pills!!

But anyway, please contact your congressman and tell him that you will not vote for him (or her) if he (or she) is going to push for the python ban in all states! Once this freedom is taken away, who knows what will happen next?? I don't live in Florida, and have no intention or desire to, so I should be allowed to have whatever kind of snake (or any exotic) I choose to have.

NO TO HR2811!!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

More Scary Ghost Stories!

I was just now watching The Haunted on Animal Planet. It's one of my favorite AP shows. Wow! This woman had one very disturbed spirit!! He liked to torture cats in his former life, and this woman was a cat owner! What a nightmare! But that wasn't what really got to me, I was more attracted to the idea of these people using something called a "ghost box". They said it was an AM radio that was altered to pick up the sounds of the spirit world. When they mentioned this device, I was like "So that's what I used to hear!!" It made me remember an experience, or several, that happened when I was a kid. It was in the early 80s. There wasn't much in the way of FM channels back then, so I used to listen to AM instrumental music. At that time, I wasn't into rock n roll music. There was a DJ that took over the station, but usually, he only spoke a few words, and it was always either before or after the music played. The reception on the one station I always listened to was good, though a wee bit of static. Though not enough that I could not hear the music and make it out.

Well, I can recall several times when I would be sitting in my bedroom, working on something and listening to the music on the radio. Then strangely, I would hear a very faint droning sound, which sounded like talking. It was distinct from the music I heard, but I could not make out what was being said. It was usually during those bouts that the static would become a bit more fierce, though I could still hear the music. It was not the DJ, I knew that. Since this was an all instrumental music station, there was no singing on the songs, and besides, it didn't sound like singing. And the surrounding channels had nothing at all. So this was definitely coming from a different source than the radio station. It was weird! The voices I heard were very faint, and sounded like choruses of different individuals just standing around and talking, as if in a convention hall or something. But I could not make out what was being said. Not at all.

When the show mentioned something about a ghost box, it made me think back to that, and I wondered how long have those ghost boxes been in use by ghost hunters? Because my experiences happened back in the early 80s. I used to think I was just hearing things. But I had a friend over once and they said that they heard the voices too. And they would stop once I turned the radio off. Sometimes I could even hear them faintly while the DJ was talking. That was the strangest thing. And once we got FM radio and I started listening to it, I didn't hear those voices over the radio anymore. I know what the so-called "funny people" are thinking; "Oh, now she's finally admitting she's hearing voices in her head and she's psychotic!" But that is not the case. My friend heard the same thing I did, and that friend was perfectly sane, and probably more mature than I was.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Real-Ass And Funny-As-Shit Ads on Craigslist

I've been addicted to Craigslist lately, and I found a new section that contains ads that are funny as shit! These ads have been voted by regular CL users as being the best and funniest ads on the site. Well, I went through them and I narrowed it down and picked out the best of the best! You know how my sense of humor is! Well, with it, I picked the ads that were the funniest I had ever seen. Keep in mind, these are real ads that have actually been posted up on Craigslist before! Of course you are entitled to your opinion too. If you'd like to see all the ads listed on this part of the site, you can follow this link: http://www.craigslist.org/about/best/all/

Otherwise, enjoy my views of what is the funniest ads ever listed on Craigslist!

(This is a Michael Jackson fan looking for another Michael Jackson fan to "beat it" with!)
I'm a serious bro looking for a equally/more serious bro with fancy footwork. The idea is to tie our wrists together ala the "Beat It" video and then each JO/knife fight in a profound spiritual act of consensual hetero awesomeness. I would have done this way sooner but have little faith in humanity.

-access to an abandoned warehouse
-old enough/built kinda awesome
-maintains good eye contact
-general intensity
-cool moves
-leather jackets ( I had to give the one in the pic back - long story, I can tell you when we finish)
-basic knowledge of knife/sword/bat fight etiquette (I can teach you what I know if you are pretty serious about art like me)
-can lift 80 lbs
-bachelor's in something or equivalent experience
-not a narc

Whereas dudes/J-ing O are both undeniably awesome, I'm a straight bro. As in not gay. I just really love MJ and being open minded about new JO scenarios. We will basically play "Beat It" over and over again while we JO and dance, occasionally parrying/thrusting. Winner finishes the most times, but points will be awarded for finishing first/accuracy. If you're the heter-bro I'm looking for, then we can JO furiously/competitively and then just hang or whatever. I've got laser tag too. I'm pretty serious about this. As in completely serious. If you touch my junk with anything but your own I will BF you in the M. Nerds/gays need not apply. I'M NOT GAY.
P.S. - And I've gotten with hot chicks as recently as just now.

"They told him don't you ever come around here
Don't wanna see your face, you better disappear
The fire's in their eyes and their words are really clear
So beat it, just beat it"

2. My Porn Watching Pig Boyfriend
(I wonder how this guy's coffee did taste that morning?)

So you like watching these porn-sluts get pounded and creamed? OK, I get it, I kind of like some of that too. It's rather entertaining, if not slightly disturbing/fascinating to WATCH.
But now you're getting all fucked up with me, and although I keep taking it from you, you're probably on the way out, and I'm trying to think of ways to get you back. Because, at the end of the day, the "new" hardcore is rather degrading, and there are too many limits being pushed. Here are a few of mine that keep getting tested:
1) If you don't stop slapping my tits and pinching my nipples that way, you won't ever see them again. I hope you like my parka, cause it's going to become my new lingerie.
2) Don't ever spit on my face again, I think I made that clear, sorry about the sore balls.
3) I used to feel proud that I could swallow, now I feel pretty gross after you dick whip me and make me eat it off your cock and fingers like it's punishment. I would do all that for you anyway, but when you hold my hair and call me names and make me, there's that line I was talking about.
4) Pussy to mouth is kind of freaky, I'm totally ok with that. Ass to mouth is something else altogether, stop even joking about it. If you should ever decide to "forge ahead" with that one and see how it goes, I'll bite your fucking dick off, I swear I will. If I don't manage that in the moment, I'll get you in your sleep.
Thanks for listening sweetheart. By the way how did your coffee taste this morning?

3. Looking for a beard mentor
(An ad from an inexperienced beard-owner. He should be horsewhipped for growing a beard before being educated!)

I've had a moustache and beard off and on over the years, and I've tried styling it in the past but I just can't seem to get it to the next level. I'm looking for some srs protips with this, as well as possibly some styling services by someone with skilled hands. Please submit to me your beard/moustache resume. Also if you have pictures of you achievements that would be greatly appreciated.
I'm currently having trouble with getting my handlebar working correctly as well as keeping the sideburns even.
This is 'srs bsns' (serious business) as I've been informed I need to style it up, shave it off, or loose my job. (I work in adult daycare.)

4. Penis Measuring
(Need 50 extra dollars? Become a professional penis-measurer with one e-mail!)
A friend of mine and I have been having a long-standing argument about whose penis is larger. We've tried having our girlfriends confirm to the other the exact size, but neither one of us buy it. I don't want to see his penis and he doesn't want to see mine. I don't want my girlfriend looking at his penis and he doesn't was his looking at mine.
So... We just need a girl to look at both of our penises (individually) and then to both of our faces say which one is bigger. We can't pay much. $50.

