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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

King Of All Diets

Well, this is fascinating! If you are fat, like I am, and you love junk food, as--let's face it--I do, then this is the diet for you! I love to cook! And I especially love to cook pastries and soup and stuff. Losing weight is probably something I am never destined to accomplish. But on a diet like this, who could not succeed? Of course I have to mention the person who did this is a man, and their metabolism is faster than that of a woman's. That's why men burn calories better than women. That and the hormones. Men are designed to run, while women are more designed to stay home, cook and have kids. But this diet seems like the way to go if you just cannot stay away from the really good stuff!

So what is this remarkable diet? Well, it's the Hostess diet! One man lost 15 pounds in one month by eating nothing but Twinkies, Ho-hos, and brownies! He did it to prove a point. He's a university professor, and he did it to prove a point to his students, that any diet and training could work. And that weight should not be the sole standard for good health! He not only lost weight and feels great, but his bad cholesterol is down and his good cholesterol is up. So what do you skinnies have to say about that? Those that gripe all the time about us fatties? I guess eating Twinkies is not such a bad thing. Actually when I was thinner, I ate Twinkies all the time, and it never had any effect on me! Well, of course it didn't, I used to go hiking and mountain-climbing every weekend! It was my weekend thing to go with my buddies! That all stopped after my surgery. And then the snack I used to enjoy so much, suddenly became inappropriate all the time. You could say Twinkies and Cherry Garcias is what got me this way to begin with. Then dieting (the wrong way) took it from there.

This article that I got this story from, is amazing! It even lists this guy's everyday menu! Looking at it, if someone like me were to be caught eating this stuff, outsiders who didn't know what was going on would think "She's eating all that junk and look at how fat she is!" When in fact, I could be losing weight right under their eyes and they'd never know it! All they'd see is a fat woman eating Twinkies, Suzie Q's (I don't like Ho-ho's), and brownies!! HAHA!! I love Suzie Qs, but around here, the only places to get them is the Hostess thrift store, and the Walmart in Lacey! It is very unfortunate that no other places carry those anymore. You know what I wish every place would take off the shelves? Zingers!! I can't stand those things!!!! I wish every store would remove those and replace them with Suzie Qs!!!!!!! I tried Hostess Zingers before, the chocolate ones, I thought I would like those the most, as I HATE raspberry anything, and I was never too fond of the vanilla Zingers. The chocolate Zingers totally unimpressed me! The so-called frosting tasted like it was made with cocoa, sugar and cough syrup!! The kind of cough syrup that has the codeine as it's main ingredient. Those things were DISGUSTING!!!!! And they seem to be so popular now. You cannot pass by a Hostess section without coming across Zingers of some kind, and I HATE that!!! It totally pisses me off that no other stores carry Suzie Qs anymore, but every store in the World carries that Zingers crap now!

Why do stores always get rid of the good stuff now and keep the shitty stuff? I can't even get my butterflake rolls anymore. All the stores carry now is those stupid dinner rolls that look like miniature hamburger buns! I can't stand those either! I tried them and they are disgusting!!! That's as shitty as shitty gets!! This could be caused by these dumb budget cuts. But why get rid of the good stuff and keep the shitty stuff?? Probably because the world likes shitty now. I've said it before and I will say it again, people are disgusting!!!

Anyway, here is the article that talks about this guy and his unusual diet:


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