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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Such Jerks!

I felt so bad for a friend yesterday, she's having such a hard time with someone at work. The man she's having trouble with is a total air-headed jerk!! A complete asshole! He's a co-worker, and he just doesn't like her for some unknown reason. Sometimes that happens, I know it. But he won't even try to coexist with her at their workplace! Yesterday, according to my friend, he got really threatening. He got so irrational that it made this friend of mine cry all morning. I felt bad for her. I know how she feels. I remember in school, I was always taunted, harassed and hounded, that was where I learned to just not rely at all on other people, and look out for myself. If it wasn't for having met my boyfriend, Paul, I would never have learned to even like people, in any way, shape or form. Sometimes I still feel that way. But only towards strangers. That way if they shit-talk me, I can be like "They were never my friend in the first place", and go on my merry way. I haven't cried because of something someone else has done to me since I was in the 4th grade. I'm not saying this friend was wrong, I mean, for her it's just been building up from the beginning. Yesterday for her was like the straw the broke the camel's back, and he just got so emotional and she felt very threatened. And when my friend confronted this jerk about his actions later on, you know what he gave her as an excuse for his behavior? He just said "Well, I'm Scottish." The idiot is using his heritage as an excuse for being rude!! BULLSHIT!!!! One of my very best friends is 100% Scottish, and he never behaves like that!!! I'd be telling that moron, "Don't even try to pull that argument on me, buddy!"

I told this friend yesterday about all the hatred and evil going around in the INXS community towards me now, but I don't let it bother me at all. Because I'm there for INXS, no one else. I couldn't give two rabbit's shits less about anyone else! I have my circle of friends, most of them I have on Facebook, and I do appreciate them. But anyone else outside of my circle of friends, I don't care anything about. I learned a lot by watching Sonia on Operation Repo. My friend and I both had a good laugh over that one, because we both watch the show (I introduced it to her, and now she loves the show) and we both know what Sonia is like. She is totally her own person. Her attitude is like "I go to the job, I'm not there to make friends, I'm just there to do my job and get out!" Of course it is nice when I can make friends, but if I don't I'm not going to feel bad about not doing it. I even have people among my Facebook friends that I haven't actually become friends with. They are the ones who have never spoken to me, and frankly I think they just added me for the numbers. I'll probably get rid of them soon. But me being the kind of person I am, I like to give everyone a chance. One person, when I met him he was so nice. I think he got rid of his Facebook. He's been gone for so long! I haven't seen him on anyone else's Facebook friends list. He's gone from mine, been gone for about a week now. I tuned into Facebook one day, and I discovered I was missing about 3 people from my friends list. And I wasn't the only one. I saw a couple other people were missing 3-4 other friends. I wondered what was wrong with Facebook?! But they've been gone now for about a week. The only one I really miss is this nice young man. The others I don't miss, probably because I never had any good communication with them.

I can even have a bad incident with someone on the internet. It might make me feel bad, depending on who it is. But by the end of the day, or even by the next hour, the incident can be completely forgotten. If the incident is with a person I perceive to be a troll, they cannot possibly make me feel bad! There is no way! I usually only feel bad about it if it's a bad incident with a friend. Trolls don't like anyone except other trolls. So, I couldn't care less what they think of me. And that is my whole philosophy in life. I don't even get on YouTube to make friends, but I'm not going to be rude either. That's just not who I am! I never say anything on the internet that I would not say to someone's face. I don't hide behind masks either, only cowards do that! If someone calls me fat, well that's what I am! LOL! I don't care! Usually it makes me smile anyway. If someone says I'm disgusting, I don't care about that either! LOL!

You should see what this one person came into my video last week and said. I told my sis, ma and a few friends about the incident because it is soooo funny!! This idiot calls himself MrBullworthBully, and he came to my "I Hate Jerks" video and got so pissed off and flustered, his comments made me laugh so loud! Made all my friends and family laugh too! He started off with this comment:

"You Are Completely Disgusting. I HATE FAT/OBESE. HEY AMERICA YOUR LOOKING GOOD. you guys are really skinny/smart."

To which my response was:

"Hate yourself do ya? hehehe! :P"

Then he wrote:


My response to that was:

"Honestly, if you're going to try and insult fat people, learn to spell the word obese. hehehe!"

I was tugging his chain, because I wanted to get him more pissed off! People with anger-management problems are so funny when they get so pissed off!! I know I should not tease them, but it's so much FUN!!!! May be immature to intentionally get them aroused, but it's so FUN!!! This was his response to my last post:

"." I HATE FAT/OBESE. " I CAN'T SPELL OBESE? LOOK AT THE COMMENT under yours or are you so fat your jaw cant lower than low???hmmmm obese... obese.... good come back. nothing to say but spelling errors."

"Your jaw cant lower than low!?" LOL!! That didn't make sense at all, but then people don't usually when they get flustered like that. And apparently he's not even fat. Heck! He probably is! hehehe! I laughed so loud when I saw this comment! I still look at it and laugh to this day! This was my response to him:

"Awesome! hehehe! The fact that I piss you off so much makes my fat rolls feel tickly inside. hehehe!! ;)"

Sometimes when I feel bad, I go back to that video and look at this conversation again, and it makes me feel better again! hehehe! I love it when they get all pissed off!! I could just see this dude shitting his pants over this little conversation. And I love how I kept my cool with him. I never heard back from him again. But it makes for such good conversation! LOL! You know you kick-ass when people you don't even know hates you. Especially when you don't do anything to that person, on a personal level. hehe! All I did was make a video, that had NOTHING to do with this guy. Except the fact that he's a jerk. LOL! But apparently he already knew that if he took my video as a personal attack on him. Well, who cares? I sure don't! As one of my subscribers pointed out, it won't be long before that dude's girlfriend will be as fat as the woman they were making fun of if she continues to eat pizza the way she did in the video! Then I will again have the last laugh! It happens. And there are some thin people you couldn't pay me to look like! I've seen some women who had a good figure, but an ugly face!! FAR uglier than anyone could ever think mine is. I saw one woman who I have mutual friends with on Facebook, I looked at her face and it nearly made me puke!! She's not my friend, so I can speak freely about her. She had the face of a lion, ugly, skinny, wrinkly, with her skinny neck showing, and a big mouth, and big, ugly eyes. UGH!!! To me, that was disgusting. I don't want to look like that! I'm happy the way I am. If I never again get back down to 109 pounds, I'm fine with that!

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