5. Sea Monkeys
(Double-standards seller!)

Please rescue my son's Sea Monkeys.
The Sea Monkeys were a well-intentioned gift from a relative, but my son has poor vision and can't see them at all, so they've become Mommy's problem. We are moving and I have no idea how to transport them across the state- plus, I don't care. So, they would love a new owner. They come with their tank, food and food scooping spoon, and a little syringe and keychain thing in case someone wanted to suck Sea Monkeys out of the tank and carry them around for some reason. As shown except that our tank is red, not blue, and that the eggs have already been hatched.
They would be a great dorm pet as they don't take up any space and are quiet. Really, they would be a good pet for anyone. I'm not picky, I don't think they are either.
I realize that people feed Sea Monkeys to fish and such, and I have no problem with that, but I'm not interested in giving these creatures away for that purpose simply because it seems like a waste of all the plastic crap that comes with them. So please only take them if you actually want to keep them.
Thank you!
**Please do no flag and tell me this belongs in pets. Seriously- they're Sea Monkeys. Come on.

6. Tune Your God Damn Piano
(God dammit, get on the phone and fucking call this jerk! But not if you fucking live in Queens or Hoboken!)
For christ's sake people, just let me tune your god damn piano, do the both of us a favor. I'm the best in the whole god damn city, I swear to christ. You can ask any one of my clients at any given time, email me and ask me for a list. I'll make that fucker SING. Hell, you pay me a little extra and I'll make YOU sing too. Na i'm kidding, that's a little joke there. Nothing sexual, just piano tuning. Email me and I'll come the fuck over, tune your fucking piano, take your money, then be on my merry old motherfuckin way.
 You want the shitfuckin thing tuned? Fine. Call me. I'll tune it. Done. Just like that.
All of Manhattan or Brooklyn. Don't fucking call me if you're in Queens or Hoboken.
$80 for grand and upright pianos
$100 for spinet upright pianos (because they are way goddamn harder)

7. Thanks For Shitting Your Pants
(Don't ever have an accident in front of this woman!!)

I was in line at that dreadful Comcast customer service pit to return my modem and cancel service anyway. My mind was made up. For all the reasons I don't have to list here, FUCK COMCAST. My building got wireless service recently. I'm done. The guy on the phone didn't do a good job at saving my account.
"How does $42 a month sound?"
"Can you beat free?" I inquired. I asked him if I could send the modem back in the mail and avoid the trip to their drop-off center.
Whatever. Getting the $56 a month monkey off my back felt good no matter what. I had no regrets at all. You sealed the deal when you shit your pants.
That was seriously nasty. Everyone thought it was the little kid at first, but I knew right away it was you. I know I can't blame Comcast for whatever it is that makes you unable to control your bowels. I know that line was long and the service fairly slow. People have complicated fucking issues with their cable and phone. That line was an audition for the Jerry Springer show ( I mean that in a loving way), complete with a woman who shits her pants. That was unreal, lady, just unreal. I know you did it while you were standing in line because you didn't smell that rotten when I took my place in line behind you.

Granted, that customer-service counter IS a remarkably good place to shit your pants. The carpet is filthy. The walls have been smeared by the hands of innumerable children. You can't help but notice right away that the customer service agents are behind glass. Lashonda gets mad when the account be closed. No big deal, really. I enjoy the pagent of human existence. I suppose even to include the lady who shit her pants yesterday afternoon. Comcast is too cheap to buy a rope line, so people line up as they see fit and let the kids roam free.

Holy fuck that stunk,and the line wasn't going anywhere. 15 mintues of that was enough to upset my cast-iron stomach. I trained on a vast UNDERGROUND fish market in Asia; I know what stench is. I couldn't back up, either. The line had formed behind me in that airless chamber. The room was suffering. You could see it on the stricken face of the woman who helped you. She went in the back and threw up after you left. First, she came to the agent helping me and asked for "the spray." I guess people shit themselves often there. The people who have been standing behind me gave me sympathetic looks as I left: I had endured ground zero. My only thought was to get outside as quickly as possible.

But that really sealed the deal for me. My new wireless connection is great. And free. If I ever think I might want to go back to Comcast, all I have to do is think about the lady with scanty beard hair shitting her pants in a dingy lobby and I'll return to my senses right away.
Imagine what her car smells like?

8. Free stuffed walrus head

This walrus head has been in my family for years. I have never liked it. It was given to me by my father in his will. I'm sure it's his idea of a way to get back at me for my alternative lifestyle that he never aproved of. I'm going to throw this in the dumpster if I don't get rid of it by the end of the week. I can't even sleep with this thing in my house so I'll be awake all night, feel free to give me a call at any time to let me know when you can come pick it up.

9. Litter box cleaning for pancakes
(Which do you think she should get rid of, the pancakes or the cat?)

I have a terrible problem. My litter box is dirty and smells horrible and I don't want to clean it. I am amazing at making pancakes however. I will trade my pancake skills for a clean litter box. Serious inquires only.

•Location: bathroom corner
•Compensation: pancakes. All you can eat!!!
•This is an internship job
•OK to highlight this job opening for persons with disabilities
•Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
•Please, no phone calls about this job!
•Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

10. Orange Popsicles
(He's even conveniently included his own FAQs!!)
Okay, it's Craigslist. One day you can have free fill dirt (you haul), the next day it's tons of moving boxes all in good shape.
Well, today it's orange popsicles (all in good shape, you haul).
A regular box of popsicles includes cherry (my favorite), grape (so-so) and orange. I don't like the orange ones. I'm a grown-up and I don't have to eat them if I don't want to. On the other hand I can't bring myself to throw them away and I don't have children or grandchildren living in the area to give them to (assuming they would like them).
I currently have a bunch of orange popsicles in my freezer. If you want them,, let me know. If you are paranoid about them, you probably shouldn't be looking for free things on Craigslist in the first place. However, keep in mind they are all "factory sealed" and whoever takes them probably isn't going to end up on the 6:00 news because they were poisoned to death by orange popsicles.
Someone is going to want these things, so you better hurry. If things work out, maybe we could develop a "popsicles are ready for pickup" relationship whereby I send you an E-mail whenever the freezer overfloweth.
Keep in mind that a box of 24 popsicles costs about $4.50 and you are only getting 1/3 of a box...or in this case 1/3 of several boxes. The point is I don't think you should consider driving from Estes Park for the orange popsicles. However, if you do and you are first, I will give them to you.

Q: Are the orange popsicles sugar free?
A: Do I SOUND like someone why buys sugar free popsicles? No, they aren't.
Q. How many orange popsicles are currently available?
A. As of 3:15 on 1/27 I have 17 of them.
First person to respond gets all of them!

And my own personal favorite:

11. a big healthy shit
(All I can say is HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! Though I wonder if he sold it?)

come and get it while it's still fresh has corn in it from the other night looks to be about a pound looking to trade it for a nice speed boat or something fuck i dont know email me with what your willing to trade 100 bucks takes this awesome keep sake it's a must have trust me!

The Day Is Coming

Well, it is official, Anna will be moving to Bozeman first, during the first week of next month. I hope! And I will be joining her the first week in December. Hopefully by then, she will have settled there in our new apartment or rental home. We contacted someone about a home for rent, and it is a beautiful home!! It even has my dream kitchen! I would LOVE to move into that home, but something about it smelled funny. I mean the ad. The owner wanted us to give her the ID# on our free credit report. I'm not sure what that means. I was a little iffy about it. Which is why it took a while to respond to her. I wanted to make sure this was a legitimate request. She also stated that she is not interested in our credit score.

