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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Funny Comments

I gotta say I saw one of the funniest comments ever on YouTube yesterday when I was viewing a video. There is this guy who calls himself "The Archfeind" he seems to hate fat people, but he does make some pretty valid points in some of his videos. For example, a video of a woman who actually wants to weigh 1000 pounds!! I couldn't believe it!! I could not believe any woman would want to weigh 1000 pounds!! She's already halfway there. I'm fat, but I'm happy where I am! I'd never want to weigh no 1000 pounds!! And I pray to GOD I never do! I keep myself fairly active enough so I don't get that big.

Well anyway, I went to one of his videos and I saw a comment from someone and it has to be the funniest dang comment I've ever seen on YouTube in all the years I've been visiting there!! I don't remember the name of the person who posted the comment, and it looks like TheArchfiend deleted that comment because I could not find it when I tried to look for it again. But I remember how it went. He said that TheArchfiend has an extremely annoying voice. He said "You sound like an old queen. But I know that you can't be an old queen because old queens have sex." LOLOL!!! Nothing personal against TheArchfiend, but that was a fricken funny comment!! I know I shouldn't laugh, but I cannot help it! I saw that comment and I wonder "Why don't I ever get creative comments like that??!!" All people want to say to me when they comment is "You're FAT!" or "You're ugly!" and stuff like that. I'm like "Really? DUH!!" Nobody ever comes to my videos and says anything creative!! They always repeat the same shit that other people have told me in the past. Gets little more than yawn-worthy after a while. That conversation that I posted that I had a week ago with that guy who calls himself MrBullworthBully, that was about as creative as it's ever gotten, and even his comments are what I consider to be at a retarded level! Sorry, but it's true!

I have it rigged to where I have to approve all comments on my videos. But in general, I approve them all. Unless I happen to know they have been made by stalkers. My friends' comments get approved right away. If I even suspect the poster is a stalker, I usually do not accept the comment, and the poster gets his butt blocked! And I have a knack for knowing! :) I won't tolerate stalkers!! But average people, I do not mind commenting, even if their comments slam me. Doesn't matter to me. I believe in the rights of free speech. Sometimes I respond, especially if I am in a giddy mood, and sometimes I don't if I just don't feel like it.

Well, tonight I am a happy camper! I found one of my old buddies from the old INXS chatroom. I was sure glad to have her back as a contact. She used to live in Canada, and moved to Australia and married this guy who also used to get into the old chatroom. Now, she also has 3 lovely children! I liked her a lot! She was a great buddy, and there when I really needed someone the most. She is an awesome person! She called herself Brat in the chatroom, her real name is Sherrianne. I saw a comment she made on a friend's status, and the only person I ever knew who has that name was her, and I looked at some of her pictures in her album, and I wondered if she was the same person. Believe me when I say it took me 30 minutes to even build up the courage to write to her and ask her if she is that person. I wasn't sure how she would respond to me. I didn't even know how to begin the message. Finally I said I was just going to bite the bullet and ask her. If she doesn't respond, then she just doesn't respond! At least then I could say I tried it.

Happily, she responded very nicely and we started sending messages to each other. I had to quit though when I had to leave the house. I promised a friend I would go to a potluck at the church with him. I had fun there, and they want me to do the baking for their annual baking sale. I told them I'd be glad to. I love baking! And I think I do it really well. My signature dish was a smash there at the potluck! I thought I would try making my chicken and dumplings next time. We'll see! Well, I like Brat a lot! And I am so glad to have her on Facebook as a buddy. I'd love to get reconnected with all the old chatroom buddies I had again. Some I barely remember! Not a personal thing, just my memory is not that great. But I remember Brat especially because she was there when I really needed someone. It's a long story there.

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