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Sunday, October 24, 2010

More Scary Ghost Stories!

I was just now watching The Haunted on Animal Planet. It's one of my favorite AP shows. Wow! This woman had one very disturbed spirit!! He liked to torture cats in his former life, and this woman was a cat owner! What a nightmare! But that wasn't what really got to me, I was more attracted to the idea of these people using something called a "ghost box". They said it was an AM radio that was altered to pick up the sounds of the spirit world. When they mentioned this device, I was like "So that's what I used to hear!!" It made me remember an experience, or several, that happened when I was a kid. It was in the early 80s. There wasn't much in the way of FM channels back then, so I used to listen to AM instrumental music. At that time, I wasn't into rock n roll music. There was a DJ that took over the station, but usually, he only spoke a few words, and it was always either before or after the music played. The reception on the one station I always listened to was good, though a wee bit of static. Though not enough that I could not hear the music and make it out.

Well, I can recall several times when I would be sitting in my bedroom, working on something and listening to the music on the radio. Then strangely, I would hear a very faint droning sound, which sounded like talking. It was distinct from the music I heard, but I could not make out what was being said. It was usually during those bouts that the static would become a bit more fierce, though I could still hear the music. It was not the DJ, I knew that. Since this was an all instrumental music station, there was no singing on the songs, and besides, it didn't sound like singing. And the surrounding channels had nothing at all. So this was definitely coming from a different source than the radio station. It was weird! The voices I heard were very faint, and sounded like choruses of different individuals just standing around and talking, as if in a convention hall or something. But I could not make out what was being said. Not at all.

When the show mentioned something about a ghost box, it made me think back to that, and I wondered how long have those ghost boxes been in use by ghost hunters? Because my experiences happened back in the early 80s. I used to think I was just hearing things. But I had a friend over once and they said that they heard the voices too. And they would stop once I turned the radio off. Sometimes I could even hear them faintly while the DJ was talking. That was the strangest thing. And once we got FM radio and I started listening to it, I didn't hear those voices over the radio anymore. I know what the so-called "funny people" are thinking; "Oh, now she's finally admitting she's hearing voices in her head and she's psychotic!" But that is not the case. My friend heard the same thing I did, and that friend was perfectly sane, and probably more mature than I was.

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