Well, I tried to look for the ad again where my sis found it and I couldn't find it. It must have been taken down. Probably already rented it. I thought it was also kinda funny that she didn't post the home's address. But it is a nice home, reasonably priced, fenced yard, very roomy inside, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, plus the fact about my dream kitchen. IF we do hear back from her, I would be very interested in this home!! But we will see. I just hope it's not a scam, and I've been having that feeling! That's been happening a lot on Craigslist. I like to give everyone a chance though. I just don't want Anna to go there, in anticipation that she will get something and get there only to find out the house does not belong to the person who posted the ad!! That would be embarrassing! Not to mention foolish. Anna is going to move there so she can get a job and accumulate some money for us to make the BIG move. I have to drive the truck, a 17-footer, out there, over the mountains and shit. UGH!!! But first, Anna has to find a temporary place to stay. I hope she can! Its only going to be for a month, at most, by then hopefully she will find a nice apartment or rental home that both of us can move into. I cannot move into a rental home, I really don't want to part with my snakes. But I fear the move alone might kill them! There is no way I will be able to drive all night long from Ocean Shores to Bozeman on just 1 night of sleep. And it gets cold in Montana at this time of year!! But I will do what I have to to keep them going! Even if I have to share a hotel room with them.

The thing I fear most is driving through the mountains. Though one of my Facebook friends said that on the main highways, they usually keep the roads pretty clear. That's a comforting thought. This will be my first time ever driving a 17-foot long truck, full of our stuff. During that time, I probably will not be on the internet much. In fact, I will have to have all services turned off here. I remember when we went to Bozeman last summer, we drove from Butte to Bozeman in about 4 hours. I thought we'd never get there!! Well, we will see what happens.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

INXS Releasing A New Album

So INXS have decided to release this new compilation album, including some of their previous songs sang by different guest singers. One of my Facebook buddies sent me a version of JD singing The Stairs, and it does not sound too bad. Not what I am used to, but not too bad! The only thing that disturbs me about the album is the cover. I hate it! This is how it looks:

I left it enlarged so you can all see what I am talking about. I think it looks evil! I hate it. The first thing that stands out is it's a damn tiger, and you all know by now how I HATE tigers. So that there is a huge turn-off to me. But it isn't the tiger it's self that makes it evil to me. It's the eyes!! Someone said that the eyes are Michael's. UGH! Someone superimposed Michael's eyes onto a dumb tiger's head????!!!! If that doesn't earn the creator the Nutjob of the Year award, I don't know what will! If Michael were to come back, reincarnated into an animal, it sure as Hell would not be a stupid tiger!! At least Michael could sing and dance! Tigers cannot. Not in any way, shape or form. No felines can sing or dance. Well, I've seen some housecats make moves similar to dancing, but they sure cannot sing!! They try to. I've heard them. But all that comes out is a cacophonous screech that sounds, at best, like a broken bugle. In a tiger, it's worse! Tigers have a bellowing that sounds akin to a clogged up toilet. If Michael loved his singing, this is not an animal he would be honored to come back as!! As he would lose that ability. Or otherwise be the planet's only known musical tiger!

I would think if Michael were to come back as an animal, it would more likely be a gibbon. Have you ever heard a gibbon sing? They sing about as good as songbirds sing! Definitely a forebearer to our own abilities to sing! Each gibbon species has it's own song. Even the loud booms and barks of siamangs sound very harmonious! And gibbons are very graceful, and literally seem to dance through the trees! And I mean true dancing! Not those mediocre, primitive-style dance attempts you see housecats doing on occasion. Cats dance much like I do. Gibbons dance through the air like Fred Astaire! That's why I love the primates so much! Many of them can sing. In fact, I've always referred to them as 'mammalian songbirds'. And they've got some wonderful moves! In fact, I'd swear they could defy gravity!!

Some people have stated that perhaps the cover design is a link to Michael's daughter Tigerlily. At first I thought "Then why didn't they use a tiger lily flower? It'd look much prettier!" But then if it is true that those are Michael's eyes, I guess that would have been an impossibility. Flowers don't have eyes! Probably would have looked even more disturbing. Unless it was presented in a cartoony-like fashion, like in Alice in Wonderland (the original version, NOT Tim Burton's version!!!!) Burton could make a stroll through the park with your lover in hand look dark and sinister! I still think the cover looks evil though. I don't like INXS being presented as an evil band! I love INXS. Part of the reason is because they make me feel like a child again. And with that comes the memory of the innocence of being a child, prior to the 90s. This takes that innocent feeling away, and makes INXS look malevolent. Anyway, it sure does not make me want to rush out and purchase this album!

Friday, October 15, 2010

AcmePet Clone

I may have to send my snakes to new homes. Now, I said I may have to. That is IF we have to move in with a roommate, because let's face it not everyone is as comfortable with snakes and mice as I am. I have to accept that. So, last night when my sis and I made the decision that we are moving to Bozeman next month, I said I would make the sacrifice and find new homes for my snakes. But I don't want to just give them away. I want the person who gets them to really appreciate them, and care does not really last long to someone who gets something like that simply handed to them. I want to know the person who gets my snakes are serious about loving them and caring for them as much as I do. So I am charging a rehoming fee, which basically is the same amount I paid for the snakes. I am not at all looking to make any kind of profit.

Well, I posted a listing on craigslist, as a rehoming situation. I looked at the TOS, and I wanted to know why pet ads are prohibited. I was just curious. I never heard of pet ads being prohibited anywhere. Only on craigslist. So I turned to the forum. Most people don't realize craigslist has a pet forum. Well, within the first minute, I got like 5 responses. Well, as you know, every forum has it's resident asshole. Someone who calls herself SmartDumbDog is that forum's asshole, and she seems to be proud of it. Every forum has to have at least one. That one was the first one that responded to my question. She wrote:

"just no pet sales. As stated in Terms Of Use, learn to read........"

My response to her was:

"I read plenty well. I was just wondering. :P"

Then her response was:

"Obviously not, you would know better and not whine. NO PET SALES ON CL!"

I then responded with:

"Obviously you cannot {read} or You would have been able to see in my post I did not ask IS it prohibited or not, but WHY it is prohibited. Thank you for your opinion anyway. :P"

Warped as her opinion is, I thanked her for it anyway. LOL! I swear I thought she was like 12 years old!! But she's not, she said she's 30 years old and married for 10 years. I saw that and I was like "What??? That's really weird!" If she is like that, then her husband must be either very tolerant or just like her in character! As the night wore on, I found out that her husband is just like her. Only he scorns a place called Quake, while she scorns Craigslist. As I stayed in there and went on, I found out that first of all the reason Craigslist does not allow pet ads is because it is illegal in California (where Craigslist is stationed) for an individual to have more than 2 ads per year selling pets. Which I think is DUMB!!!! But then that would not be the first dumb law that California has passed. They have all kinds of wacky laws in California. I personally think PETA is behind this stupid law!

The second thing I found out is that this forum does not just have one asshole, but just about everybody there are assholes! Most other forums have it the other way around, you can go in and most people there are nice, with maybe one or two fart-wits. This forum is the opposite, most of these people are assholes, with maybe one or two nice people. One person, who called herself FishingPhantom, was interested in my snakes. I told her to e-mail me, but as of yet I have not heard from her. But she was the nicest one there besides me. Even she didn't like the no-life people on that forum. FishingPhantom told me how she grew up living in wooded areas, and she loved snakes. Someone, who calls himself AspiringLawyer (I hope to GOD he's not a lawyer) responded with this statement:

"You grew up in the woods? Parents couldn't afford a house?"

I thought that was a stupid statement. In fact, the longer I stayed there, the more I got this vibe like I was back at the AcmePet site. It got very uncomfortable there! Yet you're drawn into it because it is entertaining. Well, one person really helped me out, in an offbeat kind of way. She called herself SeriesOfTubes. She told me to go to kingsnake.com. She seemed OK, but she also was the one who, out of all these assholes, gave me the deepest indication that this forum must be a clone of the AcmePet site. But by this time, I had already felt like I was out of place. I know pet people, all too well! I endured their BS on both the AcmePet site as well as Pluba. That's why I do not go into pet forums anymore. But I was looking for an alternative to craigslist. Well, when SeriesOfTubes referred me to kingsnake.com, she added:

"You will reach real snake people anyway. Plus....you NEVER "make back" what you paid for a snake.....unless you are a Barker or something "

I was not familiar with what a "barker" is, but I told her I didn't want to get rid of my snakes at all, except now, we might be moving sooner than expected. It probably cannot be helped. Well, she told me what a "barker" is. Or rather, THE Barkers.

