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Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Day Is Coming

Well, it is official, Anna will be moving to Bozeman first, during the first week of next month. I hope! And I will be joining her the first week in December. Hopefully by then, she will have settled there in our new apartment or rental home. We contacted someone about a home for rent, and it is a beautiful home!! It even has my dream kitchen! I would LOVE to move into that home, but something about it smelled funny. I mean the ad. The owner wanted us to give her the ID# on our free credit report. I'm not sure what that means. I was a little iffy about it. Which is why it took a while to respond to her. I wanted to make sure this was a legitimate request. She also stated that she is not interested in our credit score.

Well, I tried to look for the ad again where my sis found it and I couldn't find it. It must have been taken down. Probably already rented it. I thought it was also kinda funny that she didn't post the home's address. But it is a nice home, reasonably priced, fenced yard, very roomy inside, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, plus the fact about my dream kitchen. IF we do hear back from her, I would be very interested in this home!! But we will see. I just hope it's not a scam, and I've been having that feeling! That's been happening a lot on Craigslist. I like to give everyone a chance though. I just don't want Anna to go there, in anticipation that she will get something and get there only to find out the house does not belong to the person who posted the ad!! That would be embarrassing! Not to mention foolish. Anna is going to move there so she can get a job and accumulate some money for us to make the BIG move. I have to drive the truck, a 17-footer, out there, over the mountains and shit. UGH!!! But first, Anna has to find a temporary place to stay. I hope she can! Its only going to be for a month, at most, by then hopefully she will find a nice apartment or rental home that both of us can move into. I cannot move into a rental home, I really don't want to part with my snakes. But I fear the move alone might kill them! There is no way I will be able to drive all night long from Ocean Shores to Bozeman on just 1 night of sleep. And it gets cold in Montana at this time of year!! But I will do what I have to to keep them going! Even if I have to share a hotel room with them.

The thing I fear most is driving through the mountains. Though one of my Facebook friends said that on the main highways, they usually keep the roads pretty clear. That's a comforting thought. This will be my first time ever driving a 17-foot long truck, full of our stuff. During that time, I probably will not be on the internet much. In fact, I will have to have all services turned off here. I remember when we went to Bozeman last summer, we drove from Butte to Bozeman in about 4 hours. I thought we'd never get there!! Well, we will see what happens.

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mikessa said...

Its gonna be hard to find a temporary place to stay, but I will do my best. lets see what happens then.