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Monday, October 4, 2010

New Halloween Theme

So what should I do this year for Halloween? Last year I talked about the different phobias, from common to rare. That was kinda fun. What should I do this year in honor of Halloween? It'd have to be something pertaining to the season. I'm sure I will think of something, I must make this blog fun. I mean more fun than it already is. Of course I love supplying new INXS news! Now that more is coming out. But now that it is the holiday season, I have to think of new and interesting ideas for subjects about the holidays. If anyone has any suggestions, post them below in the comments section. For now, I can just think of some scary ghost stories that I've experienced and heard over the years.

I remember when I was about 10 years old, we had a neighbor who passed away. We were good friends with her too. I remember her name was Mrs. Beagle. LOL! Well, about a week or so after she passed away, I was home alone in the house. My ma and pa had gone out to dinner, and my sis was visiting a friend. So I was alone in the house, and I was sitting in my bedroom drawing and coloring a story. All of a sudden I heard what sounded like the TV on in the living room. I thought maybe Anna or ma or pa had come home, so I went downstairs to see. When I got down to the living room, I called out and no one was there. The TV was on, but it was tuned to a channel that I didn't recognize. The indicator on the box read "-57", which I thought was odd, because back then, our town didn't have a channel 57, and I didn't understand why there was a minus sign before the number! But there it was! The TV was on, and the picture was clear, no snow, nothing. Just as clear as if it were a regular channel. I didn't even recognize the programming!

I also know the dog didn't turn the TV on, he was outside the whole time. I found the remote sitting on the sofa, hadn't been moved or anything. I picked it up and started flipping through the channels, and it went from -57 to channel 16, which was the highest channel we had back then. I tried to make it go back to this channel -57, but I could not do it! I couldn't even figure out how to get the minus sign to pop up. And every time I tried to punch 57 into the remote using the number keys, it wouldn't do anything. The numbers just changed back to 16 and the TV would stay on channel 16. That was weird!! But to this day I often wondered if that was our deceased friend giving me a sign that she was still in the neighborhood. It could have been. But the TV never did that before and it hadn't done it since, and as far as I know, no one else ever had that happen to them.

Well, when that happened, I wouldn't say I was scared. I was more like perplexed! I told ma and pa about that experience, but I didn't mention that I thought it could be our neighbor who had died. My pa thought maybe it was a malfunction in the box. If it was it evidently fixed it's self, because I don't recall pa taking the box back to the cable company. Thinking back on it now, it was kinda cool! I kinda wish I'd had more experiences like that growing up. But that was my last encounter with the supernatural. Of course now I am the kind of person myself that always thinks there is a logical explaination for everything. I don't much believe in spirits anymore. Strange though, because when I was a kid, I believed in them all over the place! We even used to live in a haunted house. My ma said every night around 8PM she could hear the front gate open and shut, and there would be nobody out there. As a kid, I used to hear disembodied footsteps walking in the hall and up the stairs. They used to terrify me! They sounded like whomever it was was dragging chains along too.

Well, I'll think of something for this year's Halloween theme. And this time try not to clutter it up with any DA bullshit. Well, I go to very few videos nowadays on YouTube, and for the most part ignore the trolls and troublemakers. Sometimes, when they seem innocent enough, I have a little fun, but that's rare now. I just have my say now, and let the dumbasses have their's, and go on my merry way. I spend too much money on internet access to let the trolls and troublemakers now take over my visits. Not gonna happen anymore! I've found I can still have a little fun even without the trolls.

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