""THE" Barkers...Blood Python breeder / experts
in the python world. You easily pay 2k for a snake from them. I bought 2......and was able to sell them for what i paid. Probably the only instance of that.

Why r u looking to break even on your common snakes anyway? Rehome them...contact local snake groups in your area.
I had to rehome a few carpet pythons and did so with a local professor who used them for class observations. Better than "getting my money back" when i HAD to rehome them. He did ME a huge favor so how could I 'charge' him?? "

From that second paragraph alone, I figured she was one of those kind of people that throws a hissy fit if someone does not live their lives the way she sees fit. I already said that I love my snakes, and I wanted to see them go to someone who would love them and care for them as much as I do. It's actually breaking my heart to think I will have to send my snakes to new homes!! But if Anna and I have to move in with a roommate, I won't have a choice! I'd have to get rid of them anyway once we got there if I found out the person we will be sharing a home with just does not like snakes. And I cannot be left out in the streets just because of that. My snakes would die anyway if I did that, and I would feel worse knowing I killed them!! Well, I answered her question anyways.

"I've only had the snakes for a little while, which is why I think I could get something back on my investment. They are healthy too. I could also use the money to help pay for the moving expenses. "

Well, SeriesOfTubes took the last sentence the wrong way, I admit I could have probably worded it a little differently. I mean, the money is not all I was after. The money would just be extra gravy, and needed at a time like this. But I am not the type that would sell my snakes to the first person who comes to me with the money, which is why I am selling them for what I paid for them. I want to know the person taking them is serious about caring for them. It will benefit the snakes, as well as us.

Well, having mentioned that, I knew right away, I was going to receive some backlash for that, because it would be so easy, if someone doesn't know me, to take that the wrong way. I waited a few minutes, and I knew what I was going to get next. Surely enough, SeriesOfTubes did not disappoint my instincts. She said:

"They are snakes....not an IPOD or a car they dont retain their value based on how long you used them! If you are talking about how much you "love" your snakes you should be motivated by that. Finding a good home

Remember we are in something called a "recession" I mean good luck trying to get your money back but you ARE selling and that is not allowed on CL. Rehoming fees ok but you are talking about 1/5th of what you "paid"
And having them for a "little while" and trying to sell them makes you look like a flipper and no one is gonna help you do that "

Well, I was prepared for that backlash, believe me! Just like in the AcmePet site, she obviously did not read how I told another poster that I was interested in looking for someone who would love the snakes as much as I did. So I decided to remind her. But first I had a burning question in my mind. I said:

Were you ever in a site called AcmePet? Just wondered. You seem to take things out of context and flip them around to mean something of your own.
(Which is something the "my shit doesn't stink"-type pet people of AcmePet were famous for doing.)
Seriously though, if you read some of my earlier posts, you would see that I am not "just interested in the money". As I told fishingphantom, I'd love *more than anything* to see these guys go to someone who loves them as I do. I was not about to send them to just anyone.
Get to know someone please, before you trash them. Thank you.

I was civil, I kept my cool, and I did not get rude with them. I was happy about that! It wasn't easy, but I was happy. Now, if I had been someone who would have said "I'm just tired of my snakes and I want to sell them. Give me the money and I will give you the snakes." Then, I would have been able to see her point about slamming me. But I am not that type! I already mentioned that I did not want to really sell my snakes, and I would love to see them go to great homes. If SeriesOfTubes could have only seen how heartbreaking it was for me to make the decision to sacrifice my snakes, she would not have even thought I was giving them to anyone who just had the money. In fact, I was thinking last night and I want to at least keep Bandit and Barney! They are the sweetest snakes!! Barney especially is my buddy! I would miss how he cuddles in my hair if I'd have to send him to live with someone else.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why I Believe in GOD

It's hard to explain, even harder to atheists. I told an atheist that anyone would have a hard time convincing me there is no GOD, because I have actually felt HIS presence. The only explaination I can give as to why I believe is because I have faith. It's not just a comforting feeling, it's enlightening. Well, I was just giving my opinion. Suddenly, other atheists were attacking, trying to convince me that there is no GOD. Keep in mind, I did not comment there to convert anyone. That's not my job. I was just there to share my POV, as always. But there are always going to be people who want to try and convince me to believe (or not believe) their way. My beef came from 2 atheists, who actually converted from religious families according to them, they call themselves Jormoukko and PatchesRips. They claim their beliefs that there is no GOD derives from a lack of tangible evidence. They have called me ignorant, stupid, and claim that I was dodging the subject, and avoiding answering their questions. That's basically what it all boils down to. I just took their comments with a grain of salt because they don't know my situation, and I do. I have actually felt GOD's presence.

Jormoukko's argument is that she has favorite rock groups, and has been to their concerts, and it makes her feel good and excited. I understand that myself. I love INXS, and have been to several of their concerts, even met them in person. And I too felt excited. But it's a temporary feeling at most. The incident that turned me into a believer in GOD was not a temporary thing, and to this day I always rely on GOD to take care of things that need taking care of. I don't do it myself anymore. True sometimes the excitement of meeting INXS lasted for several days, even weeks! But it's still only a temporary feeling. My incident with GOD happened back in 2001, lasted for about 6 months, and then after I said a simple prayer, I never felt that feeling again. I know I have told the story many times before, but I tried to go back and look for the post here again and I could not find it. So I will tell it again here, as I told PatchesRips to come check out my blog and read the story of why I believe in GOD now. Heck, I'm even starting to go to church. Slowly, but surely gaining up in that department. I avoided church for a long time because of the bad experiences I had when I was a kid. But there has been none of that with this church.

Well, anyway my incident first began on the AcmePet site back in 2001. Yes it was a forum, and no it's not there anymore. Apparently the mods were facing a lawsuit because of something someone said on there. Having been there and seen how very ugly it got most of the time, I was not at all surprised this lawsuit was pending. Lots of people got their feelings hurt by others on that forum. And I must admit, it changed my lifestyle and attitude too while I was there. I became an angrier, more bitter, person. The final straw occurred in the chihuahua forum on that site. An incident that involved myself and 3 other people, who called themselves Kallie, Jeri and Sharon. I liked Kallie and Jeri, but I didn't like Sharon that much. Sharon was an outspoken person like me, who said exactly what was on her mind, but she was also a middle-aged baby. Or rather a middle-aged teenager. Apparently her mind was not mature enough to know when to keep her mouth shut, and she was in her 50s and had 4 kids! She also never took any responsibility for her own actions, but rather had the habit of starting trouble for other people, and not stepping in at all to stop it when it got ugly. In short: She was a cowardly jerk! I don't remember her ever saying or doing anything positive to other people, except an occasional compliment on their dogs. Jeri bred chihuahuas, but I believe she was what we refer to as a backyard breeder. She intentionally bred Taco Bell lookalikes. Kallie was also on the German shepherd forum and had 2 of those dogs. She ran a site called Nikko's rescue (Nikko was one of her shepherds). Looking back on her actions now, Kallie was what I can only refer to today as a tree-hugger. She believed animals have the same feelings as people do, in this post you will see what I mean.

Well anyway, enough with the character introductions. Back in 2001, I had recently just lost my grandma, after a lingering illness. So, I was still in a bad way, snapping at everyone, when this incident occurred. Getting on that forum in the first place was a bad idea so soon after losing her. But when I did get on there, I had no idea how ugly pet people could really be. I wasn't used to people being so ugly to each other on forums. Well, around that time, I was due to be getting a little female longcoated chihuahua. She was 2 weeks old at the time, and looked awesome! Well, I made the mistake of announcing it on the chihuahua forum at AcmePet. My exact words were "I'm finally getting a good longcoat chihuahua female". Most other people were happy for me and congratulated me. But Sharon latched on to where I said "a good longcoat chihuahua" and instead of congratulating me, she asked me "What is your idea of a 'good' longcoat?" Well, she asked me a question, and I decided to answer it. I said "Any chihuahua that does not resemble the Taco Bell dog is a good chihuahua to me." By 'good', I meant in quality. ANY dog can be a good pet. Though I didn't say that! LOL! Looking back now, I probably should have put it that way, though I don't think it would have stopped Kallie's attacks. Kallie then jumped in and congratulated me on getting the pup, but also added that I should not be feeling that way about the Taco Bell dog. She asked me why I felt that way about the Taco Bell dog. I thought she knew that I was only referring to the quality of the dog, because that was what I was talking about. I told her because he's ugly, and a bad representation of the chihuahua breed. Her response was to laugh sarcastically and say "That is the dumbest reason I ever heard for not liking the Taco Bell dog!" With her turning it into a mocking session against me, I remember it put me on the defensive.

Keep in mind, Sharon asked me for my opinion, and I gave it to her. Yet, where was she now to step in? I didn't see her for days, and in the meantime, Kallie and Jeri were hammering away at me for giving my opinion. Over time, their arguments just got uglier and uglier and it lasted for 2 days straight. Kallie was saying things to the effect of: "I've been coming in this forum for 5 years, and I never heard anybody say anything like that!!" and "You are a RUDE person!" and "People on this forum are going to see your comments and not want to be your friend anymore!" and every response from me she would state "Hmm, I think I struck a little nerve there. Oh well." and blah-blah-blah over and over again. Finally I just got sick of hearing her, and said that if she is sticking up for the Taco Bell dog, she might as well be sticking up for puppy-farming. Well, Kallie really shit her pants when I said that! LOL! I was gone for the day, looking for homes because we were about to move out. When I got home, I went back to that forum, and I saw were Kallie and Jeri were shitting on me while I was away. Kallie said "You mean puppy milling? Oh that's it, you're not getting out of that one!" then she proceeded to tell me never to post to her again. Jeri said "No more posts from me to you. Dude don't get it!" whatever that meant!! LOL! Kallie just went on and on shitting on me, even though I was not there to respond.

Well, I responded one last time, the same method they used to respond to me over the previous 2 days. But then that night, I also had some pangs of guilt, because at least at one time, I did like them before. Even though I know I was in the right, and they were wrong (I was, after all, asked for my opinion). So I got myself back on that forum and posted to them personally, telling them that I didn't have anything to do with those posts made to them! I thought I could get out on a technicality. I wasn't sure how they were going to respond to that. Usually I expect the worst! Though back in those days, I was still very new to forums, and dealing with people like that. My little cousins were visiting at that time, so I passed the blame to them. Well, when I got up the next morning, Kallie had responded. She said something to the effect of "I think it's sad that you would pawn off your rude behavior to your cousins!" and "I don't buy your claim" and also stated that she has neices and nephews the same ages as my cousins and some of the words used were not words that are in her relatives' vocabulary (once again, comparing my family to her's). Then she said "Don't ever post to me again!" LOL! I can look back on it now and laugh because it was silly! Not only did Sharon ask for my opinion, but Kallie did too! It was on her own head that she didn't like what I had to say! LOL! I always tell people, if you don't want to know my opinion, then don't ask!! Because I'm gonna give it to you straight!! Especially when they ask me. But anyway, even Sharon turned on me that day, and I began feeling bad. I had this pain in my belly that felt like lightening was surging through my belly from the inside out, and it hurt like mad! I could not eat, and I had bad episodes of the runs for almost a whole year.

That was a bad feeling! Very bad! I went from weighing 109 pounds to 98 pounds I lost so much weight! GOD, I was skinny back then! LOL! 109 was fat for me back then! The worst thing though was not the weight loss, it was the cramps I had to endure for all those months. The fact that Kallie, Jeri and Sharon did not like me anymore did not really bother me after a while. What bothered me was the fact that I felt I had to lie just to get those losers to like me again! That was the worst dang feeling in the World, and I learned a valuable lesson that day! If I am going to give my opinion, I'd better be well prepared to stick with it, no matter what! And that has been my philosophy to this day. If I lose so-called "friends", then I just lose them. Who cares? They were never really my friends in the first place if they are going to let something like that change how they feel about me. Well, this is where my belief in GOD came in. I went to my portal, where I like to go to communicate with HIM, and I said a prayer. I asked GOD to forgive me for that lie I felt I had to tell, and give me the strength to forgive those people for their trespasses against me. All of a sudden, within seconds after I finished that prayer, I felt this calm, soothing feeling, and I could actually feel that sharp cramp leave my belly that had been in there for about a year without letting up. I never even expected prayer to work so fast!! I was not really a firm believer in GOD until that incident! Now, people really would have a hard time convincing me that there is no GOD!

If that incident had happened now, I would be like "Well, they hate me now, but they will get over it. And if they don't, who cares?" I love when incidents like that one at the AcmePet site happen now. I get to find out who my real friends are. It cuts out the riff-raff (meaning fair-weather friends). I've had quite a few of those over time. But I still go through incidents like that and still I find out who my real friends are. I like to think I could be a real good friend to anyone. But not everyone is like me. People give in to rumors, battles, and other misgivings, and they say to themselves "Well, if so-n-so thinks this about this person, maybe this person is not as good as I thought (s)he was." so they give up being friends with that person too. But other people, who are really rare types, have their own minds, and think "That person never did anything to hurt me and has always been very nice to me. So I don't care what others say about them." and remain that person's friend. Those are really the types that should matter. No one else! But again, those types are really rare! You sure as HELL won't find those types in pet forums, I can promise you that! No one except maybe me. If I really like someone, I remain loyal forever, as long as I don't suspect any horseplay against me behind my back.

Well anyway, after the feeling I got when I said that prayer, I am now a firm believer in GOD, because no matter what I did, I could not get that feeling to go away before. Believe me, I tried! Only the prayer was able to lift that feeling from my body, and it hasn't come back since! Since then, I rely on GOD for everything good or bad in my life. But that was how I felt GOD's presence. You can accept the story or reject it, I don't care. You can even try to tell me that wasn't GOD's doing! But I have not felt a similar experience since that day almost 10 years ago. There is no other explaination. And it is not comparable to how I felt seeing my most favorite band in concert and meeting the guys.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sabrina's Kitchen

Well, what can I say? I think honestly Sabrina's going to make it to the finals, but I don't know. I notice how everyone complains about her being there and being a little ghetto-bitch. But you know what? She always manages to impress Chef Ramsay! People in her team seriously underestimate her! And for no other reason other than the fact that they just don't like her. Proves a point, I say! I admit she is a bitch, but she's a darn good chef too! Just because someone doesn't like somebody else does not mean that that person does not have talent. I get underestimated all the time because I am fat, and I speak my mind. People think because I am fat, that I am stupid and lazy. But those people who say that, have also never met me either! I'm a very different person in life than I am on the internet. I may be fat and I may be ugly, but I can do anything I set my mind to do. I have limits though, I must admit. But they are not important. I don't let those things stop me from doing the basic things I love to do.

A few weeks ago, one of my subscribers on YouTube made a challenge to his viewers. He told them to name anything they wanted him to eat on video and he would do it. He talked about ReverendBurn eating whole boxes of Twinkies. So I asked him why doesn't he eat a whole box of Twinkies, and if he does on camera, I will eat a whole box of Suzie-Qs on camera. LOL! I must admit after I gave him that challenge, I did get a wee bit worried. There is no way on Earth I can chug down a whole box of Suzie Qs!!!! That's one of those things where I reach a limit on. I can eat some, but not a whole box. Well, he never rose to the challenge, and it looks like he deleted his YouTube account! What a shame too. I actually liked him, and I was kinda looking foreward a little bit to seeing him taking me up on my challenge. I didn't want to sound like I was making fun of him, I just suggested it to see if he would actually do it. But as for me, I love Suzie-Qs, but really not THAT much!! Not enough to eat a whole box of them in one sitting. Have you ever seen the size of those things?? They're HUGE!! Much bigger than Twinkies!! And with more cream filling!! LOL! But it all proves though that if I had put my mind to it, I could have probably pulled it off.

Tonight was exciting for the winners in the first episode, they got to go to Vegas. I saw their suite, it was fantastic!! I haven't seen anything like it either. I was surprised that during the first episode, no one was eliminated. But during the second episode, Boris got eliminated. That was kinda sad really. He tried so hard. But now, we have a shocker for an ending, Chef Ramsay called Trev to the chopping block! I was like "Uh oh!!" and that was where the program cut off. Ooooh! So, is Trev going to make it to next week? Who knows? I have a feeling he's going to basically get the bawling out of his life. Chef Ramsay kicked him out of the kitchen to get some air. And he did! He also came back, at the tail-end of the dinner service. He was angry, and I could not blame him. I don't think Chef Ramsay meant for Trev to take that long of a break! Now, if it were me, I would probably have went outside for about say 30 seconds, took a deep breath, turn around and go back into the kitchen, ready to roll! But Trev, who knows how long he stood out there! Needless to say, I believe Chef will be bringing that up to Trev. He's probably going to be eliminated too. He's been on both teams, and both have complained about him being dead weight. We will see though.

I've got my eyes on Sabrina though. I know I didn't much like her at the beginning of the series, but it looks like she is at least going to make it to the finals. Even though her team mates always put her up for elimination, I think they seriously underestimate her. I just kinda wonder how many times Chef Ramsay is going to bail her out? Really. All her team mates want her gone, but she does cooking so well. They constantly complain about her, but she always pulls through for them. Chef Ramsay obviously sees potential in her, or she would have been gone by now. But then I dunno. It could probably be all chalked up again to ratings. Because Sabrina is such a "ghetto-bitch" according to her team mates, maybe that is the only real reason why she is still on. But she and Noma are like a mongoose and cobra! Before it was Emily, now it's Noma. LOL! The battle will not stop until one of them are eliminated. I can just picture the day if Sabrina gets eliminated before Noma! LOL! Noma will be going "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! The bitch is gone!!!!" But I don't think that will happen. Sabrina is a much better cook than Noma is, and does a lot better in the kitchen. If either of them, Noma will most likely be eliminated first.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Nurse to A Mouse

I don't think of these mice as pets, but when they have pups and they have some problems, I as an animal lover, would have to interfere. Misty is a young female that I got not too long ago, and she's had a litter before, all of which she ate. So, I tried breeding her again. She was getting big, and I do mean BIG!! For her, any amount of weight is a load, because she is a tiny mouse. I mean, tinier than normal. She is much smaller than any of my other mice. Well, I knew she would be having the pups possibly tonight because she was slowing down today, and I noticed her breathing was getting labored, which happens to all living things when they are about to have babies. I remember that from my days of breeding chihuahuas, I learned to read the signs of labor. They show up just as much in mice as they do in dogs. But you have to know about a mouse's metabolism. Mice always breath fast, but today, Misty was breathing faster than usual.

Well, I left her alone in my bedroom for a while, while I came out to the living room and worked on another story. A couple hours later, I went back into my bedroom and Misty had her babies. She had some in a cluster underneath her, and there were 3 of them that were not under her where they belonged. And 2 of them still had the placenta attached to them. That is not a good sign! They were not moving at first so I thought they were already dead, and I was about to freeze them for my snakes, until I picked them up and they began to twitch their feet and heads. I know Misty is inexperienced, so I had to help her with these babies. When I picked them up they were barely alive, and freezing cold! So I held them in my hand and warmed them up. The babies seemed to appreciate that. Then I had to try and remove the placentas. I was going to get my scissors, but I remember that using scissors for something like that is never a good idea. The baby could bleed to death. I had to figure out a way to simulate Misty cutting the umbilical cord and I thought the best way to do that was with my fingernails.

I had to hold the babies in such a way that I could use my thumbs and index fingers on both hands to cut it. It's tougher than you think! But I managed it, and then both babies were OK. I put them down in the group with Misty's other babies, which were nursing fine. I had to coax them to grab on to a nipple, and coax Misty to lie in such a way that she can nurse them and keep them all warm at the same time. It took her a while to catch on. I thought about putting Melissa, who is a great mommy, in with Misty, but then that might have caused Misty to want to eat her babies like she did last time. So, this time I thought to just help her out until she gets the hang of taking care of her young, and I moved her cage into the living room where I can watch her and see that she keeps doing what she is supposed to be doing. That was 2 hours ago. The babies, I think were about 30 minutes old when I discovered them. Though I cannot be sure, as I didn't see the actual births. And babies, even though they are cold, can last a surprising amount of time with no food or heat from the mother!

Well, now Misty seems to be taking good care of her babies. For the time being anyway. Looking at her right in front of me now, and she has all her young jostling up under her suckling. Even the babies I rescued 2 hours ago seem to be doing fine now. They are all suckling, and she is cleaning them, being an average good mom. I'm just hoping that once my back is turned that she doesn't start eating the babies! Some mice do that when they have other mice in the cage with them. Rats, rabbits, gerbils, and hamsters are exactly the same way. They do it basically to "save" their babies from intruders. Strange as it may sound, it's a defensive tactic for them. Especially if it is a nervous female, as I think Misty is. So, this time I left her in a cage all alone to have her babies.

I know, I've fed young mice to my snakes before, and I could have done it with these 3 babies who were already cold and dying. But that's not how I am. Not that I think of these guys as pets, and basically I did get them just to have snake food available when I need it. But I never take babies away from their mother on the first day. They need to suckle. Especially within the first hour after birth. That's when the mother has the most nutritious milk to give. This gives the babies essential vitamins, which can then be passed on to my snakes. I remember this from my dog-breeding days. No, I never fed puppies to any snakes!!!! I'm not that heartless and barbaric! But the principle of birth, feeding and nutrients is the same. Good thing I still have all this pent-up knowledge! hehe! I need all the baby mice I can possibly get. Gotta keep my snakes well fed. They've all shed now, and for some it's getting close to hybernation time, so they need to be fed and fed a lot! Snakes often stop eating when they are about to shed, and after they shed, they can be hungry as a bear!!

Well, Misty is still cleaning her babies. So, all seems to be well, even now. I think from here on out she's going to be just fine. But I just never thought I would see the day come when I would play nursemaid to a mouse!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Short But Sweet

I just have some wonderful news I want to share. I shared it on Facebook already, then I took a bit of a nap. In the midst of all that, I had a headache. But today, I am too excited for a headache. Anyway, with it comes good news and bad news. The good news is I have just been made a partner in a CEO company! It means a lot more money coming in, possibly even I get to stay here in Ocean Shores. The bad news is I won't be getting my first paycheck right away. Not until next week! Not this next week, the following week. And I need the money NOW!! But oh well! Come the week after I will be able to take care of a lot of things around here that needs it. I'll just have to battle the water company a tiny bit longer. LOL!

Friday, October 8, 2010

INXS New World Tour?

Maybe! Let's hope! At leastwise that's what Tim said today. Oh, just thinking about it is making me feel as excited as a worm that has come across a 5-pound apple! I sure do hope INXS comes to this state. And I hope it will be before I have to move to Montana! Or maybe I won't have to move to Montana? Who knows right now. But Anna won't be here to watch the dogs. I might have to take them with me to the concert. If we will be in a parking garage again, and it's during the winter months, I won't worry too much about the dogs. Just have to let them go out every now and then.

Well, someone mentioned that Timmy had said that and I was so glad just to hear they may be coming back. Now, whether I get to go may be a separate story. But if I do, it depends on when we have to leave here. But one thing about living in Montana, I have better access to the eastern states, where INXS always seems to go every time they tour this country! If they don't go anywhere else, they will always be going to the eastern states. Funny thing though, Timmy once said (according to another fan) that he's never heard of the state of Montana! Even though he has a recording studio of his own that he calls "Montana Studios". Well, we'll see. Don't expect any meetings though. And as for the dream of a live interview with the guys, it may remain just a dream. But I haven't asked yet! I want to wait and see where they will be touring to. Or at least get some kind of idea. But I highly doubt, since they've never heard of the state before, that they will be showing up there! But that is OK! I can meet them in Reno, or even Las Vegas. Who knows?

I also managed to collect another pic of the guys! This is the one that was presented in the article that made the announcement:

Anyone else would see 4 men standing there in this picture. But this is all I see:

I miss him so much! Haven't seen him in so long, I've almost forgotten how good it feels to go to an INXS concert. Hopefully I can get some shows under my belt this time around.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Funny Comments

I gotta say I saw one of the funniest comments ever on YouTube yesterday when I was viewing a video. There is this guy who calls himself "The Archfeind" he seems to hate fat people, but he does make some pretty valid points in some of his videos. For example, a video of a woman who actually wants to weigh 1000 pounds!! I couldn't believe it!! I could not believe any woman would want to weigh 1000 pounds!! She's already halfway there. I'm fat, but I'm happy where I am! I'd never want to weigh no 1000 pounds!! And I pray to GOD I never do! I keep myself fairly active enough so I don't get that big.

Well anyway, I went to one of his videos and I saw a comment from someone and it has to be the funniest dang comment I've ever seen on YouTube in all the years I've been visiting there!! I don't remember the name of the person who posted the comment, and it looks like TheArchfiend deleted that comment because I could not find it when I tried to look for it again. But I remember how it went. He said that TheArchfiend has an extremely annoying voice. He said "You sound like an old queen. But I know that you can't be an old queen because old queens have sex." LOLOL!!! Nothing personal against TheArchfiend, but that was a fricken funny comment!! I know I shouldn't laugh, but I cannot help it! I saw that comment and I wonder "Why don't I ever get creative comments like that??!!" All people want to say to me when they comment is "You're FAT!" or "You're ugly!" and stuff like that. I'm like "Really? DUH!!" Nobody ever comes to my videos and says anything creative!! They always repeat the same shit that other people have told me in the past. Gets little more than yawn-worthy after a while. That conversation that I posted that I had a week ago with that guy who calls himself MrBullworthBully, that was about as creative as it's ever gotten, and even his comments are what I consider to be at a retarded level! Sorry, but it's true!

I have it rigged to where I have to approve all comments on my videos. But in general, I approve them all. Unless I happen to know they have been made by stalkers. My friends' comments get approved right away. If I even suspect the poster is a stalker, I usually do not accept the comment, and the poster gets his butt blocked! And I have a knack for knowing! :) I won't tolerate stalkers!! But average people, I do not mind commenting, even if their comments slam me. Doesn't matter to me. I believe in the rights of free speech. Sometimes I respond, especially if I am in a giddy mood, and sometimes I don't if I just don't feel like it.

Well, tonight I am a happy camper! I found one of my old buddies from the old INXS chatroom. I was sure glad to have her back as a contact. She used to live in Canada, and moved to Australia and married this guy who also used to get into the old chatroom. Now, she also has 3 lovely children! I liked her a lot! She was a great buddy, and there when I really needed someone the most. She is an awesome person! She called herself Brat in the chatroom, her real name is Sherrianne. I saw a comment she made on a friend's status, and the only person I ever knew who has that name was her, and I looked at some of her pictures in her album, and I wondered if she was the same person. Believe me when I say it took me 30 minutes to even build up the courage to write to her and ask her if she is that person. I wasn't sure how she would respond to me. I didn't even know how to begin the message. Finally I said I was just going to bite the bullet and ask her. If she doesn't respond, then she just doesn't respond! At least then I could say I tried it.

Happily, she responded very nicely and we started sending messages to each other. I had to quit though when I had to leave the house. I promised a friend I would go to a potluck at the church with him. I had fun there, and they want me to do the baking for their annual baking sale. I told them I'd be glad to. I love baking! And I think I do it really well. My signature dish was a smash there at the potluck! I thought I would try making my chicken and dumplings next time. We'll see! Well, I like Brat a lot! And I am so glad to have her on Facebook as a buddy. I'd love to get reconnected with all the old chatroom buddies I had again. Some I barely remember! Not a personal thing, just my memory is not that great. But I remember Brat especially because she was there when I really needed someone. It's a long story there.

King Of All Diets

Well, this is fascinating! If you are fat, like I am, and you love junk food, as--let's face it--I do, then this is the diet for you! I love to cook! And I especially love to cook pastries and soup and stuff. Losing weight is probably something I am never destined to accomplish. But on a diet like this, who could not succeed? Of course I have to mention the person who did this is a man, and their metabolism is faster than that of a woman's. That's why men burn calories better than women. That and the hormones. Men are designed to run, while women are more designed to stay home, cook and have kids. But this diet seems like the way to go if you just cannot stay away from the really good stuff!

So what is this remarkable diet? Well, it's the Hostess diet! One man lost 15 pounds in one month by eating nothing but Twinkies, Ho-hos, and brownies! He did it to prove a point. He's a university professor, and he did it to prove a point to his students, that any diet and training could work. And that weight should not be the sole standard for good health! He not only lost weight and feels great, but his bad cholesterol is down and his good cholesterol is up. So what do you skinnies have to say about that? Those that gripe all the time about us fatties? I guess eating Twinkies is not such a bad thing. Actually when I was thinner, I ate Twinkies all the time, and it never had any effect on me! Well, of course it didn't, I used to go hiking and mountain-climbing every weekend! It was my weekend thing to go with my buddies! That all stopped after my surgery. And then the snack I used to enjoy so much, suddenly became inappropriate all the time. You could say Twinkies and Cherry Garcias is what got me this way to begin with. Then dieting (the wrong way) took it from there.

This article that I got this story from, is amazing! It even lists this guy's everyday menu! Looking at it, if someone like me were to be caught eating this stuff, outsiders who didn't know what was going on would think "She's eating all that junk and look at how fat she is!" When in fact, I could be losing weight right under their eyes and they'd never know it! All they'd see is a fat woman eating Twinkies, Suzie Q's (I don't like Ho-ho's), and brownies!! HAHA!! I love Suzie Qs, but around here, the only places to get them is the Hostess thrift store, and the Walmart in Lacey! It is very unfortunate that no other places carry those anymore. You know what I wish every place would take off the shelves? Zingers!! I can't stand those things!!!! I wish every store would remove those and replace them with Suzie Qs!!!!!!! I tried Hostess Zingers before, the chocolate ones, I thought I would like those the most, as I HATE raspberry anything, and I was never too fond of the vanilla Zingers. The chocolate Zingers totally unimpressed me! The so-called frosting tasted like it was made with cocoa, sugar and cough syrup!! The kind of cough syrup that has the codeine as it's main ingredient. Those things were DISGUSTING!!!!! And they seem to be so popular now. You cannot pass by a Hostess section without coming across Zingers of some kind, and I HATE that!!! It totally pisses me off that no other stores carry Suzie Qs anymore, but every store in the World carries that Zingers crap now!

Why do stores always get rid of the good stuff now and keep the shitty stuff? I can't even get my butterflake rolls anymore. All the stores carry now is those stupid dinner rolls that look like miniature hamburger buns! I can't stand those either! I tried them and they are disgusting!!! That's as shitty as shitty gets!! This could be caused by these dumb budget cuts. But why get rid of the good stuff and keep the shitty stuff?? Probably because the world likes shitty now. I've said it before and I will say it again, people are disgusting!!!

Anyway, here is the article that talks about this guy and his unusual diet:


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Such Jerks!

I felt so bad for a friend yesterday, she's having such a hard time with someone at work. The man she's having trouble with is a total air-headed jerk!! A complete asshole! He's a co-worker, and he just doesn't like her for some unknown reason. Sometimes that happens, I know it. But he won't even try to coexist with her at their workplace! Yesterday, according to my friend, he got really threatening. He got so irrational that it made this friend of mine cry all morning. I felt bad for her. I know how she feels. I remember in school, I was always taunted, harassed and hounded, that was where I learned to just not rely at all on other people, and look out for myself. If it wasn't for having met my boyfriend, Paul, I would never have learned to even like people, in any way, shape or form. Sometimes I still feel that way. But only towards strangers. That way if they shit-talk me, I can be like "They were never my friend in the first place", and go on my merry way. I haven't cried because of something someone else has done to me since I was in the 4th grade. I'm not saying this friend was wrong, I mean, for her it's just been building up from the beginning. Yesterday for her was like the straw the broke the camel's back, and he just got so emotional and she felt very threatened. And when my friend confronted this jerk about his actions later on, you know what he gave her as an excuse for his behavior? He just said "Well, I'm Scottish." The idiot is using his heritage as an excuse for being rude!! BULLSHIT!!!! One of my very best friends is 100% Scottish, and he never behaves like that!!! I'd be telling that moron, "Don't even try to pull that argument on me, buddy!"

I told this friend yesterday about all the hatred and evil going around in the INXS community towards me now, but I don't let it bother me at all. Because I'm there for INXS, no one else. I couldn't give two rabbit's shits less about anyone else! I have my circle of friends, most of them I have on Facebook, and I do appreciate them. But anyone else outside of my circle of friends, I don't care anything about. I learned a lot by watching Sonia on Operation Repo. My friend and I both had a good laugh over that one, because we both watch the show (I introduced it to her, and now she loves the show) and we both know what Sonia is like. She is totally her own person. Her attitude is like "I go to the job, I'm not there to make friends, I'm just there to do my job and get out!" Of course it is nice when I can make friends, but if I don't I'm not going to feel bad about not doing it. I even have people among my Facebook friends that I haven't actually become friends with. They are the ones who have never spoken to me, and frankly I think they just added me for the numbers. I'll probably get rid of them soon. But me being the kind of person I am, I like to give everyone a chance. One person, when I met him he was so nice. I think he got rid of his Facebook. He's been gone for so long! I haven't seen him on anyone else's Facebook friends list. He's gone from mine, been gone for about a week now. I tuned into Facebook one day, and I discovered I was missing about 3 people from my friends list. And I wasn't the only one. I saw a couple other people were missing 3-4 other friends. I wondered what was wrong with Facebook?! But they've been gone now for about a week. The only one I really miss is this nice young man. The others I don't miss, probably because I never had any good communication with them.

I can even have a bad incident with someone on the internet. It might make me feel bad, depending on who it is. But by the end of the day, or even by the next hour, the incident can be completely forgotten. If the incident is with a person I perceive to be a troll, they cannot possibly make me feel bad! There is no way! I usually only feel bad about it if it's a bad incident with a friend. Trolls don't like anyone except other trolls. So, I couldn't care less what they think of me. And that is my whole philosophy in life. I don't even get on YouTube to make friends, but I'm not going to be rude either. That's just not who I am! I never say anything on the internet that I would not say to someone's face. I don't hide behind masks either, only cowards do that! If someone calls me fat, well that's what I am! LOL! I don't care! Usually it makes me smile anyway. If someone says I'm disgusting, I don't care about that either! LOL!

You should see what this one person came into my video last week and said. I told my sis, ma and a few friends about the incident because it is soooo funny!! This idiot calls himself MrBullworthBully, and he came to my "I Hate Jerks" video and got so pissed off and flustered, his comments made me laugh so loud! Made all my friends and family laugh too! He started off with this comment:

"You Are Completely Disgusting. I HATE FAT/OBESE. HEY AMERICA YOUR LOOKING GOOD. you guys are really skinny/smart."

To which my response was:

"Hate yourself do ya? hehehe! :P"

Then he wrote:


My response to that was:

"Honestly, if you're going to try and insult fat people, learn to spell the word obese. hehehe!"

I was tugging his chain, because I wanted to get him more pissed off! People with anger-management problems are so funny when they get so pissed off!! I know I should not tease them, but it's so much FUN!!!! May be immature to intentionally get them aroused, but it's so FUN!!! This was his response to my last post:

"." I HATE FAT/OBESE. " I CAN'T SPELL OBESE? LOOK AT THE COMMENT under yours or are you so fat your jaw cant lower than low???hmmmm obese... obese.... good come back. nothing to say but spelling errors."

"Your jaw cant lower than low!?" LOL!! That didn't make sense at all, but then people don't usually when they get flustered like that. And apparently he's not even fat. Heck! He probably is! hehehe! I laughed so loud when I saw this comment! I still look at it and laugh to this day! This was my response to him:

"Awesome! hehehe! The fact that I piss you off so much makes my fat rolls feel tickly inside. hehehe!! ;)"

Sometimes when I feel bad, I go back to that video and look at this conversation again, and it makes me feel better again! hehehe! I love it when they get all pissed off!! I could just see this dude shitting his pants over this little conversation. And I love how I kept my cool with him. I never heard back from him again. But it makes for such good conversation! LOL! You know you kick-ass when people you don't even know hates you. Especially when you don't do anything to that person, on a personal level. hehe! All I did was make a video, that had NOTHING to do with this guy. Except the fact that he's a jerk. LOL! But apparently he already knew that if he took my video as a personal attack on him. Well, who cares? I sure don't! As one of my subscribers pointed out, it won't be long before that dude's girlfriend will be as fat as the woman they were making fun of if she continues to eat pizza the way she did in the video! Then I will again have the last laugh! It happens. And there are some thin people you couldn't pay me to look like! I've seen some women who had a good figure, but an ugly face!! FAR uglier than anyone could ever think mine is. I saw one woman who I have mutual friends with on Facebook, I looked at her face and it nearly made me puke!! She's not my friend, so I can speak freely about her. She had the face of a lion, ugly, skinny, wrinkly, with her skinny neck showing, and a big mouth, and big, ugly eyes. UGH!!! To me, that was disgusting. I don't want to look like that! I'm happy the way I am. If I never again get back down to 109 pounds, I'm fine with that!